Best Document Scanner For Home in 2022 – Top 5 Picks

best document scanner for home

In the world of technologies, the scanner creates a revolutionary change in our daily corporate lifestyle. Instead of carrying plentiful papers, we can simply scan them and send them anywhere we want.

So, the use of a scanner is going popular day by day, and as you are looking for the best document scanner for home, you may already be confused about which one to buy as they are boundless in the market.

This is why we are here to help you with some premium scanners, and I hope you will find the suitable one among them for you.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Brother Compact Document Scanner For Home UseBrother Compact Document Scanner

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Raven Pro Home Office Document Scanner WiFi, Ethernet, USBRaven Pro Home Office Document Scanner

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Fujitsu ScanSnap Document Scanner For Home OfficeFujitsu Document Scanner For Home Office

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Epson WorkForce Portable Home Scanner For DocumentsEpson Home Scanner For Documents

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Canon Duplex Document Scanner For Mac and PCCanon Duplex Document Scanner For Mac and PC

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Benefits of Using Document Scanner for Home

Reduce the Hassel of Carrying Papers

Most of the corporate office sectors, even a home office, need to deal with plenty of papers every day but carrying them will be more problematic as you need to assign someone to send the paper from one place to another,

but with a scanner, you can simply scan the papers and send it to everywhere you want over the internet by using mails, clouds and lots more.

Less Time Consumption

Without a scanner, you need to send the hard copy of the documents by someone, and he or she needs to travel toward the destination for sending the documents, right?

But suppose you need to send documents more than 100 Kilometer distance; think about the time it will require to deliver the papers.

It will consume at least 2-3 hours, whereas, with a scanner, you can send the documents within a minute; it does not matter how far the distance is.

Increased security

By using a scanner, you can ensure privacy and security by using the document management system where authorized personnel will be required to open the files.

This will make your business or law firm more confidential and save your documents from thefts, floods, fire, or other disasters.


The use of a scanner also enhances cost efficiency by reducing the cost of papers that you need to send to different places. Suppose you are a writer and wrote a 100-page story, but now you need to send the story in different production hoses.

So if there is at least 5 production house, you need to use 500 pages, but if you simply scan them and send them to everyone, the cost of those 500 papers will be reduced.

A Greener Planet

Papers are made from the trees, so less use of paper means less cut of trees, making our city a green planet with fresh and clean breathable air. And trees also reduce greenhouse gas, air pollution, and more and hold a stable and healthy atmosphere.

Best Document Scanner For Home Reviews

As the scanner has the greatest advantage and makes the corporate lifestyle easier, it has become an essential element for our home or office.

So scanner manufacturers produce various types of scanners with different specifications. As a result, there is a huge collection of scanners in the market, which may confuse you about which one to buy.

Don’t worry; we are here to help you with the review of five top document scanners, which also have the most positive customer responses and ratings.

1. Brother Compact Document Scanner For Home Use

Brother Compact Document Scanner For Home Use

If you are searching for the best scanner for home use, then this is the one you should go for. The product comes with an ultra-compact, less than 1-foot length design and the product has only 1.5 pounds of weight,

so you can set up the scanner anywhere in your house. That is why the product is much convenient for home-usage.

Moreover, with the ultra-compact design, you will get ultimate portability in carrying it everywhere you go; the scanner can be carried in a bag, purse, or even in a pocket.

And as the printer comes with a micro USB powered interface, you can power it up anywhere you want with your laptop, power bank, or even with a mobile phone.

On the other hand, this DS-640 scanner has up to 16 pages per minute blazing speed in terms of scanning color and black documents.

And with the additional automatic color detection and adjustment interface, the scanner will detect the images and text and enhance them according to the types.

However, the scanner also included image rotation (PC only) and bled through prevention or background removal facilities.

And with the dedicated softer suits and OCR software, you can manage to scan documents in a more organized way. The scanner is compatible with most of the operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Key Features :

  • Micro USB 3.0 connectivity with power-up option
  • Compact size with an ultra-lightweight design
  • 16 pages per minute blazing speed scanning
  • Comes with dedicated software support

2. Raven Pro Home Office Document Scanner WiFi, Ethernet, USB

Raven Pro Home Office Document Scanner WiFi, Ethernet, USB

If you prefer the fastest document scanners for home office, then you should buy this best home office document scanner.

The scanner comes with a scan to cloud, wireless scanning, searchable document option, automatic scan track, and more features that are very much convenient for a home office document scanner.

