Best Tabletop Air Purifier in 2022 – Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Tabletop Air Purifier

Respiratory diseases, pathogens, and other pollutants can quickly spread throughout the air and other mediums.

They can cause serious health complexities. If you are a careful person about your’s and your family’s health, you should get an air purifier.

Air purifiers have become very popular among people who live in the cities which are on top of the air pollution index.

However, people also use air purifiers to enhance indoor air quality. They work effectively in reducing airborne germs and other pollutants.

Today, we will introduce the top five best air purifiers with all of their pros and cons.

After reading our article, you can effectively choose your best tabletop air purifier. If you read our reviews carefully, all confusion will be things of the past.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
LEVOIT Ozone Free Odor Eliminator Tabletop Air PurifierLEVOIT Odor Eliminator Air Purifier

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LEVOIT True HEPA Filter Tabletop Air Purifier for HomeLEVOIT True HEPA Filter Tabletop Air Purifier

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LEVOIT HEPA Fresheners Compact Air Purifier with FragranceLEVOIT Fresheners Air Purifier with Fragrance

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Medify Quiet Air Purifier with H13 True HEPA FilterMedify Purifier with H13 True HEPA Filter

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Pure Enrichment Mini Portable Personal Air PurifierPure Enrichment Mini Portable Air Purifier

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Benefits of Using Tabletop Air Purifier

Protect Your Family

Research shows that modern air purifiers can reduce 99.97% of harmful pollutants from the air. Dangerous germs and chemicals can be threats to your family’s hygiene.

They can cause airborne diseases. However, air purifiers can protect your family.

Reduce Harmful Chemicals

Experts opined that chemicals and other nanoparticles prevailing in the air are more dangerous than some pathogens.

They can cause severe permanent damage to our major organs like the lungs. Purifiers drastically reduce those harmful elements.

Remove Bad Odor from the air

Many of us live in cities where the air contains unbearable stench. Also, a congested or stagnant atmosphere creates a lousy odor sometimes. Air purifiers have advanced technology to remove this type of stench.

Help to Alleviate Asthma and Allergic Symptoms

Air purifiers would be a great help for people vulnerable to an allergic atmosphere. They can also help alleviate asthma and other related diseases.

If you want to prevent these diseases from being developed, have an air purifier.

Enhance life Expectancy

Indoor air pollution can always be harmful to the human body. It can affect our cardiac and neurological systems. Harmful chemicals and gasses from general household products can heap in our lungs.

In truth, the airborne dots are so tiny that they implant in the blood-brain obstacle, impacting our cerebrum. An excellent air purifier ensnares the fine airborne flecks and provides fresh air.

Best Tabletop Air Purifier Reviews

In this section, we will review the top five tabletop air purifiers. We have picked some of the best purifiers that are popular among users.

Our reviews are based on our market research, user reviews, and the practical experience while using these products ourselves. We expect our article will help you remove all of your confusion.

1. LEVOIT Ozone Free Odor Eliminator Tabletop Air Purifier

LEVOIT Ozone Free Odor Eliminator Tabletop Air Purifier

The very first product we are reviewing is Levoit Core 300. Levoit is well known in the world of air purifiers and they produce quality humidifiers, diffusers, air purifiers, etc.

This model is on the top of the popularity list because of its high technology and multiple effective filters. We recommend it as one of the best tabletop air purifier.

First of all, the most desired feature of a purifier is its air filters technology. Vortex air technology is prevalent in the market in this regard.

The best purifier producers use this technology to ensure perfect air purification in their products. Levoit is no exception to the other. They also use Vortex air technology.

Most importantly, we use purifiers in our home, hotel room, or hospital cabin. Quietness is crucial because we do not want to ruin the peace of our home or harm the sleep of our family members.

Levoit has done a great job by putting quietKEAP technology in their product. You need not worry about the noise level of this machine.

Also, This air purifier can catch all kinds of tiny germs and elements with its advanced filters.

Most people buy an air purifier to protect themselves from airborne diseases and the harmful effects of air pollution. Core 300 can easily save you from disease and pollution.

Key Features :

  • Built-in VortexAir technology for high-performance
  • QuietKEAP Technology to reduce the noise level
  • Helps to relieve all kinds of airborne diseases
  • It is Equipped with multiple filtering methods

2. LEVOIT True HEPA Filter Tabletop Air Purifier for Home

LEVOIT True HEPA Filter Tabletop Air Purifier for Home

The second product is also from Levoit. The Levoit H132 is best known for its Ozone free filtration method, three stages HEPA filters, long area coverage, and quiet operation.

