Best LED Strip Lights for TV in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

best led strip lights for tv

Sometimes, we watch TV for a long time, and if there are low brightness, contrast, and sharpness, it may strain our eyes. This can have very harmful effects on your eyes.

You can use LED strip lights behind your TV to avoid this problem. But choosing good LED strip lights for TV is not an easy task, especially if you don’t have much knowledge about it. The market is flooded with hundreds of brands and models.

But don’t worry! We have sorted out the five best LED strip lights for TV. We have done this review after a lot of research on strip lights. Therefore, if you read this review carefully, we hope this review will help you choose the right LED strip lights.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
PANGTON VILLA Led Strip Lights for TV with Remote 16 ColorPANGTON VILLA Led Strip Lights with Remote

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Govee Smart Led Backlight for Tv WiFi LED Strip LightGovee Smart Led Backlight for Tv WiFi

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Govee TV LED Backlight, RGB LED Lights for TVGovee TV LED Backlight, RGB LED Lights for TV

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BASON TV Ambient Lighting 8.2ft TV Light StripBASON TV Ambient Lighting 8.2ft

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DAYBETTER Behind TV Lighting Led Strip Lights 50ftDAYBETTER Behind TV Lighting Led Strip

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Benefits of Using LED Strip Lights for TV

Improves the Contrast    

Placing LED strip lights behind the TV improves the contrast. It is because these lights create a bright light behind the TV. As a result, it creates a contrast line between the TV and the sides.

It doesn’t increase the contrast but creates a situation that allows your eyes to see better contrast and more conveniently without the extra glare.

Reduces Eye Strain

You stare at the TV for a really long time when you watch TV. The screen is usually surrounded by a dark atmosphere. The screen’s brightness is generally too high compared to the room’s brightness.

The high difference between the screen and the edge makes your eyes focus on the screen with greater intensity. But your eyes don’t adjust to the brightness of the screen. This makes the eyes uncomfortable.

LED strip lights create brightness surrounding the TV and reduce the extreme difference between the screen and the room. This allows your eyes to watch TV for a long time without strain.

Improves Screen Color

The brain uses receptors to identify colors. These receptors are known as cones. However, they allow us to detect only three limited colors- Green, Blue, and Red. All other colors are a blend of these three basic colors.

Once our brain interprets the blend, we see the appropriate color. This process works fine mostly but sometimes it faces trouble.

To solve this problem, LED lights behind tv create a static and solid background of light. Our brain uses this background light as a reference point and successfully detects all colors without issues.

Increases Aesthetics

Many people use LED strip lights simply to enhance the aesthetics of the view and the room. These lights come in different colors and shapes. You can adjust them literally anywhere hiding their visibility.

They are highly customizable too.  They are highly customizable too and can be operated with a remote and adjust the brightness as you wish. Their different colors, shapes, brightness adjustability enhance the beauty of your TV several times.

Best LED Strip Lights for TV Reviews

We have found the most efficient and affordable LED strip lights for TV. We did this after a lot of research and trials. We also considered the positive customer reviews. However, below we have discussed the best products in our findings. We hope this review will be helpful to you.

1. PANGTON VILLA Led Strip Lights for TV with Remote 16 Color

PANGTON VILLA Led Strip Lights for TV with Remote 16 Color

Pangton Villa LED strip lights are famous for their good built quality. Pentagon Villa Backlight is not any exception in this case. Rich in features, the product comes at an affordable price. It is durable, easy to use, and provides good service quality.

This LED strip light can light up every corner of the TV. Consequently, it improves the image quality to a great extent. So, with the same TV, you get an enhanced view and the intact experience of the movie. In exchange, it costs only a little.

Moreover, it is designed with USB power source. You can power it simply with a USB cable plugging on your TV. Therefore, you won’t require any extra adapter or socket to install the lights. So, you won’t have to spend extra money on it.

For easy control, the product comes with a 24-button remote control. It needs only a little power of 5 volts. The product is durable and reliable. With its rich features and durability, we think this product is the best LED strip lights for TV.

