Best Wireless Barcode Scanner for Inventory in 2022

Best Wireless Barcode Scanner for Inventory

Barcode scanners can be a handy and effort-saving tool for your inventory.

Not only it helps you make an error-free inventory but also it saves your time in the process of recording product information and keeping the sales record.

You may struggle to keep your inventory and stock updates and invest a lot of money, time, and human resources doing the job. In this situation, a barcode scanner is what you need.

In this article, we will provide you with the best 5 wireless barcode scanners for inventory to speed up your transactions and organize your stock.

After reading our reviews, you can choose the best wireless barcode scanner for inventory.

ImageProduct NameEditor's RatingPrice
NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner for InventoryNADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner

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Tera Cordless Barcode Scanner for Small BusinessTera Cordless Barcode Scanner

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Basecent USB Quick Handheld Barcode ScannerBasecent USB Barcode Scanner

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Tera Pro Wireless Barcode Scanner

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Symcode Wireless Handheld USB Barcode ScannerSymcode Handheld Barcode Scanner

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Why should you install a Wireless Barcode Scanner for Inventory?

Wireless barcodes are handy to work with and reduce your workload by saving you from many hassles.

Working in sync with your inventory management software, a barcode scanner keeps track of your stock and lets you know how many of each item and its variants are currently in store.

Easy to use

The employees just need to hold the active barcode scanner gun in front of the barcode. The device will quickly read the data and send it to the pc.

With a unique barcode label on each item in your inventory, information can be entered, and related data can be found with just one simple scan.

Secure and Error-free

A wireless scanner gun significantly lessens human error while entering inventory.

In addition, barcodes can be traced and audited, which makes the products less likely to be stolen and gives you more peace of mind, reducing your loss and liability.

Easy to Implement

The scanner, software, and a computer are all you need to operate with a barcode scanner.

It’s easy to set up and run for anyone with a basic understanding of technology. Since the data is transmitted wirelessly, it’s ready to go right away.


If your warehouse does not use a barcode scanner, your staff will waste time keying in or writing down inventory, as well as physically searching for things.

A barcode scan takes seconds to do these tasks. Also, this system automatically tracks who enters the inventory.


Barcode scanners also minimize expenditures for excess inventory since knowing what is in store helps avoid ordering too much of anything.

You can deduct inventory costs from your taxable income. Knowing the precise inventory number will help you to make appropriate deductions.

Best Wireless Barcode Scanner For Inventory Reviews

This well-researched review discusses different aspects of various wireless barcode scanners and presents you with the best wireless barcode scanners for inventory.

While making this list, we inspected the most important factors. We expect you to find the best match for you, which will support your software and inventory volume.

1. NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner for Inventory

NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner for Inventory

NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner is the best wireless barcode scanner for inventory so far on the market today based on user reviews.

This wireless barcode scanner has a wireless range of up to 400 meters in open space and 100 meters inside, making it one of the best devices available on the market today.

Your scans may be transferred into programs such as Microsoft Excel using the NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner, which can be connected by USB cable or wirelessly.

If it is out of range, it will instead keep your scans in its internal memory, which has a capacity of up to 10,000 barcodes and can store up to 10,000 scans.

In addition to decoding UPC/EAN, it can also decode IBSN and ISSN with no problems. Furthermore, since it does not need any data cables, it can be connected to your laptop, PC, or other devices in a matter of seconds.

There are two types of pairing modes available: one-to-one and many-to-one.

Because the scanner is in one-to-one transmission mode, only one USB receiver will receive barcode data.

If you utilize the many-to-one method, several scanners may simultaneously send barcodes to a standard USB receiver. There are also two scanning modes: trigger and automated.

Key Features :

  • Works across far  distance
  • Requires no driver to work
  • Offers two  paring  modes
  • Works through two modes
  • Has two  scanning  modes

2. Tera Cordless Barcode Scanner for Small Business

Tera Cordless Barcode Scanner for Small Business

The affordability of the Tera Wireless 1D Barcode Scanner makes it the best barcode scanner for small business.

A larger battery enables longer continuous usage, and the curved handle has been extended and strengthened to make it comfortable to use.

Besides, the smooth and flat trigger has been meticulously developed to offer a more secure grip on the gun.

It can withstand a drop from a height of 6.56 feet, and the orange anti-shock silicone protective covering may aid in preventing scratches and friction on the skin.

Due to IP54 technology, the wireless barcode scanner is dust and water-resistant.

