Best TV for Campervan – Top 5 Picks For 2022

Best TV for Campervan

If you are searching for a TV for your campervan, then you must have spent some time in there and thinking of adding a little spice to your van life.

The concept of campervan or motorhome is common now. People are getting fond of it either for living life in it or spending leisure time and vacation.

Whatever the reason is, campervan life is more interesting than typical life. A TV in your van can bring a new style with function, entertainment, look, and enjoying life.

Finding the best TV for campervan can be tricky. We hope this article will guide you to choose your best fit from our reviews.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Insignia Smart Fire TV for CampervanInsignia 24-inch Smart HD Fire TV

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Supersonic Widescreen TV for MotorhomeSuperSonic LED HDTV Built-in DVD Player

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TCL Smart LED TV for CamperTCL 32-inch Roku Smart LED TV

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Supersonic LED Widescreen HD TVSupersonic 22-Inch 1080p LED HDTV

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Hisense LED Roku Smart TV for Van LifeHisense 32-Inch LED Roku Smart TV

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Benefits of Having TV for Campervan

Modern and Smart

Though some people compare campervan life with gypsy life, nowadays it’s getting a modern idea of living in a van.

People demand a campervan with modern facilities even for only spending a vacation. A van TV system quickly makes your van modern and stylish by giving you entertainment while you are on the move.

Functional and Useful

as one of the main ideas of a campervan is to be minimalist, adding a TV in it does not go against it. Even it adds more value to the idea by serving function and entertainment simultaneously.

You can learn many things and keep up with the world by watching different shows even though you are on vacation or continuously moving.

Easy to Install

As the world is growing fast with modern technology, putting a TV in a campervan is not so difficult and less complicated. Most of the campervan TV is a smart TV.

They come with easy and movable functions so that anyone can move anywhere with the van without having installation, space, and power problems.

Easy to Clean

It is no wonder that a campervan will constantly be hitting the road. So, it is normal to get more dust in a motorhome than in a typical home. The smart TV comes with an easy cleaning system.

They are simple yet modern in design and shape, making them easy to keep clean. You can clean them very often and very smoothly.

Good Company

After all, a TV can make your life more enjoyable and fun. Can you imagine spending some days without watching TV? Of course not.

Especially in van life, TV can be your buddy or serve as good companionship. You will be able to cheer yourself up with entertainment if you ever feel bored of continuous moving.

Best TV for Campervan Reviews

Choosing a technological item from tons of options in the market is genuinely tricky. We presented the five best TV for your campervans describing their features and use to save your valuable time.

You can compare them and choose the best fit for you and your van. Let’s know about them.

1. Insignia Smart Fire TV for Campervan

Insignia Smart Fire TV for Campervan

Insignia is the best TV for Campervan that allows you to enjoy a new generation smart TV featuring a Fire TV experience. The built-in quality and design are simple yet innovative.

A multi-core GPU/ quad-core CPU powers this TV serving the quick response. In addition, its 60 Hz refresh rate makes it more fluid and faster.

One of this TV’s exciting features is that it can be controlled by voice remote and smart home devices like Alexa.

By connecting it to Alexa, you can do anything that a remote control can do with TV like launch apps, watch live TV, do searching, play music, switch inputs, and many more using just your voice or command.

This smart TV offers you to connect it with multiple output/input options like dual-band Wi-Fi and three HDMI inputs.

With a 3000:1 contrast ratio, you can customize and adjust each input and picture setting with different names. Also, your TV will get smarter with automatic software updates.

If you connect the TV with an HD antenna and Alexa, you will be able to search for live TV and choose from millions of streaming channels like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, YouTube, and many more.

Besides watching any show, you want, you can also play games by connecting cable through one of the HDMI ports.

Key Features :

  • Powering design serves quick response
  • Can be controlled by a voice remote
  • Gets automatic software updates
  • Multiple input and output options

2. Supersonic Widescreen TV for Motorhome

Supersonic Widescreen TV for Motorhome

Supersonic HD TV is popular because of its stunning picture quality. With multiple picture modes and digital noise reduction technology, you can enjoy a sharp screenplay.