Let’s dive further into these features for a better understanding.

First of all, this model has ozone-free filtration technology. The company uses carbon filters to effectively remove Volatile Organic Compounds and other gases while purifying the air.

It is clinically tested that carbon filters do not produce Ozone. So, you can use this product tension free without harming our dear earth.

Secondly, it uses three stages of high-efficiency particulate air or HEPA filters. American energy department certified HEPA filters as one of the most effective air purifying filters science has ever developed.

The test has ensured that these three stages of HEPA filters can remove all micro to nanoparticles, including germs, chemicals, solid particles, and gases.

Moreover, if you are worried about covering your ample space with this air purifier, here is good news. It can give you quick coverage of 129 square feet.

Whether in your reading room or at your working desk, this is one of the best tabletop air purifiers. You need to put this purifier on top of your table, and it will save you from air pollution. Again, it can work as a desktop air purifier.

Key Features :

  • Built-in OZONE-FREE filtration methods
  • Has a 3-stage True HEPA filter for trapping dust
  • Give quick coverage in 129 ft² large room
  • Sleep Mode Provides Super Quiet Operation

3. LEVOIT HEPA Fresheners Compact Air Purifier with Fragrance

LEVOIT HEPA Fresheners Compact Air Purifier with Fragrance

All over again, we have come up with another Levoit air purifier. The Levoit H128 is comparatively less costly than the earlier two products we have discussed above. But this is the best compact air purifier.

People like this product for its compact and elegant design, dual filters purification, and easy fan speed control. In addition, this one emits a naturally sweet fragrance in your room.

First, let’s talk about its compact design. Who amongst us does not like having a good air purifier on our tabletop? Probably, nobody dislikes it because of its perfectness as a best air purifier for office desk.

By putting it on your office desk or on your child’s reading table, you will love it. This purifier weighed only 3.3 pounds, and the tiny size makes it handy and portable.

Then, the H128 air purifier has dual filters that work in three stages. It is capable of capturing the tiniest particles from the air.

Also, the filters are controlled by an automatic button system. Users need not worry about the time when it requires change.

Furthermore, it purifies the air and adds a sweet aroma to the air. This unique feature can easily erase your exhaustion and gives you relief from your hectic day.

Apart from this, this one has a fragrance pad where you can add your favorite aroma oil to get a natural scent in your room.

Key Features :

  • It Offers a Compact and robust design
  • Comes up with dual filters for purification
  • Aromatherapy option for natural fragrance
  • Easy fan speed control system with one button

4. Medify Quiet Air Purifier with H13 True HEPA Filter

Medify Quiet Air Purifier with H13 True HEPA Filter

Let us introduce another well-known air purifier brand, Medify. Their most popular air purifier in the present market is MA14.

It comes with all the latest technologies such as multiple modes, the latest filters, noise-free operation, energy efficiency, and a high purifying rate.

The most attractive feature is its broader area coverage with effective purifying capability.

People can easily use this one in their living room, small to medium apartment, office space, reading room, dormitory, or hotel rooms.

This model provides coverage from 200 sq feet to 400 sq feet. However, it uses higher energy in wide-area coverage mode.

Like Levoit core 300, Medify uses HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters in this model. Also, the filters work in three stages that ensures almost 99.99% air purification.

It can stop allergens, pet hair, pet dandruff, different odor, germs, and other gases and chemical elements. In short, it can be said that it will give you total safety from air pollution.

Apart from this, like any other best purifier, this product is very energy efficient, and it has three modes; light mode, normal mode, and sleep mode.

While in a sleep mood, the purifier produces comparatively low sound. Furthermore, as it has three different fan speeds, you can easily control the purifier’s speed by pressing a button.

Key Features :

  • Multiple settings with maximum coverage
  • It can remove 99.9% of harmful particles
  • It runs at 110 volts with a 55dB noise level
  • It has a Powerful design and is easy to use

5. Pure Enrichment Mini Portable Personal Air Purifier

Pure Enrichment Mini Portable Personal Air Purifier

At last, we have picked a purifier from another famous brand Pure Enrichment that the users like for its quality product with a low budget.

If you are looking for a portable air purifier, PPERSAP can be your best companion. It is popularly known as a small air purifier.

In the beginning, this purifier is the perfect portable one because it has a rechargeable battery. Also, the versatile design attracts anyone who values beauty.

It will suit your office room or any of your personal spaces. That is why, we will recommend it as the best personal air purifier if you are a beauty lover. You can take it anywhere when you are on the move.

