Best TV for Media Room in 2022 – Top 10 Reviews

Best TV for Media Room

Media room specifically refers to a room with a larger screen TV and home theater-like speaker setup. Choosing the best TV for media room is a bit confusing as there are so many options.

But don’t worry, we will help you to find out the best for you.

In terms of selecting a TV for the media room, you need to consider some features like a larger screen, brighter LED panel, good sound system, smooth operating system with popular voice command support, and multipurpose connectivity.

Televisions are plentiful in the marketplace, and all of them are competitively futuristic too, so you need to go through the details to pick the perfect one.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Sony Ultra HD TV for Media RoomSony BRAVIA XR Full Array LED 4K Ultra HD

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SAMSUNG Crystal UHD Smart TV Ever MadeSAMSUNG UHD 4K HDR Smart TV, Alexa Built-in

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Toshiba LED 4K UHD Mid Range TVToshiba LED 4K UHD Smart Fire TV

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SAMSUNG QLED 4K Smart TV for the Money

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TCL Smart LED Digital TVTCL 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

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Benefits of having a TV in the Media Room


A perfect room with the best TV can be the reason for your happiness. After finishing a busy day, this media room can be the ideal place to spend your leisure time. Which ultimately brings your mental satisfaction.

Family Bonding

A media room can be the best place for holding the family bonding. Watching a certain show or movie together with your family will definitely improve your family bonding.

Especially for your children, they can easily connect the emotion with you while watching something together.

Stay Updated

At a glance at the news channels in your media room before leaving for work will keep you updated for the whole day, and it is something that will make you smart too.

On the other hand, other popular things like popular songs, music videos, movies and more also help you to keep place with the current world.

Money Saver

Entertainment is important for every day that keeps us lively. But can you think to go on the Cineplex or Theater daily?

Yes, it is way too expensive, but a perfect media room will let you get the entertainment with little cost only.

On the other hand, unlike Cineplex and Theater, there is no specific schedule that will allow you to watch and enjoy everything independently.

Healthy and Happy Lifestyle

Many people claim TV as the reason for so many disorders like eye-related, sleep-related problems, and more. Yes, excess of anything is bad, but using it in an ideal way can be healthy too.

For example, a certain TV show that brings happiness for you or any funny comedy show that makes you laugh will be definitely beneficial for your health.

On the other hand, some people used to do yoga and other workouts by watching the related TV program this is also a good use for making you healthy and happy.

Best TV for Media Room Reviews

This review will find out the best and popular product according to the positive customer reviews. After plenty of research, we have found some popular products which can be the best option for your media room.

Let’s have a brief discussion of these products. After all of the discussion below, I hope you can able to pick the best one for you.

1. Sony Ultra HD TV for Media Room

Sony Ultra HD TV for Media Room

If you are looking for a perfect media room setup, the Sony X90J TV should be your first priority. It has a 4K Ultra HD LED TV with incredible picture and sound quality.

It is the ideal best large screen TV you can buy at a low price.

This smart TV comes with a very refined and eye-catchy design with narrow bezels that can easily suit any circumstance. It has superior build quality, which will ensure its legibility.

The LED panel comes with XR Motion Clarity 120Hz refresh rate to experience real, rich, and natural colors.

It also has Triluminos pro display type with smart HDR control.

Additionally, it has gaming mode, which will turn your gaming experience to another level, and a built-in android OS with google voice assistant will help you to control your TV with just voice commands.

Extra features like CD audio and video port, 3 HDMI port, headphone or speaker out port, USB port, and wireless screen sharing option make this TV really smart.

This TV is a complete package you can have for your media room. It provides almost all the significant features, making this product appealing to everyone.

Key Features :

  • Cognitive Processor XR to deliver the intense contrast
  • Full Array LED display with Narrow bezels sleek design
  • Triluminos Pro for precise textures and accurate colors
  • Motion Clarity 120Hz refresh rate for higher graphics game

2. SAMSUNG Crystal UHD Smart TV Ever Made

SAMSUNG Crystal UHD Smart TV Ever Made

Whether you want a compact TV for your media room that will blend into any small size room easily, then this is the best TV ever made for you.

It has a 43-inch ultra-high-definition 4k LED panel. Samsung is known for its crystal display technology, which provides stunning picture quality.

It has a nearly bezel-less design which makes it more convenient for your media room. It comes with a 120 motion rate with 60HZ refresh rate,

and UHD boundless design with 4k crystal Processing unit make your content watching more lively.