It serves a widescreen with 1366*768 resolution, giving you the best TV watching experience even when you are on the move.

This TV contains multiple ports like USB, AC, and HDMI, allowing you to use Firestick and similar hardware.

With compatible terminal inputs like USB, VGA, RF, HDMI, CVBS, PC Audio, and Audio L/R, you can browse many channels and apps such as YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, and more.

You will get a DVD player equipped with this TV set. It offers to play your DVD with less trouble and without any outer equipment.

Plus, you can use this TV as the monitor for your computer due to its capacity, resolution, and screen size. All you need to do is, connect an HDMI cable and choose the correct setting.

However, this HD TV is smart, modern, and stylish looking at the same time. It can easily fit into your campervan or motor home without losing floor space.

It is slim and has a bezel design, giving you the chance to place it in your preferred position and making it the best TV for motorhome.

Key Features :

  • Widescreen with 1366*768 resolution
  • DVD included into the television set
  • Can be used as a computer monitor
  • Slim design to save space and fit anywhere

3. TCL Smart LED TV for Camper

TCL Smart LED TV for Camper

This TCL smart TV is one of the best TV for camper. Its modern and simple design can perfectly fit any motorhome without taking up too much space.

With Wireless Connection and multiple inputs like three HDMI, one USB, RF, headphone jack, composite, Headphone Jack, and optical audio out, it works fine.

This TV allows you to experience excellent screening time with a 1080p resolution of full HD. Its 60Hz refreshing rate serves action scenes with fast moves without any virtual motion blur.

The dual-band LED direct-lit creates stunning picture quality with color, contrast, and details.

As the name suggests, this TV is smart enough to be controlled over voice command with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

It will help you search for anything, launch apps, change channels, and switch inputs. You can access thousands of channels by default with this Roku smart TV.

The controlling system is also available via Roku mobile app. This app will allow you to do whatever you expect a TV remote to do.

Besides browsing and watching different channels, you can enjoy the audio via headphones plugged in your mobile by selecting the right option in the app.

Key Features :

  • Smart design with multiple inputs
  • 1080p resolution and 60Hz refresh rate
  • Supported by voice command devices
  • Can fully be controlled by mobile apps

4. Supersonic LED Widescreen HD TV

Supersonic LED Widescreen HD TV

This Supersonic TV provides sharp and detailed quality pictures with its digital noise reduction system like any other suitable campervan TV.

It also offers several picture modes and a spectrum of vibrant colors to make the screen more dynamic and standard to the viewer.

This TV contains several compatible terminals like HDMI, USB, CVBS, VGA, RF, AC, PC audio, and Audio L/R to allow you to use Firestick or other similar hardware.

With this feature, you can access thousands of channels and streaming apps like Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and a lot more.

If you are a pro gamer or like to play games, this TV is perfect for you. You can spice up your van life by playing games on this TV as it allows you to use Amazon Firestick or a similar device.

Without taking too much space, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows and playing video games.

Another cool feature of this HD TV is that it can be used as a computer monitor. As the motor home concept is based on minimalism, this feature serves you a pc monitor so that you don’t have to buy or use another screen.

By connecting an HDMI cable and selecting the right setting, you can experience PC.

Key Features :

  • Digital noise reduction system
  • Supports Amazon Firestick
  • Supports playing video games
  • Serves as a computer monitor

5. Hisense LED Roku Smart TV for Van Life

Hisense LED Roku Smart TV for Van Life

Another best TV for van life is Hisense Roku Smart TV providing you with features like satellite, cable, streaming, gaming, built-in Wi-Fi, and accessible over-the-air live shows.

With a rich 720p resolution and 120 image motion rates, you can enjoy clear screening without any picture lag.

You can control the screen, cable box, and HDTV antenna by providing a streamlined remote. These suitable motor home televisions also come with a Roku TV app allowing you to operate the TV with your iOS or Android device.

Nevertheless, it supports google assistant, Alexa, and other voice command devices.

Its compact, simple yet functioned design is suitable for either mounting it on the wall of your van or keeping it standing with its included stand. You have to buy a wall mount separately.

