Best TV for Dark Scenes – Top 5 Reviews For 2022

Best TV for Dark Scenes

You are at the weekend or on vacation, sit before your TV to watch your favorite series like Lucifer, Dark, or most viewed Squid Game on Netflix.

But you can’t feel the thrill because your TV cannot display the best graphics quality. So, it’s time to grab the best TV for dark scenes.

The higher resolution means the better Quality of pictures or images. 4K panel of pixels is undoubtedly better than 1080P. You don’t want to watch TV shows on 1080P where you can have 4k OLED or LED smart TV.

This article covers some of the best televisions with their specifications, newest features, pros, and cons. We think after reading our review, you can easily choose a suitable TV for enjoying dark scenes.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
LG OLED 120Hz Refresh Rate 4k Smart TV for Dark ScenesLG OLED 120Hz Refresh Rate 4k Smart TV for Dark ScenesInsignia 39-inch Smart HD TV

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LG OLED 120Hz Refresh Rate 4k Smart TV for Dark ScenesLG OLED 120Hz Refresh Rate 4k Smart TV for Dark ScenesLG OLED 4k AI Powered Smart TV

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Sony BRAVIA Full Array 4K Ultra HD Smart TVSony Full Array LED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

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TCL 4k Smart TV for Dark ScenesLG OLED 120Hz Refresh Rate 4k Smart TV for Dark ScenesTCL 55" 4K UHD HDR Smart Roku TV

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SAMSUNG UHD 4K HDR Smart TV for Dark RoomsSAMSUNG 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Alexa

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Sony 120HZ Refresh Rate 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TVSony 4K LED Smart TV with Dolby Vision HDR

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LG Nanocell AI-Powered 4K Ultra HD Smart TV
LG NanoCell Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV

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Benefits of TV for Dark Scenes

Better image quality

The best televisions for dark rooms have been available in the market recently. The most impressive part of these dark TVs is they all have better image quality.

It’s a game of pixels; how you see the videos in a more lively and crystal clear way. Screenplays in 4K Ultra HD makes your family movie-watching excellent.

Similarity with Smartphone

A smart TV is equal to a smartphone. You can connect it to the Internet or Wi-Fi and download any app you need. You can spend your time on TVs on a bigger screen when you are at home.

Besides, we know that TV has a remote control, but most of the TVs available in the market can be controlled through your smartphone by an app. So forget your search for remote control.

Reliability of Smart TV

We can make a non-smart TV into a smart TV through a streaming device. However, you would never get the real joy of smart TV because of its reliability.

Wi-Fi or internet connection failure is a common problem for non-smart TVs. In this regard, a smart TV will give you smooth internet service to watch live streaming, 4k YouTube videos, and movies.

Cinematic Adventure

There is nothing more joyous than watching movies or TV series having popcorn with your family. This is undoubtedly the quality time spent with family members.

A smart TV will give you this significant opportunity. Most of the TVs in the market have Dolby Vision experience. Google TV can add an extra adventure to your watching.

Gaming world

Every smart TV in the market is specially designed with gaming features. The super-fast processor can make your gaming world smoother and faster. VRR, eARC, HDMI 2.1, and ALLM features are optimized in smart TVs.

4k ultra HD screen can present you with blurless screen, and Bluetooth speaker will give the feel of live gaming.

Best TV for Dark Scenes Reviews

There is nothing more joyous than watching movies or TV series having popcorn with your family. This is undoubtedly the quality time spent with family members.

A smart TV will give you this significant opportunity. Most of the TVs in the market have Dolby Vision experience. Google TV can add an extra adventure to your watching.

1. LG OLED 120Hz Refresh Rate 4k Smart TV for Dark Scenes

LG OLED 120Hz Refresh Rate 4k Smart TV for Dark Scenes

While you are spending a weekend with family, you need the best TV for dark scenes to watch movies and sports to make your family time more enjoyable and relaxed.

LG is one of the best competitors in this purpose in the market.

At first, LG is providing you super-fast AI processor that would give the super-fast watching experience. AI processors can automatically balance videos and sound Quality.

Besides, this fast processor will give your gaming experience a more competitive and blur-free screen give you more chances to win matches.

After that, LG TV has innovative Filmmaker Mode. The fantastic cinematic effort of filmmakers or directors will reach you to the world of reality.

Also,your TV will bring you everything that comes to life. Dolby Movie specification is another beautiful feature in this part.

Thirdly, built-in voice support will make your life easier. You command your smart TV what you want to watch- it will be there for you. More HDMI and USB ports will give more facilities.

This TV has alerts of sports which are good news for sports lovers.

Key Features :

  • It has Built-in Voice Support for smart Controlling
  • Super-fast AI Processor for smooth performance
  • Dolby Movie Adventure Provides outstanding sound Quality
  • Smart Filmmaker Tool Giving you wonderful Movie Experience

2. Sony BRAVIA Full Array 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Sony BRAVIA Full Array 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Sony TV always comes with scintillating picture quality and gives you one of the best televisions for dark scenes.

