Best Articulating TV Mount in 2022 -Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Articulating TV Mount

The invention of the TV mount has changed the way we used to look at TV screens in the past. The TV screens are now larger and slimmer as we can easily hang them on the wall.

We do not have to worry anymore about space or security.

Articulating TV mount stepped up the watching experience to another new level. With articulating TV mount, regardless of the TV’s location, we can tilt, pan, and swivel it according to our wish.

This article has discussed a list of the best articulating TV mount ruling the market from the first-hand user experience solely.

We hope that this write-up will help you learn what to look for while purchasing by detecting your needs.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Mounting Dream Articulating TV Wall MountMounting Dream TV Wall Mount

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Mounting Dream Dual Arms TV Wall Mount with SwivelMounting Dream Dual Arms TV Wall Mount

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Full Motion Articulating Arms Rotating TV Wall Mount
Full Motion Articulating Arms TV Wall Mount

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USX MOUNT Full Motion TV Mount for 75 Inch TVUSX MOUNT Full Motion TV Mount for 75 Inch TV

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Full Motion Heavy Duty Articulating TV MountFull Motion Heavy Duty TV Mount

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What is an Articulating TV Mount

The articulating TV mount is the advanced version of the old wall TV mount. An articulating TV mount is designed to meet the advanced needs that users want their mount to fulfill.

Moreover, from the name itself, you can get the idea that such a wall mount allows you to articulate the TV to adjust to your needs.

So, firstly, an articulated TV mount does not mount your TV in a fixed place.

Instead, the articulation gives you a vast range of movement options like tilting, swiveling, leveling, full-motion, and so on to adjust the TV position as per your need. Besides, you can pull out and retract back the TV too.

Besides, the articulating TV mount has more features to offer than regular ones, including saving more space in your room. Many articulating TV mounts allow you to mount your TV even in the corners of your room.

Also, an outdoor articulating tv mount allows you to mount your TV outside the house.

Similarly, articulated arms of articulating TV wall mount ensure more safety and security on your TV. Most of the standard articulating TV mounts have three pairs of arms to mount the TV.

These arms are designed to protect the TV from pressure, dents, and falling and at the same time manage the movements.

So, from this discussion above, we can say articulating TV mount is an advanced version of previous TV wall mount that enables the mount to articulate and provide better screen adjustment.

With articulating TV mount, the TV becomes more accessible to watch, and user can enjoy a theatre like watching experience.

Best Articulating TV Mount Reviews

The demand of articulating TV mounts is rising among the users day by day for their exclusive features.

Our experts have analyzed the market thoroughly and have prepared a list of popular articulating TV mounts that can suit your needs.

1. Mounting Dream Articulating TV Wall Mount

Mounting Dream Articulating TV Wall Mount

The Mounting Dream MD2413-MX articulating TV mount is specially designed for TVs of 26 inch to 55 inch TV screen.

This articulating TV mount has been available in the market for quite some years and is still giving tough competition to new versions, such as one of the best articulating TV wall mounts.

Besides, because it is suitable for smaller or regular TV screens, it is more accessible for household use.

One of the fantastic features of this articulating TV mount is that even though it weighs less than 7 pounds, it can carry almost 11 times greater than its weight.

So, if you have an old model TV, which is a bit heavier than the new TV models, this can be the best for your house.

You can easily pair it up with almost any TV brand without facing any trouble as it covers most TV brands.

Furthermore, it is a full-motion TV mount with a single wood stud fitting.

It is a fully articulating TV wall mount that can be pulled out to 16.7″, and the retraction back distance is 2.7″ to give you more space and make your TV look slimmer.

Another amazing option this articulating TV mount provides you is that you can mount your TV even in the corner. So, if you have a smaller space, this mount will make the most use of it.

Besides, the articulating TV mount is dedicated to providing you with the perfect angle through tilting and swiveling. You can tilt your TV 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down, so there is no scope of facing screen glare.

Also, you can swivel the TV up to 180 degrees. The +/-4 degree level adjusting feature provides you with different optimal viewing angles to enjoy watching the TV from different positions without any hassle.

Key Features :

  • Can mount TVs up to 77 lbs weight
  • 3 step, easy to do installation feature
  • Comes with wall mounting hardware
  • Maximum 400x400mm VESA feature

2. Mounting Dream Dual Arms TV Wall Mount with Swivel

Mounting Dream Dual Arms TV Wall Mount with Swivel

The Mounting Dream brand is famous for its vast range of articulating TV wall mounts with different styles and features.

The MD2380 is a popular articulating TV wall mount manufactured by Mounting Dream that is one of the finest articulating TV mount 55 inch. Besides, it is suitable for a TV size of 32 inches to 55 inches.

