Best TV for College Students in 2022 – Top 5 Reviews

Best TV for College Students

Are you getting tired of exams and classes and want to spend some time with your favorite TV show? Perhaps Yes. If you wish to remove your stress and enjoy your desired entertainment, a TV can help you.

However, buying a perfect TV for a college student is quite a difficult task. There are many brands and models in the market, and all of them are not suitable for a student.

They need a special TV that is convenient and budget-friendly.

To solve this problem, we listed some of the best TV for college students based on our research and customer reviews.

This article gives you a complete concept to buy your desired TV. So, let’s see which one can be the perfect fit for you.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
SAMSUNG 4K UHD TV for College StudentsSAMSUNG Crystal 4K UHD HDR Smart TV

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Sony 4K Ultra HD TV for College DormSony 4K Ultra HD LED Dolby Vision HDR Smart TV

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LG AI-Powered TV for Dorm RoomsLG AI-Powered NanoCell 4K Smart TV

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TCL Smart LED Size TV for A Dorm RoomsTCL 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

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Insignia F20 Series Smart HD Fire TVInsignia Smart HD Fire TV

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Benefits of TV for College Students

Get the current news of the world

Nowadays, television is one of the fastest and most accessible sources of the current news of the world. Events from different places can affect our lives.

With a television, Students can watch the present world, including the matters that influence governance, the economy, education, and health.

They can see the exact situation of any trouble, accident, or incident from their place.

Personality development

Several programs, informative debates, and sports are broadcasted on television that can help enhance the students’ level.

Many international, national, sports or tournaments can influence the students to participate in the game and sports.

Effective for Learning new Things

Television is also beneficial for learning new things in different fields. Creative and Educational programs can help gather more knowledge and information.

This program is an essential part of the learning process of the students. Besides, they can learn about technology, politics, history, society, philosophy, and education.

Awareness of different cultures

Another good side of television is it increases cultural awareness. Different countries have different cultures and rituals. Some specific channels show different cultural programs of other countries.

Also, television helps us know different languages by broadcasting several programs in various languages.

For motivation and to expand our minds

Various programs are telecast in different channels that are educational and motivational. Also, students can take part in quizzes, competitions, and reality shows.

They can get positive motivation and expand their minds by watching them.

Best TV for College Students Reviews

We have thoroughly researched the market, considered customer reviews, and selected the top five TVs for college students from different price points.

You can choose your best one after reading these reviews. Let’s see in detail about these products in the following reviews.

1. SAMSUNG 4K UHD TV for College Students

SAMSUNG 4K UHD TV for College Students

Samsung has already conquered people’s minds with exciting designs and features. The Samsung TU-8000 series 50 inch TV comes with some excellent features that have made it the best TV for college students.

Let’s have a look at some exclusive features this model offers.

It comes up with a 4k processor to learn the color contrast ratio and give more striking images. This super-fast processor can upscale everything automatically with stunningly vivid color and details.

You can taste your loving movies and series on a vitalic and impressive 4k UHD display.

Also, this TV is equipped with built-in Alexa, Bixby, and other voice control features. They provide intelligent control over voice.

You can control basic features with the voice command, such as controlling the volume changing the channels. Besides, you can manage some key settings with Google Assistant and Alexa.

It acts smartly, just like a perfect smart TV.

Without any confusion, Samsung has surprising display technology that makes it more exceptional. This TV takes us a full adorn of HDR technology to create pictures with remarkable color contrasts.

The display of this TV can deliver crisp and bright pictures with crystal clear color. So it can be the best dorm TV for you.

Key Features :

  • Supports app management system
  • It comes up with a crystal 4k processor
  • Designed with multi-voice controlling
  • HDR display for remarkable color contrasts

2. Sony 4K Ultra HD TV for College Dorm

Sony 4K Ultra HD TV for College Dorm

Another most popular brand is Sony. When people want to buy a new TV, the first brand that comes to everyone’s mind is Sony. Sony has gained the market with top-rated series television like Bravia.

Sony X85J, 43 Inch TV, is the best TV for college dorm because of its compact size, display quality, connectivity, 120 Hz refresh rate, and voice control features.

It is a powerful TV equipped with a 4k HDR processor that processes smoother and clearer pictures.

Besides, this TV has triluminos pro technology for producing more color and giving a picture quality that is natural, closer, and sharper than any time in real life.

This TV can deliver full and rich colored video and delicate contrast. So it can be one of the good TVs for college.

In addition, Sony X85J has motion flow technology with a native 120Hz refresh rate. Refresh rate is the most crucial issue to consider before buying a TV.

