Best Ethernet Cable For Smart TV – Reviews For 2022

best ethernet cable for smart tv

Smart TVs are all set to provide the users multipurpose features by enabling internet connection for streaming online apps and gaming. A smart TV has become a must-have item in any household, and people widely use it with an internet connection.

The dilemma occurs whether to connect the smart TV with an Ethernet cable or wi-fi. In this case, experts suggest using Ethernet cables as wi-fi connections fail to provide a stable connection.

So, if you want a 24/7 solid and stable connection, you must use an Ethernet cable for your smart TV. Besides, if you want to know every pros and con of the best Ethernet cable for smart TV of recent time, then this article is here to help you with the details.

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Jadaol 50ft ethernet cable Solid Cat6 High SpeedJadaol 50ft ethernet cable Solid Cat6

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20FT cat 8 Ethernet Cable For Gaming, Smart TV20FT cat 8 Ethernet Cable For Gaming, Smart TV

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UGREEN Cat7 High Speed Ethernet Cable For Smart TVUGREEN Cat7 High Speed Ethernet Cable

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Cat 7 Ethernet Cable For 4k Smart TV 10ftCat 7 Ethernet Cable For 4k Smart TV 10ft

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Cat 8 High Speed Ethernet Cable For Streaming 20 FtCat 8 High Speed Ethernet Cable 20 Ft

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Benefits of Ethernet Cable for Smart TV

When comes to using with Smart TV, the Ethernet cables undoubtedly have the upper hand compared to the wi-fi connection for various reasons. Though wi-fi connections are popular for hands-free operation of devices,

as smart TVs do not require such mobility, Ethernet cable connection is more suitable for them. It provides a stable internet connection, faster speed, and many other upgraded features.

Stable Connection

One of the biggest pros of Ethernet cables is that they offer an uninterrupted connection compared to a wi-fi connection. Besides, Ethernet cable goes by the name lan cable or fast internet cable as well as the connectivity stylistic and service are identical in both.

Similarly, wi-fi connection often gets interrupted and cannot take the heavy pressure, unlike Ethernet cable.

Faster Speed

We all have by this time experienced how fluctuating the wi-fi connection can be. But as the internet comes directly through the cable, the Ethernet connection provides a more stable and powerful internet speed.

Also, as a good Ethernet cable sits in a fixed position and does not require any media to carry the net to the TV, it is likely not tobe frequently interrupted.


Ethernet cable is considerably more reliable than a wi-fi connection. In the case of wi-fi connection, the number of connected devices is unfixed, and when too many devices are connected, the internet speed tends to lower.

But, in the case of Ethernet cable, the cable is dedicatedly used to provide an undivided internet connection to the smart TV only.

Secured and Long-lasting

Most of the high quality Ethernet cable is strongly built to provide a secured connection experience. Likely, the cable is heavily wired to avoid any breakage or short-circuits.

As the smart TVs are kept in an open space where the children can also access, the parents prefer a well-built cable to avoid any unfortunate accident that can cause harm in any case.

Best Ethernet Cable for Smart TV Reviews

There are many excellent quality Ethernet cables available to purchase in the market. We have picked five unique Ethernet cables for the internet suitable for most available smart TVs.

Please go through the review section to know about them in detail.

1. Jadaol 50ft ethernet cable Solid Cat6 High Speed

Jadaol 50ft ethernet cable Solid Cat6 High Speed

Jadaol Ethernet cable is popular for its user-friendly built and extra length. If your smart TV is not nearby the power port or for any reason you prefer an extra large Ethernet cable for your TV, then this cable will suit your need perfectly.

Besides, this 50 feet long cable is considered by the users to be the best 50ft Ethernet cable currently available in the market.

Many people have a color preference while purchasing cables for their smart TVs as they do not want to ruin the look of their house.

Also, as the Ethernet cable is a bit longer in length, so it will become visible to the visitors and might be hard to hide if the color is not matched with your surface. So, if you require a pure white color cable, then this cable is for you.

Furthermore, the cable is compatible with many devices to use it as per your need. Also, the up to 250 MHz performance and up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet speeds make the cable super accessible to use.

Where as wi-fi connections most of the times fail to provide a uninterrupted stable internet flow, this cable will always ensure your TV gets the fatstest stable speed.

Lastly, the premium quality super built of the cable is assigned to assure longevity. The cable has an unshielded twisted pair patch and is made with copper wire to ensure minimal noise and less interruption.

Likely, the crosswalk detection feature detects noises coming from around and completely disables them so your browsing or gaming never stops or lags for once.

Key Features :

  • 50ft extended, longest Ethernet cable
  • Flat cable shape for accessibility
  • 100% bare copper for conduction
  • Up to 250 MHz fast performance

2. 20FT cat 8 Ethernet Cable For Gaming, Smart TV

20FT cat 8 Ethernet Cable For Gaming, Smart TV

If you are looking for the best cat 8 ethernet cable for gaming, here is good news. DbillionDa has been manufacturing high speed Ethernet cable for smart TVs for a long time, especially aiming the gamers.