As we have used TV mount for quite some years, the mount’s built-in material is significant to assure sustainability. This articulating TV wall mount has a metal body to fight time and last longer than expected.

It is compatible with televisions and can mount up to 99 lbs which is nine times greater than its weight.

Moreover, this articulating arm TV mount has six arms to mount the TV and control the movement. You can smoothly adjust your TV according to your need through articulating, tilting, swiveling, and leveling.

Besides, this mount is a full-motion TV wall mount to provide you with the best possible watching experience.

Lastly, the pull-out distance is 17.5 inches, and the back retraction distance is 3.4 inches. So, when you are not watching the TV, it will not eat up a lot of space in your house.

Besides, you can tilt up your TV up to 5 degrees and tilt down to 15 degrees, which will help you reduce glare while enjoying your favorite TV show.

Key Features :

  • Universal TV mount for almost every brand
  • 4 inch back retraction for space-saving
  • 6 articulating arms with sturdy robot welding
  • Easy installation for a hassle-free experience

3. Full Motion Articulating Arms Rotating TV Wall Mount

Full Motion Articulating Arms Rotating TV Wall Mount

If you are looking for a minimalistic low profile articulating TV mount for your house that complements your TV, then Pipishell articulating TV mount is what you need.

Recently, most of the TV mounts have been manufactured, keeping in mind the larger screen size TVs; this one has a versatile range of 13 inches to 55 inches so that you can use it with the TV of any brand and size.

Likewise, VESA from 75x75mm to 400x400mm is compatible with this TV wall mount. So, it is evident that this TV wall mount is the best rotating TV wall mount for most TV brands.

Besides, this articulating TV wall mount can be mounted on the single wood stud wall along with concrete or brick wall without you worrying about ruining your house wall.

Similarly, this TV wall mount articulating TV brackets made from robust and premium steel material. Though it is less than 5 pounds in weight, it is designed so that it can mount TVs that are four times heavier than its weight.

So, there is no point in worrying about this quick release articulating tv mount longevity or sustainability articulating TV mount.

Lastly, you know how tricky, complicated, and time-consuming the installation process can get when mounting the TV. But this rotating articulating TV mount can be installed only by following three easy and simple steps.

All you need to do is follow the guidebook that comes with the package, and the instructions are written in an easy language so anyone can understand it.

Key Features :

  • VESA 75x75mm to 400x400mm supported
  • 2-inch retraction back length for space-saving
  • 3 step easy to complete installation process
  • 90-degree maximum swivel from left or right

4. USX MOUNT Full Motion TV Mount for 75 Inch TV

USX MOUNT Full Motion TV Mount for 75 Inch TV

Most of the time, people who are a fan of 75 inch big screen TV tend to purchase an articulating wall mount for 75 inch tv so that they can enjoy a premium watching experience.

USX Mount has developed XML019 articulating TV wall mount to mount TVs from 37 inches to 75 inches without any hassle.

Firstly, as this wall mount aims to be used with bigger TVs with more features than regular TVs, the VESA size can be extended from 200x100mm to 600x400mm.

Besides, the mounting capacity is up to 132 lbs, so you do not have to worry about any accident no matter how giant your screen is.

Besides, this TV wall mount has six dedicated arms to pull out and retract back the television smoothly. This mount can pull out to 16.61 inches, and when retracted back, the TV goes 2.52 inches closer to the wall.

So, no matter how big your TV is, with the best TV mount for 75 inch TV the space of your house is always saved.

Lastly, the TV wall mount comes in parts inside pre-labeled bags to install the mount easily without any trouble.

Besides, this articulating TV wall mount comes with bubble level, mounting template, three pieces pack of cable ties, and all standard hardware required for a standard, hassle-free mount installation experience.

Key Features :

  • VESA Size from 200x100mm to 600x400mm support
  • Tool-free easy tilt feature to reduce glare problem
  • A minimal 2.52 inch retract back length for space-saving
  • Comes in pre-labeled bags along with paper templates

5. Full Motion Heavy Duty Articulating TV Mount

Full Motion Heavy Duty Articulating TV Mount

The full motion TV wall mount by Pipishell is designed to mount televisions starting from 26 inches to 55 inches.

Even though this wall mount cannot mount televisions of more than 55 inches, it is considered a large articulating TV wall mount for its comparatively larger build and heavyweight.

Moreover, this is a universal heavy-duty TV mount that is weight compatible with most of the available TV brands currently prevalent in the market.

Besides, the +/-3 degrees post-install level adjustment feature allows the TV to get a perfect leveling so you can enjoy a hassle-free, glare-free watching experience.

