Best Scanner for Receipts and Documents in 2022 -Top 5 Picks

Best Scanner for Documents and Receipts

Are you working from home dealing with lots of official documents or receipts? Probabley you need to scan them, printing them frequently.

For this purpose, you must looking for a versatile scanner to help your workload.

Digital scanners can help you improve your working experience. But finding the best scanner for receipts and documents is not so easy as there are plenty of scanners in the market. Also, they are incredibly competitive.

So, today we have selected some of the top receipt scanners and organizers for small businesses to large official works.

After reading our article, all of your confusion will be the thing of the past, and you can confidently choose the best document scanner for you.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Fujitsu One-Touch Scanner for Documents and ReceiptsFujitsu One-Touch Scanner

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Raven Pro Touchscreen Scanner for Bills and ReceiptsRaven Pro Touchscreen Scanner

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Epson Workforce Scanner for Receipts and DocumentsEpson Workforce Scanner

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Canon Duplex Receipt Scanner for QuickbooksCanon Duplex Receipt Scanner

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Brother Wireless Portable Scanner for ReceiptsBrother Wireless Portable Scanner

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Benefits of using Scanner for Receipts and Documents

Time saver gadget

In the present market, small business receipt scanners are made with time-saving technology. It uses less time to scan and reduces the piles of paper quickly.

If you have to scan a lot of paper or preserve documents or receipts for your clients, you should always use a time-saving scanning machine with high scanning speed, and those scanning machines are available in the market.

However, scanners are not costly ones; they are really good about reducing work pressure. So in regular office life, scanners are the super necessary tool for any level of working groups.

Organized papers or files

A recent study shows that it takes an average of 37 minutes to get a paper file. In this regard, a modern, efficient scanner can do your search within a few seconds or a minute highest.

You can easily maintain customers’ documents for future use.

Data Preservation

Modern scanner helps you save your valuable data in a short and simpler procedure. Every scanner in the market can easily connect to a cloud service like Dropbox, Google Drive, Email, and many more.

Data security of customers can easily be maintained. You can add this to your customer-friendly features list

Save planet

According to recent findings, office workers need lots of paper in a year, an average of 10,000. It indicates the destruction of a lot of trees.

But you use the best scanner for your documents and receipts. It is better for business and can also contribute to the environment.

Easy Recovery

Since every scanner offers the best use of cloud storage, you can now save them easily. Papers documents always have concerned fire, water, or any disaster aspects.

In that case, a digital scanner is a suitable option as your constant companion and data saver.

Best Scanner for Receipts and Documents Reviews

The review section has explored the most desired and long-lasting desktop scanner for receipts and documents with the best customer reviews.

So, after a lot of research, we figured out some advantages and disadvantages of a scanner for documents and receipts. However, below we have discussed all the problems that will help you find the suitable one.

1. Fujitsu One-Touch Scanner for Documents and Receipts

Fujitsu One-Touch Scanner for Documents and Receipts

While working from home, you need the best portable receipt scanner to deal with huge documents that can make your office experience more enjoyable and tension free.

The Fujitsu Scanner is the best scanner for documents and receipts on the market.

Generally, employees use a scanner to mitigate the pressure of work. The product we are talking about is an item that can reduce your work pressure by up to 80%.

It has been designed with 2.5 and 5 GHz working speeds. This device has a touchscreen facility which is another good reason to choose this scanner.

Your valuable time will be saved. So it makes your time more manageable and more work-oriented.

The setup procedures are nearly just plug-in and ready to run- a reasonably easy process. First, you have to download the accurate software bundle for your operating system from the Fujitsu website.

Immediately after downloading, install it on your computer.

Now you can plug in a power adapter to the power supply and USB cable to the computer and scanner. Your workhorse is ready to scan.

Well, iX1400 is undoubtedly a compact scanner for the desktop. It has double-sided scanning features and an automation feeder for document scanning that can scan up to 50 pages.

It can upload your files to Dropbox and Google Drive easily.

However, this versatile scanner has some issues with network stability. But considering other features like auto-identification of size and color make it the most efficient participant in the market.

Key Features :

  • Works fast  with  5  and 5 GHz
  • Easy wireless connectivity and USB
  • Built with upgrade scanning software
  • Uploading to Dropbox or Google Drive
  • Time-saving touchscreen facility

2. Raven Pro Touchscreen Scanner for Bills and Receipts

Raven Pro Touchscreen Scanner for Bills and Receipts

Amazing scanning quality with 300dpi speed scanning makes it a powerful competitor in the market. Raven Pro is a popular brand worldwide because of the special features of its product.

They are known for making durable products that have served you for years. So if your priority is the best scanner for bills and receipts based on durability, you can grab this premium item.