Furthermore, the scanner does not need any drivers to be installed, enabling you just to plug it in and start scanning. It’s pretty simple to set up, thanks to the included USB cable.

The wireless transmission may go up to 328 feet in a barrier-free environment, which is a significant increase over previous models.

The scanner is able to read practically all 1D barcodes such as Codabar, MSI, ISBN, Matrix, Code 11, Code 39, Code 128, Standard 25, etc.

In fact, it can scan barcodes that are somewhat damaged or obscured by other factors such as haze, reflection, or smearing.

Key Features :

  • Has Larger battery
  • The curved handle
  • Silicone protective
  • Just plug and play
  • Reads all 1D codes

3. Basecent USB Quick Handheld Barcode Scanner

Basecent USB Quick Handheld Barcode Scanner

If you need the best handheld barcode scanner that scans wirelessly, the Basecent Wireless Barcode Scanner is for you. Besides, it has a 2.4G tiny USB receiver.

In addition, there is no need for a driver— just connect the USB receiver or cable and scan.

This laser scanner has a maximum scanning speed of 300 scans per second, which is suitable for all barcodes. Also, this compact scanner is capable of reading UPC, ISBN, EAN, and almost all other types of bar code labels.

Moreover, transmission distances between the scanner and the USB receiver may be as long as 60 to 100 meters (1968.8 feet) inside and as far as 400 meters (1312.3 feet) in the open air when using the wireless transmission mode.

Plus, Basecent scanner allows both instant upload and storage modes. If the scanner is within the wireless transmission range of the receiver, the data will be uploaded instantaneously,

And the data may be saved if the scanner is outside of the wireless transmission range of the receiver.

In addition, this product is compatible with the vast majority of systems and devices, including operating systems such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android,

As well as devices such as desktop computers, laptops, servers, and tablets that have a USB interface.

Key Features :

  • Wireless and wired modes
  • Long-distance transmission
  • Instant upload and storage mode
  • Compatible with most systems

4. Tera Pro Wireless 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Tera Pro Wireless 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Now, let us introduce, Tera Pro 2D Barcode scanner. With its magic aiming & vibrating alert, the scanner can precisely read from the proper angle and distance and allows you 3-in-1 transmission through a wire and wirelessly.

When a scan is successful, you will hear a beep sound and see an LED light.

Besides, the scanner has Bluetooth connectivity and works with most PCs and apps. Plus, it comes with a large 2000mAh built-in battery to provide up to 60 days of standby service.

Therefore, the scanner can run a worry-free operation for 17 to 20 hours when completely charged.

Also, the silicone protective cover may save it from getting scratches and friction on your desk or shelf. The vivid orange color of the protective cover is easily noticeable and catches eyesight.

Therefore, it is simple to locate when hidden.

Furthermore, the scanner supports all kinds of 1D and 2D Codes. 1D codes include Codabar, ISBN, EAN-128, MSI, Code 128, Industrial 25, Standard 25, and more.

On the other hand, it supports 2D codes like QR, Aztec, Matrix, and more. Plus, It can also read a barcode from the monitor of your pc. All of these features have made it the best Bluetooth barcode scanner in the market.

Key Features :

  • Magic aiming and vibrating alert
  • Versatile 3 -in- 1 transmission
  • 2000mAh battery runs 60 days
  • Shockproof silicone designed
  • 1D/2D, digital code supported

5. Symcode Wireless Handheld USB Barcode Scanner

Symcode Wireless Handheld USB Barcode Scanner

The Symcode wireless Scanner works with 2.4GHz wireless and USB cable connections. So, no further drivers or heavy installation are required. It automatically links with a USB Receiver.

That is why it is considered to be the best USB barcode scanner.

The scanner is easy to install and suitable for various circumstances and workplaces.

It is boosted with 2.4GHz wireless transmission, which can deliver up to 656 feet of transmission distance in the open air and 328 feet of transmission distance inside.

It needs no data cable to connect with your laptop, PC, or other devices. The scanner’s 32-bit super CPU decodes scans at up to 100 barcodes per second.

Also, even if dropped from 6.5 feet, the silicone coating prevents scratches.

The IP54 rating protects the scanner from water and dust. This scanner supports Instant upload and storage mode. Internal offline storage can hold 100,000 barcodes.

When you aren’t near the receiver, you may scan and store the barcode to update when you are.

The inbuilt 2000mAh Li-Ion battery can scan barcodes constantly for over a week and has a standby period of almost half a year. It charges through any USB 2.0 port on a computer. It can’t, however, scan QR codes.

