Best Printer Scanner Copier for Small Business in 2022

Best Printer Scanner Copier for Small Business

We cannot imagine a single day in our office without a printer or a scanner. Sometimes we need to print necessary documents as well as scan them.

In that case, we need a suitable printer to have a hassle-free experience while using them.

But, it is hard to find the best printer because there are hundreds of brands and models in the market. Also, they come up with various features to confuse you.

Don’t worry! Today, we are going to review the five small business printers that will serve your purpose. We have done our reviews based on our research and customer reviews.

We hope it will help you reduce confusion and choose the best printer scanner copier for small business.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Epson Printer Scanner Copier for Small BusinessEpson Printer Scanner Copier

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Canon Office Printer for Small BusinessCanon Office Printer

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HP Color Printer for Small BusinessHP Color Printer

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Epson All-In-One Printer for Small BusinessEpson All-In-One Printer

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Epson Wireless Printer for Home BusinessEpson Wireless Printer

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Benefits of Printer Scanner Copier for Small Business

If a company has a multifunctional good printer for small business printer it can help every employee speed up their work by printing, copying, scanning, and faxing a document from the same place. It is also helpful to minimize the cost, energy, etc.

Reduce Cost

Printers having multiple features can reduce business costs. Also, they help shorten the office cost by reducing electricity bills by reducing the use of other machines.

A good quality printer is energy-efficient and uses less ink for every copy and print job. So with a home business printers with multiple features, a company can reduce its overall cost, including ink, papers, and cartridges.

Save Power

One specialized device is better than several generalized devices. It is helpful for the savings of a company. If an organization uses several devices for printing, copying, and scanning, it increases the electricity bill.

But an organization always wants to minimize its cost and increase earnings. So, a multifunction printer for small businesses can be a useful device for getting more profit.

Increase Security

All business platforms have to maintain their security and privacy. An organization has some private documents and own business models, and very confidential plans.

Nowadays, some printers have improved security features to preserve information during transmission and storage.

Also, some latest printers have print management software that can encrypt the data before transferring it and assure that hackers cannot access it.

So, smart multifunctional printers are essential for maintaining the security of any Organization.

Promoted Productivity

Recently, we have seen more smart devices in the market that can help to increase productivity. You can get all the essential services in one place if you have an updated smart primer scanner copier.

Office staff can complete several tasks in a centralized corner of the office. For this purpose, a multifunctional small office printer and scanner can be a great choice.

Save Space

If you get multiple services from a single device, you will not need extra devices. A smart printer can print, scan, store data even if it can fax documents.

Therefore, you do not need extra space for your scanner and fax machine. Thus it saves your office space.

Best Printer Scanner Copier for Small Business Reviews

We have listed the top brands and models of the best printer scanner for your small businesses and inquired about them from different backgrounds.

We review the following products based on our special research. These are the top rated printers for small businesses.

You can choose any of those five products after reading our review. We are trying to describe the pros and cons of those products. I hope it will help you select the best printer scanner for any small business.

1. Epson Printer Scanner Copier for Small Business

Epson Printer Scanner Copier for Small Business

Undoubtedly, Epson is one of the best-known printer producers in the world. They have multiple devices with modern features.

Their Ecotank et-2750 comes up with all the latest features that make this product one of the desiring printers in the present market. Many users consider it as the value for money.

At first, the most exciting thing about this printer is it offers four different color inks instead of Cartridges. You will not need any change of cartridges from time to time.

This cartridge-free printer is durable, and you can print thousands of pages with these inks provided in the box. You can easily replace the ink bottles at competitive prices.

Also, this printer has a built-in voice command facility. You can connect your picture with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Once the device is connected with the app, you can use voice commands for basic operation. Scanning, copying, and printing will be a matter of your voice command with Ecotank 2720.

The next thing you are going to love about this printer is its wireless connectivity. It has the latest WiFi technology that makes your life easier.

You can connect this printer with your necessary devices via a WiFi hotspot and print your documents from your smartphones and other devices.

In short, it is the best printer scanner copier for small business considering all the features.

Key Features :

  • Built-in voice commanding facility
  • Delivers convenient wireless printing
  • Able to connect internet and email device
  • Comes up with Outstanding print quality

2. Canon Office Printer for Small Business

Canon Office Printer for Small Business

Canon is one of the best-known brand names around the world. MX492 has come up with a compact design. It is smaller in size to set up easily.

This printer occupies a small area of your office, allowing a company to embody other work space for productivity better.

Also, this printer has an exciting wireless connecting feature that provides you to print wirelessly with Google cloud print and AirPrint facilities.

