Best Video Conference Camera for Large Room in 2022

Best Video Conference Camera for Large Room

Following the Covid pandemic, we have a clear idea about joining meetings, classes, and various programs through video conferences.

Covid situation aside, you often need to connect with others via video conference, whether you work from home or office.

Video conference camera is a must for such virtual gatherings. Conference camera for large rooms is different than a regular webcam.

Imagine your office meeting with your colleagues or a class with students who need to connect with another person or team.

Here you need such video conference cameras with special features of covering wide area including many people.

This article will help you find your one from our reviews of the five best video conference camera for large room.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
Nexigo Video Conference Camera for Large RoomNexigo Video Conference Camera

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Logitech 1080p Webcam for Large Conference RoomsLogitech Conference Room Webcam

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Logitech HD Conference Room Camera and MicrophoneLogitech HD Camera and Microphone

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Nexigo HD Webcam with Microphone
Nexigo Webcam with Microphone

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Meeting Owl Pro 360 Degree Smart Video Conference CameraMeeting Owl Pro Camera

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Benefits of Using Video Conference Camera for Large Room

Covers Large Area

This type of conference room video camera tries to cover a wide area as much as possible. Especially in a large conference or meeting rooms, large classes, social programs, and auditoriums,

We can easily use such cameras to connect with others virtually, even if they are far away. With enough light, it can cover each corner of the room clearly.

Focuses Many people

It also tries to focus and cover as many people as possible. Some conference room video cameras offer zoom, detection, motion, and optical features that help keep many people in focus.

Some cameras can hold this focus for a long time except interruptions and major changes in the setting and environment.

Improves Communication

As these cameras cover large areas and many people with a good resolution, they effectively engage most people with the other side.

With a good microphone, better connection, and other set up, they can significantly improve and develop interaction. Nevertheless, it helps to set a good structure and attendance in communication.

Saves Time, Money & Space

Often people travel with team for conference, training, and meeting, which is time-consuming and expensive. Video conference cameras with large room features save both time and money.

Also, you will not need too much space to set them as most of them come with compact size. Just the right angle is enough.

Modern & Updated Device

These video cameras for the conference room are updated with modern technology. Webcam for large conference rooms is compact and offers many facilities like good resolution, recording, clear audio-visual and zoom.

At the same time, they are modern, less complicated and smart in design, shape, and looks.

Best Video Conference Camera for Large Room Reviews

In this technological era, it is common to be lost finding a perfect video conference camera among different devices with different features.

To rescue from this trouble, we have presented five best video conference cameras for a large room, and this article will help you find your one.

1. Nexigo Video Conference Camera for Large Room

Nexigo Video Conference Camera for Large Room

The most exciting feature of NexiGo N930AF is its autofocus system that starts from 7cm. This ensures sharp and clear video with 1080p resolution, 2MP CMOS, and 30fps recording.

Its feature like autofocus lets you control and manage the focal point manually. All these features make it best video conference camera for large room.

This camera also provides a noise-canceling built-in microphone and a privacy cover. The microphone reduces surrounding noise and improves the sound quality.

On the other hand, the cover protects the lens from dirt when you are not using it and ensures the camera’s longevity.

Furthermore, this camera allows you to carry it easily with its compact folding design. It takes one minute or less to make it ready to go with 6.5ft 2.0 USB, excluding any other additional drivers.

You can easily set it on any monitor like a laptop, tv, even on a flat surface with its flexible mounting clip.

The multi-applicable and compatible system makes this device to go with an updated version of operating systems like windows, Mac OS 10.6, Chrome, Linux, Ubuntu, and more.

With the size of 3.94 x 2.24 x 2.01 inches and a weight of 8.4 ounces, this lightweight camera works fine even in low lights.

Key Features :

  • Autofocus with a manual focal point
  • Good noise-canceling microphone
  • Serves better low light correction
  • Flexible design with privacy cover

2. Logitech 1080p Webcam for Large Conference Rooms

Logitech 1080p Webcam for Large Conference Rooms

Logitech C920x is the best webcam for large conference rooms. It offers three months XSplit VCam license, which allows you to blur, replace, and remove the background without the help of a green screen.

Its updated capture software makes it easy to share and produce video content.

Unlike other good webcams, it has a 1080p HD resolution and 30fps refreshing rate with HD lighting adjustment, which automatically tunes the lighting condition even in low light.