As the internet speed is very crucial for live gaming, the gamers require a steady net speed everytime they play. The heavily built CAT8 Ethernet cable is undoubtedly the best cat 8 ethernet cable for internet and online gaming for its premium features.

Firstly, the four shielded foiled twisted pair cable supports up to 2000 MHz bandwidth that fastens the data transmission speed to up to 40Gbps.

In comparison to wi-fi connection internet speed, this Ethernet cable provides more than 10 times faster transmission speed. Also, the gamers will agree that a good data transmission speed is essential for competitive gaming.

In addition to the super data fast transmission feature, the cable can help reduce signal interruption caused by other devices. By using this cable, you can enjoy uninterrupted gaming time or even stream apps without any buffering.

Likely, this Ethernet cable does not allow multiple devices dividing the speed so you do not have to worry about the speed slowing down.

Lastly, one of the handiest features of this cable is that it can be used indoors and outdoors. So when in times you need to use the cable outdoor, you can easily bury it beneath the ground directly without worrying about damaging the cable at all.

Similarly, this feature can be beneficial for you to connect the Ethernet cable with the outdoor devices as per your preference.

Key Features :

  • Up to 40Gbps data transmission speed
  • Waterproof, heat, and cold resistance
  • Unique 26AWG thick Ethernet cable
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor

3. UGREEN Cat7 High Speed Ethernet Cable For Smart TV

UGREEN Cat7 High Speed Ethernet Cable For Smart TV

UGREEN Cat 7 Ethernet cable is fasters, steadier, and stronger than regular cat 6 cables. This Ethernet cable supports up to 10Gbps internet speed;

it will not be exaggerating to say this cable can provide ten times faster internet speed than the regular cables used for smart TVs. Besides, this Ethernet cable is very light in weight to carry.

Besides, this Ethernet cable is built with a pure copper core and has a gold-coated connector so that the internet speed can stabilize, and you do now face any interruption while using the smart TV.

Because of the copper core, the internet can transmit smoother, faster and easier. Also, this heavy built helps the cable to run longer.

Similarly, the Ethernet cable comes in a unique flat and thin design, so it becomes easier for you to connect them with your TV. Also, this sleek design allows you to use this cable under carpet and on floors.

Moreover, the users have coined this cable as the Best Ethernet cable for smart TV because of its easy and hassle-free installation feature.

Furthermore, the four shielded foiled twisted pairs of the cable work continuously to minimize interference in the network.

With the help of minimizing interference, this cable ensures you have the best transmission experience. Also, one of the outstanding features of the cable is that it can detect crosstalk from nearby devices and reduce it.

Key Features :

  • 10x faster stable internet speed
  • Pure copper core for conduction
  • Time-saving installation process
  • Noise and crosstalk reduction

4. Cat 7 Ethernet Cable For 4k Smart TV 10ft

Cat 7 Ethernet Cable For 4k Smart TV 10ft

If you admire a smart-looking cable with unique features, then this Cat 7 Ethernet cable manufactured by renowned brand Danyee will steal your heart.

Let it be the nylon braided sleek look or the advanced data transmission feature; this cable is here to fulfill all your never ending premium needs.

As we all are a hoarder of looks, the black and golden combination of the cable aims to give away a premium outlook. Besides, the nylon braid style makes the cable look elegant and high-end.

Not to forget, as the cable is covered with nylon, it does not get dirty too often. So, it is dustproof also.

Like other Ethernet cables of this range, the Danyee cable also has universal RJ45 connectors for multipurpose use.

So, it becomes easier for you to connect your cable with almost every possible electronic device without any hassle. Likely, you do not have to purchase separate cables for your devices.

In addition, when it comes to internet speed, we all know how interference from other sources can quickly slow down the data transmission speed and hamper your work.

This Ethernet cable aims to detect crosswalks from devices and noise detection,making it the best ethernet cable for 4k smart TV.

Key Features :

  • Elegant black nylon braided outlook
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Crosstalk reduction for the best speed
  • Dustproof feature to maintain the look

5. Cat 8 High Speed Ethernet Cable For Streaming 20 Ft

Cat 8 High Speed Ethernet Cable For Streaming 20 Ft

Ethernet cable is popular among users as the cable for the internet provides a steady and uninterrupted connection to smart TVs.

The Smolink Ethernet cable is already popular among users for its data transmission speed and reliable connection feature. Besides, the Ethernet cable comes at a moderate price that can easily fit in your budget.

Compared to Ethernet cable cat6, the cat 8 Ethernet cable can transmit data up to 40Gbpd or 2000MHz easily. This transmission speed is more than ten times double the speed of cat6.

So, it is undoubtedly the best ethernet cable for TV streaming as the data transmission rate per screen is super fast and has no fear of interruption or slowing down.

Also, this cable comes with universal ports; it can be a good cable for TV streaming along with heavy gaming.

Besides, the cable comes in a smart flat design, so you can easily use this cable on carpets or pass it through doors without damaging it. Besides, this flat design helps you to hide this cable under carpets without any hassle or ruining the surface.

One of the unique features of this cable is that, like every other available cable of this range in the market, it is also waterproof.

But this cable is among those handful cables that pull, aka stretch proof, so you can stretch it as much as you want. For such heavy built cable, it weights moderately lesser in comparison to other cables with same feature.

