Best Lavalier Mic For iPhone – Reviews For 2022

best lavalier mic for iphone

Video content is now on a tremendous upsurge. Using your iPhone as a video camera is a great way to shoot your own videos, take your classes, or even record your podcasts.

Recently, videos have been popular with almost every business, artist, and even promising content creator to showcase their skill and service.

While your video quality and editing are top-notch, poor audio will turn viewers off your video. With its stunning camera and handy size, your iPhone can be turned into your perfect ready-to-shoot device.

Well, in that case, you will need some inexpensive accessories, one of which should be a budget lavalier mic. Fortunately, we’ve found the five best lavalier mic for iPhone, tested in a real-world environment.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
PoP voice Lavalier Microphone For iphone Recording MicPoP voice Lavalier Microphone

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PowerDeWise Lavalier Mic For iphone Perfect For RecordingPowerDeWise Lavalier Miciphone For Recording

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PoP Voice 16 Feet Single Head Microphone For iphonePoP Voice 16 Feet Single Head Microphone

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PowerDeWise lav mic for iphone 2 Lavalier Lapel MicrophonesPowerDeWise lav mic 2 Microphones

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iDiskk Wireless Lavalier Mic For Youtube, Facebook LiveiDiskk Wireless Lavalier Mic

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Why Should You Buy a Lavalier Mic For iphone?

A good quality mic is a prerequisite for a successful one when it comes to making videos. That’s where lavalier microphones join the ride.

The lavalier mics will help boost your videos with their excellent quality sound to exponentially level up your production value—all at a low cost.


A lavalier microphone is a tiny mic with an attachable clip that sometimes goes unnoticed on professional interviews, TV news, documentaries, and YouTube videos.

Typically, it is affixed directly to a subject’s body or clothing. However, there are many other methods of using it.

Secret Record

You can record secretly, though recording without permission is a crime. Thanks to its portability, you can sometimes go down that road, especially if you are a crime reporter trying to do an exclusive report on some big fish who will not speak in public.


When an actor or an anchor has to walk on the stage or run down the street, or when you have two actors shoot faraway. You can’t depend on a boom mic to catch up on everything simultaneously. You will have to count on a lap mic for its far better portability.


Once the lavalier microphone is attached, turned on, and set level, barely any operation is required. Additionally, a wireless lavalier microphone can allow ten actors mic’d at once. Thus, the talents can effortlessly carry a wireless lav mic.

Low Cost

Lavalier microphones give you the same quality sound as the quality of a giant microphone comparatively at a meager cost.

You can afford excellent quality audio, and your audience won’t even realize that you are using a budget microphone. This is undoubtedly a value-for-money device.

Best Lavalier Mic For iPhone Reviews

This review will provide you with a shortlist of the best lavalier mic for your iPhone out there, considering their size, portability, and other criteria. We rigorously analyzed and have come up with these best pieces.

We believe that you will be able to choose the best one that fits your need.

1. PoP voice Lavalier Microphone For iphone Recording Mic

PoP voice Lavalier Microphone For iphone Recording Mic

While taking a wide shot without showing the mic, you may consider having this PoP Professional Lavaliere for such a situation. Besides, it’s regarded as the best lavalier microphone for iPhone as it is more cost-effective than most other microphones.

Plus, it has a built-in 3.5mm jack to connect with Android and Windows devices. Its superior quality sound will boost audio quality over the in-camera microphone.

The materials used in the microphone are premium and of top grade, which makes your shopping experience even better.

Also, In terms of performance, most of the built-in microphones will face tough competition with it even without any batteries.

Besides, it can handle a wide range of content, including GarageBand, live streaming, interviewing, vlogging, audio & video recording, podcasting, and more. The 6.5-feet cable is ready for any possible recording condition.

This extended cord enables the user to cover the required range, making it ideal for interviews, auditorium, singing, gaming, conference, and classroom setting. As a bonus, the small pouch coming in the box will help you carry your mic anywhere with you.

Key Features :

  • Comes with 6.5 feet cable cord
  • 5 mm jack for other  devices
  • High-quality sound  recording
  • Built-in 4 pins for hand-free use
  • Suitable for a classroom setting

2. PowerDeWise Lavalier Mic For iphone Perfect For Recording

PowerDeWise Lavalier Mic For iphone Perfect For Recording

The microphone serves every scenario from GarageBand to Youtube interviews, from a home voice call to outdoor record. So, it is desired by thousands of customers who use mics for their content.

Besides, the lapel mic cuts off external noise by reducing wind & outside sound, making it a perfect microphone for iPhone vlogging.

Plus, the holder of the mic looks quite strong. The clip is pretty extensive and firm. Overall, the build quality is of a good grade.