This company is always user-friendly and provides its customers with the best built-in features and good color accuracy. So it is the time to have 4k Ultra HD TV on your wall.

Firstly, XR picture processors or cognitive intelligence tries to tie humans with the natural world. This processor splits up your TV display with hundreds of thousands of sectors.

When you are about to watch your shows or series, your TV will endorse the object of these sectors.

After that, Triluminos Color starts with the color of your contents.

When you go to watch videos or movies on your TV, you get a tremendously beautiful picture because there is a great light bulb with all the colors, and you can see them on the screen.

But when you go to an LED TV, it is primary like a white and blue light, but it’s not a lot of red and green. New Triluminos technology has a red and green range.

So, you have a full range of blue, red, and green that gives you a more natural and accurate color.

Additionally, you will get perfect gaming adventures with play station with 4K and 120fps in HDMI 2.1 specified. Many software and applications are easy to download and install.

Google TV gives you plenty of episodes and shows. Smart voice assistance provides you with interesting tech life.

Key Features :

  • It has Cognitive Picture Processor XR
  • Offers XR TRILUMINOS PRO Color
  • Suitable for Perfect Gaming Experience
  • Comes with Application Install Compatibility

3. SAMSUNG UHD 4K HDR Smart TV for Dark Rooms

SAMSUNG UHD 4K HDR Smart TV for Dark Rooms

Samsung TV with versatile features and good lively picture quality is an excellent choice to buy for your home. Billions of accurate pixels, slim-fitting on the wall, and cable solutions make this one of the best TVs for dark rooms.

First comes the ultra-fast processor that is specially built for 4K videos. In the case of streaming, Crystal UHD TV is an excellent one for customers.

Crystal UHD means Ultra-High Definition, a standard LCD, but it provides 4K or higher resolution. Samsung usually builds TVs in Crystal UHD processor to represent 4K videos having high pixels density.

You can also use it as a PC accordingly to your work.

Secondly, true-to-life colors are the most promising features for Samsung TVs. Television companies always bring revolution in terms of actual colors.

You can watch your Samsung TV in any viewing environment from every corner and angle of your home; you can get the same picture quality.

In addition, Samsung TV supports multiple voice assistances like Alexa built-in, Hey Google, and Bixby. Game enhancer technology is fantastic because your Play Station can easily be connectable.

USB and HDMI can give you more connectivity of your devices. A fast motion content detector is another superb feature.

Key Features :

  • OfersvLively crystalline imaging
  • It has Game Enhancer Technology
  • It Offers Multiple Voice Supports
  • USB and HDMI Connectivity Features
  • Empowered with Ultra-fast  4k   Processor

4. Sony 120HZ Refresh Rate 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

Sony 120HZ Refresh Rate 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV

Sony has introduced this TV in HD LED display. This makes it a tough competitor compared to other smart TVs in the market.

Excellent color accuracy, safety gadgets, extra cool features, etc., have made it popular among users.

Then, X1 PROCESSOR will always bring you the best motion control feature, which is industry-leading and has stunning picture quality.

There are no issues with sharpness, contrast, and details. Delivering smooth and clear is the ultimate goal of this 4K XI processor.

After that, browsing 700,000+ movies and episodes on Google TV will make your tally world more favorable.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV app, YouTube, Disney, etc., will never sit you idle whenever you are in-home or weekend. A weekend would be the most desirable part of your life.

Additionally, your cinematic experience will be rich with Dolby Vision. HDR (High Dynamic Range) will add an extra feature and find out what the filmmaker tries to do in spectacular cinematic videos.

4K HD videos resolution with clarity is just stunning on Sony TV.

Finally, Apple Airplay-2 brings you an impressive streaming experience. You can operate your audio or videos with your iPhone, iPad, or Mac from anywhere in your home.

Gaming enhancer technology is impressive, and you can connect Play Station 5. HDMI and USB ports are also there to connect your device.

Key Features :

  • 4K X1 PROCESSOR for High Performance
  • It Offers GOOGLE TV Streaming service
  • It Can Create 4K X-Reality Resolution
  • Powered by Apple Airplay for Users
  • Comes with Dolby Vision Adaptability

5. LG Nanocell AI-Powered 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

LG Nanocell AI-Powered 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

We always want a TV with unique features but in a budget-friendly range. LG, in these terms comes with a fast and impressive 4K Quad Core Processor.

This well-reputed company gives you more bright and rich content and no issues with color and contrast.

First of all, Nano Cell technology will present you with excellent picture quality. Your contents bring you the actual color of life, and that is why it is one of the best Televisions for dark rooms.