Then, most users like this product for its powerful battery. Do not worry about the battery backup. It will support you for up to 12 hours.

In addition, you can put it with electricity if you run out of the charge. You need to carry the cord with you.

Finally, let us talk about its versatile operational and technical features. It has three fan speeds and two stages of modern filters.

The producer has used carbon filters in this model that can lock 99.99% of any particles. Similarly, it has three easy-to-use buttons.

Moreover, it has a night light, sleep mode, and timer feature. You can go to sleep by setting a time when it will change the mode or be shut off.

Key Features :

  • Versatile design that offers portability
  • It has 3 different types of fan speeds
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery
  • Offer comparatively longer battery life

Comparison Chart of Tabletop Air Purifier


Power Source

Noise Level

Coverage Area

LEVOIT Tabletop Air Purifier



219 ft² / 20 m²

LEVOIT Tabletop Air Purifier for Home

Corded Electric

24-52 dB

403 ft²

LEVOIT HEPA Fresheners Compact Air Purifier



15 m / 161 ft

Medify Quiet Air Purifier

Corded Electric


200 sqft

Pure Enrichment Mini Air Purifier

USB-Powered Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery


Up to 54 sqft

Tabletop Air Purifier Buying Guide

It would be a great help if you read our product reviews and consider the following things before buying your desired air purifier.

Filter types, noise levels, portability, battery backup, CADR, and maintenance are things one must consider if you want to choose one of the best tabletop air purifier.

Filter Types and Stages

Producers use different kinds of filters in their purifiers. Most modern air purifiers have HEPA filters. The high-efficiency particulate air filters are specially designed to knock down every type of harmful element from the air.

It can also stop gases and other chemical components. These are also called carbon filters. It is good to find out what type of filters have been used in the machine.

Noise Level

Noise level is also an important issue to consider if you spend a maximum time in a similar room with an air purifier. Noise pollution is very annoying and can affect your sleeping time.

Generally, an air purifier with a 50-55 dB noise level is most compatible with living space. So, before buying an air purifier, you should find out how much sound it creates.

CADR Rating

CADR means Clean Air Delivery Rate. Generally, it is mentioned on the box of the purifiers. It is the standard rate set by the US Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

Usually, the bigger the room, the bigger the CADR number is needed. In simple words, CADR indicates how effectively the purifier can clean the air. So, you should check this on the package.

Room Size

When choosing a perfect air purifier, room size is another critical factor. Larger places need larger air purifiers for best performance. Also, you can employ more than one purifier if your space is more significant.

Instead of putting two machines, you can buy one that can cover a larger area. So make sure that you buy an air purifier 20-40% larger than the room.

Maintenance Cost

Buying an air purifier will add an extra layer to your budget. Running the purifier 24 hours will also increase the costs of a family budget. Another part of the cost is the cost of maintenance.

The highest cost of managing the air purifier is to exchange the filter. So before buying an air purifier, you should think about the cost of filter replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 1. Does an Air purifier really work?

Yes. Air purifiers are genuinely effective. All the latest purifiers have developed filter technology that is tested to be effective in removing dust and other harmful particles from the air.

 2. How often is its filter needed to change?

It depends on your home’s dust level, but it is ideal for changing the filter every 4-6 months. You should better check the filter after about 2-3 months; if it is dusty, you should change it.

As the filter is very reasonable, you need not worry much about it.

 3. Would this be suitable for a hospital cabin/ hotel room?

Yes, all of these purifiers are pretty handy and portable. Also, there are some mini air purifiers. The weight is also not so high. One can easily carry it on their travel.

You can use it temporarily in the hotel room or hospital cabin. But you need to make sure you bring the charging cord with it.

4. How much sound does it produce?

The company claims that its purifiers produce less sound. It varies from 20 dB to 50 dB. However, it produces quite a high sound because of its fans.

One can use the sleep mode it has. In sleep mode, the purifier produces less sound.

5. How much area does it cover?

Remember, we are discussing the table top air purifiers. You can also call it a desk air purifier. These are small devices with low capacity.

Specially made for your desk or table where you sit for reading and working. It does not cover a vast room or large area. They cover about 40-70 square feet.

Final Words

Now, we can guarantee that choosing the best tabletop air purifier is no longer a hectic task for you. We have discussed all of their features and their advantages and disadvantages for your convenience.

Finally, you need to focus on product reviews, and how to choose section of this article. It would be best if you rethink your requirements and try to assimilate them with the feature of these products.

Remember, you must check filter type, CADR, and noise level before making the final decision.