Best TV for YouTube TV in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best TV for YouTube TV

With the improvement of technology, people are gating more attracted to the internet, and this revolution takes place in every sector, even in watching TV.

Nowadays, people like to watch content from YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, and other streaming services with a bigger screen, so smart TVs with internet connectivity are getting popular day by day.

But all the TV manufacturer brands producing lots of TVs with various types of features.

So with the huge collection, you will get confused easily that is why we are here with the top 5 best TV for YouTube TV, which you will like for sure.

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LG 4k Smart 120Hz Refresh Rate OLED TV for YouTube TVLG 4k Smart 120Hz Refresh Rate OLED TV

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TCL 720p 3-Series Smart TV for StreamingTCL 720p 3-Series Smart TV

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Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for YouTube TVSony 4K Ultra HD YouTube Smart TV

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Insignia Class F20 Series HD 720p Fire TVInsignia Class F20 HD 720p Fire TV

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Which TV Will Be Best If You Pick As a YouTube TV

To find out what TV will work best with YouTube TV, you need to remember some facts before you start searching for the TV.

1. Ensure the latest model of your choosing TV

The latest TVs come with the latest technology, so you will get a better user interface with the latest technology.

On the other hand, with the advancement of technology latest TVs are smart, faster and at the same time consume less power than the previous generation.

2. Check the display type; if possible, select OLED

To have a top-class YouTube content watching experience, you must consider the display type. In the display section, OLED panels are holding the lead.

So it will be best if you can afford an OLED TV; otherwise, you can also go for QLED and LED TV too.

3. Choose display size according to room preference

The display size has an important role in making sure you are picking the best. It won’t be wise if you choose a larger screen TV for a smaller room.

And accordingly choosing a small screen TV with a big room won’t be wise too. So go for a suitable screen size according to your room preference.

4. Go for the highest resolution available of the selected model

The resolution has a great impact on the picture quality. Most YouTube creators produce their videos with 4k regulation.

So to enjoy the highest picture quality with life-like details, you just need a TV with the highest resolution available.

5. The selected model should have an internet connectivity option

To access YouTube, the most important thing you need is internet connectivity. So select a model which has built-in WI-FI and Ethernet connection option.

If possible, choose one with dual-brand WI-FI connectivity, ensuring stable internet connectivity.

6. Check the operating system of the TV & go for the latest version

OS is the real thing that makes the TV smart. And there are lots of operating systems in the market for the TV. The most popular TV OS are GOOGLE TV, Fire TV Tizen, Roku, WebOS.

Whichever you choose, make sure it is updated with the latest version.

7. Make sure the OS has built-in streaming services, including YouTube

Almost all the smart TV with various OSs included lots of built-in streaming services. And most of them have YouTube TV as a streaming service which will give you good access over the YouTube content watching.

8. Choose the TV with a good processing unit; it will ensure the best output

A good TV can be defined with a good processor. It is like a heart for a TV that ensures the picture quality by processing the content in a suitable way for your TV and delivering the highest picture quality possible.

9. To have the hand free interface check the voice control ability of the TV

If you want to access YouTube with your voice and have a hands free interface, you must consider Voice control support.

Most TVs nowadays come with Google and Alexa voice assistants, and both are good enough for the ultimate hands-free experience.

Best TV for YouTube TV Reviews

As most of the TV brands manufacture various sizes and types of TVs with lots of variants or versions, you may already get confused, right?

Don’t worry about making your best TV finding easier we are here with the top 5 best TV with the most positive customer feedback.

These five TVs come from the most reliable brands, so you don’t need to worry about brand value.

1. LG 4k Smart 120Hz Refresh Rate OLED TV for YouTube TV

LG 4k Smart 120Hz Refresh Rate OLED TV for YouTube TV

A large screen smart TV with YouTube TV built in can boost your mood anytime. This 77″ OLED TV is one of the superior among the best TV for YouTube TV.

You will get a clear and sharp picture quality with more than 8 million pixels where each pixel independently can turn on and off, which ensures a perfectly black screen.

Moreover, the OLED panel can deliver infinite contrast and decent brightness for maximum visibility in a good sunlight room condition.

And a billion rich colors, which will make your YouTube content watching experience to the next level.

However, LG brings this WebOS-based smart TV with almost all the streaming services, including Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube.

On the other hand, with the superior display panel, the TV also comes with a powerful 4K α9 GEN4 AI PROCESSOR, which automatically adjusts the picture and sound quality to ensure the best output.

The processing unit allows the TV to use deep-learning algorithms to detect the scenes and deliver the supreme picture quality.

Additionally, with auto-detect Game Optimizer mood, you will get a low-latency image transaction with a higher refresh rate and motion rate while gaming which will deliver a top-class gaming experience.

