AC Cable vs MC Cable : What is the Difference

AC Cable vs MC Cable

Armor-clad and metal-clad cables are known as ac and mc cables, respectively. You might get confused easily while differentiating between these two cables as they are similar in many ways. Though they have identical armor features, the difference lies in their grounding feature.

This article will cover all the sectors to give you in-depth knowledge and comparison of ac cable vs mc cable. After going through this write-up, we believe you will be able to use these cables accurately according to your needs.

What is AC Cable?

What is AC Cable

The ac type cable or the ac cable is made of steel, aluminum, or copper metal armor. This armor protects the cable from physical damage or external damage. So, it is understandable that this cable will not sustain any casualty from mechanical damage.

Furthermore, the ac cable depends on a jacket that combines a wire or thin strip to secure grounding. Because of the lack of standard grounding, the ac cable is only suitable for indoor house appliances like refrigerators and television where water, fire, or weather cannot create any impact and where mechanical turbulence can be avoided.

What is MC Cable?

What is MC Cable

The mc cable, or the metal-clad cable, is also made of aluminum, copper, or steel armor like the ac cable. But, this cable has a PVC jacket which ensures secured grounding, so the cable is suitable for outdoor use. The PVC jacket allows the cable to sustain bad weather and mechanical damage making this cable eligible for earth burial for heavy use.

Besides, the mc cable is more updated and has more scope of usage than the ac cable for the strong grounding feature. People tend to prefer mc cable over ac cable for the additional security it contains at a similar price range offered by the market.

Difference Between MC Cable vs AC Cable

Worldwide, ac cable and mc cable are sold daily for their versatile use. People often prefer these cables over regular cables as they have armor. The main difference between armored and metal-clad cables can be tricky if you are not a professional, as both look similar.

Jacket Type

The main difference between ac cable and mc cable is that mc cable is the updated version of ac cable. Whereas ac cable contains metal armor and a jacket that includes a combination of wire or thin strips, the mc cable comes with metal armor and a dedicated PVC jacket.

So, it is the jacket type that creates the main difference. Also, the PVC jacket enables mc cable for earth burial, which is impossible with ac cable.

Modern Approach

As discussed earlier, ac cable came into the market years before the introduction of mc cable. But as the lack of ac cable became more prominent to users, the manufacturers realized the need to create something superior.

The mc cable is designed to be everything that the ac cable lacks to offer. If you need a cable for indoor home appliances, then ac cable may suffice your need, but for outdoor use, you need the upgraded mc cable.

Indoor vs Outdoor

We need to use cables for both indoor and outdoor purposes. The ac cable is more functional for indoor use, especially for home appliances, as it cannot sustain mechanical damage that may occur in the outside environment.

On the other hand, mc cable is suitable for outdoor use, including earth burial. Also, you can use the mc cable in wet or damp places as the cable is protected from damage caused by water. The PVC jacket saves the mc cable from rough weather too.

Final Words

The discussion about mc cable vs ac cable is an ongoing topic to date. Still, it is crucial to learn about any cable in brief before purchasing it to prevent any turbulence in the future. If you want to make the most of your money, you must go for ac or mc cable instead of a regular cable to spare you additional expense.

Also, armor-based cables help the cable to last longer and are safer than the regular ones. We hope this article will benefit the readers to learn better about ac cable and mc cable and their appropriate usage.