Best Portable AM FM Radio with Bluetooth For 2022

Best Portable AM FM Radio with Bluetooth

Having a radio was a part of a style in the older time. Most of the younger people at that time bought radios like we buy smartphones nowadays. But with the advancement of technology, radio is getting unpopular day by day.

In the meantime, some companies have started making radios with modern technologies and Bluetooth connectivity. So people who still love to have a radio can buy one and use it as a Bluetooth amplifier too.

Combination of Bluetooth along with AM and FM radios are getting popular, so you will get a huge collection of radios from the different brands,

which makes you confused to find out the best portable AM FM radio with Bluetooth. Don’t worry; the article will help you with that.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
PRUNUS J-160 Retro Vintage Portable Radio for ReceptionPRUNUS J-160 Retro Vintage Portable Radio

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Victrola Retro Wood Portable AM FM Radio with BluetoothVictrola Retro Wood Portable AM FM Radio

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PRUNUS J-288 AUX Input and USB Disk Portable Radio With BluetoothPRUNUS AUX Input and USB Disk Portable Radio

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PRUNUS J-189 Dual Speaker Heavy Bass Portable Bluetooth RadioPRUNUS Heavy Bass Portable Bluetooth Radio

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Sangean BB-100 Bluebox Ultra-Rugged Digital Receiver with BluetoothSangean Bluebox Ultra-Rugged Digital Receiver

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Benefits of Using Portable AM FM Radio with Bluetooth

Superior Reception Ability

Older radios have reception issues because of the older technology where the modern portable AM FM radio includes the latest radio signal receiver that allows the radio to get maximum reception ability with strong stability.

So these portable radios are way superior in terms of reception ability.

On the other hand, all the portable radios include an antenna to extend the receiving frequency, which ensures to get all the available channels.

Auto searching and storing channels

Though some companies manufacture antique or retro-looking radios with analog tuning, but most of the radios offer a digital tuning interface where you will get an auto search function when switching channels.

And digital tuning radios have a built-in LCD display to show the channel’s frequency so that you can easily identify the channel. Moreover, you will get a channel saving option on these radios.

Great Sound Quality

The main difference between older radio and modern radio is in the sound quality. The speaker unit is completely different.

Older radios are made with older speaker units, where modern radios come with a power full woofer speaker driver, which can deliver a minimum of 3watts of audio output.

So you will get a loud, crystal clear audio with heavy bass and decent trouble, which boosts your audio listening experience to the next level.


Modern portable Radios come with great portability. Even a small radio with Bluetooth connectivity includes a rechargeable internal battery which can last at least 4 to 6 hours.

And some of the radios come with a sealed body which ensures the water, dust, and shock-resistant so you can easily use the radios on the outdoor in every situation no matter is it raining or a sunny day with dusty atmosphere.

User Friendly

On the other hand, all the AM FM radio with Bluetooth comes with very user-friendly functions. They are very easy to use. You can easily tune to any radio station and enjoy music with great audio output.

Moreover, you will get a wide range of device connectivity options with the latest Bluetooth technology, including your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device.

And some of the radios come with some extra features like an emergency flash LED, which can be a great help while traveling and camping at night time.

Best Portable AM FM Radio with Bluetooth Reviews

As the modern radios with Bluetooth connectivity options are getting popular day by day,

different radio manufacturers bring the various types of portable radio with various configurations and features to hold their position in the competitive marketplace.

So with the huge variety, you may already get confused, which is why we are here with the top 5 portable Bluetooth radios with the most positive customer review.

1. PRUNUS J-160 Retro Vintage Portable Radio for Reception

PRUNUS J-160 Retro Vintage Portable Radio for Reception

This is the top one among the best portable radios for reception as it comes with a copper up to 21cm retractable antenna and a powerful DSP chip to process the AM/FM/SW signals,

which allow the radio to pick up more stations possible. Along with old school tuner dial, the turning is very spot on no needle drifts.

The compact turning knob has a warm glow inside, which makes it more pleasing and intuitive than a push-button digital interface. Likewise, the radio from the old generation,

this retro-looking portable radio, is easy to use as there are no confusing buttons, just a knob for selecting a channel. Overall, the radio gives you an aesthetics of the 1950s retro vibe with the latest technology.

On the other hand, this small portable radio with Bluetooth can act as an amplifier speaker, where a 3 Watts speaker delivers the loud audio output with good bass and treble.

The output sound is powerful enough to fill a room wholly. Additionally, the radio has an AUX input and up to 32gGB TF card & USB support.

Though the radio has no headphone port, the purpose the radio is built for may not require plug-in the headphone. However, the portable radio has a built-in 1800mAh non-removable rechargeable battery,

which allows you to playback a long-time without costing much for batteries. You can easily charge the radio with a USB cable from DC5V/500mA-2A adapter or PC or power bank.

Key Features :

  • Comes with Antenna and Powerful DSP chip
  • The compact turning knob with a warm glow inside
  • Built-in 1800mAh non-removable rechargeable battery
  • SD card, USB, AUX input support with 1950s retro vibe

2. Victrola Retro Wood Portable AM FM Radio with Bluetooth

Victrola Retro Wood Portable AM FM Radio with Bluetooth

If you are searching for the best portable AM FM radio with Bluetooth with a pure retro look, you should go for this one. It will give your home or office fullness with the classic vintage look and modern features.