You can print wirelessly from your compatible devices like smartphones or tablets from actually anywhere surrounding your office. This compactness has made it the best office printer for small business.

Additionally, it allows you to save your time with the feature of an automatic WiFi connection.

Furthermore, You can print, scan, and control the printer’s power wirelessly from your mobile by using the free canon print app. With this feature, you can print and scan your documents from anywhere.

Also, it has quiet mode facilities. You can complete your print work from your very mobile quality without disturbing those around you.

In addition, the Canon MX492 printer has an automatic document feeder that can save your time. This integrated auto document feeder can hold up to 20 sheets that means you don’t need to replace the sheet for a long time.

Also, it has optional XL ink cartridges that ensure you have longer print facilities without any replacement.

Key Features :

  • It comes up with a compact design
  • Built-in google cloud and air printing
  • Easily Manageable with free mobile app
  • Has a fully integrated auto document feeder

3. HP Color Printer for Small Business

HP Color Printer for Small Business

If you prefer a decent look along with smart features, HP Deskjet can be the best choice. HP has many options in every printer category, from inkjet to laser.

It can print a decent-quality picture with amazing color production. Therefore it is called one of the best color printer for small business. Let’s see the other key features it offers the customers.

First of all, this printer has multiple connectivity options. It can be connected via USB as well as WiFi.

You can connect multiple devices simultaneously and print or save documents from your PC, smartphones, and other devices. You can even save scanned documents on any device connected with it.

Secondly, the HP 4155e is applauded for its user-friendliness. Many of us are worried about the setup of a new printer. But this machine comes up with the easiest setup system.

You will get auto direction in every step after giving the power. Just follow the steps, and within 10 minutes, you will have your printer all set to print, scan, copy and fax.

Thirdly, it has an extra six months of inks in the box. You do not need to worry about changing cartridges and buying new inks for at least six months.

Even if you are a mid-range user you can use the provided inks for around one year. Furthermore, you can buy your inks at a low cost because HP ink tanks are not very costly.

Key Features :

  • Usable for dual-band WiFi with self-reset
  • Designed with a USB support system
  • Offers easy set up to any device
  • Provides six months of instant ink

4. Epson All-In-One Printer for Small Business

Epson All-In-One Printer for Small Business

The second printer from Epson we have is WF 2830. It is best known for its compact design and super-fast operation. Unlike ET-2720, this printer comes with cartridges.

But these cartridges are durable and user-friendly. Users can easily change the cartridge at a lower price.

This printer is capable of automatic dual side printing because it has dual ink cartridges. You can get fast printing on both sides from this machine with a mid-range budget.

If you are a climate-conscious person, definitely you can have it because it saves paper by printing on both sides.

Additionally, it offers freedom of connectivity with the latest wireless technology. It has a USB port as well as a WiFi adapter.

You keep all of your devices connected to it. Any of your android devices, MAC devices, Tablets, and Windows devices can be easily connected to it. This versatility has made it the best all-in-one printer for small business.

Furthermore, this printer works very fast, keeping the printing quality. It has a document feeder that keeps 30 pages while scanning and printing without ease.

This device can produce 10.3 PPM black white print quality in ISO standard and 4.5 PPM while printing color pictures. It is regarded one of the best color printers for small and medium businesses.

However, third-party cartridges and inks may not work properly in this device. But, Affordable individual ink cartridges can be used in this printer. Also, you can buy Epson cartridges from any authorized Epson outlets.

Key Features :

  • All in one wireless printing capability
  • Comes up with automatic dual-sided print
  • Capable of 10.3 ISO ppm faster printing
  • 4″ Color LCD to scan, print, copy documents

5. Epson Wireless Printer for Home Business

Epson Wireless Printer for Home Business

The final product we are going to repair is from Epson. It is one of the popular budget printers in the market offered by Epson.

This machine is full of modern features that make it perfect for any small business or home use. You can also take this for your home business because it is the best printer for home business.

Here is good news for those worried about changing cartridges and buying new inks. Epson et-3760 offers a cartridge-free printing solution.

Also, its ink tanks can be filled easily with liquid colors and support the easy replacement of ink cartridges. Even the inks included with it can survive up to 2 years. They are enough to print thousands of pages.

Again, It offers the liberty to print sheets of any size. This printer has adjustable paper holders and modern ink cartridges to print on different-sized papers.

From 7″ to 12″ or from A4 to Executive, users can define any size for printing. From brochure to envelope you can print in both sizes on any paper.

Moreover, as a smart printer, it has a 2.4″ display that makes it easier to copy, print, and scan any document effectively. Apart from this, one can watch time number pages on display.