Key Features :

  • Two connection modes
  • Covers long distance
  • Reads fast and accurate
  • Works in two modes
  • Has 2000mAh battery

Comparison Chart of Wireless Barcode Scanner for Inventory


LxWxH (inches)




NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner

6.3 x 4.0 x 3.2



and Storage


Tera Cordless Barcode Scanner

2.7 x 3.5 x 6.3

1.2 pounds



Basecent Handheld Barcode Scanner

6.7 x 2.6 x 3.6

0.73 pounds


and Storage



Tera Pro Wireless Barcode Scanner

8.3 x 6.1 x 4.0

1.26 pounds





Symcode Handheld

Barcode Scanner

6.9 x 4.5 x 3.3

0.62 pounds


and Storage



How to Choose Wireless Barcode Scanner for Inventory

A barcode scanner is a must-have for any inventory management and tracking software since it allows you to scan merchandise in the warehouse, shop, and storeroom.

Also, if you want portability, you must go for a wireless one for your warehouse. So, if you’re going to purchase the best wireless barcode scanner for inventory, you have to keep these points in your mind.

Go with a Practical Design

The barcode scanner is the tool that your employees will use for hours every day. In that case, you should look for a barcode scanner that is practical in design.

There are many scanners of different sizes and shapes. For example, some scanners have a handle like gripping. Some have a rubber layer for better grip, and some come, etc.

Consider the air Quality

If your warehouse or shop is exposed to dust, for example, sawdust and other kinds of harmful dust, make sure to buy a top barcode scanner with a good IP rating.

Or if there is a chance that your scanner may come into contact with water splash. It would be best to opt for one with a high IP rating.

Check the Brightness

Before purchasing a barcode scanner, make sure it matches the light preference in your working condition. The brightness of your barcode scanner should be decreased in low-light situations.

You’ll need a more excellent brightness setting if you wish to use the device in bright sunlight or a bright warehouse.

Regardless of the lighting conditions in your warehouse, request a demonstration and buy the scanner that can detect barcodes effectively in your workplace.

Consider User Experience

If your employees usually have to input numbers, look for a barcode reader with a number key location that is comfortable for them to use.

To accommodate users working on the device with gloves, larger keys are recommended. Think of anything else that could impact the size or location of number keys for those who use devices.

Decide the type you need

While buying your product you should think about the distance and kind of codes you’ll be scanning. To increase the efficiency of any barcode scanning, a 2D scanner is recommended.

Because they can read almost all types of barcodes, a Linear barcode scanner can only read 1D barcodes. If you want to scan from a considerable distance, check that too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is a wireless barcode scanner?

A Barcode Scanner is used to read encoded data in a black and white barcode label, usually attached to a product.

It finds you an entry in the database with more information about that item, such as its price and how many are currently on hand.

2. How does a wireless barcode scanner work?

The lighting system, the sensor, and the decoder are the three primary components of a barcode scanner.

When the red light is cast upon a barcode, it “scans” the code’s black and white parts, which are subsequently turned into data by the decoder and transferred to a computer through the scanner’s interface.

3. Can I use my phone as a barcode scanner?

You can scan any barcode or QR code on your smartphone using free software from the app store. After installing the software, you may use the camera on your smartphone to scan barcodes.

Depending on the information included in the barcode, you may take various actions.

4. What are the Advantages of a barcode scanner?

Barcode scanner guns for inventory help you to look up accurate data faster. The device subsequently reduces paperwork and significantly reduces labor costs while providing timely information.

It also saves the training for manual data sorting and inventory management.

5. Why do I need a Barcode scanner?

The primary function of a Barcode reader gun is to mitigate errors. When you delegate human work to technology, you’ll save time while reducing the likelihood of a human mistake.

In the whole operation of buying and selling, it prevents a large amount of error.

6. Are Barcode scanners safe?

It is deemed safe for laser barcode scanners of Class 2 and 2M types if the laser beam occurs to reach the human eye.

When exposed to bright light, people blink and glance away from the light source, both of which are reflex adaptations to protect their eyes from injury.

Final Words

By now, you should make up your mind about purchasing the best wireless barcode scanner for inventory.

We tried to analyze all the critical factors and provide you a better insight to buy the one that fits your business and software type.

So, if you are an entrepreneur, starting your new business, or want to organize your existing business and boost your productivity.

We hope that this meticulous article will come in handy for choosing your desired wireless barcode scanner for the inventory.