As the articulating TV wall mount is heavily built, there is no need to explain why it weights comparatively more than other mounts of this range.

The brackets have unique security lock features, so it will never let your TV fall off no matter what happens. Also, the dual bracket feature protects the TV screen from bending.

Lastly, this heavily built TV wall mount is not complicated to install.

As the mount comes with a graphic instruction guide, even if you do not understand the written part clearly, the detailed pictures will help you better understand. So, you can easily pick this mount for your TV doubtlessly.

Key Features :

  • 90 degrees swivel feature from left to right
  • 2 inches retraction for theatre-style viewing
  • Pressure proof, bend-proof dual arm feature
  • Three steps installation with a graphic guide

Comparison Chart of Articulating TV Mount


Weight Lifting Capacity

Product Dimension

Package Weight

Compatible Size


Mounting Dream TV Wall Mount

77 lbs

17.13 x 17.13 x 2.9 inches

6.54 pounds


Mounting Dream

Mounting Dream Dual Arms TV Wall Mount

99 lbs

17.13 x 9.17 x 3.19 inches

11.11 pounds


Mounting Dream

Full Motion Articulating Arms TV Wall Mount

66 lbs

10.75 x 8.82 x 2.09 inches

4.44 pounds



USX MOUNT Full Motion TV Mount


16.93 x 2.76 x 11.81 inches

13.04 pounds


USX Mount

Full Motion Heavy Duty Articulating TV Mount

99 lbs

29.6 x 13.3 x 2.8 inches

16.42 pounds



Articulating TV Mount Buying Guide

Like any other gadget, purchasing an articulating TV mount requires some research.

As we often purchase devices considering using them for a long time, we have to keep in mind that the mount is well built and compatible with upgraded monitors for the future.

Besides, fixing a budget and completing the purchase are also crucial.


Grocery or gadget let it be anything you are buying; you have to fix a budget for it first.

Maintaining a budget helps to evaluate the available products in the market of a similar price range so you can compare the features they offer and choose thereby.

Similarly, fixing a budget lets, you buy one of the best articulating TV wall mounts without overspending.


Considering the features is no less important than fixing the budget. In a way, both factors are interconnected with one another.

Generally, you get an articulated mount of better features by increasing the budget. So, first, you need to point out which features you do not want to miss out on and the features you are ready to compromise on sticking to your budget.


We usually are prone to stick to our gadgets for a more extended period to make the most out of the money we spend on purchasing them.

So, you have to research the product’s estimated lifespan and the material it is built with. Also, check the smoothness of your articulated TV wall mount’s movement and its weight carry capacity.


As you are purchasing an articulated TV mount with a good amount of money, it is very typical to expect you to use it for a while. So, there might be a situation where you plan to upgrade your television.

In such cases, plan accordingly while making your purchase so that the articulating TV wall mount works just fine with your upgraded TV or other monitors.

Frequently Asked Question and Answer (FAQs)

1. What is an articulating TV wall mount?

An articulating TV wall mount is similar to the previous TV wall mount as they both do the same job, which is mounting the TV in the wall.

But an articulating TV mount covers some advanced jobs like moving and adjusting the TV according to the user’s need and saving the room’s space by retracting back to the wall as closely as possible.

2. Can I use an articulating TV mount outdoor?

Yes. You can use an articulating TV mount for the outdoor too. There are many available articulating TV wall mount in the market that has this feature.

So, regardless of the TV size, you can easily mount you TV outside the house, enjoy the articulation feature, and enjoy a premium watching time.

3. How does the articulating TV mount move?

The articulating TV mount conducts the movement through its arms. Generally, articulating Tv mounts come with four or six arms.

These arms work simultaneously to mount the TV safely and firmly, so it does not fall off. These arms control the movement through tilting, swiveling, leveling, full-motion, etc.

4. Is articulating TV mount expensive?

Compared to the features an articulating TV mount offers, the price is not too much. There is a range of articulating TV mounts in the market with different prices ranges.

Besides, the price range varies from brand to brand as well. So, you can always find an articulating TV mount that will fit your budget smoothly.

5. Can I use articulating TV mount for larger screens?

Yes. It is now possible to imagine articulating such giant screens through wall mount, though it does not sound visible at first.

But to articulate larger screens, you need to use a strong-built articulating TV wall mount that can easily hold the weight and at the same time complete the movement efficiently without any hassle.

Final Words

Articulating TV mount has become very popular because of its hands-free movement operation. Also, it is not way too expensive compared to its service, so purchasing one is a wise decision.

You can go for any of the products we have discussed in the product review section.

With the help of this article, you will be able to find out the best articulating tv mount that is suitable to fulfill all your needs and get a clear concept about the features it has in store for you to offer.