Besides, this printer has a large paper tray where you can put up to 250 pages at a time for copying and printing.

Key Features :

  • It offers cartridge-free printing
  • It can handle various sized papers
  • Comes with two-year product Protection
  • Auto Guided easy set up with all devices

Comparison Chart of Printer Scanner Copier for Small Business



Compatible Device

Sheet Size

Ink Type


Epson Printer Scanner Copier

Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet


4" x 6",

5" x 7",

A6, Half Letter, Letter, A4, Executive, Legal, User definable

Refillable ink tanks


Canon Office Printer


Smartphones, PC, Laptops

4" x 6", 5" x 7", 8" x 10" Letter, Legal, Envelopes

One ink cartridge and Optional XL ink cartridge


HP Color Printer

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB

Smartphones, PC, Laptops

3 x 5 to 8.5 x 14

Original HP Ink


Epson All-In-One Printer



4” x 6 “, 5” x 7” , 8” x 10”, 3.5” x 5”

Replaceable ink cartridge


Epson Wireless Printer

Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet


3.5" x 5", 4" x 6", 5" x 7", 8" x 10",8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14", A4, A6, half letter, executive, user-definable

Cartridge free refillable ink tanks


How to Choose Printer Scanner Copier for Small Business

Before buying your desired product, you must think about its connectivity features, nature of inks and cartidges, printing speed, and budget. Please read this section to make it easier for you to choose the best printer scanner copier for small business.


Multiple connectivity facilities have made any device an all in one printer for small business. It is capable of wireless connections such as WiFi, Bluetooth, card readers, etc.

If your printer has WiFi connectivity facilities, you can store the printer in more convenient locations. Some Smart printers have software to make it easy to connect with mobile technology.

So, we recommend you go for a printer that offers freedom of connectivity.

Cost of Ink and Papers

Before buying a product, everyone should have considered its cost. A cheaper printer will be more expensive for printing a high number of pages. But a smart printer can reduce that cost.

Some machines need more colorful inks, and every color has individual cartridges. You have to replace the cartridges of all colors for the printing job. It increases the cost, so better go for a smart printer.

Printing Speed

If you need to print more documents every day, printer speed is the most important issue to consider. Some common printers can print up to 15 pages per minute.

On the other hand, multiple printers can print 70 pages per minute. So selecting a printer that can reduce the amount of time to complete the printing job is very important.


Today’s smart multifunctional printers can do many more things than an older one of the past. Now you can connect your printer with WiFi and scan, print, copy and send emails.

It seems that most business functions can be complete with one device in one place. A multifunctional printer also has a USB option to print and send emails right away from files.


The size of a printer’s memory is another important issue to consider before buying a printer. The more a printer memory carries, the faster it can print.

Most printers have 64MB RAM, but some advanced printers come up with 256MB RAM. 32MB to 64MB of RAM will be needed to print large black and white documents.

But printing color photographs paper will need 256MB RAM. So before buying a printer you have to think about the memory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I use third-party ink on my printer?

Most printers have some inks in their packaging, but you have to buy another ink for it when that ink ends. It would be best to use inks of the same brand as your printers.

It will save your device. However, you can use any third-party ink on your printer if branded inks are unavailable.

2. Does this printer work with a wireless connection?

Yes. Most of the printers we have discussed above have WiFI. These printers can be easily connected to WiFi-enabled devices such as smartphones, MACs, Windows devices, and Tabs.

3. Has any auto document feeder with these printers?

Yes. All the printers mentioned above have document feeders. But the sizes of the document feeder are not the same. Each printer has a different-sized feeder.

4. Can it print automatically on both sides of a paper?

The smart printers offered by Epson and HP discussed above have both side printing functions. You can print on both sides of the paper and save money and the environment by reducing paper usage.

5. Does it work with USB or Bluetooth?

All the products have USB ports as well as WiFi connections. You can directly connect them with a USB cable or connect to other devices using WiFi. However, they have no Bluetooth.

6. Can I use photo paper on it?

Yes, you can. You can use plain paper, any glossy photo paper, and any presentation paper. To get the best result, you can use genuine photo paper for it.

Final Words

We believe, choosing the Best printer scanner copier for small business is no longer a hard task for you as we have already presented you top five printers in the present market.

We have reviewed them with all the pros and cons that you must know before making your final decision.

In conclusion, let me remind you of the facts you must consider while choosing your suitable product. Think about your purpose, budget, connectivity, printing speed, nature of inks and cartridges, and the PPM of printers before placing an order.

Read our product review section and buying guide part carefully to get the best result.