Key Features :

  • Can light up every side of the TV for excellent image clarity
  • Comes with double-sided adhesive tape installation ability
  • Delivered with USB power capability with only 5 volts
  • Equipped with a 24-button remote for convenient control

2. Govee Smart Led Backlight for Tv WiFi LED Strip Light

Govee Smart Led Backlight for Tv WiFi LED Strip Light

Govee makes excellent LED strip lights for TV. Govee Strip Lights is a perfect choice for TV background lighting. This rich-featured LED strip light will illuminate your room creating a magnificent view.

This smart light strip offers hands-free control. It can be controlled just with a click on your smartphone. Both Google Assistant and Alexa can be integrated to control this LED strip light. Therefore, you can go hands-free with this product.

Moreover, the product has music sync capability. That is, its light can adjust itself with the rhythm of the music. Therefore, the lighting can dance with the music giving you an incredible party experience at home. This is really awesome!

So much so, this light strip is controllable by your smartphone- both Android and iPhone. Simply after installing an app, you can go hands-free.

Also, all necessary tools for installation come with the product. Considering all aspects, this product stands as the best LED backlight for TV.

Key Features :

  • Offers hands-free control with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Has music sync feature, lights dance with the rhythm of the music
  • Can be controlled with a smart app from Android and iPhone
  • Comes with necessary tools like clips, adapters for easy installation

3. Govee TV LED Backlight, RGB LED Lights for TV

Govee TV LED Backlight, RGB LED Lights for TV

Govee Backlight or RGB LED Lights for TV with Remote is another excellent product from Govee. It offers 6-level adjustable brightness. Therefore, dimming the light or brightening it has become easier than ever with this strip light.

Music sync feature of this product comes with a built-in mic. Therefore, it can change colors and brightness simultaneously with ambient sound inputted. This takes you to a real entertaining world and gives you incredible experience.

The product offers dual simple controls making it easier for you to control the lights. It comes with a remote that can be used to control the product from a distance. Additionally, the product offers a 3-button control box for making control easier.

Furthermore, this LED strip light is highly customizable. It can be customized with 32 variants of colors. The product also offers different scene modes.

So, you can change scene effortlessly in no time! In our findings, this product has come out as the best TV LED backlight in terms of customization.

Key Features :

  • Music sync works with changing colors, brightness, and ambient sound input
  • Offers 6-level adjustable brightness for easily dimming/ brightening lights
  • Offers dual-simple control- remote control and 3-button control box
  • Easily customizable with 32 variants of colors and different scene modes

4. BASON TV Ambient Lighting 8.2ft TV Light Strip

BASON TV Ambient Lighting 8.2ft TV Light Strip

Our fourth reviewed product is from Bason Lighting. This rich-featured LED strip light comes with 4086 DIY colors along with 8-level brightness. As a result, it can reduce the contrast between the screen and the dark surrounding relieving eye strain.

Moreover, the product has timing mode. It can be scheduled to turn on/off at a certain time. More than that, this strip light has a sleeping mode with orange ambient light.

These are really smart and convenient features that will make its use easier than ever.

Furthermore, the product uses USB power source. It uses very low voltage. So, you can set up it literally anywhere. USB power source is also convenient because of the fact that you won’t need additional cables, sockets, or adapters to set it.

Another cool feature of this product is that it can be used with a variety of other devices and on different occasions apart from TV.

All these handy features make this product a great choice. We found this product provides the best TV ambient lighting.

Key Features :

  • Comes with 4096 DIY colors and 8-level brightness for a balanced view
  • Has timing mode that offers a sleeping mode with orange ambient light
  • USB powered for easy use with low voltage and portability to anywhere
  • Can be used in several other products and occasions as conveniently

5. DAYBETTER Behind TV Lighting Led Strip Lights 50ft

DAYBETTER Behind TV Lighting Led Strip Lights 50ft

Daybetter products are famous for affordability and easy use. Daybetter Lights meets these expectations too. This product offers dual control. It can be controlled by an app as well as by an infrared remote.

Moreover, the product has music sync feature. It changes colors to music and is operatable by an app on a smartphone. This strip light offers very colorful lights that are easily dimmable with a remote. This gives you a party experience at home.

The product also has timer functionality. Its timer function allows you a smart way to set the product auto turn on/off at a certain time. Also, the timer function lets you schedule set auto color change for a specific time. This will make your life easier.

However, the product has 5050 RGB red chips that allow very colorful lights and durability. More to that, the product offers various colors and modes that can be controlled by a remote.