Key Features :

  • Eye soothing white color body
  • Unique stretch-resistant feature
  • Flat cable surface for accessibility
  • Universal multipurpose use port

Comparison Chart Of Ethernet Cable For Smart TV




Compatible Device


50ft ethernet cable

3.5 x 3.5 x 0.4 inches

10.38 Ounces

Computer, Smart TV, Router, Printer, Switches, Xbox360


20FT cat 8 Ethernet

7.08 x 7.08 x 1.18 inches

6.34 Ounces

Monitor, PlayStations, Xbox, Router, Modem, Switches, Printer.


UGREEN Cat7 High Speed

1.1 x 8.9 x 7.17 inches

1.41 Ounces

Monitor, Computer, Laptop, Mac, Printer, Router.


Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

8.66 x 6.73 x 0.62 inches

4.3 ounces

Monitor, Computer, Printer.


Cat 8 High Speed

240 x 0.36 x 0.11 inches

8.11 Ounces

Monitor, TV, Computer, Laptop, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Mac, Gaming console, Adapter, Printer, Router, Modem.  


Ethernet Cable For Smart TV Buying Guide

The market is flooded with Ethernet cables that are suitable for smart TVs. Though there might be a vast range of options, we know that you always try to find the best Ethernet cable for smart TV as a buyer.

Your preference, budget, compatibility of your Smart TV, features, and longevity of the cable should be the criteria you need to work on before making any purchase.


As a user, your preference should be the top priority in choosing the Ethernet cable for your smart TV. Though our device decides which cable should be most compatible with it based on the configuration,

we can always explore the outlook and extended features of the Ethernet cable to match our preferences for satisfaction.


Budget plays a vital role in making any purchase as we cannot go beyond our budget or settle for something lesser than our choice and need.

So right after you decide you need to purchase an ethernet cable for your smart TV for seeing you need to do is set a moderate budget that will be adequate for you to cover all your needs and preferences.


You cannot just buy any Ethernet cable as the cable should be compatible enough with your smart TV to give you a smooth running experience.

So first mark the configuration of your TV and then decide what features you need the cable to perform while you are using the TV and then try to find the best match without crossing your budget.


Features are very crucial in case of purchasing the best ethernet cable for streaming from your TV. First, make a list of the features you want your Ethernet cable to perform,

and then try to look for cables with similar features that are also within your budget. If you want your cable to work with multiple devices,pick a cable with a Universal port to connect with devices.


Ethernet cable is an everyday necessity, so you do not want to keep replacing the cable and spending unnecessary money on it.

To ensure your Ethernet cable is strong enough to run for a long time,make sure to buy a well-built model with premium quality materials to handle your heavy everyday usage on the smart TV.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. How is Ethernet cable better than wi-fi connection?

People often misunderstand the usage of Ethernet cables and tend to stick to their routers on modems for wi-fi connection. Well, for smaller devices like cell phones and official laptops,

wi-fi connection can be adequate as these devices do not require a heavy data transmission at a faster speed. Ethernet cable is better for devices thatneed uninterrupted data transmission or high-speed internet.

2. Do I need to connect my TV with an Ethernet cable for gaming?

Well, it variesfrom person to person. If you are a regular gamer who spends a lot of his time sitting in front of his smart TV, playing games, you should better connect your smart TV with an Ethernet cable to ensure a steady and superfast data transmission rate.

Ethernet cables sit in a fixed place and do not require any movement; they are more convenient with smart TVs for a stable connection.

3. What should I look for while purchasing an Ethernet cable?

Ethernet cable is not like any regular cable as they are a bit expensive and accomplishes different works than the regular cables. Your priority while selecting an Ethernet cable should be well built to avoid accidents.

Then ensure the cable fulfills all your needs with its features and will last for a long period.Besides, try to select a cable that will be compatible with the updated version of your smart TV if you ever tend to purchase a new one.

4. How fast are the Ethernet cables normally compared to wi-fi connection?

Compared to wi-fi connections, the Ethernet cables tend to provide at least ten times faster internet connection. The biggest flex of Ethernetcables is thatthey can ensure a stable and uninterrupted data transmission flow without any interruption fromadjacent divisors or networks.

Also, Ethernet cables do not allow multiple devices at the same time. For this reason, the internet speed remains stable and fast.

5. How is Ethernet cable different from internet cable?

Many people have a worldwide misconception that Ethernet cables and internet cables are two separate genre cables. But Ethernet cables and internet cables are the same and work for the same purpose.

Also, Ethernet cable is often known as LAN cable,so they all are different names for the same product.

So you can say Ethernet cable and Internet cables are the same genre cables, and they both work in the same way to provide the connected device with a steady and superfast data transmission rate.

Final Words

Ethernet cables are crucial to ensure the best output from your Smart TV. The best Ethernet cable for smart TV will helps you maximize your TV’s features to the most. Both cable and TV should always complement one another.

Our article is intended to give you a clear idea about Ethernet cables and provide you reviews of the best cables available in the market so that you can easily purchase one. We hope our effort will be helpful for you to choose wisely.