The rotating mic holder will serve you right, no matter where you clip it, you can turn the mic towards your audio source.

Also, it will deliver hassle-free audio even you go far from the camera, about 10 feet. It sensitively picks up even a whisper. So, it can be your iPhone external microphone. This clip-on microphone comes with a 2m long cord and a 2m additional cord.

Plus, a useful case comes with the mic to carry it anywhere you want. In addition, you need no battery, no drivers for the mic to work.

Just plug it in, and it should work with most devices, including cameras. Also, PowerDeWise provides a 3.5 mm TRRS to TRS jack to connect with other devices.

Key Features :

  • Professional grade microphone
  • Provides universal compatibility
  • Comes with an extension cord
  • Zero hassle, just plug and play
  • Comes with one year warranty

3. PoP Voice 16 Feet Single Head Microphone For iphone

PoP Voice 16 Feet Single Head Microphone For iphone

This exceptional PoP voice microphone is for you as an iPhone lavalier mic providing pure sounds and high recording quality for your virtual lessons.

The length of the cord makes it the best microphone for iPhone video. Besides, the mic also has a noise-canceling facility.

Besides, this tiny lavalier microphone will solve your trouble while getting good quality sound by performing significantly better than most built-in microphones.

Also, it boosts performance for precise and accurate voice reproduction, improving the recording experience for the user.

Moreover, while recording with the mirrorless camera, it is unbeatable with the TRRS-TRS adapter. The mic captures the volume accurately, so no adjustments are needed in editing.

It is designed for audio or video use on Apple products and as a preferable lav mic for iPhone 7 and later, iPad and Macbook. So, it can easily go as an iPhone mic for video recording.

Furthermore, this microphone’s cord is incredibly 16 feet! It is beyond suitable for any recording job. You can move around freely while recording your content.

The extended cord expands the range of using a lavalier microphone. It is ideal mainly for long-distance interviews. Overall, This PowerDeWise lavalier mic is a good value for money.

Key Features :

  • Significantly blocks noise
  • Has a great sound quality
  • Compatibile and Portable
  • Comes with  a long  cord
  • Provides value for money

4. PowerDeWise lav mic for iphone 2 Lavalier Lapel Microphones

PowerDeWise lav mic for iphone 2 Lavalier Lapel Microphones

If you love vlogging, this can be your perfect companion for making videos with your iPhone. With two lapel microphone sets, it stands out as the best lav mic for iPhone with clear sound.

Since the microphone is produced with advanced technology, it cuts off the most external noise.

Besides, this mic hits popularity because of its affordability without compromising the quality of audio recordings.

Also, this clip-on mic is compatible with iOS, Android, DSLR, audio recorders, tablets, and even your computers, provided you have the required adapter. The mic seems to be removable, and the holder is quite strong.

Moreover, the clip is pretty extensive and firm. Overall, the build quality is good. The mic holder on the hook can be rotated.

So regardless of where you clip, you can turn the mic towards your audio source. With the 2m long cord given in the box, you can carry on recording your content hassle-free.

Plus, a handy case accompanies the mic which is pretty useful in carrying the mic. You need no battery, no drivers for the mic to work.

Just plug it in, and it should work with most devices, including cameras. Also, PowerDeWise provides a 3.5 mm TRRS to TRS jack to connect with other devices.

Key Features :

  • Fantastic performance
  • Clear sound recording
  • Works omnidirectional
  • Professional grade mic
  • Fantastic build quality

5. iDiskk Wireless Lavalier Mic For Youtube, Facebook Live

iDiskk Wireless Lavalier Mic For Youtube, Facebook Live

If you want to film some videos on the go, this is a good choice. Apart from this, this is the best lavalier mic for iPhone because the microphone comes with a lightning connector, meaning this wireless microphone can work with any Apple device with a lighting port.

This wireless lav mic for iPhone requires no app to get going. Unlike the other microphones with transmitters and receivers, this innovative Lavalier Microphone gets automatically connected,

meaning Bluetooth or an app is unnecessary. Just plug the transmitter through your device’s lightning port, and you are good to go.

It also allows real-time audio mixing coming from more than one channel. When the conventional Bluetooth mics fail to run through a live video, this one efficiently works with your live game streaming or any other live streaming.

It is also the best lavalier mic for YouTube, and Facebook lives as it works great as a mic for iPhone videos. This wireless external mic for iPhone provides superior performance with its 44.1~48kHz stereo,

which is six times better frequency than any conventional microphone. Also, the real-time sync technology significantly reduces the hassle of post-production.