With the weight of 8 pounds, the slim fit body and looks of these 32 inches smart TVs give a perfect vibe of campervan TV.

Like any other smart TV, this model allows streaming over five thousand steaming channels, including more than fifty thousand movies and episodes of TV shows.

With one year manufacturer’s warranty, you will get access to internet-supported streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and many more.

Key Features :

  • Supports satellite, cable, and Wi-Fi
  • iOS and android remote-control app
  • Slim and smart fit design saves space
  • Multiple inputs and streaming services

Comparison Chart of  TV for Campervan



Screen Size



Insignia Smart Fire TV


24 inches

6.4 pounds


Supersonic Widescreen TV


24 inches

7.8 pounds




32 inches

9.4 pounds


Supersonic Widescreen TV


22 inches

7.1 pounds


Hisense LED Roku Smart TV


32 inches

8 pounds


What to Consider While Choosing TV for Campervan

Compact Size & Weight

One of the main ideas of a campervan is to be minimalist. In minimalism, size and weight matter the most. It will help if you consider buying such a TV set that can be as less heavy as possible with its features.

If it’s too heavy, it is apparent that it will be difficult for your van to carry an extra load. On the other hand, it is possible not to fit in the van, if the TV is too big.

Check the Connection System

You need to check the connection system of the TV before you buy it. As your van carries it from place to place, you need to search for a TV with a wireless connection or little wire connectivity.

Also, check for satellite antenna options because if your van’s roof doesn’t open, that would be a problem. Mainly, it would be best if you buy such TV that matches your van TV system.

Look into Compatibility

Most of the products designed with electrical plugs are made for specific regions. For example, the products we reviewed are specially designed for the US. In that case, voltage and outlets can differ internationally.

You will need to use an extra adapter or converter to use the TV in different destinations. So please check the compatibility before you purchase it, whether it is compatible with your travel area.

Durability & Simple Design

Durability is one of the main things you need to check when you are buying a TV for camper vans. As you will be traveling a lot with this, you won’t have time to repair this very often.

Also, you should look for simple designed campervan TV. This will give your van a smart look and save you space. Nevertheless, you won’t face trouble installing, cleaning, and operating it.

Easy & Modern Technology

Making life more enjoyable and less complicated is the main motto of modern technology. In the case of finding best TV for camper, you need to choose such a TV that has modern and smart features with an easy-to-operate system.

Most smart TV now comes with modern streaming and gaming features. As you will be moving a lot, a simple operating system will make your van life a lot easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you get TV signal in a campervan?

Satellite, antenna, or cable are the three options you can use to get the signal for your TV in a campervan. Many smart TV offers a combination signal system that depends on the budget and travel.

With stable internet access, streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and others are the best option to watch.

2. Can normal TV be used in a campervan?

Yes, you can use normal TV in a campervan, but you have to consider some facts regarding it. Normal or regular TV consumes more power than the TV made for a campervan to use less power like 12V DC.

Also, you may have a problem getting access to many channels as radioactive works differently for normal TV.

3. What is a 12-volt TV?

12V TV is a TV that can be operated on low voltage like electricity of 12V DC. They are mostly designed for a campervan or motor homes.

It can either be plugged into a DC power or be hard-wired to run via your RV battery. You can use it with satellite, cable, and devices like Apple TV.

4. Can I use a smart TV in my camper?

Yes, you can use a smart TV in your camper. You need to make sure you have a stable internet connection to access the necessary apps.

Also, most of the TV now come with multiple input options, which allows you to use Firestick to make them smart.

5. Can I watch Netflix while camping?

Luckily yes. Today’s TVs are smart enough to provide you with popular streaming services. A stable internet connection and HDMI input port will be needed to make it happen.

Not only Netflix, but you can also enjoy other streaming apps like Hulu, YouTube, HBO, and many more by attaching the Firestick to the port.

Final Words

The campervan is getting popular day by day due to its minimalist design. Whether for a permanent life choice or a vacation, adding a TV to your campervan makes your life more functional, enjoyable, and fun.

However, this article will guide you to find the right and best TV for campervan.

With our tips and reviews of some top products, you will be facing no pressure or trouble in your way of buying the best motor home television.