It has VESA wall mount compatibility, which is one of the best options for mounting the TV on your media room wall.

Its ultra-fast crystal processor and mart HDR control transform everything into stunning 4k, which will definitely change your 4k experience to the next level.

And the crystal LED panel will ensure the optimum naturally crisp and vivid color. And its (RMS)-20W sound system will surely amaze you, especially when you watch movies and songs.

This smart TV comes with Tizen operating system and that will let you use next-gen apps with the super easy and best control. You can also control it with a multi-voice option as it has built-in Alexa and Bixby.

With this intelligent voice command system, you can do whatever you want, like opening apps, changing channels playing music, and more.

Key Features :

  • Nearly bezel-less design
  • Crystal 4k display panel
  • 20W speaker setup
  • Tizen based OS

3. Toshiba LED 4K UHD Mid Range TV

Toshiba LED 4K UHD Mid Range TV

Toshiba is famous for delivering good video and audio output. Its 50-Inches LED panel provides high ends picture quality with its intelligent 4k Regza Engine processing unit.

PQ technology combined with this quality LCD panel will get an incredible 4K images with UHD picture quality.

Like most Toshiba smart TV, it also has Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 processed image quality.

Its IPS-like panel ensures wide viewing angles for which you can enjoy each and every content from every corner of your room, which ultimately fulfills your media room demands.

It comes with built-in DTS Virtual X technology, an advanced audio post-processing system, and with this, you can enjoy a home theater-like audio system.

It has Amazon’s Fire TV platform as an OS with Alexa voice assistant support that will let you control it smartly.

If you are looking for the best mid range TV then definitely you should go for it. Its borderless design and bottom metal strip edge look premium enough to increase your media room beauty.

Basically, it is a complete package that you can have with a mid-range price tag.

Key Features :

  • PQ combined LED panel
  • 4k Regza Engine processor.
  • Dolby Vision HDR and HDR 10
  • DTS Virtual X audio technology

4. SAMSUNG QLED 4K Smart TV for the Money

SAMSUNG QLED 4K Smart TV for the Money

The Samsung QN32Q50RAFXZA comes with a 32-inches Quantum Dot LCD panel. It is way too compact in size, and a slim bezel fulfills the public demand. With its 4k UHD processor and Quantum dot technology,

it confirms the best images bursting and billions of colors range. Incredible picture clarity with 120 motion rates makes it the best smart TV for the money.

Besides that, its 360° viewing angels help you to watch content anywhere from your room. To enhance contrast, this TV uses an ultra-slim array that provides the best black depth and brighter whites.

Though the screen size is comparatively smaller, but the brightness, sharpness, and bezel-less design won’t disappoint you while watching content.

Additionally, it has UHD Dimming technology and HDR support with almost 100% DCI-P3 Color Volume. Built-in game mode will make your gaming experience smoother.

To provide rich and clear sound, it has integrated Dolby digital plus support, which is a decoding technology that boosts the audio.

Like most of the Sony smart TV, it also has Bixby, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa voice control support.

Though sometimes image degrades at an angle and noticeable motion artifacts appear but all the features the TV is providing still make it a better option to buy.

Key Features :

  • PQ combined LED panel
  • 4k Regza Engine processor.
  • Dolby Vision HDR and HDR 10
  • DTS Virtual X audio technology

5. TCL Smart LED Digital TV

TCL Smart LED Digital TV

TCL is a Chinese electronics company mostly known for its TV. They are making their smart TV with Roku TV and Google TV operating system. This one is Roku TV OS based, which has 32-inches FHD, 1080p LED panel.

Clear Motion Index 120 enhances the video quality smoother while transiting rapidly.

Dolby Digital Plus sound support with a 10watt speaker setup makes your listening experience outstanding from the TV.

Built-in Wi-Fi support with integrated streaming Services like Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, Spotify, Prime Video, Disney+, HBO Max, Skype, and more will make your user experience better.

It has Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control support which is easy to use in terms of switching inputs, changing channels surfing through the settings and menus, and searching for movies, songs, and more.

It has most common inputs like 3 HDMI, 1 USB, headphone out, and CD AV ports.

Considering the price range, it is already providing the best in its segment. If you are tight in budget and like a simple interface, this is the best digital TV to fulfill your media room.

Its FHD processor will enhance the video to make it more real, and the bright, dynamic backlight control will ensure the best content-watching experience.