Along with Google Voice Assistance and the Alexa voice control option, you will get an amazing hands-free user interface.

Key Features :

  • Powerful 4k a9 Gen4 AI Processor
  • OLED panel with up to 8 million pixels
  • Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision IQ support
  • Built-in Google and Alexa voice Assistant



Samsung is always at the top in terms of display quality in every sector. Even with their TVs.

This 60-Inch TV also comes with a top-notch QLED panel, which can produce a billion 100% stay-true shades of breathtaking color volume, it work better for HD movies and most cinema screens.

Moreover, with the dedicated warm and cool, dual-tone LED backlight, the display of the TV can deliver enhanced contrast and brightness, and along with quantum HDR technology,

You will get a sharp, bold, colorful, crystal clear, and higher picture quality available in the YouTube which makes it best among the YouTube TV compatible TVs.

The TV also has a powerful Quantum Processor 4K lite processing unit to deliver outstanding picture quality.

On the other hand, the Smart TV has a Tizen-based operating system in it, which will allow you to explore lots of streaming services besides YouTube, including Netflix, Disney+, Spotify, Skype, Prime Video, HBO Max, and others.

However, to ensure a top-class hands-free experience, it has built-in Google Assistant, Alexa, and Bixby voice command support,

which can able to open apps, search content, Play/Pause music, videos, and lots more with just accessing the voice. To enable voice assistant, all you need to do is press and hold the mic button on your remote.

Key Features :

  • Warm and cool dual-tone LED with QLED panel
  • 100% bold, vivid, real-like color and contrast volume
  • HDTV with integrated quantum HDR technology
  • Google, Alexa, and Bixby voice Assistant support

3. TCL 720p 3-Series Smart TV for Streaming

TCL 720p 3-Series Smart TV for Streaming

This 32-inch 3-Series 720p Roku Smart TV from TCL is a brilliant creation that is one of the best smart TVs for streaming as it has a decent LCD display setup that can deliver immersive picture quality with detail contrast and standard pick brightness.

And with 720 HD resolution, you can watch YouTube content with more than enough clarity.

As this smart TV comes with Roku TV-based operating system, you will be able to access lots of applications, smart features, and more than 500,000 TV episodes and movies with supported internet streaming services,

including YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Skype, Spotify, Amazon Instant Video and lots more. And the smart OS will ensure a top-class user experience with a simple system interface.

Along with the smart OS, you will also get Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice control support,

which will help you launch applications, change channels, find movie titles on YouTube, and even switch inputs by using just your voice. And additionally, you will get a Roku mobile app to control your TV easily with your smartphone.

On the other hand, this TV has 802.11ac 1×1 dual-band WI-FI connection support, giving you a stable connection and fast and easy access to your favorite content.

You will also get 1 USB (media player), Composite, 3 HDMI port with HDCP 2.2 (one with HDMI ARC), RF, Headset Jack, Optical Audio Out as inputs.

Key Features :

  • 11ac 1×1 dual-band WI-FI connectivity support
  • Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice control
  • Advanced Digital TV Tuner with Live TV Guide
  • Over 500,000 TV episodes and movies support

4. Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for YouTube TV

Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for YouTube TV

Sony is producing various TVs with good LED panels, and this 55 Inch TV is one of them.

With the Triluminos Pro technology, the LED panel can reproduce more colors than conventional TVs, making the picture quality more natural and precise.

With HDR and Dolby Vision support, you will get engaging and immersive cinematic content as the creator intended.

Moreover, with the unique 4K database upscale known as 4K X-REALITY PRO, all the HD content comes with real-world details and texture.

And to make the motion picture smooth and clear, the TV has MOTIONFLOW XR, which allows using of a higher refresh rate and motion rate in sports, games, and action movies sequences.

On the other hand, the TV comes with a 4K HDR PROCESSOR X1 processing unit which ensures clear, smooth, full of amusing colors and life-like details contrast.

However, with the Android-based GOOGLE TV OS, you can browse 700,000+ TV episodes and movies seamlessly from the built-in streaming services, including YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video, the Apple TV app.

Along with Google Assistant and Alexa voice control support, you can easily turn on and off the TV, switch channels, adjust volume, and find your favorite content over YouTube,

which makes this one best smart TV for YouTube TV. You will also get AirPlay 2 support for streaming content from your Apple devices.

Key Features :

  • HDR & Dolby Vision with 4K HDR X1 powerful processor
  • Apple AirPlay 2 for streaming content from Apple devices
  • Google Assistant and Alexa voice control support

5. Insignia Class F20 Series HD 720p Fire TV

Insignia Class F20 Series HD 720p Fire TV

Insignia is a US TV manufacturer brand, well known for producing quality full TVs. This 24-inch Class F20 Series Smart TV is also a wonderful creation from Insignia.

