ADS L1530 vs L1590 : Head To Head Comparison

ADS L1530 vs L1590

The 3-Way loudspeaker system has been used as a popular sound system for decades. Along with technological progress, the loudspeaker system is way too advanced nowadays.

Most 3-way loudspeaker system comes with a left channel and right channel stereo setup; each has at least two big-size drivers. Loudspeakers are plentiful in the market, so you may be confused about which one to buy.

So we are here with the two most popular loudspeaker system comparisons. Let’s see which one will win among ADS L1530 vs L1590.

ADS L1530

ADS L1530

ADS L1530 is one of the most famous loudspeaker systems from the renowned brand ADS. It is a 3way type loudspeaker system that has a total of 4 drivers. However, the loudspeaker system has a 25Hz to 20kHz frequency response and 450Hz to 4000Hz crossover frequency response.

The L1530 can be able to handle 150w of total power input. So, to play the speaker system, you will need a 10w to 300w amplifier. If you can manage to connect a good amplifier with the speaker system, then the speaker can able to give the maximum audio output.

So consider a good amplifier system for the speaker. The speaker also includes 6Ω impedance with a 2 x 10″ cone for bass, 1 x 2″ dome for midrange, and 1 x 1″ soft dome for Tweeter. So you will get 95dB of sensibility from the speaker setup.

The speaker system also has black stretch cloth as a grille to cover the drivers, and the box has a natural walnut veneer finishing. The speaker’s dimensions are 50-5/8 x 23-1/4 x 12-1/8 inches, weighing 52kg.

ADS L1590

ADS L1590

ADS L1590 is also a 3-way type loudspeaker system that has 4 drivers, too, but the audio output is not the same as ADS L1530. The L1590 is more powerful than the L1530. The L1590 has a 28Hz to 23kHz frequency response and 350Hz to 5000Hz crossover frequency response.

The loudspeaker system can handle 500w of total power, whereas the recommended amplifier power is 15w to 500W. But it would be best to connect the speaker with an amplifier that can produce above 400w of power and a maximum of 500w of audio output power to get the maximum output from the speaker.

However, the speaker has 8Ω impedance with best in class driver setup, including 2 x 250mm cone for bass, 1 x 50mm dome for midrange, and1 x 25mm dome for tweeter output.

Along with these driver setups, you will get 90dB of sensitivity which is pretty standard for a big media room. The whole loudspeaker setup weight is about 45kg, and the dimensions are is1200mm x 290mm x 360mm.

ADS L1530 vs L1590 Comparison

ADS L1530 vs L1590 Comparison

Though specification-wise, L1590 is a clear winner, L1530 is also a standard choice considering the price range. Before making any specific decision about which one to buy, you first need to consider the room coverage.

If you want to buy the speaker for a large media room, L1590 will be the best choice for you. On the other hand, if your room is not that big, you can also get your desired audio output from the L1530.

The second thing you need to consider is your purpose; if you are a serious music lover and want a real loudspeaker system with more deep bass, clear midrange, and Tweeter, L1590 is the one you should go for.

On the other hand, if you don’t want that massive loud sound with superior bass, midrange, and Tweeter, that L1530 will be enough for you. The third thing you should consider is the amplifier; if you already have an amplifier, you need to check its power output.

If the power output is lower than 300w, I recommend buying the L1530, and if the power is above 300, you should consider the L1590. But if you do not have any amplifier and plan to buy one with the speaker, you should remember that the more the power output is, the more you have to pay for the amplifier.

So by considering the price range, L1530 can be the best for you, but if you want that superior sound quality, you must go for L1590.

Final Words

So from the above discussion, I hope you have already decided which one to buy. If you are still confused, recheck the product specification from the above and find out which one suit you the most. You can also take help from the youtube review for further inquiry.