Key Features :

  • Compact FHD LED
  • Clear Motion Index 120
  • Simple user interface
  • Roku TV-based OS

6. LG 4k 120Hz Refresh Rate TV for Movies

LG 4k 120Hz Refresh Rate TV for Movies

Are you searching for best TVs for movies? Then LG brings this one for you. it comes with an OLED panel. It has a large 65-Inches display panel with zero bezel edge and ultra-thin design.

Its α9 GEN4 AI processor ensures superior 4K video quality. There is very few TV that comes with more than a 60HZ refresh rate, whereas this one comes with a 120Hz Refresh Rate.

Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG technology provide incredibly bright, sharp, and contrasting pictures that will turn your viewing experience to the next level.

And Wisa ready connectivity with 5.1 Channel support will help you to connect with your Hi-fi audio system so easily.

On the other hand, it has Game Optimizer mood, which will help you to get lower input lag and faster response times with auto low-latency mode and HGiG.

LG ThinQ AI with Google Assistant and Alexa voice control will help you control the media room tvs smartly.

It has flexibility in terms of setup; you can attach the gallery stand, which will turn your media room into a gallery-like appearance, and with the wall stand.

You can conveniently put the TV on the wall. Whatever you choose, it will enhance the room’s beauty for sure.

Key Features :

  • Superior OLED panel
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • α9 GEN4 AI processor
  • Wisa ready connectivity

7. Toshiba Smart HD TV on the Market Today

Toshiba Smart HD TV on the Market Today

If you are looking for the budget-friendly best TV on the market today, this 32-inch LED smart HD TV with 720p resolution will be the best option for you.

It has good brightness and high color contrast which overall good picture quality and 60Hz refresh rate won’t disappoint you.

It runs with the Amazon Fire TV operating system, and with Alexa voice support, you can simply access the TV.

You can enjoy Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, and more with featured Streaming Services. You can watch movies, play games, and more with the TV’s integrated apps.

It has a decent sound system, and with built-in 12-watt speaker support, you will get a good audio experience.

Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity will provide the flexibility of using the internet and connecting with other home appearances like home theater speaker setup, Hi-fi audio system, TV soundbar, and more.

It has some issues with viewing angles. You may face the color-related issue from the corner as it comes with an LCD panel the best viewing angle for this TV is the center. Still, it can be manageable by considering the price range.

Key Features :

  • Budget-friendly LED TV
  • Fire-TV based OS
  • Alexa voice control
  • Integrated streaming Services

8. Insignia Smart HD Large Screen TV

Insignia Smart HD Large Screen TV

The Insignia NS-32DF TV comes with a 32-Inches HD LCD panel that delivers real-like detail, rich contrast, deep blacks, and brilliant colors with good image quality in 720p resolution.

It can be a complete package for your media room. It has a built-in Fire TV OS, which will let you enjoy more than 1 million movies and TV episodes with thousands of channels, apps, and lots more.

The integrated streaming service will help you to watch Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Hulu, ESPN+, Disney+, Sling TV, Paramount+, and lots more.

With a 60 Hz refresh rate every motion picture becomes lively and smooth that making the TV appealing enough to enjoy content watching, which makes this one the best TV for media room.

Amazon Alexa voice control will give you extra control over searching content, switching channels, and accessing almost everything with just your voice easily.

DTS True Surround with an excellent built-in speaker setup will ensure immersive surround sound and make your audio listening experience just outstanding.

HDMI ARC and Versatile connection support will help you to synchronize with other devices like Blu-ray player, Hi-fi audio system, game console, PC connection through HDMI, and more.

Another additional feature is parental controls which will allow you to choose what can be seen and what not to for your children.

Key Features :

  • Affordable LCD panel
  • Amazon Fire TV OS
  • DTS True Surround
  • HDMI ARC and Versatile

9. Sony 720p Smart LED TV

Sony 720p Smart LED TV

Sony is known for its outstanding display panel. This one comes with a 32-inches HD- LED display with 720p resolution.

Despite having HD resolution, this panel provides the refined picture with good clarity and sharpness because of its X-Reality™ PRO support. Though this media room tv is old one, but it is still a value for money.

Like most of the Sony TV, this one also has Motion flow XR 240 refresh rate technology which ensures enhanced motion clarity.

Though it is not an Android TV, it still has a built-in Wi-Fi option that will let you browse online and watch content from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and more.

To enhance audio, it uses Clear Phase support with two 5watt speakers that provide a smooth audio experience.

Additionally, you can use your smartphone content to this big screen by screen mirroring option over Wi-Fi. Its integrated Photo Sharing Plus will let you enjoy the photo and short video clip from your phone to this TV.