The radio has AM and FM dual brands radio supported with Bluetooth connectivity to play from your phone, laptop, smart TV, tabs, and other Bluetooth-supported devices.

On the other hand, this AM FM Bluetooth portable radio can produce a full range of crisp sounds without any distortions.

Though the radio has only one speaker set up inside of it, it can still deliver stereo sound output with a decent base and standard treble. So you can use it as a Bluetooth amplifier easily anywhere you need.

A rotary dial tuning knob with an analog display makes it a more classic and retro-looking radio which will remind your old days.

And the radio also includes three other knobs: one for turning the radio on and off with volume control, one for switching between bass, tone, and treble, and the other for switching mood between BT, AM, and FM.

However, the radio has a strong built quality with practical design and mechanism. Along with well-balanced sound output and stylish retro wood, finishing is very much convincing to buy the radio.

Additionally, you will get a great Victrola’s 115-year commitment to craftsmanship, ensuring brand value and product quality.

Key Features :

  • Distortions less full range crisp sound production
  • Total 4 turning knobs for superior control ability
  • Wide-range of Bluetooth connectivity support
  • 3 watts speaker driver with stereo audio output

3. PRUNUS J-288 AUX Input and USB Disk Portable Radio With Bluetooth

PRUNUS J-288 AUX Input and USB Disk Portable Radio With Bluetooth

J-288 from the PRUNUS brand is very popular among the best portable radios with Bluetooth connectivity options. To enhance the signal stability greatly,

it has a 56cm ultra-long antenna which is three-time longer than traditional portable radios.

The radio has a digital turning interface that can auto search and save 99 AM stations between 522KHZ to 1620KHZ frequency and 98 FM stations in between 87MHZ to 108MHZ.

Along with this Bluetooth FM radio, you will get AM and FM dual-brand radio mood, TF card mode, USB flash drive mode, and an AUX input; you will get a wide range of media playback.

The radio has two built-in 3W magnetic speakers, which deliver good immersive surrounding stereo sound output with clear deep bass.

Additionally, you will get a 3.5 mm socket to plug in headphones while traveling or do not want to disturb others.

However, to enhance the wireless audio transmission speed, the radio has Bluetooth 4.0, which allows it to reconnect automatically with paired devices.

The radio has a hands-free telephone receiver interface to receive calls while connected with a smartphone.

On the other hand, the smart radio system comes with a built-in 1200mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery with a red battery charging indicator, which turns green when the battery is fully charged.

It comes with an AOD screen unit that stays black when you don’t need any manual operation to enhance playback time. You will get up to 10 hours of playtime at 30% volume.

Key Features :

  • Digital auto-tuning and channel saving interface
  • 56cm ultra-long antenna for great signal stability
  • Dual 3W speaker for immersive surrounding stereo
  • AOD screen unit with smart screen operations

4. PRUNUS J-189 Dual Speaker Heavy Bass Portable Bluetooth Radio

PRUNUS J-189 Dual Speaker Heavy Bass Portable Bluetooth Radio

Another amazing best portable Bluetooth radio from the PRUNUS brand. This compact Bluetooth pocket radio weighs only 126g and comes with only 25mm thickness, so the compact radio is easy to carry.

Along with a silver strap that is also used as an antenna, you can hang the radio with anything you want.

Though the radio is very compact, it can still produce loud Hi-FI stereo sound thanks to its internal 3watts speakers. The dual speaker driver setup is ideal for heavy bass delivery.

So your listening experience will be outstanding with this radio. Additionally, you will get a 3.5mm audio input socket to plug in your earphone if you want to enjoy music personally.

Moreover, this Bluetooth transistor radio has excellent reception ability where the FM has 76-108MHz, and AM has 522-1710KHz signal support, so you can listen to all local stations no matter where you are.

It’s automatic one key to search available chancels and up to 99 channel storing interface is very convincing for a Bluetooth portable radio.

However, the radio has a built-in emergency flash button which is also used as a charge indicator while charging the 1200mah replaceable battery.

The LED flashlight is also ideal for caping or any nighttime activity besides enjoying music from the radio. And with the latest Bluetooth technology, you can connect any Bluetooth-enabled device without facing any issues.

Key Features :

  • loud Hi-FI stereo sound with 3watts speakers
  • 5mm audio input socket to plug-in earphones
  • built-in emergency flash button and LED light
  • one key to search with up to 99 channel storage

5. Sangean BB-100 Bluebox Ultra-Rugged Digital Receiver with Bluetooth

Sangean BB-100 Bluebox Ultra-Rugged Digital Receiver with Bluetooth

If you are searching for a perfect Bluetooth radio AM FM for outdoor usage, then this is the one you should buy. The radio comes with a durable ABS plastic body which allows the radio to seal it from water, dust, and shock resistance.

You will get JIS4 standard rain resistance, and the 5.25-inch high-powered speaker is also water-resistant, so the radio can be usable in the rain.

