Audio Technica vs SE Electronics Mics

Audio Technica vs SE Electronics Mics

Honestly, it’s difficult to find out a product from the internet which one is better by focusing on their features. When our team decided to take a microphone, we also faced this confusion, and it took a long time and effort to find out the best one.

However, you don’t have to do the same thing, that’s why we have compared the significant points of Audio Technica vs sE Electronics microphone and its related necessary information. Hopefully, this will work for you.

Audio Technica’s History

Audio Technica’s History

The Audio-Technica founder Hideo Matsushita started the journey in 1962. From then to now, Audio Technica is a product that does not lose its popularity. The Audio Technica manufacturer first made it in Japan, but most people do not know the actual Audio Technicas country.

Mr. Hideo Matsushita first made a theme that he wanted to make a mic that would be affordable. Thus, people are finding Audio Technica 2200 model at the lowest price compared to the current market.

SE Electronic’s History

SE Electronic’s History

The SE Electronics is a family oriented company which was founded by Siwei Zou. At first, Siwei Zou started making condensers, and he gave a name to the company of “sE”. After that, he expand his businesses and makes another electronics items.

That’s why the company is named SE Electronics to the entire world. The company was focused on making products that perform well compared to other companies. And they have succeeded. The Shanghai oriented company is the current popular gainer in this present world.

Audio Technica vs SE Electronics Microphone

Sound Quality

The Audio Technica microphone is an electric device that has the Audio Sensitivity level of 37 dB. So it is excellent for use with any type of instrument. But the problem is, it has a strong sensitivity level due to that it could sense the extra noises if you are playing music’s on piercing environments.

So, the Audio Technica microphone can only give you better performance if you are playing or streaming in a quiet or little noisy room.

Instead of, SE microphones has a button to control the sensitivity level. That will help you to work well on various dynamic ranges. So, in that case, you can record voices or beats by reducing extra noises.

Working Style

Audio Technica and SE Electronics are both microphones made with hard materials and must say they are difficult to break or get damaged. Audio Technica mic comes on a single piece, and it does not have any other parts to attach with.

Thus, it is a kind of plug and play device. However, it has a stand and electric cords that come with the devices, and it is necessary for the functioning.

On the other hand, SE microphones has a pop filter or windshield that comes with the packaging and it is really an awesome accessory. The pop filter helps to reduce the unevenness sound and filter the unnecessary air flows.

Due to that, you will get a smooth sound that blows your mind. So, you have to use the pop filter if you want to get an accurate sound.

Direction of Voice

The Audio Technica mic works only in one direction of the voice. It has written back on its backside and front to its forward site. So that you can find out which direction you should follow.

But, if you are saying anything in the direction of backside then it barely records the words. So, for the only usable way to use Audio Technica mic is its front direction.

Conversely, the SE microphones also work in one direction, but it could record the volumes from other directions too. Well, there will be a volume and quality difference between the voices, but still it can record better than Audio Technicas microphone. And this is one of the major parks to get a SE Electronics.

Value for Money

Well, now we are going to the significant section which one is the value for money product. The Audio Technica mic comes with all essential accessories, and it is capable of maintaining the voices from 20 kHz to 20000 kHz. However, if you want to buy it you just have to spend around hundred bucks.

On the contrary, the SE microphones has better features and better popularity. Not only that, it works better compared to the Audio Technicas mic.

But then again, it is not affordable as like Audio Technica microphone, it will cost around three hundred bucks to get it into in your house. Nevertheless, both devices are valued for money, and both are popular at their own prices.

How to Set up Audio Technica mic

How to Set up Audio Technica mic

  1. Unbox all the mount and parts and take the microphone in your hand.
  2. Screw the mount to the bottom of the microphone.
  3. After that, take the mic stand and attach it to the microphone. It should be attached to the side part of the microphone mount.
  4. There will be an XLR cable in the box, take it out, and put it into the mic bottom.
  5. The other end of the XLR cable should put into the audio interface device.
  6. Turn on the Audio Interface, your device is ready to work.

How to Connect Audio Technica Mic to Mac

How to Connect Audio Technica Mic to Mac

After connecting the audio interface to the MacBook you have to select the device from inner settings. To do that, follow the bellows instructions.

  1. Go to ‘system preferences and select the ‘sound’ option.
  2. After that, set the audio interface from the input and output options as well. The device should be named ‘iD4’ but the name could be different.
  3. Then go to “Logic pro app” or other recording software and create a new profile.
  4. Set the audio interface as an input and output device. In the “Logic pro app”, you will find the option in audio section from preferences.
  5. After that, you will see a pop up window came up. Then from the pop-up window, change the input device and output device to the iD4 or whatever your audio interface is named.
  6. You are done! just test the signal and set the gain.

How to set up SE Electronics 2200 mic

How to set up SE Electronics 2200 mic

  1. Open the SE Electronics microphone 2200 box and take out all the components. Generally, the box comes with a pop filter, SE 2200 mic, and a mic holder or mount.
  2. Place the pop filter into the shock mount and gently tighten it. Make sure you should put it on a side point of the mount.
  3. After that, put the SE 2200 into the elastic shock mount and tighten until it touches the bottom.
  4. You will find a standard XLR cable input at the bottom of the SE 2200 mic. Put it in there and connect it to the audio interface.
  5. Set the device and adjust the sound outputs. You can connect the SE 2200 to the computer if you are looking for more options.

Final Words

This article was about the major comparisons of the two best popular microphones in the current market. So, we break down all their hidden information that may affect the usability.

Thus, if you already read the article, you may knew their comparisons, uses area, how to set up, and their historical information’s. For you, with any luck, it won’t be confusing anymore