However, it’s integrated cloud service will allow you to scan with a direct cloud saving option. So you can easily store and access your scanned data from Google Drive,

Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote Box, QuickBooks Online, SharePoint, and other cloud sharing services. Additionally, you can also get your scan data from Email, USB drive, SMB Share, FTP, or Fax.

Moreover, the scanner can scan up to 60 pages per minute, and with the easy search option, all the documents will be produced in the PDF format to find your required documents easily.

The scanner also has an OCR interface that can detect handwriting or printed text and give you editable document files.

On the other hand, the scanner also comes with a free Raven Cloud subscription, giving you the ultimate secure storage facility for saving scanned documents.

And with WI-FI and Ethernet connectivity, the scanner can scan and send you the data wirelessly without any help from PCs.

Particularly, the scanner has a large 8″ LED touch screen display which ensures more visibility and incredible touch experience for document editing and easier navigation without the help of the computer.

And with the 100-page anti-jam automatic adjustable scanner with the document feeder, the scanner can handle more loads into an expendable output tray.

Key Features :

  • Built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Large 8″ LED touch screen display
  • 100-page anti-jam adjustable feeder
  • Integrated cloud saving service

3. Fujitsu ScanSnap Document Scanner For Home Office

Fujitsu ScanSnap Document Scanner For Home Office

The best document scanner for home office available for scanning is this Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1600. For ultimate data utilization and up to 40 ppm end-to-end scanning,

you will get a 4.3-inch intuitive touch screen that ensures the optimized user experience. This compact-designed scanner is ideal for use at home office with a PC or Mac.

On the other hand, the scanner has more than 30 customizable profile support, which will allow you to customize your preference according to your needs.

You can also personalize scanning icons with icons, colors, and letters. So this customization interface gives you the ultimate easy-to-handle user experience while scanning.

Moreover, with the internal WI-FI connectivity option, you can directly connect this scanner to your devices or cloud servers, allowing you to scan and save your documents directly to your device and cloud without any help from a computer.

And at the same time, with the WI-FI interface, you will get a flexible user experience, scan wherever you want.

However, the scanner can perform with up to 4 user licenses, which is very convenient and ideal for team sharing.

The scanner is functional from 5°C to 35 °C, so you don’t have to worry about the surrounding environment; the scanning process will remain active.

Key Features :

  • More than 30 customizable profiles support
  • WI-FI connectivity with direct cloud storage
  • Climate pledge friendly performance
  • Stress-free usability for any users

4. Epson WorkForce Portable Home Scanner For Documents

Epson WorkForce Portable Home Scanner For Documents

If you are searching for the best home scanner for documents scanning with a portability facility, then this is the one you should go for. This small scanner is an ideal high-speed scanner for home and outdoor usage.

You can easily scan all your important documents by simply powering the scanner up with the USB interface.

The scanner comes with the fastest scanning technologies, where it can scan a single page in less than 5.5 seconds.

And with the versatile paper handling option, you can scan documents up to 8.5 x 72 inches, including extra-long pages, receipts, and ID cards. The scanner can manage to scan up to 10 pages per minute.

Particularly, with the Epson ScanSmart software, the process of reviewing, scanning, and saving the documents will be easier, and you will get a top user-friendly experience.

On the other hand, with the included Nuance OCR, you can create searchable & editable pdfs, excels, and Word files, and you can easily save them in the cloud with the included software support.

However, this fast home scanner is very much compatible with Mac and windows just plug the included USB Type-C cable, and you are ready to go.

And Twain driver compatibility with virtually any imaging software, you will get extra support. Moreover, the scanner comes with an automatic feeding mode option which will combine multi-pages into one file.

Key Features :

  • Up to 8.5 x 72 inches document scanning
  • 5 seconds single page scanning speed
  • USB Type-C power-up and connectivity
  • Epson ScanSmart software support

5. Canon Duplex Document Scanner For Mac and PC

Canon Duplex Document Scanner For Mac and PC

In our search for the best document scanner for mac and windows PC, this Canon imageFORMULA R40 came out on top.

If you are searching for the superlative document scanner for home use to have the ultimate fast and efficient scanning experience, then this is the one you need to buy.

Particularly, this device can scan both sides of a paper simultaneously, and the scanning speed is up to 40 pages per minute.

With the fastest scanning speed, you will get an automatic 60 sheet feed with just one tap operation, making the scanner more convenient to use at your home or home office.

