Best Audio Interface For Windows 10 – Reviews For 2022

Best Audio Interface For Windows 10

Audio Interface devices bring a revolutionary change in the musical world. Now you can easily get a studio-like facility at your home or anywhere you want, including recording, podcasting, streaming, monitoring, and more.

If you are searching for the finest audio interface that works with windows 10 you are on the right track.

As there are so many Audio Interface systems available in the market, you will easily get confused about finding the best Audio Interface for windows 10.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you with some amazing audio interface systems available in the market today, and by the short discussion, you will be able to pick the suitable one for you.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Focusrite 3rd Gen Audio interface for windows 10Focusrite 3rd Gen Audio interface

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PreSonus USB Professional Audio InterfacePreSonus USB Audio Interface

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M-Audio USB Portable Audio interfaceM-Audio USB Audio interface

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PreSonus USB Audio interface For PCPreSonus USB Audio interface For PC

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M-Audio AIR Windows 10 Audio InterfaceM-Audio AIR Audio Interface

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Benefits of Using Audio Interface for Windows 10

Though you can still record musician instrumental sound with your MAC or PC, using an Audio Interface system will give you the superior recording facility along with podcasting, streaming, and more.

There are so many advantages of using the audio interface system among theme three major benefits are given below.

Recording Instrumental Sounds

Suppose you want to record an instrumental music sound manually. In that case, it will come out the surrounding noise and latency, whereas, with an Audio Interface, you can directly have the producing sound from the instrument.

Most of the standard musical instrument like guitar, bass, and others comes with an audio output port by which you can connect the instrument with an audio interface that will allow you to record the instrument sound at a studio level.

Capturing Crystal Clear Voice

No matter how excellent a microphone you use to record voice, it will still come out surrounding noise, distortion, and litany.

But as the audio interface comes with the professional level of audio processing unit, you will get a pure, clear, noise and latency-free voice recording facility.

Most of the audio Interface has a built-in professional-grade microphone setup, and additionally, you will get a microphone insert option in the device by which you can plug the premium microphones for superior voice recording.

Monitoring Each and Every detail

Not only for recording, but the Audio Interface system is also good for monitoring the sounds too. You will get a studio-like monitoring interface while mixing up sounds and modification sounds.

All the standard Audio Interface devices come with one headphone output and one speaker output, producing the exact sound you recorded earlier. And with the detailed monitoring facility, you will easily catch unwanted disturbances and will be able to remove them easily.

Best Audio Interface for Windows 10 Reviews

People used to hire the studio or other recording equipment earlier for recording audio and producing music which was a big hassle and at the same time expensive too, but nowadays it becomes easier with the USB Audio Interface for PC.

So day by day, Audio Interface systems are getting popular, and that is why different brands are manufacturing various types of Audio Interface devices.

So with the huge options, you may get confused about which one to buy, right? Don’t worry; we are here with the top 5 good Audio Interface devices for you.

1. Focusrite 3rd Gen Audio interface for windows 10

Focusrite 3rd Gen Audio interface for windows 10

If you are searching for the best audio interface for windows 10 to have the supreme recording experiences, you should consider this Focusrite Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen audio recorder.

The industry leading preamps mic setup ensures the pro performances by achieving a brighter and more open recoding.

Additionally, it has a switchable Air mode which will make your vocals extra clear while recording. And suppose you want to input your guitar and other musical instrument sounds for recording.

In that case, you can do it easily, and it’s Gain Halos will ensure the distortion-free and unwanted clipping experience.

Scarlett comes with an intelligent converter integration where you can record and mix up at24-bit/192kHz, which will retain all the sonic qualities that will ensure the output like your admire artists.

And the brand collaborates with famous musical industries for providing plenty of sound content creating and recording software support.

On the other hand, it has two balanced low-noise outputs for providing clean audio playback from Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music so that you can hear your own track with more details and nuances.

Moreover, the devices have all the qualities you may demand from an audio interface system.

Key Features :

  • Outstanding performance with the finest preamps
  • Built-in switchable Air mode for clear audio recording
  • Studio quality recordings facility with leading mic setup
  • Low noise for crystal clear audio playback support

2. PreSonus USB Professional Audio Interface

PreSonus USB Professional Audio Interface

Are you looking for the best professional audio interface? Then this is the one you should go for as it comes with $1000 worth of recording applications, including Ableton Live Lite, Studio One Artist,

and Studio Magic Plug-In Suite. And it can be powered up with a USB bus-power which is more convenient for using professionally.

However, PreSonus brings the audio interface with a two-channel value-packed USB 2.0, which is more user-friendly for using the interface personally and professionally for portable recordings.