If you want to watch smooth and precise motion pictures while watching movies, games, and sports, this motion flow technology would be a game-changer. It can give an experience of viewing with lifelike liquidity.

Moreover, TV is suitable for those people who enjoy entertainment from popular streaming platforms like Amazon prime video, Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and others.

It can seamlessly browse 700,000 plus movies and TV serials from your beloved streaming services. Besides, you can connect this TV with the Apple TV app and YouTube.

Key Features :

  • 4k HDR processor for smooth and clear picture
  • Motionflow with native 120Hz refresh rate
  • Comes with Triluminos pro for Stunning color
  • Google TV feature for more connectivity

3. LG AI-Powered TV for Dorm Rooms

LG AI-Powered TV for Dorm Rooms

The next TV that we will review is LG Nano Cell 80 series 55inch smart TV. Crystal clear display, 4k QUAD Core processor, innovative controlling system have made this TV one of the best TVs for dorm rooms.

Many users have given positive reviews of this TV.

Firstly, it has a 4k Nano cell display for upscale video quality. This TV brings your loving movies and TV shows to real life with vivid Nano cell technology.

You can get deep black and other balanced colors with a Nano color system that delivers you natural and real-life pictures.

Also, it has a QUAD Core 4k processor for ensuring a smooth and robust watching experience with increased contrasts and colors.

Secondly, this TV is equipped with a magic remote control feature. Voice control facilities allow you to find your favorite movies or series quickly. With a magic tap, you can share those movies or strings from your mobile.

In addition, it is also designed with ThinQ A1 technology which is Google Assistant and Alexa built-in. Just take your favorite voice assistant to control your TV with your voice.

Finally, a great game optimizer is included, which gives you easy access to your game settings for ultimate gaming performance.

You can play games with auto low latency mode and progressive games of HGiG. I think as a student you are also a game lover. If you are, then LG Nano Cell 80 series 55inch smart TV can be a good TV for you.

Key Features :

  • 4k Nano cell display for upscale video
  • QUAD Core processor 4k for sharp viewing
  • Equipped with a magic remote control
  • Has a game optimizer to access game setting

4. TCL Smart LED Size TV for A Dorm Rooms

TCL Smart LED Size TV for A Dorm Rooms

Now we are going to review another famous brand. Yes, TCL is a well-known brand name in the recent market. As the students are usually live in a small dorm room, so 32 inches TV can be the best size TV for a dorm rooms.

TCL gives a meaningful feeling through their thoughtful intend and upgraded technology. Also, it has brought all the exciting features to this smart TV. Let’s see them in brief.

Although it is 32inch, it has a 1080p full HD resolution that ensures excellent color contrast. It has impressive picture quality.

If you are a game lover, this TV is perfect for you because it supports the latest gaming console. Besides, this 1080p TV is incredibly one of the best cheap TVs for college students for college students.

In addition, this TV supports a voice control system and inbuilt Roku mobile app facilities. It works with google voice assistant, Alexa, or Amazon.

You can control the TV with your voice, search the movies by title, change the channels and volume. Moreover, you can manage your TV with your mobile or tablet by using Roku mobile app.

TCL 32-inch smart TV comes with a dual-band wireless connection facility. It offers access to streaming up to 5000 plus channels and more than 500,000 plus movies and TV series.

Also, this TCL TV has 3 HDMI and USB ports to offer you freedom of connectivity.

Key Features :

  • 1080p full HD resolution for excellent color contrast
  • Easy voice control and Roku mobile app facilities
  • Offer Dual-band wireless connection:11 2×2
  • Designed with multiple input access features

5. Insignia F20 Series Smart HD Fire TV

Insignia F20 Series Smart HD Fire TV

The final one we are going to review is Insignia 32 inch TV. Insignia is well known for making competent budget TVs with all necessary features.

If you are a student who resides in a small room in your dormitory, a dorm room TV can satisfy your needs. Here, we are introducing Insignia 32 HD TV.

Like any other premium smart TV, it has voice searching capability. The TV has Alexa and Google Assistant features that allow you to control the TV with your voice command.

You can control basic functions such as changing channels, increasing and decreasing volumes, etc. It can reduce boring remote usage.

The next incredible feature this TV offers is multiple connectivity’s. It has Bluetooth, USB, HDMI, and a 3.5mm audio jack. Many students want to connect their TV with desktops or Laptops for a larger viewing facility.

With its HDMI, one can easily connect laptops or Desktops and enjoy multimedia from their personal computers. Besides, you can connect headphones and an external sound system with it.

Moreover, Insignia supports internet streaming. In the present world, entertainment has become internet-based. We do not want to watch annoying advertisements on television, and we prefer online programs.

TVs supporting internet streaming are essential for busy persons like students. They tend to watch their favorite program on the internet.