With 8 inches large LCD touchscreen makes your world of work more special and manageable.

You can control every motion of your scanner, and editing, scanning, and destination sending without any connection to the computer help you a lot.

You can easily search any document whenever you need them. It can easily be suitable with your operating systems like Windows or Mac.

Generally, we always need a more secure option to preserve our documents. Raven Pro will be there for you to help you out. It has one of the features of connecting to Cloud storage instantly.

To store your documents, connect your Raven Scanner to the Wi-Fi or internet and send your preferable destinations, for example, Raven Could, Dropbox, Email, Google Drive, etc., without installing any software for this amazing service.

Well, there are more attractive features for you. You can store your data without worrying about storage. It can detect blank pages and automatic cropping ability of unconventional sizes of the document like business or ID cards.

However, Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) is not a big concern in choosing it as your constant home office companion. But if you want to buy a cheap document scanning machine, this device is a bit expensive in this regard.

Key Features :

  • Instantly send  to cloud path
  • Easy to search any document
  • Wide fast touchscreen  facility
  • Huge range of scanning types
  • Scanning documents without wire

3. Epson Workforce Scanner for Receipts and Documents

Epson Workforce Scanner for Receipts and Documents

At this stage we are going to review the Epson WorkForce ES-50 Portable Sheet. Epson tries to make our office experience more pressure-free and implementing.

It comes at an affordable price, can perform any situation, and is mostly designed for the US.

At first, as a portable scanner, the best part about the Epson receipt scanner is its compact design. Usually, a scanner needs batteries or an additional power supply, but this device does not require any of them.

The scanning speed is superb. You can scan a piece of the sheet within 5.5 seconds.

Additionally, this gadget is an all-rounder. Paper or sheets’ controlling and managing ability has made it best scanner for receipts and documents . You can scan documents, receipts, and ID cards up to 8.5 x 72 inches.

This versatile tool can review your documents and save them for further use. Nuance OCR feature adds more acceptability to this device. You can create and search PDFs and edit Microsoft files like word or excels.

Nevertheless, it has some cons like no storage support and an internal battery. No more difficulties are related to software. It has robust software support for Windows and Mac can help you a lot.

Key Features :

  • No batteries or additional power supply
  • Suitable for Windows, Mac systems
  • Portable, lightweight scanner for carrying
  • Easily scan and assemble documents
  • Adaptable paper managing quality

4. Canon Duplex Receipt Scanner for Quickbooks

Canon Duplex Receipt Scanner for Quickbooks

Have a look at this scanner from a well-known company in the current market. Canon’s high volume document scanner is the best receipt scanner for quickbooks designed for every official work.

The company is popular for making easy to use and affordable for anyone. That’s why in this market they gained a lot of reputation.

First of all, the organizing capacity of Canon as a bill and receipt scanner is incredibly amazing. You can change your documents according to your requirements, like JPG or PDF.

This printer is the most time-saving gadget that can enhance your productivity at work. It can assure your control in documenting in many different types like large and long documents, thick or thin documents, photos, receipts, etc.

Additionally, this workhorse is small, but it can manage everything. This device is suitable for all, from a home office to a small working office or mid-level working groups.

It is easy to connect to a PC through USB and compatible with most operating systems like Microsoft or MAC. Besides, Twain Driver is included in this device.

Well, it does not have the largest capacity but can hold up to scan both sides of a paper simultaneously. Its automatic feeder can scan up to 40 pages in a minute.

So it is an excellent pick if you consider its features and uses compared to its price tag.

Key Features :

  • Equipped with organizing capacity
  • Time-saving and enhanced productivity
  • Easy to connect to PC via USB
  • Speedy workhorse and capable
  • Converting ability to any format

5. Brother Wireless Portable Scanner for Receipts

Brother Wireless Portable Scanner for Receipts

Before you buy any product of your choice in the world of scanners, first take a look at the Brother scanning machine.

Its feature may amaze you, and you should not miss it if you are looking for the best portable scanner for receipts and organizer for QuickBooks.

Generally, it is a portable document feed scanner with amazing speed that can save your time. Touch screen control gives you the most useful service.

It can scan single or both printed documents at a speed up to 25ppm. Auto document feeder can scan up to 34″ long sheet, photos, or receipts with 20ppm.

After that, the multifunctional scanner is designed in a new technology that consumes both time and effort. It is made with a rapid 2.8″ color touchscreen display that assists the scanning system.

It helps to edit photos faster than another one with its built-in photo editing tool. So it will be an advantage to the people who do different work day after day.

Besides, it has a USB 3.0 port connection and wireless connection to the computer. It supports Microsoft or MAC operating system. Auto text identification and color detection enhance its ability to perform.