And with the two Class-A high-quality preamps mic condenser and onboard +48V phantom powered microphone setup, it ensures the supreme audio recording for you.

On the other hand, the audio interface has two high-headroom input systems for instruments like bass, guitar, and more. And it’s studio-level converters will allow up to 24-bit/96 kHz playback and recording.

Additionally, a wide range of mixer control will allow you to blend between playbacks and inputs, ensuring zero-latency monitoring.

So, if you need an audio interface that you can use professionally and has the top portability option, in that case, you should definitely buy this audio interface system,

which is also suitable for windows 10 based PC. With a powerful output option, you will get a well-balanced headphone and ¼”.TRS outputs.

Key Features :

  • USB bus-powered user-friendly portability
  • Phantom power onboard +48V microphones
  • Two high-headroom inputs for instruments
  • Included $1000 worth of recording apps

3. M-Audio USB Portable Audio interface

M-Audio USB Portable Audio interface

This M-Audio M-Track Solo is the best portable audio interface in the market today as it comes with more convincing portability options for personal and professional usage.

You will be able to podcast, live stream, record, playback, mixup, and more with this versatile M-Audio interface anywhere you want.

However, the device will cover everything for you via a USB sound card for PC or MAC, which will deliver 48 kHz audio resolution for the high-definition audio recording every time you want.

This is the complete package for everything, including record guitar, line, or vocals input with one phantom-powered XLR / Line Input and one instrument or line input.

Moreover, the audio interface also has 1/8” headphone and stereo RCA outputs for fuss-free total monitoring flexibility. And with the USB/Direct switch, it ensures zero latency while monitoring.

So in terms of input and output audio delivery, you will get a premium service with the pro-level monitoring facility.

On the other hand, M-Track Solo has a transparent crystal preamp set up to ensure the highest optimal sound output from your microphones, including condenser mics.

And with dedicated MPC Beats software support, you will get the essential production tools from the MPC Production, Akai Professional.

Key Features :

  • 1/8” stereo RCA outputs and headphone output interface
  • For zero-latency monitoring, USB/Direct switch facility
  • One XLR / Line Input and one instrument input options
  • Transparent Crystal Preamp for optimal sound from mic

4. PreSonus USB Audio interface For PC

PreSonus USB Audio interface For PC

PreSonus Studio is one of the greatest USB audio interfaces you can buy at this time. Especially this audio interface comes with 1,000 USD worth of Studio Magic Plug-In Suite software for the computer,

which makes the device the best audio interface for pc. So if you are planning to use your audio interface with a PC just go for this one.

However, this audio interface can be powered up with USB-C to C or USB-C to A cables, and both cables are included, so you don’t need to worry about any external power supply.

Moreover, the device comes with 2 high-headroom instruments or line inputs to record any instrument sound or your preferred line-level devices.

On the other hand, you will have up to 24-bit/96 kHz of playback and recording options with the built-in studio-level converter.

And with a low-latency direct ladder-style LED monitoring facility, you will be on top of recording levels. Moreover, it has onboard MIDI I/O, which provides a 5-pin DIN connection for using keyboards and other MIDI gears.

Additionally, the device has 2 solid-state pristine XMAX-L preamps +48V phantom power microphones, which will capture each and every detail while recording, and with an equipped high-powered headphone output, you will get superior monitoring while recording.

The audio interface also provides Ableton Live Lite DAW Recording and Studio One Artist Software free of cost for better recording services.

Key Features :

  • 5-pin DIN connection for using keyboards & MIDI gears
  • 1,000 USD worth Studio Magic Plug-In Suite software
  • Studio level 4-bit/96 kHz of playback and recording
  • Built-in 2 solid-state pristine XMAX-L preamps mic

5. M-Audio AIR Windows 10 Audio Interface

M-Audio AIR Windows 10 Audio Interface

If you want a premium audio interface device with the top PC connectivity service, this is the one you should buy. It is the best windows 10 audio interface device as it comes with MPC Beats and Ableton Live software support.

And as a bonus, you will also get some necessary software like Creative FX Collection, Touch Loops, Revalver, Mini Grand, and Xpand!2 and more.

Moreover, M-Audio AIR 192|4 comes with professional-grade 24-bit/192kHz audio resolution, which will allow you to capture and monitor every single details thanks to it’s premium and intelligent components by which the device processes the audio and make the best out of it.

And with built-in ultra-pristine A/D converters and transparent crystal preamps setup, it ensures the unsurpassed audio recording quality.

