Best Boom Mic For Gaming in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

best boom mic for gaming

The microphone is something essential for our daily communication and speech delivery.

Most of the devices with modern technology use microphones, including mobile phones, telephones, laptops, camera devices, audio recorders, voice-controlled TV, and other devices.

So this is something you really need to use on a daily basis, but if you are doing something professional that needs a high-quality voice receiver like for music production,

voice-over, gaming, podcasting, and others, you must need to use a good quality boom microphone.

As there are too many brands producing plenty of boom microphones, you may wonder which one will be the best boom mic for gaming?

Don’t worry; we are here with the top 5 gaming boom mics; choose the most suitable one for you.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
FIFINE USB computer microphone for gamingFIFINE USB microphone for gaming

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V-MODA Boom Mic For Gaming & CommunicationV-MODA BoomPro Boom Mic

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MAONO USB Desktop Microphone For GamingMAONO USB Desktop Microphone

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Bonke Boom Mic For Streaming, Great for GamingBonke Boom Mic For Streaming, Great for Gaming

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ABLET Microphones For Gaming and StreamingABLET For Gaming and Streaming

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Benefits of Using Boom Mic for Gaming

Though most of the devices come with an internal microphone setup, they are still not enough for receiving a clear voice. For gaming, it is important to use a good quality gaming mic with a boom arm that should deliver the crystal clear voice without any distortion and noise.

So boom mic is specially made to ensure low latency, wind noise reduction ability, and lots more. However, there are so many advantages of using a boom mic for gaming, and among them, the three most important benefits are given below.

For Receiving Crystal Clear Voice

Most of the boom microphones come with a pop filter, soundproof cotton, and windscreen foam, which will allow the microphone to reduce wind noise, vocal air production noise, surrounding noise, and distortion.

So with all of this, the boom mic is able to receive a pure crystal clear voice from you. On the other hand,

most of the boom microphone is also built with a powerful processor chip where the receiving sound is processed by maintaining echo sound, noises, and more, and finally, it delivers the pure voice to your device.

Adjustable Hands-Free Positioning

Almost every boom microphone provides a scissor arm stand, shock mount, and table mounting clamps to set up the video game microphone in your playing position. You will get an adjustable microphone positioning at every angle with the scissor arm.

And the shock mount will ensure stability and say no to any kind of shacking noise. Moreover, with the table mounting clamp, you can set the microphone with your working desk without any kind of hassle, giving you the ultimate hands-free user experience.

Easy Setup

The boom mic either comes with USB connectivity or 3.5mm microphone jack. No matter what is the connectivity interface, it will be easily compatible with all of the devices that have a microphone option.

It is just a plug-and-play option with no extra hardware, software, or drivers. But make sure which interface do you really need,

for using with PCs you should choose the USB-based one and for using with the game controllers, phones, laptops and more you may buy the video game mic with 3.5mm jack.

Best Boom Mic for Gaming Reviews

With the progress of technology, people are also going toward the advancement where they need everything with top-notch ability. So in this section, the boom mic is the one that can give you the top-notch voice receiving option.

But as many brands produce lots of microphones, you may already mess up about which one will be perfect for you, right? Don’t worry; we are here to help you with the top 5 supreme boom microphones with the most positive customer review.

1. FIFINE USB Computer Microphone For Gaming

FIFINE USB computer microphone for gaming

If you are looking for the best computer microphone for gaming, in that case, this FIFINE mic is the one you should buy as it comes with the simplest convenient direct plug-and-play connectivity option through the USB without any additional hardware support.

With this computer boom microphone, You will get high-quality voice output for gaming, recording voice, podcasts, and using Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger, and more on your PC.

The mic ensures crystal clear audio production with a wide frequency response along with the cardioid condenser capsule.

And the microphone also has double pop filter protection where the two layers of dissipation remove noise and the rush sound of air caused by vocal plosives. So the microphone will give you the studio level of voice output while gaming by minimizing the popping sounds.

On the other hand, the FIFINE Studio Condenser microphone comes with rugged construction with a solid material that ensures durable performance and durability.

And with the horizontally adjustable boom studio 13″ fixed Scissor Arm, it offers a 30″ reach. Moreover, the low profile, table hugging design helps you to avoid facial obstruction to make you more focused while gaming.

However, you will get a steel constructed scissor arm, a double pop filter, a studio-grade shock mount, a bonus tripod stand, and a premium 8.2′ USB cable with the microphone.

So it is a complete ready-to-go setup, just buy one and start your gaming with your voice-over.

Key Features :

  • 30″ Reachable steel constructed scissor arm
  • Low profile, table hugging intelligent design
  • Studio-grade shock mount, a bonus tripod stand
  • Cardioid condenser with double pop filter protection

2. V-MODA Boom Mic For Gaming & Communication

V-MODA Boom Mic For Gaming & Communication

Searching for the best boom mic for gaming and communication? Well, then the V-MODA BoomPro microphone is the one you may be looking for.