However, it is a portable scanner but has some weight issues, and there is no battery. It’s not tough to carry, but it’s quite heavier than its close competitors.

As long as this is not an issue for you, you can grab this beast with no hesitation.

Key Features :

  • Amazing speed saves your time
  • Faster scanning with auto feeder
  • congenial to any destinations
  • USB 3.0 port and wireless to PC
  • Easy photo editing tools to edit photo

Comparison Chart of  Scanner for Documents and Receipts


Scanning Speed

(Page Per Minute)

Item Dimensions

Item Weight


Fujitsu One-Touch Scanner

40 ppm

6.3 x 11.5 x 6 inches

7.1 Pounds


Raven Pro Touchscreen Scanner

40 ppm

12.44 x 8.15 x 7.01 inches

9.26 Pounds


Epson Workforce Scanner

11 ppm

1.8 x 10.7 x 1.3 inches

0.59 Pounds


Canon Duplex Receipt Scanner

40 ppm

11.14 x 9.9 x 9.6 inches

6.17 Pounds


Brother Wireless Portable Scanner

25 ppm

4.1 x 11.8 x 3.3 inches

3.3 Pounds


Scanner for Receipts and Documents Buying Guide

Choosing the best scanner for documents and receipts could be hard from plenty of options available in the market if you don’t know how to get it.

We have discussed some aspects that will help you to find how to get the cheap document scanning machine for your office and workstation.

Portable and Battery issue

Portable scanners are one of those that have a lightweight design and thin dimensional body. Consequently, they are fast and easy to use whether you scan receipts, photos, files, contracts, or plastic ID cards.

One should keep in one’s mind that it should have to help you beyond from desktop and mobile world. The battery issue is a huge part of a scanner.

So make sure that you are choosing a scanner of USB availability. So if you get into some situations like keeping huge some of the customers or office records in remote work station, don’t forget to carry a portable scanner.

Formation of Documents

In a workstation or a home office, you need different types of file formation like PDF or JPG or editing photos, etc. But you do not have all the tools available in your hand.

In this situation, before buying a scanner, you should notice whether the scanner can give you document formation facilities or not. In the present market, every scanner has these features of formation.

Operating System and Software Features

The scanner should have the features like easy to connect or suitable to any operating system. Software bundles should not be a big issue for you.

Most scanners now have the features of simply installing soft wares and are ready to use within a few minutes.

Versatile Tool

Your device must have essential features such as Touch-screen, auto color, character detection, one or both side-scanning ability, count of scanning per minute, blank page removal, color, resolution, editing tools, destination path, internet, or Wi-Fi connection.

Additional Features

A few more features can make you scrutinize your device before buying. You need to go deeper to choose. Dots per Inch (DpI) is an issue that can give you more clear scanning pictures.

Another thing is Page per Minute (ppm). You should take it as seriously as how many pages are scanned in a minute. This ensures you a preferable and fast document scanner for your company.

After that, A sheet-fed scanner differs from a flatbed scanner in another important respect. A flatbed scanner can create an improved quality image, whereas a sheet-fed scanner can produce fewer quality images of your files.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do these scanners print too?

Digital scanner usually does not print your documents or photos; however, you will have an option which is “Scan to Print.” If you need to print your documents, you need to use that option and print your documents via your existing printer.

2. How many sheets can you load at one time?

It depends on the size. As a portable scanner, you always have some limitations. But you can choose a receipt scanning machine for the office from this review. The above items can scan up to 12 to 40 pages per minute.

3. Do these scanners support both legal and letter size paper?

You have different types and sizes of documents, bills, receipts, and photos. These scanners will support legal and letter size paper and different formats for your documents, whether PDF, word, or excel.

4. Which top receipt scanners should I buy?

At the present market, fast document or business receipt scanner come with different features, designs, facilities, and prices.

Despite the entire situation, all of the above are suitable for covering different needs due to the differences in models. So try to buy the best scanner that meets your necessity and price range. That will be the best choice.

5. What are the issues for software and cloud service?

The most amazing part of these scanners is easy to install suitable software. You can download from the brand website through Wi-Fi or the internet.

You can save your documents for future purposes when you want to save them to your cloud service. It is an easy and organized process.

Final Words

A high-volume document scanner for computer is not a complicated device to choose. But it gets challenging when all the devices contain better features and facilities. Due to this, it puts you in a dilemma to get the suitable one.

However, after reading my review, you know how to get rid of the challenging situation.

Hence, if you know your scanner’s purposes and are looking for a product that is the best scanner for receipts and documents, we recommend choosing one above.

Cause these are the most demanding items in the current market.