However, the audio device has total 2 inputs and 2 outputs, including one XLR+¼” TRS combo input, one¼” instrument input, one headphone out, and one stereo ¼” outs which will fulfill all your demand including streaming, recording, podcasting, monitoring, and more.

And with the central large volume control, VU LED meters, and USB/Direct knob, you will get zero-latency monitoring.

On the other hand, this audio interface comes with USB and USB-C cables for connection which will ensure the fastest data transmission speed from your MAC or PC.

And the devices also consume power through the USB, so you do not have to carry any extra power supply to power up this. M-Audio AIR 192|4.

Key Features :

  • Professional grade, high definition 24-bit/192kHz audio resolution
  • Additional important software support for MAC & PC included
  • Built-in A/D converters and transparent Crystal preamps setup
  • Metal chassis with VU LED meters, volume & USB/Direct knob

Comparison Chart Of Audio Interface For Windows 10


Level Indicators


Audio resolution

Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen


2 input+2 Output


PreSonus AudioBox USB


2 input+2 Output

24-bit/96 kHz

M-Audio M-Track Solo


2 input+2 Output

48 kHz

PreSonus Studio 24c 2x2


2 input+2 Output

24-bit/96 kHz

M-Audio AIR 192


2 input+2 Output


Audio Interface For Windows 10 Buying Guide

Make the Price Range

The first thing first make a budget range for buying the suitable audio interface system for your PC; after selecting the budget range, search for the one with higher specifications and features available in that price range.

Before making the price range, we will suggest keeping the range bit flexible; that is how you will easily match the best audio interface for windows 10 for you.

Audio Resolution

The second important thing is to check the audio resolution. You have to choose the audio resolution according to your own need. You can pick the one with the comparatively lower audio resolution for regular personal usage as it will save some money too.

But for professional usage, especially for studio purposes, you must buy one with the highest audio resolution possible.

Size of the Device

Most of the Audio Interface system comes with compact size nowadays though according to the capacity and audio resolution, the size of the interface system can be bigger too.

So it is important to choose the size wisely; if you want the portability option, go for the smaller one that matches into your carrying backpack or case.

Decide Power-Up Option

Audio Interfaces comes with external power supply requirements before. But nowadays, modern Audio Interfaces are compact, allowing you to power up the device with the USB cables you are already using to transfer data on your Windows 10 PC.

So it will be wise to buy a modern audio interface that comes with a USB power-up option which will reduce the hassle of carrying an extra power supply and give you the superior portability option.

Build Quality

This is not a thing you will often buy, so before buying one, you need to make sure it will last for years at least. And build quality is the most important thing that matters here.

If you are a rough and tough user, you must select one with solid construction; the body can be metal or hard plastic, but it should be strong enough to protect itself from sudden accidental falls or hit.

Go for the Latest Technology Available

If you have already decided which one you will pick, make sure it comes with the latest technology; that is how you will get superior service from it for the upcoming years.

And latest components are comparatively well built from the previous generation, ensuring long-lasting performance with a lower power consumption rate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is an Audio Interface?

Audio Interface is a recording device that is specially designed for the musician. This device collects microphone and instrument signals then it’s processor process the signal into such a format that your computer will recognize it.

The interface also can reroute the audio signal from your PC out to your headphone or stereo speaker and studio monitors.

2. Which Audio Interface is the greatest for windows 10?

Most of the interface that comes with a USB connectivity option should work fine on your Windows 10 based PC. But for extra support, you can go for the one that comes with additional software support;

it will give you extra compatibility through the applications. And as the latest technology try to buy one with USB Type-C connectivity option as they are comparatively faster than the previous generation as well as Micro-USB.

3. Does the audio interface affect sound quality?

The answer is yes, it is. You will get more refined, noise-free, distortion-less, latency-free sound from your instruments and microphones. Everyone can easily record their voice or instrument sound by using their smartphone,

PC, and cameras, but recording with an Audio Interface will take you to another level. It’s powerful audio processing unit will allow you to produce high-resolution crystal clear audio.

4. Do I really need an audio interface?

If you are searching for the best audio interface, that means you are really concerned about the sound quality and really interested in musical sound production. So, you definitely should have one for the purpose you want to use the device.

You can use your smartphone recording option for primary use by plugging a good quality microphone, but you definitely have to use this Audio Interface for better sound.

Final Words

However, with all of the discussion, I hope you already understand what will be the best audio interface for windows 10 and which one you should choose. But if you are still confused, just reread the how to choose section again from the above.

Audio interface devices are something that you definitely need in your musician world. It will give you more control over your instrumental sound and voice recordings.

So, you need to buy an Audio Interface for personal or professional use if you want a studio-level recording and monitoring facility.