The microphone comes with a good build design where it can enhance your voice clarity and reduce the background noise, which makes it ideal and more convenient for gaming and communication.

However, the headphone comes with a wide range of connectivity support, including Microsoft Xbox One, Sony PlayStation, Vita Sony PlayStation 3 (needs third party adapter),

4 Sony PlayStations, and more with a 3.5mm (1/8″) microphone jack. Additionally, you just need one lithium-ion battery to power up the microphone.

Moreover, the microphone can also be compatible with all types of smartphones, PCs, tablets, notebooks, and more via the 3.5mm microphone jack. On the other hand,

to ensure the long ability the microphone comes with a durable reinforced cable and 24k gold plated plug for better connectivity. Additionally, you will have rotary volume controls and an in-line mute switch with it’s convenient control clip.

Because of the detachable design, you will have a flexible and adjustable mic positioning user interface which will ensure maximum compatibility and usage.

This professional-grade microphone also comes with a SteelFlex solid constructed boom arm which ensures durability and offers long-lasting usage.

Key Features :

  • Voice clarity enhancement & noise reduction technology
  • Wide range of connectivity with 3.5mm microphone jack
  • Durable long reinforced cable and 24k gold plated plug
  • SteelFlex solid constructed long-lasting boom arm

3. MAONO USB Desktop Microphone For Gaming

MAONO USB Desktop Microphone For Gaming

This premium microphone is made with a professional sound chipset where the USB microphone will allow to hold up to 192kHz/24bit high sampling rate and ensures the highest audio resolution output.

And the 30Hz-16kHz smooth, flat and extended frequency response makes it the best desktop microphone for gaming, singing, communication, voice-over, and more.

Apart from this, the microphone comes with a 16mm electret condenser transducer which ensures a strong bass response while transmitting voice or audio data. And with the professional-grade cardioid Metal condenser,

the microphone kit will be able to pick up the crystal clear audio for you. On the other hand, the double shielding USB cable ensures the greatest sound production.

Moreover, the microphone also comes with pop filter protection and a windshield to reduce wind noise, allowing the condenser to receive and produce crystal clear sound.

And the shock mount will ensure to hold the microphone steady with dumping ability which makes the microphone more convenient for gaming, podcasting, video voice-over, skype conference, and so on.

Along with the USB 2.0 boom mic for pc, you will have a wide range of windows, Linux, and MAC PC connectivity, including desktop, laptop, notebook, and more.

And without attaching any additional soundcard & hardware and without installing any software or extra driver, you will be able to use the mic by just plug and play. And with the magnet ring on the USB cable, you will feel better because of the anti-interference function

Key Features :

  • Superior Pop filter and windshield protection
  • 192kHz/24bit unbeatable high sampling rate
  • 30Hz-16kHz extended frequency response
  • 16mm large electret condenser transducer

4. Bonke Boom Mic For Streaming, Great for Gaming

Bonke Boom Mic For Streaming, Great for Gaming

Bonke especially designed the microphone for gamers, podcasters, voice-over artists, and other professional users. This is the best boom mic for streaming in the current market, considering it’s features.

The microphone comes with a USB plug-and-play PC connectivity option, that’s means you don’t need any additional hardware or software to use it.

On the other hand, the microphone comes with some special features like you can adjust the voice sound by turning the volume knob.

And you will be able to control the echo effect directly from the microphone by turning the knob. This means you will get better audio output from the microphone without any external professional software support.

Moreover, with soundproof cotton, the microphone will receive unnecessary noise-free actual clear voice from you, and with the support of a professional-grade chipset inside,

it will produce more crystal clear voice output, which will ultimately make your user experience better while gaming, podcasting, voice-over and more.

However, the microphone comes with a pop filter and windscreen foam for reducing air noise. And the shock mount also ensures extra noise reduction with superior stability.

On the other hand, with the included table mounting clamps and a 360° adjustable scissor arm stand, you can set the microphone in every height and angle that matches your working position.

Key Features :

  • On-body volume and echo effect adjustment knob
  • Professional grade chipset for audio processing
  • Superior 360° adjustable scissor arm stand
  • Included pop filter and windscreen foam

5. ABLET Microphones For Gaming and Streaming

ABLET Microphones For Gaming and Streaming

If you are searching for the best microphones for gaming and streaming audio with easy to carry option, then this boom mic for streaming is the one you should go for.

ABLET Boom Microphone comes with a wide range of compatibility including Sennheiser HD598 and HD598 Cs. Besides, it is workable with HD598 SE, HD518, SR, HD599 Headphones, Xbox One or PlayStation PS4 gaming Controllers, smartphones, and PCs.

The microphone comes with an upgraded flexible an audio cable adapter with a rotary Volume Control and Mute Switch that plugs into a 3.5mm male to 2.5mm male audio jack.