However, this TV has 720 pixels. We would not recommend this TV for users who want a small TV for dorms with higher pixels.

Although it has comparatively lower pixels, it is enough for 32 inches display panel to produce vivid images.

Key Features :

  • Built-in Alexa and voice control remote
  • Multiple input and output connectivity
  • Supports internet streaming and others
  • Deliver 720p picture quality with deep color

Comparison Chart of TV for College Students



Display Technology


Internet Support




Wireless, Bluetooth, USB, Ethernet, HDMI

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Browser

Sony 4K Ultra HD TV




Netflix, Google TV, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube

LG AI-Powered TV



Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, HDMI

Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, Vudu, YouTube

TCL Smart LED Size TV




Netflix, Skype, Hulu, Youtube, Spotify, Amazon Instant Video

Insignia HD Fire TV



Wi-Fi, Ethernet

Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus

TV for College Students Buying Guide

To choose the best TV for students one needs to consider its refresh rate, display panel, resolution, connectivity facilities, size, and budget. Now we are going to explain these points further in the following sections.

Resolution of screen

Choosing a television resolution is an essential issue to consider. Full HD resolution is quite okay for small TV. with a 1440p resolution.

The latest 4k resolution TV is equipped with extra facilities such as YouTube videos, standard cable, and news. Also, it comes with the latest consoles like  Xbox series X, PS5, etc. So, check your TV’s resolution before buying it.


All smart TVs must have the latest multiple connection options like HDMI, Bluetooth, internet, Ethernet. These various connections allow connecting your TV wirelessly.

Most of the dorm room Ethernet port is unavailable near the TV then, which will create a problematic situation for hardwiring. So you must ensure that your TV is Wi-Fi supported.

Stream ability

Stream ability is also most important for a smart TV. Smart TV has built-in Wi-Fi facilities to stay connected with the internet.

Keeping your TV connected with internet you can enjoy streaming from Netflix, Disney+, amazon prime video, Hulu etc., in one place.

Hence, we recommend that before buying a TV, make sure that the TV is smart and can stream more.

Quality of audio and video

Whether your TV is for the dorm room or home, it must have decent sound quality. The latest sound players are Dolby Atoms, DTX, Boom3, FX sound, etc. Make sure your TV has any of the above sound systems.

Refresh rate

Refresh rate is another vital criterion for choosing the best TV for college students. If you love to play game on your TV, it does matter.

Most of the TV provides 60Hz refresh rate that is enough for giving the ultimate experience in gaming. However, TVs with a 120Hz refresh rate can provide an incredible experience with a smoother motion view.

Therefore, consider the refresh rate of your new TV.

Budget range

Budget rate is always an important factor before buying any product. All we want is to buy the finest product within our budget.

There are many brands in the market with different budgets. It would be best if you fixed your budget range first.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a good size dorm room television?

The size of a TV for your dorm room depends on your room size. TVs with 32″ to 45″ are enough for small to medium-sized dorm rooms.

However, if your room is a bit larger, you can go for a larger TV. Also, many prefer a giant screen TV for watching sports shows and 4k movies.

2. Can I plug in a clear antenna for free streaming?

Yes , you can plug in an antenna and stream around 70 channels to these college dorm TVs. If you don’t have any content from Netflix, Amazon, or others, you can enjoy your watching experience with some free stream by an antenna.

3. Does it work as a Pc monitor?

Definitely, it does as a PC monitor. These TVs come with 2-4 HDMI ports that offer you the freedom of connectivity. You can easily connect your TV to your Laptops, CPUs, mobile phones, and Tablets.

4. Can I connect the TV to Bluetooth headphones?

All modern smart TVs have Bluetooth connecting features. All types of Bluetooth earbuds headsets can be connected to these TVs.

In addition, With the specific mobile app you can select the private listening option and listen to audio with multiple headphones.

5. How many HDMI ports each TV has?

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface ) is the most reliable media input-output system. Every modern TV has this feature nowadays.

The TVs we have mentioned also have HDMIs. Each TV has 2-4 HDMI ports that admit 4k at 120fps.

6. Is this TV suitable for a gaming console?

These TVs have HDMI ports, medium to higher refresh rate, and 4k resolution; you can play the games with PlayStation. But, they are not suitable for heavier gaming.

Final Words

At this stage, you must have a clear idea regarding which one would be the best TV for you because we have mentioned all the necessary information you need.

You must remember that a good TV has an upgraded display panel, multiple connectivity options, refresh rate, and higher resolution.

Finally, we hope that you can easily choose your desired product after reading our article because we have listed the top five best TV for college students of the present market with their key features, pros, and cons.