This feature provides you with clear, sharp, detailed, bright, and vibrant pictures in the video.

Let’s talk about the audio system. This model comes with dual mics with stereo audio.

The mics are placed on both sides of the camera lens, which can serve its range up to 3 feet same as 1 meter and help you capture the call and video sound as natural as possible.

With 5.63 x 3.07 x 2.13 inches size and 6.6 ounces weight, this video conference camera is adjustable with popular video chat software, though it doesn’t come with a privacy cover.

Except C920x’s lens material is standard, this camera is not that much of different from its closest model, C922x.

Key Features :

  • XSplit VCam for background control
  • Dual stereo mic captures natural sound
  • HD lighting adjustment with autofocus
  • Advance low light capturing system

3. Logitech HD Conference Room Camera and Microphone

Logitech HD Conference Room Camera and Microphone

This Logitech conference room camera is popular because of its unique design and special features. With a 78-degree horizontal, 43.3-degree vertical field view,

and 180-degree controlled by remote offers the webcam to tilt, pan, and zoom, ensuring visibility of the whole team.

It offers 1080p HD resolution, 30fps refresh rate, and autofocus to provide you with a sharp image even in low light.

It’s Carl Zeiss premium lens servers light correction which helps to focus on everyone in the room and is comfortable with any application of video conferencing.

In addition, you will get an omnidirectional microphone with a 200Hz to 8KHz frequency base response, which cancels noise and echoes.

It almost gives you the feeling of making a conversation in the same room by allowing the meeting members to pick up, hear, and respond around 8 feet away.

The most exciting advantage of this webcam is its remote-control system. All functions are available remotely, from panning the camera degree to controlling volume.

This advanced controlling system makes the greatest video conference room camera for zoom. Zoom has also recommended this webcam.

Key Features :

  • Fine remote controlling system
  • Echo and noise cancelling system
  • 200Hz-8KHz frequency base mic
  • Carl Zeiss premium low light lens

4. Nexigo HD Webcam with Microphone

Nexigo HD Webcam with Microphone

NexiGo powered their N60 webcam with 1920*1080 FHD resolution, 2MP CMOS, and 30fps recording speed to provide better image quality with sharp and clear details.

Its 3.6mm lens can visualize images from 19.6 inches to 13 feet, making it ideal for large rooms.

This brand always tries to keep their camera’s built-in quality and design standard and modern. N60 with its privacy cover is not an exception.

This cover not only keeps the lens secure from dirt, hit, and scratch but also provides safety to the meeting privacy.

If you are looking for the best conference room camera and microphone, this camera can be the best pick. It also serves you with a noise-canceling microphone, reducing unnecessary sounds and improving its quality.

Flexible mounting clip and USB 2.0 or 3.0 with no additional parts have made this camera more usable and attractive.

However, it takes less than one minute to get ready as it has a fixed focal length.

Unlike any compatible conference camera, it is perfect for zoom, OSB, gaming, online school, and many more with its wide-angle degree up to 110°. It works fine with updated versions of the different operating systems.

Key Features :

  • 110-degree wide-angle lens
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Privacy protector lens cover
  • 1920*1080 FHD resolution

5. Meeting Owl Pro 360 Degree Smart Video Conference Camera

Meeting Owl Pro 360 Degree Smart Video Conference Camera

Compared to others, this webcam is unique and modern in design. As the name suggests, this camera lens is like an owl’s eye with 360-degree visual representation.

With 1080p HD resolution and 30fps refreshing rate, this conference camera works fine in low light.

This camera has a fascinating owl’s intelligent system. It has an audio range up to 18 foot/5.5 meters, which allows it to focus on the person automatically who is talking or speaking or fostering any active body gesture.

This advance features also work fine in large classrooms and conferences.

Another cool feature of this camera is its iOS or android application named Owl mobile app.

Though it has its controlling switch on its body, you can enjoy your meeting by placing it at a suitable place and control as well as organizing it through the app.

Besides, it is simple and easy to use with less complicated functions. You need to plug in the USB, and you are good to go. It works with WIFI, which allows you to control it virtually.

This compact webcam is very lightweight, with only 0.18 ounces.
This CES innovation and TIME’s best invention of 2020 awarded device is recommended by zoom.

