Best Printer for Stickers Cricut in 2022 – Top Selling Models

Best Printer for Stickers Cricut

Do you like to make digital crafts? Making Cricut stickers can be an enjoyable pastime and enhance your creativity.

A printer allows making premium quality stickers just at home. So, if you don’t want to miss such a fantastic opportunity, give it a try once.

However, the Cricut sticker design requires a good inkjet printer apart from a Cricut Machine.

But the printer market is flooded with numerous brands making it difficult to choose the best printer for stickers cricut that worth the budget and personal needs.

But don’t worry! We understand this problem and prepared this review to help you choose a good printer. Our review is based on first-hand knowledge involving tests and analysis.

So, if you read this article carefully, it will help you choose the appropriate printer.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Canon Pixma Inkjet Printer for Stickers CricutCanon Pixma Inkjet Printer

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HP ENVY All-In-One Photo Printer to Make Stickers with CricutHP ENVY Photo Printer to Make Stickers

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Epson Ecotank Scanner and Printer for Cricut StickersEpson Ecotank Scanner and Printer

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Canon PIXMA All In One Cricut Machine to Make StickersCanon PIXMA All In One Cricut Machine

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Epson Expression Home Printer to Use with CricutEpson Expression Home Printer

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Benefits of Using Printer for Stickers Cricut

Makes Designing Easy

Using a printer for Cricut stickers design makes the job easy. With an inkjet printer on your own, you can design and redesign your stickers numerous times and then print them to see how they look.

In other words, you can experiment with your skills again and again. It is essential for any design. Crafting is something that needs experiments.

With every experiment, the outcome gets better, and gradually you reach the satisfaction level. This is a fundamental rule of crafting. Without a home printer, this designing and redesigning are almost impossible.

Saves Time

The next advantage of using a printer to make stickers with Cricut is that it will significantly save your time. Owning an inkjet printer allows you to make easy Cricut stickers and saves your time.

It enables you to choose any new sticker image and print it for experimentation promptly.

If you don’t own a home printer, printing the images in a commercial or office printer will make the task hard and consume a lot of time.

Fills the Gap

A home printer (also called an inkjet printer) fills the gap between your crafting skill and implementing it into reality. Your kids also may have potential and love to make stickers.

Or maybe your spouse loves colorful decorations with tiny things in all their stuff. It’s a home printer that allows you to take the first step to fulfill all these.

Once you buy a home printer, your self-made stickers are one step ahead!

Offers Satisfaction

Pursuing the thing you love to do is always the most sublime task. Cricut stickers making allows you to design your stickers, print and, use them the way you want.

A home printer plays a vital role in your Cricut stickers design. Designing something on your own and being able to use them in your daily life is a beautiful thing. It offers satisfaction and mental happiness.

Best Printer for Stickers Cricut Reviews

A printer is something about that only a technical expert keeps proper knowledge. Therefore, choosing a good printer for someone who has little knowledge about it can be tricky.

You may need a technical expert’s opinion before buying these products. However, we are here to make it easy for you. This review with experts’ scrutiny will be a great help for you. Please read it carefully.

1. Canon Pixma Inkjet Printer for Stickers Cricut

Canon Pixma Inkjet Printer for Stickers Cricut

Canon is a household name in the whole world in the field of printers. Our first reviewed product is from Canon, and it’s MG3620.

This product is excellent in terms of performance, efficiency, and durability. Undoubtedly, MG3620 is the best printer for stickers Cricut.

This product offers compatibility with a variety of devices. These include smartphones like iPhone, iPad, Android, tablets, PC, laptops, etc.

You can go tension-free with this printer about compatibility no matter what devices you own.

Moreover, the printer has all the fantastic features that a modern printer should have. It has the feature Cloud Print meaning that you can print anything from anywhere regardless of the distance.

With features like NFC, Mopria, and Canon Print, you can share any document from your smartphone.

Furthermore, this printer saves time significantly as it has an auto-two-sided printing option. So, you won’t need to put the same paper again to print on both sides of the paper.

The printer offers a quick and easy wireless setup. So, you can setup it up quickly and print documents.

Key Features :

  • Capable of printing from mobile devices like iPhone, Android
  • Comes with powerful printing options like Cloud Print, NFC, etc.
  • Has auto-two sided printing feature to print both sides of the paper
  • Offers quick and easy wireless setup for easy and simple use

2. HP ENVY All-In-One Photo Printer to Make Stickers with Cricut

HP ENVY All-In-One Photo Printer to Make Stickers with Cricut

Our next product is from HP, a renowned brand for manufacturing durable products in the field of electronics.

It comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer, ensuring its long durability. So, you can go tension-free for one year.