In addition, with the scanner, you can easily convert any document into searchable and editable digital format, including words, excels, and pdfs.

And the scanner can able to handle various document types including, photos, receipts, business cards, contracts, reports, thick and thin documents, long documents, and more.

On the other hand, the scanner comes with the included TWAIN driver support, which ensures easy compatibility with Windows and Mac systems by simply plugging the scanner with your PC via the supplied USB cable.

The scanner also includes Canon CaptureOnTouch scanning software for easy to use interface.

Key Features :

  • Able to scan both sides of a paper at the same time
  • Superior Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Scan directly to the cloud storage services
  • convenient for home-office usages

Comparison Chart Of Document Scanner For Home



PPM Speed

Power Consumption





2.5 watts


Raven Pro





ScanSnap iX1600



17 watts


WorkForce ES-50



220 watts


imageFORMULA R40



22 watts


Document Scanner For Home Buying Guide

As there are so many options choosing the best document scanner for home, may turn into the hardest job for you. But don’t worry, by considering some aspects you can easily choose the supreme one for you.

Just keep patience and go through the aspects carefully, and that’s how you will get the one that will be best for you.

Price Range

Before buying a good document scanner, you need to make a budget and look forward to the scanners that match your price range.

If the selected scanners match your price range, then check the configuration and features of the scanner and go for the one that’s offering more.

Choose the Type

Though you are going to buy a scanner for home organization, you may still need portability, so decide first whether you want a desk scanner or a portable one.

And if you choose the portable one, make sure it offers a USB power-up option; otherwise, the portability option may not work for you.

Check the Ability

All scanners from different manufacturers come with different abilities, some of them offering the highest number of page scanning, document feeder, and other abilities.

So before you buy one, make sure you are choosing the one that is able to fulfill your needs. A slow scanning process can make your creativity down, too, so check carefully.

Consider Compatibility

As you are going to buy the document scanner for computer usage, make sure it comes with compatibility with the system you are using. For example, you are using a Mac PC but bought a scanner that only offers windows compatibility,

it will be a complete disaster for you, right? Though most of the latest scanners offer both compatibilities, still make sure your system will support it.

Select the Connectivity Option

If you are happy with the PC connection only and want to save some money too, you can buy the one without any Wi-Fi or internet interface. But still, in the age of advanced technologies,

we will suggest buying one with Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity option though you may don’t need the features right now, but you will love the options of managing, sharing, and saving the files without using computers by using the Wi-Fi and Ethernet interface.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What should I look for while buying a scanner?

You should already get the answer from the “how to choose” section, but specifically, we can say that you need to think about how much available space for the scanner do you have,

how many dots per inch (dpi) you need, how fast pages per minutes (ppm) scanning you require, how much bit depth is enough for you, power-up option and all the extra features.

2. Does the scanners need lots of power to run?

Not at all; most of the latest scanner comes with the latest generation chipset, processor, motors, and other elements, which allow the scanner to perform without consuming more power.

They consume an as minimal amount of power as you can even power up some scanner with a USB interface by plugin the USB cable in a power bank, laptop, desktop, notebook, or even in mobile via OTG interface.

3. What are the types of scanners?

You will find four types of scanners today. They are Drum scanner, Sheet-fed scanner, Flatbed scanner, and Handheld scanners. For the big corporate space, drum scanners are mostly used.

For a small office, home, and studio purposes, sheet-fed and flatbed scanners are used. And people from corporate offices who need to travel a lot for office purposes use the handheld scanner as they are offering an easy portability option for them.

4. Which is the best scanner brand?

Modern scanners from various brands produce good scanners with unique specifications and features. Thought is not wise to consider the brand value instead of configuration and features,

but still, the brand is important to ensure reliability and customer service support. Canon, Hp, Dell, Epson, Fujitsu, Raven, and Brother are the most popular scanner manufacturing brands. You can choose anyone from them without any hesitation.

Final Words

With the advancement of new technologies, people are getting really smart in every sector. But most of the sectors require official documents for various purposes, furthermore to make a record of the board brilliantly and more simply, the scanner brings the progressive change.

Using a scanner for daily official work in a corporate office, home office, or other home and personal use are more convenient and useful.

So, with all of the discussion, I hope you have already decided which one to buy and which will be the best document scanner for home, but if you are still confused, read again the how to choose and FAQ section again; it should definitely work for you.