It has Smart TV OS as an operating system. With built-in Wi-Fi, you can web surfing, watch content and play media over USB supported like any other smart TV can.

If it comes with any voice control support, then there was no lack of it.

Key Features :

  • X-Reality PRO
  • Motion flow XR 240
  • Screen Mirroring from the phone.
  • Integrated Photo Sharing Plus

10. INSIGNIA Smart 4K UHD Fire TV Technology

INSIGNIA Smart 4K UHD Fire TV Technology

Insignia manufacture this good entry-level smart TV with 50-inches UHD 4K LCD panel. With a 60Hz refresh rate, natural and vivid color, stander brightness, high sharpness, good contrast, and HDR compatibility,

Everything will become livelier, which will definitely amaze you. Its narrow-shaped bezel is also appealing enough to everyone.

It has a superior viewing angle to provide the best viewing experience from every corner of your media room.

The premium DTS Studio Sound support ensures the best stereo output with two speakers that enhance audio to create a realistic and immersive experience, especially while watching movies and songs.

If you want a large size smart TV for your media room, then it can be a better option.

Its built-in Fire TV OS is a brilliant choice that will allow you to use next-gen apps and streaming access to thousands of shows and content over the internet,

Including Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Apple TV+, ESPN+, Disney+, and more other services.

It comes with the best TV technology like Alexa supported voice control remote, which will make easy your search content, switch channels, and more.

It’s Apple AirPlay supports allowing you to play content from your Apple devices. It has HDMI, and other versatile connections support to fulfill your media room demand completely.

Key Features :

  • Best LCD panel
  • Good viewing angle
  • DTS studio sound support
  • AirPlay supports

Comparison Chart of TV for Media Room


Display Type

Screen Size



Sony Ultra HD TV





SAMSUNG Crystal Smart TV





Toshiba LED 4K UHD TV




Fire TV





TCL Smart LED Digital TV




Roku TV

LG 4k 120Hz Refresh Rate TV





Toshiba Smart HD TV




Fire TV

Insignia Smart HD TV




Fire TV

Sony 720p Smart LED TV




Smart TV OS





Fire TV

How to Choose TV for Media Room

Choosing a perfect TV can be the most challenging job for you. You need to think twitch about so many aspects like build quality, size, display type, resolution,

operating system & feature, sound quality, and more before going to buy one. Let’s have a short discussion about these aspects.

Build quality

Thinking about build quality should be in the first place on your priority list while choosing the best TV for you. If you have children in your home, you must go for a durable and long-lasting TV like a metal-built one.

And for long-time use build quality is an important part in which you should be a concern while buying a TV.

Room Space

Room space is an important issue to think about before buying a TV for the room. Buying a TV without thinking of the space may destroy your room’s looks.

So before choosing a TV, you need to measure the room space and try to imagine a setup for your TV. That is how you will get an idea to select the best TV for media room.

Display Type

The common smart TV comes with LCD, LED, QLCD, and OLED panel’s type displays. You need to choose the type that is suitable for you. For example, if you want the best display type, just go for the TV that comes with an OLED panel.

OLED is the superior display type you can ever have, especially for watching movies.

On the other hand, if your budget is tight, you need to choose the TV with an LCD panel as it is budget-friendly, and for the mid-range, you can go for LED type.


For a larger media room, you need a larger TV, and that should be rich in terms of resolution. Resolution is something that is directly related to display size.

You have to pick the minimum requirement for the resolution according to the display size for better sharp picture quality.

For example, if you are selecting a 32 inches TV you should go for a minimum 720p or HD resolution. Over 42 inches display,

The minimum resolution requirement is FHD or 1080p, and adobe 50, and you need to select the TV that comes with UHD or 4k resolution.

Operating System & Feature

This is the thing most people skip while buying a TV. A media room setup won’t be fulfilled with just a TV. You need a smart TV with smart features and, most importantly, OS.

Basically, Smart TV nowadays comes with Android, Fire TV, Tizen, Roku TV, and more.

They all are best in their segment and provide variable features. It is you need to choose what you need. Mostly everyone chooses either Android or Fire TV.

Sound Quality

If you already have an external hi-fi sound system, you can think the TV’s sound quality might not be important for you.

But don’t forget the built-in sound processor will decode the audio for your speakers, either it is internal of the TV or external Hi-fi setup.

So having a good and popular audio processing unit should be your priority list for choosing a TV.