The TV has a Direct Lit-type LED panel, which can produce decent picture quality with great sharpness, standard brightness, eye-catchy contrast, and real-like details.

Along with 720p HD resolution, the TV can deliver higher definition video. Especially for a 24-inch TV, the resolution is enough to give you a better TV watching experience.

To make the smart TV really smart, Insignia uses Fire TV OS to run the TV system, allowing you to stream movies, TV shows, music, games, and lots more with TV’s integrated apps.

Additionally, you will get more than a million streaming movies and TV episodes, including YouTube, Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and tens of thousands of channels, apps, and Alexa skills.

But to watch web-based content, you must require high-speed internet access, and some services may need subscriptions.

On the other hand, to limit your kid’s viewing experience, the built-in V-chip will allow you to block content based on program ratings and review to decide what your kids will be watching easily.

However, to ensure a smart hands-free experience, the TV also comes with built-in Alexa support.

Key Features :

  • Direct-Lit type LED panel for great picture quality
  • DTS TruSurround for immersive audio output
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connectivity to access the internet
  • built-in V-chip to limit the kids’ content watching

Comparison Chart of TV for YouTube TV


Display type



LG 4k Smart 120Hz Refresh Rate OLED TV








TCL 720p 3-Series Smart TV




Sony 4K Ultra HD Smart TV




Insignia Class HD 720p Fire TV



Fire TV

How to Choose TV for YouTube TV

Internet Connectivity

The most important thing you must need to watch YouTube content is internet connectivity. To watch YouTube content on the TV, you need internet access on the TV.

Ensure your TV has WI-FI and Ethernet connectivity options and choose a high-speed internet package from the service provider to avoid buffering.

OS and Streaming support

Most of the smart TVs come with various types of OS, including Google TV, Tizen OS, Roku TV, Fire TV OS, and many more.

So decide wisely which one is more useful to you and make sure the chosen one has a built-in YouTube App as a streaming service. A good operating system will keep place with time by updating the system regularly.

Larger Screen TV

Most TVs offer comparatively larger screens than most other devices that we use to watch YouTube TV content like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and desktop PCs.

So to enjoy the YouTube content TVs with the largest screen size you can afford will be the best choice for you.

Display Type and Resolution

To watch YouTube content with a real-like viewing experience, you must consider buying the superior display type.

OLED and QLED are the most superior display types, though most LEDs nowadays can deliver good picture quality. On the other hand, as most YouTube videos come with 4K option, you must buy a TV with 4k support.

Features and Interfaces

Beside YouTube watching, you should consider the features and interfaces of the TV before buying one.

With the advancement of technology, features and interfaces of TVs are updated day by day to buy the best one make sure you are picking the latest one.

Especially look at those features and interfaces that you really need in your daily usage.

Price Range

Last but not least the price range has most important role while buying a TV. To find out the most suitable one for you, first, make a flexible budget and then search accordingly.

Try to get the most futuristic one on your budget range; eventually, you will get your desire one.

To find out the best TV for YouTube TV, you need to consider these aspects from above while buying the TV;

if you are still confused, search about Smart TV on YouTube eventually, you will get how to choose the suitable one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is essential for a TV to watch YouTube TV?

The TV must be a smart TV with an internet connectivity option. It will be good if the OS of the TV offers YouTube TV as a streaming service.

And to have a smooth YouTube content experience, the TV should come with a powerful processing unit.

2. Which TV is superior to YouTube TV?

Any TV with a good brand value, including a good display panel, decent resolution, smart features, and integrated things that boost the picture quality, will be enough for YouTube TV.

But if you want the superior one to choose any product from the above, all of them are best in their segment.

3. How to get the best picture quality TV?

Picture quality depends on many things, but it mostly depends on the display panel and resolution. You can buy a TV with OLED or QLED display panel to have superior picture quality.

In the resolution section, choose the one with 4K resolution though small size TV still producing good image quality with FHD or HD resolution.

4. What is the ideal display size for watching YouTube TV?

To watch YouTube, display size doesn’t matter. Instead, it is your room that matters. You should choose the suitable size for your TV according to your room size and sitting position in front of the TV space.

So select the display size according to your TV room, and you will get your ideal display size TV for watching YouTube.

Final Words

YouTube TV is getting popular in the present time because of its independent nature which we won’t get in the cable connection or satellite TV channels.

People can watch their favorite shows and movies on YouTube whenever they want, and YouTube is the place where you get almost everything you want.

So most of the TV manufacturers bring their TV with built-in YouTube TV as a streaming service.

With the huge collection of TVs from lots of brands, it is hard to select one, but with all of the discussion, I hope you have already decided which TV will be the best TV for YouTube TV.

You can also take help from YouTube to know about the listed products.