Beats Studio 4 Release Date and Latest News

Beats Studio 4 Release Date

Beats Studio is a professional-grade headphone series from Beats Electronics. The turning point of this series was the latest Beats Studio 3, which improved a lot from the previous generation Beats Studio headphone series.

However, after the huge success of Beats Studio 3, Beats Technology is planning to bring their next generation of Beats Studio headphones. In this article, we will talk about the expected Beats Studio 4 release date, estimated specifications, and features of it.

Beats Studio 4 Release Date. Will there be Beats Studio 4?

Beats Studio 4 Release Date. Will there be Beats Studio 4

Beats Electronics is well known for manufacturing premium segment speakers and headphones. Beats Studio is a supreme headphone series mainly known for superior sound quality with a bass-heavy signature sound profile.

All the Beats Studio headphones have excellent noise-canceling capabilities and long-lasting battery backup, making this series ideal for music professionals and sound editors. Along with the Apple processor, the headphones are very much capable of better sound processing, giving you a decent and balanced sound output.

However, as many years have passed since the last Beats Studio 3 was released, Beats Electronics is planning to bring the Beats Studio 4. Though there is no official leak or announcement yet, we can get an expected release time if we consider the previous models’ release time and their time gaps. Have a look at the chart below.

Models Release Time Connectivity Battery Capacity Processor
Beats Studio 1 25th July 2008 Bluetooth 4.0 2 x AAA batteries Apple W1
Beats Studio 2 2013 Bluetooth 4.0 560 mAh Apple W1
Beats Studio 3 31st October 2017 Bluetooth 5.2 560 mAh Apple W1

So as we can see, there is no pattern of the Beats Studio series release date, but as rumors say, we will get the upcoming Beats Studio 4 in the last half of 2023. As there is still no lead from Beats Electronics, it’s hard to say in which month it will be available. To see the expected features check out the below section.

We Expect to Have These Features in the Beats Studio 4

We Expect to Have These Features in the Beats Studio 4

Let’s consider the previous three models’ specifications and features. We can get that there is still no considerable improvement, so we expect a massive update for the upcoming Beats Studio 4. The expected features are given below.

  1. First, the driver of the upcoming Beats Studio 4 should be more significant than the previous generation headphones of this series. As the previous models have a pair of 40mm driver setups, we expect to have a pair of 50mm drivers this time for a better wide-range sound profile.
  2. Though the first two models of the Beats Studio series had Bluetooth 4.0, it had been updated to Bluetooth 5.2 on the Beats Studio 3. So as the latest Bluetooth version is Bluetooth 5.3, we expect to have it on the next generation Beats Studio 4.
  3. Another improvement we can notice is in the battery section of the Beats Studio 2, where a 560 mah internal lithium-ion battery is used instead of 2 x AAA batteries which are pretty convenient. However, the Beats Studio 3 has the same battery setup inside the headphone by which both headphones can deliver 22 hours of playback time with ANC on. But in the upcoming Beats Studio 4, the battery capacity will increase from where we expect to have at least 30 hours of playback time with ANC on.
  4. Where the latest Beats Solo headphone got an Apple H1 processor, the Beats Studio series headphones still have the Apple W1 processor, which is ok but much older, as now even the Apple H2 processor is available. So we expect the Beats Studio 4 to come with an Apple H1 chip at the least.
  5. Another improvement sector Beats Electronics should think about is water and dust protection. You will get IP-rated water and dust protection, even cheap headphones in the market, so no IP rating is a big con of the Beats Studio headphones, which needs to fix with the upcoming Beats Studio 4, this time by Beats Electronic.

Beats Studio 4 Estimate Price

Beats Studio 4 Estimate Price

The Beats Studio 1 came with a $199 price tag when it was launched. And the Beats Studio 2 and 3 came with a $249.00 price tag when they were newly launched. As money decrease, it’s valued over time, and every latest technology requires more pricing to equip; we are expecting that the Beats Studio may come with a slightly more price tag.

The estimated price of Beats Studio 4 will be around $250 to $270 when it releases. The price will decrease after some time when it will release, so if you think the price is higher for you, wait some time to reduce it.

And if you don’t want to wait to go for a preorder when available by doing a preorder, you will get a prominent discount by using vouchers and the cashback offer.

Are Beats worth it in 2023? Are Beats overpriced?

If we consider the least Beats Studio 3, then the new price of it in this 2023 is not worth it anymore as the only noticeable update it gets is Bluetooth 5.2; otherwise, there is still no huge improvement. If you consider the current market, you will get similar-spec headphones at almost half the price of it.

But if we talk about the upcoming Beats Studio 4, the answer will be different as it will bring massive updates in every sector of it. If the Beats Studio 4 comes with better pricing, better specifications, and the latest features, then it will be a value-for-money deal.

On the other hand, Beats headphones may seem a bit overpriced, but as it gains a trustworthy service and can deliver superior sound quality, the high price of it can be acceptable.

Are Beats Owned by Apple Now?

Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine both originally founded Beats Electronics. Since 2014, Beats Electronic has been an Apple’s subordinate company. Since then, they have primarily focused on producing headphones and speakers.

The subsidiary of Apple brings vast turnover for the company. Along with apple technology, especially processor units, the headphones are more capable and smart to use.

Why did Apple Discontinue Beats?

Apple hasn’t issued any official statement on the Beats product discontinuation; instead, by observing Beats’ lineup, specifications, features, and price, Apple is simplifying the lineup by discontinuing some headphone mode production as they no longer feel useful. So from now, they will be more focused on quality rather than quantity.

Final Words

After all the discussion above, we hope you know all related things about Beats Studio 4, including the expected release date, specifications, features, and price.

However, if you are still interested in the previous generation Beats Studio headphones, we recommend buying the Beats Studio 3 or waiting some time for the upcoming Beats Studio 4, as buying a new Beats Studio 3 at the current time won’t be a good deal. If you want to find better alternative options, check the comparison video on YouTube.