How to make private Cineplex using a TV on the Media Room

  1. First, choose a TV with a higher resolution that will help you to watch content in higher resolution available. And that is how you will get a sharp picture quality.
  2. Choose a bright panel if your room has direct sunlight; otherwise, it will be harder to watch content.
  3. Confirm the best display type. If possible, choose a TV with an OLED panel as they are sharp and provide a vivid color quality. If not possible, go for LED or LCD they are also good too.
  4. Check the sound output from the TV speaker, connect external speaker setup if possible, like TV-Bar or Sound-Bar, Hi-Fi audio system, or any other subwoofer speaker system.
  5. Plug the internet connection through LAN port or connect through the Wi-Fi. Make sure you have a high-speed internet connection; otherwise, it will be disturbing to watch something for buffering.
  6. Search what you want to watch over the internet by using built-in streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, ESPN+, Apple TV+, Disney+, Hulu, Sling TV, and more anywhere you find it.
  7. Set up your couch or anything where you like to sit for watching movies. Make sure your it is comfortable enough as you are going to spend some hours there.
  8. Dim the light of your media room. You can make it totally dark if you need.
  9. Additionally, you can manage some pop-corns, Chips, or any other food item that you can enjoy for extra feeling.
  10. Now enjoy your own Cineplex by using a TV in your media room.

Safety precautions before setting up a TV on your Media Room

  1. If your media room is not large enough, then do not choose large screen TV as they need to watch from a distance; otherwise, it will be difficult to focus corner and side area of the TV at a time.
  2. Open the box of your TV carefully. Keep patience while doing it.
  3. Collect all the accessories that come with the TV and keep those in a safe place.
  4. Read the user manual, especially the installation part, if you can manage time. Most people skip it by thinking that it is unnecessary, but the installation part is a bit tricky, and reading it from the manual will be helpful for you.
  5. Mount the TV on the wall by using a perfect wall mount setup. Confirm the setup is ok. You can take help from the installation guide video over the internet.
  6. If you plan to stand the TV on the floor using a floor stand or place it on a desk by using a desk stand, make sure it is not beside the room entrance. Maintain safety distance.
  7. Put all the cable cords gently. Do not push any cord harder. If you have any plugging issues, make sure you put it on the right way.
  8. Organize the wires wisely. Make sure the wire is not on the walking area of your media room. Most of the people have to face destruction because of wire management, especially those who have small children.
  9. Connect the power cable to the electricity by using a good power socket or multi-plug.
  10. If possible, use a stabilizer or UPS for extra safety.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which brand of TV should I buy?

All the TV brands are competitively making good TV with great features. All popular models from different brands are ok to buy as they all have excellent brand value.

All you need to do is choose the perfect model to fulfill your needs. However, some top brands like Sony, Samsung, LG, and more will ensure the after-sell service though they can be a bit expensive.

2. What size TV for media room is perfect for watching movie?

Screen size is a very important issue while buying a TV. You need to choose a perfect TV screen size according to your room size.

For better support, you can imagine the previous TV setup that will help you find out the answer.

3. Which TV resolution is preferable?

The simple answer to this question is the TV with 4K resolution or UHD (Ultra-High-Definition). As 4k is futuristic, it will help you watch clear and sharp content from your TV.

4k is a new generation though there is some 8k resolution TV also but still 4k is enough considering present time. You can also go for FHD or 1080p resolution if your budget is tight.

4. Which one is better among OLED, LED, and LCD?

If you want a superior screen type, just go for an OLED panel as they are bright and produce vivid colors with superior viewing angel.

However, you can also go for LED and LCD gradually as they both provide enough sharpness and good image quality too.

5. Which one is the Best TV for sports and gaming?

Sports or gaming is something related to motion, so you need to pick a display with a higher motion rate and refresh rate. Commonly, most TV comes with a 60Hz refresh rate,

Nowadays, there is some TV also with a 120Hz refresh rate and higher motion rate. If sports and gaming are your first priority, just go for the TV with a 120Hz refresh rate and higher motion rate.

Final Words

In the age of competition, all the TV manufacturers make their TV with the best features available but cost-cutting and targeting the specific buyers they need to maintain variation.

On the other hand, there are plenty of brands too.

So you have so many options, which can confuse you about selecting the best one.

First of all, make a flexible budget according to your needs. Now point out what you must need and what is optional for you.

Then go through the product details and features and select the appropriate one that matches your needs.

Considering all of the discussed matter I hope you will be able to pick the best TV for media room.