Key Features :

  • Works with a lightning connector
  • No Bluetooth, just plug in and play
  • Excellent and real-time voice sync
  • Can deliver audio in live streaming
  • Provides clear & reliable recording

Comparison Chart Of Lavalier Mic For iPhone


Connector type

Power Source

Audio Sensitivity


PoP voice Lavalier

3.5 mm Jack


30 dB

PoP Voice

PowerDeWise Lavalier

3.5 mm Jack

Corded Electric

74 dB


PoP Voice 16 Feet

3.5 mm Jack

Battery Powered

30 dB

PoP Voice

PowerDeWise lav mic

3.5 mm Jack


74 dB


iDiskk Wireless Lavalier Mic


Li-ion battery

117 dB


Lavalier Mic For iPhone Buying Guide

Hundreds of lavalier microphones are out there to confuse you while buying the best lavalier mic for iPhone. If you need assistance choosing wired lavalier microphone or wireless lavalier microphone, you are welcome to the right place.

In this buying guide, You will be given a few options to choose from and presented with the facts to knew before buying a lavalier mic.

In short, before buying yours, you can consider these factors: Compatibility, Sound Quality, cost, battery life, and connectivity.


You will have to use your mice with many devices, so the clip-on mic should be compatible with the devices you use. Besides, it would be best to rely on a compatible mic from recording to delivering the audio or even in a live show.

Otherwise, you will be in trouble producing good content in time. Therefore, you have to ensure that your lavalier mic will be in sync with your other devices.

Sound Quality

Good sound quality is the primary attribute you can expect from a lapel mic, so sound quality is the top feature you should check before purchasing a lavalier mic. Poor sound quality can kill your entire program, communication, or content.

Again, a low-grade mic not only bothers you but also bothers your audience. Hence, it would be convenient if you go for a noise-reductive microphone which will give you a smooth sound. So keep that in mind too.


If you are a tight-budget show director or a content creator, the account of the budget comes first to you. So, the cost is a significant factor for low-budget content creators, and unfortunately, the sound segment often takes the lion’s share of your total budget.

You cannot go for a poor-quality sound. At the same time, you cannot spend lavishly on that. So, you must find a value for money microphone that will provide decent service at minimum cost.

Battery Life

Although the battery life depends on how actively you’re using the microphone and the distance between the transmitter & receiver. Lav mics tend to deplete quickly. So you need a lavalier mic with decent battery life if you want uninterrupted audio capture.


The different microphone comes with varying options of connectivity. Synced connectivity is the backbone of your devices’ compatibility. Depending on the devices you use the microphone on, your decision can be changed.

Your device may have a lightning port, type-c port, or 3.5mm headphone jack slot. Whatever it is, ensure that your lapel mic is compatible with your device and has the connectivity option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a lavalier mic?

A lavalier or lapel mic is a small-sized clip-on microphone worn on one’s clothing. Which is either attached to a transmitter unit that wirelessly delivers audio to a camera or is physically connected through an audio cord.

2. How can I use a lavalier microphone with my iPhone?

To use a clip-on or lavalier microphone with an iPhone, you will have to plug it into your iPhone’s 3.5mm audio port. If you plan to use it with an iPhone 7 or a later model, it will require a 3.5mm lightning connector.

3. What is the difference between lapel and lavalier microphones?

 Both ‘lavalier’ and ‘lapel’ refer to a microphone attached to a subject’s clothing. The term ‘lavalier’ is more prevalent in the filmmaking community, whereas “lapel” is more commonly used in the videography community.

4. Why my phone’s speaker doesn’t work when I use a lavalier mic?

The primary function of lapel microphones is recording video and audio. The device’s speakers automatically stop when the microphone is plugged in, so you won’t be able to hear anything unless you unplug the mic.

5. What is the use of lavalier microphones?

Lavalier microphones serve purposes in many different areas including Interviews, filmmaking, journalism, making YouTube videos. It also is used with camcorders, GoPros, DSLRs, and more.

6. What is the alteration amongst omnidirectional and directional microphones?

All directions of sound are picked up equally by omnidirectional microphones. In contrast, directional mics reduce undesirable background noise and have the top sound pickup from the front.

Usually, directional microphones are more sensitive to pop noises and wind.

7. Do these mics pick up background noise like a pc?

The noise reduction chip in the lavalier microphones efficiently wards off the noise in the surrounding environment. So, it should not be the case.

Final Words

We know it is hard to pick the best lavalier mic for iPhone, especially when hundreds of options are available. We researched for you because we value your time. We hope you find the analysis helpful and that it aids you in selecting the best option for you.

So, if you are a regular content creator and looking for the best lapel microphone for you, one of these fantastic speakers can be your third hand. We believe that these microphones are the most valuable for your hard-earned money.