So far, we found that this product works as the best behind TV lighting.

Key Features :

  • Offers dual control- smart app control and infrared remote control
  • Has music sync feature- color changes to music by smartphone app
  • Offers very colorful light, easily dimmable with remote control from a distance
  • Timer functionality allows to schedule on/ off or color change for certain times

Comparison Chart Of LED Strip Lights for TV



Power Source



PANGTON Led Lights



5 volts


Govee Smart Led


Corded Electric

12 volts


Govee TV LED Backlight


Corded Electric

5 volts


BASON TV Ambient



5 volts




Corded Electric

12 volts


LED Strip Lights for TV Buying Guide

Availability of Multiple Colors

Multiplicity of color is an important aspect of LED strip lights. If you want the experience the same experience as in the theatre, RGB strip lights will be most suited for you. RGB refers to the three basic colors- Red, Green, and Blue.

However, any other colors can be created with a blend of these three colors. So, an RGB LED strip will be able to provide all colors and give you the intact experience of a movie.

You should keep this important fact when you go to buy the best LED backlight for TV.

Brightness Adjustability

Brightness adjustability is another crucial feature for LED strip lights. You don’t watch TV in the same light always. Sometimes, you watch TV in a dark room, sometimes in a relatively brighter room.

Sometimes, you even watch TV in pitch-black darkness. Using the same background lighting in all these situations will not provide a good result. So, you need to adjust the lighting of the LED lights.

Therefore, this feature is a must. Even, there are LED lights that sync with TV can automatically do this for you.

Voltage/ Electricity Consumption

Ideal LED strip lights should be economical in electricity consumption too. LED lights on TV are not the main functionality for TV watching. They just enhance the convenience of watching.

Strip lights are supposed to be active as long as your TV is active. So, they may be active for a long time. Therefore, consuming huge electricity can result in an overcharge for your house’s electricity.

Strip lights with voltage within 5-20 can be considered low voltage lights.

USB Connectivity

USB connectivity is another vital thing to consider while buying LED strip lights for TV. This will allow your TV as the power source for the strip lights without needing additional sockets.

USB connectivity makes its use easier. However, some TVs might not have a port for additional USB. In this case, you can use a power bank, wall-mounted charger, or socket to provide electricity for the LED strip lights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How long LED strips lights last?

LED strip lights are pretty durable products. They generally last for a long time. However, their longevity also depends on their quality.

While there is no certain life cycle of LED lights behind TV, they generally last more than 2 years. However, the longevity can increase up to 4 years depending on the quality and use.

2. How can I adjust them with different devices?

One of the most interesting things about LED TV light strip is that it is very flexible. Strip backlight for TV is made out of different segments. So, they are cuttable and can be adjusted with any device or in any place.

You can cut them in different sizes and adjust them anywhere according to your needs. The more interesting fact is that you can do all these by yourself.

3. Do I really need to buy LED strip lights for my TV?

LED strip lights cost a little but perform a great job. They can enhance picture quality, sharpness, contrast, and brightness. By adjusting with the surrounding temperature, strip lights behind the TV create a balance between the screen and the room.

Therefore, they give you a comfortable view and reduce the strain on your eyes. You can watch TV for a long time with enhanced quality without any discomfort.

4. Can I install LED strip lights myself?

Yes, you can install LED strip lights by yourself. Strip lights are very easy to install. Strip lights from good brands usually come with all the necessary tools for installation.

The package may come with adhesive tape, adapter, support clips, etc. Even you may receive a manual on how to install them. You can follow the instructions on the manual and install them yourself.

5. Can using LED strip lights for TV increase my electricity bill?

No, using LED strip lights for TV won’t increase your electricity bill at all. LED strip lights are low-powered products and can run on very low power. You can power them even with a power bank.

Most of the LED strip lights are of 5-20 voltage. This is very marginal and won’t affect your electricity bill.

Final Words

LED strip lights are a pretty handy product. On one hand, strip lights can enhance the picture quality of your TV. On the other hand, strip lights reduce eye strain. But choosing the right LED strip lights may be tricky as many brands are out there.

However, we have done a lot of research and testing on LED strip lights to make this review. If you read our review carefully, it will help you to choose the best LED strip lights for TV. Only then our efforts will be successful.