Api 550a vs B : Key Differences

Api 550a vs B

To be honest, the API 550A and 550B both played a major roll to the music history till the 60s to now. The API 550A is the main design that started the journey, and API 550B is the upgraded version that continues the 500 series equalizer business.

However, most peoples are annoyed and confused about API 550A vs B for its features and differences. In my article, I have written their major comparison and recommendations. Hopefully, it will help to know the differences of API 550A vs 550B.

Api 550A vs 550B

History of API

The API Company was first started in 1967 by Lou Lindauer and Saul Walker. In that year, the company desired to make a product that must be the best in the market. For that, they made a team of engineers and musicians to work together.

At a later time, the company invented some music products that people love till now. After 50 years of hard work the API Company is genuinely make high level of popularity in the entire world. That’s why people go towards the API musical products without looking for other options.

Number of Bands

The main difference between API 550A and 550B is the number of Bands. API 550A comes with 3 bands of API equalizations, and the 550B has 4 bands to handle the equalizations.

Generally, API 550A maintains its classic and traditional music output. So people can enjoy the actual music sensitivity. On the other hand, API 550B is famous for its surround sound system, and each band offers 7 API-selected frequencies. It can handle modern pieces of music carefully.

Sound Quality

Api 550A vs 550B

The API 550A and 550B are awesome at delivering the sound output. In fact, in a blind test it is hard to get which one is better. Thus, technically API 550B sound more clear and clean than API 550A. So it is great to work with a bunch of musical instruments.


API 550A has 3 bands and the API 550B has 4 bands. Both designs are good enough and eye catching. But for the 4 bands of API 550B it looks muscular and outstanding. It follows that, in terms of design the API 550B is the winner.

Which one is the best and which one should I buy?

Api 550a vs B

Both API 550A and B has own popularity and they are great at work. The API 550A was the first design in 60s at API 550 standard but till now, it has been great working with its upgrades.

The API 550B was designed from the 550A and designed with better features. However, both model users claim they are just little upgrades, so the 550B could not take the replacement place. But it arises a question which one should I take today?

The API 550A equalizer has 3 Classic Bands which work as 1 EQ Band and 3 offer shelf. Due to that, it has gained a lot of popularity and definitely it worth the money.

Conversely, the API 550B is the updated version of API 550A. It has 4 bands which work as 1 EQ Band and 4 offer shelf. So it is clear to say API 550B is better.

So, if you are confused about which one should I take, then I will recommend you to buy the API 550B which has 4 bands and more capable to handle surrounding sounds. But, if you already have the 550A then you don’t need to upgrade to the 550B.

Final Words

These are the main differences of API 550A vs B. I hope you had the information that you are looking for. So, if you are demanding to buy one it won’t be confusing anymore.