It works well with all other web-based virtual video conference programs like GoToMeeting, Google meets, Webex, Skype, Facetime, Hangouts, and many more.

Key Features :

  • 360-degree wide-angle camera
  • Winner of multiple tech awards
  • It can be controlled by mobile app
  • Automatic focus on an active person

Comparison Chart of Video Conference Camera for Large Room






Nexigo Video Conference Camera




8.4 ounces

Logitech 1080p Webcam


2 Omni directional


6.6 ounces

Logitech HD Conference Room Camera




20 ounces

Nexigo HD Webcam with Microphone


Dual stereo


5.3 ounces

Meeting Owl Pro 360 Degree Camera


5.5m Range


0.18 ounces

How to Choose a Video Conference Camera for Large Room

Finding the best webcam is tiring, but it becomes more complicated when looking for the best video conference camera for large room.

Here are some tips and things to check from experts to guide you when choosing the best webcam for a large room.

Good Camera Range

An excellent wide-angle range is a must for a conference room camera as the main task of this type of camera is to cover a larger room.

You also need to remember that the wider the better is not always true. Too wide range camera often fails to keep the focus and sound right. Measure the area you need to cover, and then go for a suitable wide-angle camera.

Good Microphone and Speaker

It is necessary to look for a good quality microphone and speaker in a conference room webcam with microphone.

As the camera will cover a large room, a dual and stereo microphone with good range is necessary to cover large spaces.

Otherwise, the poor audio quality will be a disaster. Search for noise or echo canceling features in the webcams when buying.

Easy Setting-up System

It won’t be very pleasant if the webcam takes a long time to be set and ready because we use it mostly for important meetings, conferences, and classrooms.

Check what extra drivers and parts like USB are included in the camera. Try to choose a conference room camera that does not take more than 1 minute to install and start working.

Easy to Clean

Lens is the central and sensitive part of the whole webcam. You need to make sure that it is easy to clean and also make sure you know how to clean it.

The cameras that came with a privacy protector cover are better options. Also, try to find if this specific video conference camera has a cover bag or not. If not, then cover it with fabric or plastic paper when you are not using it.

Compact Design

Different brands of this field are always trying to serve their customers with modern and as simple as possible.

However, you should look for or choose such video conference cameras with good technological features yet user-friendly structure or design. Easy folding and mounting system are another fact in design to notice.

Otherwise, you will not feel comfortable setting it up on your monitor, laptop, PC, wall, tripod, or even on a plain surface.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can a webcam cover a large room?

Though webcams usually seem small in size, there are plenty of conference room video webcams in the market built to cover large rooms and team meetings.

You need to search for a webcam with a wide range of view fields and a good audio microphone and speakers for covering a large area.

2. Does the webcam work with Zoom?

Without any doubt, a webcam work with Zoom. Even Zoom has some recommendations for webcams or conference cameras which works well with Zoom.

You may find some glitches when the webcam and Zoom cooperate, but it is only because of low quality and poor connection.

3. Do I need a separate webcam and mic for Zoom?

It is optional. Generally, a good quality webcam for the conference room has a microphone and speaker. Some webcams, including microphones, offer well range and noise-canceling features.

However, there is always room for extra if you want better performance. If you want to cover a really crowded classroom or conference room, you must need a separate mic.

4. Is a video conference camera better than a laptop camera?

Usually, a dedicated webcam is better than a laptop camera. Webcam is specifically built for better lens, view, sensor, and quality, whereas laptop webcams are given less priority due to its other multi functions.

Also, webcams are popular and widely used because of laptop’s built-in camera does not provide satisfactory performance.

5. How much does a good webcam cost?

Actually, good conference video webcams with high resolution, wide-angle, and microphone are pretty affordable. Mainly, it varies from brand to brand and, of course, on quality.

Even cameras with 4k resolution are not more than $200. If you want to include extra light, stand, and speaker, it might cost you more.

Final Words

Webcam is a valuable device in this modern and technological world. Nowadays, we need to meet one to one virtually and attend team meetings, conferences, and classes with the help of a conference room camera.

A good webcam with a wide-angle and wide-range microphone can save your money and time.

In this article, we have tried to help you with our reviews on best video conference camera for large room.

We hope it will be much easier for you to find, choose and buy the perfect video conference webcam after checking out and reading the article.