The most convenient feature of this printer is that it offers a wide range of paper size support. It supports the sheet sizes of 3 x 5 to 8.5 x 14, letters, Legal, Envelope, and many more.

Therefore, printing has been easier with this printer.

Moreover, the product offers various options for printing. With HP smart app, the printer allows accessible wireless print scanning documents with the camera.

Interestingly, it offers printing even directly from social media.

So much so M2U85A#B1H offers to print from the cloud. It supports iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Amazingly enough, the printer comes with HP instant ink feature that allows ordering ink online. Its print has excellent color and contrast. This machine from HP is the best printer to make stickers with Cricut.

Key Features :

  • Offers a wide range of paper size support for convenient print
  • Comes with HP instant ink feature for never-ending experience
  • Designed with various printing options allowing print in any situation
  • Delivered with a one-year limited warranty ensuring good durability

3. Epson Ecotank Scanner and Printer for Cricut Stickers

Epson Ecotank Scanner and Printer for Cricut Stickers

Epson has been a leading manufacturer since the beginning of printer’s history. ET-2720 from Epson is a brilliant product.

It offers innovative cartridge-free printing for awesome quality prints meaning this machine uses high capacity ink tanks that are easily refillable.

What is interesting about the product is that it can save 90% replacement ink bottles by using cartridge-free ink.

As the company claims, this saved ink is enough to print around 4,500 b/w pages and 7,500 color pages. That’s huge!

What’s more, ET-2720 is designed with a built-in scanner and a copier. This makes the job even easier.

You won’t have to spend extra money on a scanner. With the built-in scanner, you can scan any document and print it.

The product comes with incredible technology. It has unique micro Piezo Heat-Free Technology. Interestingly, this feature enables the product to print sharp text and impressive photo color and graphics.

This is not only on virtual copy but also on printed papers. In our findings, this printer stands as the best printer for Cricut stickers.

Key Features :

  • Offers innovative cartridge-free printing for excellent quality print
  • Capable of saving up to 90% replacement ink bottles with ink cartridge
  • Delivers unique micro Piezo Heat-Free Technology producing sharp text
  • Has built-in scanner and copier for easy document copying and navigation

4. Canon PIXMA All In One Cricut Machine to Make Stickers

Canon PIXMA All In One Cricut Machine to Make Stickers

We have another product from Canon, the manufacturer of premium quality printers. TR4520 comes with a bunch of handy features along with efficiency.

This product has the features like Airprint, Mopira Print Service that allow the user to print documents effortlessly.

Canon offers an app called Canon Print app that allows connecting the printer with your smartphone and easy setup. It has an auto power on/off feature, automatic document feeder (ADF), and Wi-Fi and USB connectivity.

Moreover, the product offers a simple setup. Interestingly, it supports Alexa digital assistant control.

With Alexa, you can go hands-free with the printer. You can print your shopping list, to-do list, and many more. It’s amazing!

TR4520 is compatible with various devices, making your Cricut stickers design easy. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, and Fire OS.

So whatever device you are using for Cricut designing, this printer has made your task easier. Its print quality is excellent. So, this machine has all the features for the best Cricut machine to make stickers.

Key Features :

  • Featured with AirPrint, Mopria Print Service, auto power On/Off, etc.
  • Offers a variety of connectivity technology for easy and comfortable use
  • Works with digital assistant “Alexa” for easy operation and control
  • Capable to saves 10 percent ink on all reorders without a subscription charge

5. Epson Expression Home Printer to Use with Cricut

Epson Expression Home Printer to Use with Cricut

Our final product is also from Epson. It is such a printer that it is easy to use and is rich in features.

The most helpful feature is its auto-two-sided printing feature. It means that it can print both sides of the paper simultaneously and save time and money.

The product offers an effortless setup. It has a high resolution 2.4” LCD that makes print, scanning, and copy easy and convenient. The manufacturer offers its ink at an affordable price.

However, the printer only works with Epson cartridges meaning that you won’t be able to use any third-party ink.

Moreover, the printer offers a completely wireless solution. Like all other good-quality printers, this printer also offers compatibility with various devices.

It is compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, and smartphones. So, Cricut stickers making will be more accessible with this machine.

So much so the printer offers instant dry Clarian ink. This feature is handy for touchable photos and documents.

In other words, you can instantly hold the printed photo immediately after printing the photo with dry Clarian in. This feature is handy for Cricut stickers, making the machine the best printer to use with Cricut.