Moreover, this personal radio with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity allows you to listen to music from your Bluetooth-enabled devices, including smartphone, tablet pc, laptop, smart TV, and more.

So you can use it as a Bluetooth amplifier besides listening to the radio channels. Class II Wireless Audio Streaming makes the radio more convincing to buy.

On the other hand, this dual-band radio has a great reception ability, and with a flexible antenna, you will get superior stability while listing AM or FM radio channels.

The radio has 10 preset memory stations, 5 for FM and 5 for AM stations. And with rugged rotary tuning and volume control, it became more user-friendly.

Additionally, you will get an Aux-In for MP3, iPod/iPhone, or CD Player, which supports any A2DP, AVRCP1.4 audio profile.

A large LCD display makes it more appealing. 4 rechargeable ‘C’ batteries are required to operate the radio.

The batteries can be easily charged with a built-in charger; you just need to plug the 2.7m rubber AC cable, and a charge indicator LED will glow immediately.

Key Features :

  • JIS4 standard water, dust, and shock resistant
  • A 5.25-inch high powered waterproof speaker
  • 10 preset memory stations, 5 FM and 5 AM
  • Class II wireless audio streaming support

Comparison Chart of Portable AM FM Radio with Bluetooth



Speaker Watts



PRUNUS J-160 Retro Vintage Portable Radio


3 Watts



Victrola Retro Wood Portable AM FM Radio


3 Watts


PRUNUS J-288 AUX Input and USB Disk Portable Radio


3 Watts+3 Watts



PRUNUS Heavy Bass Portable Bluetooth Radio


3 Watts+3 Watts



Sangean Bluebox Ultra-Rugged Digital Receiver


5 Watts

4 'C' batteries


How to Choose the Portable AM FM Radio with Bluetooth

Choosing a good portable radio is not easy as they are plentiful in the market. So to get the best portable AM FM radio with Bluetooth connection, you need to consider some aspects before choosing them are given below.

Build Quality

As it is a portable radio you will buy, it will be primarily used in an outdoor situation. So you need to consider the build quality of it before buying one.

A durable build quality ensures the long-lasting use of the radio. And a waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof construction gives you an extra portability ability while traveling.

So it will be wise if you check the build quality properly before buying the radio.

Tuning Interface

If you are a classical retro lover, you can buy the retro-looking old-school radios with a traditional tuning knob and an analog display unit to ensure the classical antique vibe you need.

But suppose you are ok with modern digital tuning. In that case, you can buy one with an auto-tuning button and a digital LED display that will search all the available channels automatically.

It can able to store channels for one-tap switching to the specific channel.

Sound Quality

The most important thing you need to check before buying a portable or pocket AM FM radio with Bluetooth is the sound quality. Sound quality is directly depending on the speaker driver.

So make sure you are buying a radio with at least 3 watts of the speaker. If you want a surrounding stereo audio output, make sure the radio has a dual stereo speaker setup.

A good speaker driver e comes with good bass production ability with clear treble output, so make sure you choose one with a good speaker unit.

Bluetooth Technology

Most portable radios nowadays come with built-in Bluetooth, but depending on the Bluetooth version, they cannot perform the same way.

So it would be best if you considered the integrated Bluetooth technology before buying one. At least Bluetooth 4.0 or above will be perfect for using and compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices.


The primary thing you need to consider before buying a portable radio is its price. You need to search for the best portable radio according to your budget range.

So our recommendation will be to make a flexible budget range and then start looking for the supreme one that matches the price range.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to enable Bluetooth on the radio?

For switching mode, all the portable radios should have a dedicated button or knob which will enable the Bluetooth of the radio when you press it or turn it on.

If your radio has various modes, including AUX in, TF card, and USB input, you may need to press several times to get into the Bluetooth mode.

When Bluetooth enables, you will find the name of the radio while searching for it on any Bluetooth-enabled device, and by just a tap on it, you can easily pair the device with the radio.

2. Is the Bluetooth radio support Bluetooth headphone?

The answer is no. The radio may have a 3.5mm audio output Schocket to plug in the wired headphone but remember, most of the Bluetooth radio can be connected with Bluetooth headphones or earbuds.

The Bluetooth is only for use as a Bluetooth amplifier. Though some exceptional Bluetooth radios may support Bluetooth earphones, the products from the above don’t support it like most other radios with Bluetooth.

3. How to tune for a channel?

If you are searching for a specific channel, use the tuning knob or next button to get into the specific channel frequency.

But if you are searching for random channels, you need to turn the knob for analog tuning radios; make sure you are turning the knob slowly to get the channels.

And if you have a digital tuning radio, all you need to do is press the dedicated turning button, and it will automatically search all the available radio channels.

Final Words

Though radios were getting unpopular a few days back, they are getting back into popularity again with modern technology.

Most of the portable radios are not only ordinary radios anymore rather, but they can also perform as a Bluetooth amplifier, an mp3 player with an SD card and USB flash drive support, and even it can be a flashlight for emergencies too.

So after all of the discussion, I hope you already get which one will be the best portable AM FM radio with Bluetooth for you, but if you are still confused, go through the comparison chart, and how to choose section again you will get your desired one for sure.