And the microphone is also detachable and comes with a SteelFlex Arm which ensures the perfect microphone positioning, which is convenient for use while gaming, podcasting, streaming, voice-over, and more.

However, the microphone has a 3.5mm jack for use with mobile phones, PCs, and gaming controllers with a 3.5mm microphone port.

And 2.5mm jack is only made to connect with the Sennheiser Headphone models mentioned above. So the microphone comes with dual 3.5mm for devices that require separate mic/headphone inputs.

Apart from this, the headphone is well built with a flexible cable which ensures long-lasting service. And the audio cord replacement option will allow you to upgrade your normal headphones into a professional gaming headset with superior voice data production ability.

Besides gaming, the microphone is also ideal for business purposes, conferences, podcasting, voice-over, taking calls on skype, messenger, and so on.

Key Features :

  • Included 3.5mm and 2.5mm male audio cable adapter
  • Well build long-lasting design with durable, flexible cable
  • Sennheiser Headphone compactivity with 2.5mm jack
  • Detachable cable and audio cord replacement option

Comparison Chart Of Boom Mic For Gaming



Headphone Compactivity

Setup arms and Mounts

FIFINE Condenser Microphone




V-MODA BoomPro Microphone

3.5mm Jack



MAONO USB Microphone




Bonke Condenser Microphone




ABLET Boompro Gaming MIC

3.5mm and 2.5mm jack



Boom Mic For Gaming Buying Guide

Before choosing the best boom mic for gaming, you need to consider some aspects to make sure you are picking the best one. The aspects are given below.

Price Range

You should consider the price range before buying one. It will be wise if you fix a flexible budget range and search accordingly.

Choose the one with higher features and specifications available in the market on your budget range. And finally, go for the one that suits you the most.

Audio Resolution

After selecting the price range, now it is time to decide the audio resolution. Boom microphones with higher resolution may come with a higher price tag,

but if you do not want to compromise with the quality, there should be no alternative just go for the highest resolution available.

Connectivity Interface

If you are going to buy the microphone to use with your PC, we will suggest going for the one with a USB connectivity interface as they are comparatively working better with the PCs.

But if you want a microphone to use with the game controller, smartphone, laptop, and other devices just go for the one with a 3.5mm jack.

Filters and Noise Protection

Most of the boom mic with a good price tag comes with several types of noise protection and filters such as pop filter, windscreen foam, soundproof cotton, and so on.

These types of protection help the microphone to reduce the surrounding noise and air and ensure crystal clear audio delivery, so buy the one that has all of these.

Condenser Driver and Size

You should consider a microphone with a good-sized condenser driver inside for gaming. A bigger size condenser driver will receive the voice buy maintain original vocal bass, which will ultimately produce the real charm of your voice.

And at the same time, a good condenser setup will ensure overall good sound quality, so check about it before buying one.

Adjustable Features

Almost every boom mic comes with an adjustable scissor arm stand, shock mount, and table mounting clams but their reach heights and angles ability are not the same.

So if you buy one that won’t fit your working position will be a complete disaster and a waste of money. That is why you need to inquire about it before buying one and check whether the adjustable ability suits you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a boom mic?

In general, when the microphone is fixed to the bottom end of a boom, we will call it a boom mic. In comparison to other mics, the boom mic allows you the perfect microphone positioning in front of the speaker’s mouth with its arms, clams, and mount.

That is how the boom mic ensures the most accurate and high-quality sound delivery available for your device or system.

2. Do I need to use a boom mic?

The answer completely depends on your purposes. If you do gaming professionally, we suggest you buy a boom mic as it will give you a hands free voice receiving facility and the voice delivery will also be the best in class.

So for any professional usages like singing, voice-over, recording sounds, and more, you need to buy a boom mic first.

3. What is the purpose of a boom mic?

The boom mic is highly directional, and they are great for picking up the sound from where you point them out. On the other hand, a boom mic with filters and other foam and cotton elements can effectively block the ambient noise.

And with their flexible setup, it will give you the shake-free ultimate hands-free experience. That is why boom mic is widely used for professional purposes.

4. Can a condenser mic be usable as a boom mic?

The answer is controversial. People from different media-related professions use other mics on their boom poles, including large diaphragm stereo shotgun microphones, condenser microphones, and others.

The main purpose is to get the higher audio possible. So as far as the quality is concerned, we should say yes, you can use a condenser mic as a boom mic, but to do that, you already should have the boom pole.

Final Words

So will the above discussion; we hope you already get which one will be the best boom mic for gaming and why you need it. But if you are still confused about finding the appropriate one for you, we will suggest reading out the how-to choose part again from the above and thinking wisely.

If you are a pro gamer or want to start gaming professionally. In that case, you should think about a boom mic that will give you the ultimate hand-free user experience with a flexible adjustment option.

On the other hand, a boom mic will ensure the highest audio clarity and improve overall sound quality, which will ultimately make your voice more acceptable to the listener. So you should definitely buy one for gaming.