Key Features :

  • Designed with auto-two sided printing feature to save time and paper
  • Offers simple setup and navigation with print, copy, and scan
  • Completely wireless and offers printing from iPhone, and Android
  • Has hands-free, voice-activated printing to print a variety of projects

Comparison Chart of Printer for Stickers Cricut


Connectivity Technology

Product Dimension

Sheet Size

Recommended for

Canon Pixma Inkjet Printer 


12” x 17.7” x 6”



HP ENVY All-In-One Photo Printer

Wi-Fi; Bluetooth; Cloud Printing

17.52" x 14.45" x 5.04"

3 x 5 to 8.5 x 14, Letter, Legal, Envelope

Office, Home

Epson Ecotank Scanner and Printer

Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet

13.7" x 14.8" x 8.7"

4" x 6", 5" x 7", A6, Half Letter, Letter, A4, Executive, Legal, User definable

Office, Home

Canon PIXMA All In One Cricut Machine

Wi-Fi, USB

17.2" x 11.7" x 7.5"

4" x 6"


Epson Expression Home Printer


6.93" x 5.75" x 2.99"


Office, Home

How to Choose Printer for Stickers Cricut

Choosing a good printer for stickers Cricut is might not be difficult, but it can be very difficult at times with a little knowledge.

Therefore, we have done this review to help you out. Below are some key points you might consider if you want to buy the best printer for stickers cricut. Hopefully, these key facts will help you choose the appropriate printer.

Connectivity Technology

The first thing you should consider while buying a printer for stickers making with Cricut is the connectivity technology of the printer.

Modern life is a blessed one, and we are surrounded by numerous technologies which have made our life a lot easier and more comfortable. A printer is not the exception.

Nowadays, a must-have feature of a printer should be Wi-Fi connectivity. Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to print anything wirelessly. It also allows printing from smartphones, laptops, and PCs without cable.

Moreover, Wi-Fi connectivity offers smart features like hands-free voice control and app control in most printers nowadays. So, without Wi-Fi connectivity, buying a printer has become unimaginable now.

Sheet Size

The second thing you want to consider while buying a printer Cricut sticker is sheet size. Sheet size means the dimension of paper printed with the printer. A good printer should work with multiple sized papers.

Standard sheet sizes are A6, half letter, letter, A4, executive, and legal, and a good printer should work with most of these sizes. However, The best printers also allow user-defined sheet size.

This issue is crucial because you will need to buy sheets matching the size your printer supports. So, check the sheet size the printer supports when you buy your printer.

Print Speed

Print speed may be the most crucial aspect for some users, while most users are satisfied with an average print speed. Anyway, having a good print speed is always an advantage for you.

While any print speed from 1 to 20 ppm (papers per minute) is considered good, you know what is better. A printer having a print speed above 5 ppm can be a great choice.

However, compromising print speed slightly for other features is not unwise either. You can decide which one will be good for you.

Cloud Print

One of the coolest features of modern days printers is cloud print. Cloud Print is a service offered by companies like Google that allows printing from various devices wirelessly.

This includes laptops, PC, mobile phones, and tablets. Have you just made a design at your office with your phone but want to print it now? No worries! The Cloud Print feature got you covered.

With Cloud Print, you can print anything from anywhere regardless of distance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Stickers Cricut, and how to make them?

A Cricut is a cutting machine that works as more of a printer and can be termed a Cricut stickers maker. However, instead of printing an image, a Cricut machine cuts the shape of the images out of a sheet.

To make Cricut stickers, you will need a Cricut machine, an inkjet printer, a laptop or a smartphone, and your creativity! First, you can download the images from the internet.

Then you need to design them with specific designing apps. After that, please print out the images and cut them out with the Cricut machine on the sheet.

2. Why do I need an inkjet printer apart from the Cricut Machine?

You need a home printer that is typically an inkjet printer apart from the Cricut machine for printing out the images first. Any design you make, you will make it on a device first.

That is, you will use an app to design your stickers. Then you will need to print them to see how they look and cut with the Cricut machine.

3. Do the printers come with ink?

No, but most manufacturers have package plans. To receive ink with the printer you buy, you have to pay for the ink separately. However, you might expect some concession to the price of the ink for the first time.

So, you can save some money by ordering ink simultaneously with the printer. Some printers only work with specific ink from the manufacturers only.

In that case, you should always buy ink from the same manufacturer you the printer. Some brands deliver ink by online orders.

4. Are these printers compatible with Apple laptops?

Yes, they are compatible with Apple laptops, Windows laptops, and smartphones.

These printers are compatible with various devices and offer many convenient services like wireless printing, cloud printing, voice control, and so on.

Therefore, you can print anything easily from your laptop or smartphone easily.

Final Words

A home printer is an essential requirement for Cricut sticker design. Though the printer is bought for sticker making, the same can also be used to do many other things.

But buying a good printer that is both efficient and worth the money can sometimes be challenging.

However, we have done this review with that in mind. With first-hand data and testing every product discussed here, we have done this review ourselves.

We hope our review will help people choose the best printer for stickers cricut.