Balanced lighting makes movies and sports on full screen as well natural. Besides, you can easily adjust color contrast.

Also, the Sound Quality of LG XBOOM speakers is always superb. Surroundings sound, of course, without wire is the easiest thing to apply in watching. Bluetooth speakers and headphones can easily be connected.

Further, game optimizer (HGiG, ALLM) will give fast gaming adventure.

Moreover, built-in approach to LG channels, Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV+, and Disney+ are at your palm. LG has brought Magic Remote to control your content.

You can also add your mobile with just a Magic tap. Director views are also included with filmmaking specifications.

Key Features :

  • It comes with Superb sound Quality
  • It offers Easy Entertainment Access
  • Smart Film Making Features for the Users
  • Magic Remote Experience for smart Controlling

Comparison Chart of TV for Dark Scenes




Voice Assistant


LG OLED 120Hz Refresh Rate 4k Smart TV

a9 Gen4 AI Processor 4K


Google Assistant/ Alexa


Sony BRAVIA Ultra HD Smart TV

Cognitive Processor XR


Hey Google/ Alexa



Crystal Processor 4K


Multiple Voice Assistants


Sony Ultra HD LED Smart TV

X1 4K HDR Processor


Hey Google/ Alexa


LG Nanocell 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Quad Core Processor 4K


Google Assistant / Alexa


How to Choose TV for Dark Scenes

Selecting the best TV for dark scenes in this revolutionary TV developing technological era is undoubtedly challenging. Almost every TV is the same, more or less.

This section has given some key criteria that you must remember before buying a suitable TV for you.

Super-fast Processor

We all know the impact of a fast processor, right? A fast processor means fast working speed. In recent times, TV companies have come up with different fast and smart processors.

All of their efforts represent the true colors of life in the videos. XR Cognitive Processor, Neo Quantum Processor, or 4K Quad-Core Processor are the best in the market. Check your TV processor before buying.

Pixels (4k, not 8k for now)

Pixels are the most significant part of a TV. All elements of a video depending on pixels. The More pixels you have, the more accurate images you will get.

We all know some terms like Ultra HD, UHD, and even 4K Ultra HD, but more or less, all the words reveal the same thing.

A TV in terms of resolution, the simple math is 3,840 x 2,160 pixels; the number is more than 8m pixels in your smart TV, which is four times higher than your existing Full HD (1,920 x 1,080) TV.


In picture quality based on pixels, an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) delivers a picture from its light, but LED is quite different. LED or LCD screens need to employ backlight for their pixels.

A pixel of OLED is named ’emissive,’ and LCD is ‘transmissive.’ An OLED’s light control is based on a pixel-by-pixel. SO, OLED is the best choice for now.

Operating System and Apps Installation

Most TVs in the recent market will give you a better user-friendly android operating system.

Besides, Apple Airplay is also available. Installation of any app is relatively easy. Just connect to your internet and download your desired app and you are all set.


This is an essential issue for any product. We have to find out the best television for dark scenes with our budget.

However, every TV we have discussed above should be within your budget. You just need to check your desired features and buy a smart TV.

Multiple Features

Having multiple features in your TV is another choosing criterion to focus. Voice assistance, Google TV, fast gaming experience if you are a gamer, shows, or sports lovers alters will give different reasons to choose from plenty of options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Do these TVs have Wall- Compatible?

A smart always has a wall-compatible facility. You can easily mountain your TV on the wall, and mounting holes are also there. You will have different patterns according to your TV sizes, like 400W x 400H or 300W x 200H.

2. How strong are the stand and TV?

Usually, a smart TV is not very heavy in weight. Companies now have the care for their customers. The slim-fitting can easily be attachable to walls, and TV stands are much more vital that your pet cannot do any harm to it.

3. Do these TVs have Bluetooth features for wireless Bluetooth compatible Headphones and Speakers?

Bluetooth-compatible Headphones and Speakers are available audio technology options in a smart TV. Sound Quality makes your movie experience more attractive more lively.

In this regard, TV companies have added these features to give the best real sound quality.

4. How many HDMI ports are there?

HDMI and USB ports are available in smart TVs. Generally, every smart TV has 3 to 4 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports. You can easily connect to your device to get a highly desired TV and gaming experience.

5. Can I able or disable Alexa?

Yes, you can disable Alexa if you don’t want to use it or another voice support. Most TVs have multiple voice assistances. Hey Google and Bixby are other possible options to choose from.

You can also have Apple Airplay on your smart TV.

Final Words

Choosing the best TV for dark scenes is difficult but not impossible any more because have reviewed the top five TVs with all the pros and cons. We hope you can now easily find your desired television from the above list.

It would be best if you read our reviews carefully and consider the picture accuracy, processing, controlling, display panel, and connectivity of the TV before buying.

You can choose any of the above based on your budget and requirements.