Ampex vs Studer UAD : Differences Explained

Ampex vs Studer UAD

Ampex is a California-based American Audio recording equipment producer and Studer Swiss audio equipment producer company. Both are popular for producing quality digital and analog audio recording equipment.

Ampex ATR-102 and Studer A800 are two trendy competitors in the market with their extraordinary features and quality audio production. This short article will focus on Ampex vs Studer uad.

Ampex UAD

Ampex UAD

UAD has many popular plugins from renowned audio production companies such as Ampex, Studer, etc. Although both have their unique features, we will discuss some special features of Ampex.

Best for audio mastering

Impex is best known for recording quality audio using leaves analog Technology Kuwait vintage quality instrument in their uad. Along with the recording, audio mastering is phenomenal in Ampex UAD. in addition, another good news for the audio enthusiasts; Ampex has distinctiveness in stereo audio mastering.

LUNA extension

Also, some Ampex plugins have Luna extensions, which means; you can get more polished and rich audio results. Therefore it doesn’t require any additional plugins for Windows operating system.

It also provides Studio ready audio records that don’t require additional mixing or editing with strong frequency, rich audio mechanics, and colorful saturation.

Incredible tape saturation & Reliability

Moreover, you will get remarkable tape saturation with a fabulous bypass button that makes your audio processing far more accessible and more multifaceted. Ampex plugins are authenticated and certified by the professional audio authority. For example, the Ampex atr-102 is adored by many users for its astonishing tape saturation and Reliability.

Equipped with quality components

Equipped with quality components Ampex UAD

In most plugins, the company has used quality components such as effective Transformers, various input paths, a Repro system, and powerful amplifiers. They all work together to produce powerful, smooth, and balanced audio. In addition, distinct signal paths offer different types of tape speeds.

Moreover, in most Ampex plugins such as atr 102, a distinctive dual tracking effect allows you to put the effects on your vocals and the sound of musical instruments like guitar, pianos, etc.

Some notable features of Studer plugins

Studer is one of the most popular recording tape machine producers it is the best selling in the world of the tape recording market. They have many popular models, including Studer A800, which is 2’’multi channel digital tape recorder that sounds like an analog record.

Multitrack capability

Most Ampex uads have multiple audio recording tracks ranging from 2 to many. These multitrack recording capabilities in most of the studer plugins allow you to record as many tracks as you desire and mix them with color effects and punches. Also, group tracks and Stereo Mix tracks can be used in these plugins.

Db Variety & Vacancy Boost

A wide range of Db is available in Studer plugins, for instance, in A800; the decibel range is -12 to +24 Db in the input with excellent speed control. Again you will get IPS control which means it can boost your frequency to the high ends like the actual tape recording.

Studer uad Plagin

Studer uad Plagin

This analog system-based recorder produces fantastic sound with warm punches and solid low and high ends. It is capable of giving you the old analog recording in a new digital way.

Authentic Recorder & Tape control

Most of the Studer plugins can provide you the exact sound you are playing infront of it; so their plugins are called close to reality. In addition, you can add your dessert effects to it.

Likewise, in some Studer plugins, there are many tape control facilities; for example, the studer A800 offers four types of tape controls with various frequencies.

Calibration control & VU Meter

In some of the modern plugins, there are calibration controls that offer you to change the tape or flux without influencing the unity gain that can also control the noise level. Furthermore, there is a VU meter by which you can see the frequency level of the audio.

Noise Button and EQ

There is a specialized noise button in many Studer plugins that can add some colors and saturation to your vocal, but you must not add noise to all the tracks, which leads to distortion. You can also get EQ to modify the audio tracks as you desire.

UAD Studer vs Ampex  : Key Differences Between

Now, let’s combine these two plugins to identify some critical distinctions between them.

Number of tracks

The truck difference may seem minor in your eyes, but in the practical performance, you will get a massive difference between these two planning. Studer has 2″ 24 tracks, whereas Ampex has 2″ tracks, but in audio emulation, the Ampex will win your heart for some reasons. Ampex is the more robust recorder and the best for audio mastering.

Performance in Mastering

It doesn’t matter which one is the latest and equipped with various options, but the main thing is the performance in reality. In that case, Ampex is the absolute beast in Mastering audio. The making of high ends and the management of lower ends is pretty decent in the Ampex.

IPS Control

Ampex has four kinds of Tape speeds: 30, 15, 7&1/2, and 3&⅓. All these tape speeds are modified with various frequencies, noise, saturation, and distortion.

For example, tape speed 30 delivers exactly what sound has been recorded, and tape speed 15 adds a little bit of compression to the sound. In contrast, Studer has three tape speeds: 7.5, 15, and 30, which have their characteristics.

Purpose served

Many actual users find that Studer is best for mixing audio, and Ampex is best for mastering the audio. However, you will get great audio output if you mix it with Ampex. Each plugin has its own benefits based on different purposes.

As I have already mentioned, both plugins are great for audio mixing, but some users have claimed that the high end bass kicks in studer is not strong enough compared to Ampex. However, sometimes, people also claim that some Ampex unit becomes hang and needs restart while Studer produces more smooth and colorful sounds.


Some people also argue about the effects of each plugin. Although Studer offers more effects than Ampex, the effects in Ampex are more pleasant-sounding. Moreover, you will get punchy glue sound in the audio waves from their plugins.

Still, some claim that they get mellifluous low-end punches from Studer. So,  it is difficult to say which one is the best plugin straightforwardly. In that circumstances, I suggest you get both plugins for the demo period, and by comparing them side by side, considering your purpose, you will get the proper verdict.

Audio tweaking and Presets

As far as the audio tweaking is concerned, I will put Ampex a little ahead of Studer because Ampex offers the best quality audio tweaking with a number of realistic presets you can use for various purposes. However, you will get many beneficial presets from the Studer with good audio tweaking performance.

Final Words

Finally, both plugins have their strengths and weaknesses regarding their features and performance. But if we put them in the context of uad studer vs ampex, Ampex would get more points than the Studer considering the following facts: the IPS, mastering and mixing performance, audio tweaking, realistic effects, and multitrack utilization.