Bose F1 vs QSC k12.2 : Which best overall

Bose F1 vs QSC k12.2

Bose is owned by MIT, an outstanding audio equipment company best known for producing quality speakers and home theatre systems. QSC is a similarly reputed audio equipment manufacturer that produces speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, etc.

Bose f1 and QSC k12.2 are two of their best-selling loudspeaker systems with high-quality audio and specs. In this article, we will put them in the context of Bose F1 vs Qsc K12.2 so that readers can easily find essential differences.

Features of Bose F1

Bose F1

Bose f1 is one of the excellent loudspeakers with a decent f1 12 inches subwoofer, which gives its generic name. High bass, balanced treble, natural highs and lows, medium energy empowered amplifier, and two 12″ tops have made this model one of the desired loudspeakers in the market. We will discuss the fundamental features elaborately in the following.

Self-powered Portable Speaker

Bose f1 is a kind of loudspeaker you can use by changing direction according to your wish because it is portable. It has vertical Coverage and a flexible array, giving you the freedom of several coverage settings. 4: straight, reverse, reverse j, and C. Besides, additional tops can be attached to this system.

Speakers and Amplifier

The system has nine bose grade Strong HiFi Speakers set in linear. Also, they are flexible; you can change the direction, and they can cover 100-degree dispersion in the front. They are powered by a 12″ driver competent to make loud sounds.

They are empowered by a class D amplifier which gets the energy from a 1000 wattage power supply. Also, the bass is operated by a 12″ driver set in the backside of the cabinet.

Amazing Subwoofer

Amazing Subwoofer

In the subwoofer, you will get two 12″ front-facing powerful speakers that can push the air forward. In the back are several buttons, including 2 XLR inputs, one volume control, and a couple of high pass and crossover filters.

Compact Design

The model F1 is a perfect design with its elegant wooden cabinets, mat finished stand and the perfect color combination. The designer put the cables inside the stand frame to maintain its delicate look. Moreover, the whole system is lightweight, making it quickly traveled based on your purposes.

Modern Controlling and Effects

In the body, you will get two polarity modification switches: reverse and normal, by which you can set the amplifier phase from 0 to 180 degrees. You can put them according to your taste and get balanced, noise-free audio of maximum quality.

In addition, there are four distinct settings in this system by which you can manage the audio effectively. Moreover, the EQ switch allows you further add effects to your audio output.

Ideal for

According to the company, F1 is ideal for DJs, Dance clubs, Nightclubs, Concerts, and many other uses. However, users complain they are not perfect for DJs and larger spaces because of their low power.

Instead, they can serve flawlessly in personal usage, coffee shops, and religious institutions, and they will cover acoustic duos.

User Reviews

Bose is flawless for small venues with exquisite sound and balanced highs and low basses. Many users express that they are perfect for DJs in smaller spaces like nightclubs, gyms, and dance clubs but unsuitable for making intense sounds in larger rooms.

Features of Qsc k12.2

Qsc k12.2

Most users widely appreciate the Qsc K series because of its salient features, delicate design, superb display, effective equalizer, higher medium power supply, and excellent sound delivery. Let’s discuss some rudimentary features of K12.2 in the following.

Sophisticated Design and Flexible Mounting

The wooden cabinets are impeccable and delicate where the speakers are set, and the overall design attracts a user’s heart with an excellent aesthetic sense.

Moreover, the box, speakers, woofers, and amplifier are long-lasting because they all are made with higher-grade raw materials. Besides, its double cup mounting is an entirely upgraded edition to k12.2 that permits you easy tilting up to 7.5 degrees.

Powerful Audio Production and Cooling System

QSC k12.2 is powerful enough to make mighty sounds because there is a 2000 watts power supply inside it. Besides, it can reach 132Db strong sound with massive bass and emerging treble. On the back, a high-speed cooling fan works decently without making any noise.

DMT Technology

DMT technology

If you want to get the highest quality audio, here is a piece of good news QSC has digital media technology that enables the delivery of harmonious sound with a firm and natural tone. Besides, the sound is more substantial than its competitor, with robust basses and natural tones.

Ideal for

QSC k12.2 is perfect for DJs and can efficiently serve the purpose of PA, Solo, Live concerts, Educational institutions, and celebrations. Even it can compete with other popular brands like SRX, JBL, KEF, Sony, etc.

User Reviews

Most users are satisfied with QSC systems because of their excellent subwoofers, strong speakers, and intuitive audio quality. However, few accuse of its auto-changing volume flaws in the amps.

Bose F1 Model 812 vs QSC k12.2 Significant Differences

In this portion of our article, we will put Bose f1 model and the QSC k12.2 side by side to find the differences. Please read the following points carefully to understand their distinctions. They are distinct in their wattages, audio strength, design, frequencies, and usage.


Higher watts mean higher power in producing sound, and Bose F1 is powered by 1000 watts, whereas Qsc K12.2 is empowered by 2000 watts. Therefore, undoubtedly QSC k12.2 will be far ahead of Bose f1.

However, for larger spaces, one can use an extra 18″ subwoofer and 12″ tops with Bose f1 to get high-intensity sound. Bose f1 works on 225 to 1800 wt low and high frequency, respectively, and it can make crisp and natural sounds, but they are not loud enough.

In short, Qsc is quite powerful for smaller concerts and medium spaces, but Bose can be used only in small to medium personal usage.


In Bose f1, you will get two inputs, whereas you will get three inputs, including microphone inputs and line level inputs lines QSC k12.2 speakers. Mixer and bass guitars also can be connected through these inputs.

One bonus stereo input is also there to put your smartphones and MP3. In addition, bose f1 has two volume knobs, but in QSC, there are three volume knobs in the back. Another bonus point for QSC is that there is a mi- input.

On Display Digital Controlling

Unlike Bose, the QSC has an LCD panel in the back. In contrast, there is no display in Bose f1. You will get different settings on the QSC display by which you can change the line level; EQ presets, factory resets, and MIC settings.

By presets, you can set the speakers EQ setting very quickly, either in default or in bright, dance, bright live. Our recommendation is to select the preset in default, which can optimize the speakers by itself. Moreover, you will get a factory reset button on the LCD.

Multiple Digital Mic Settings

In QSC, you will get a few mic settings on display. Firstly, it allows you to set different types of mics with their distinctive features. For example, when using a handheld microphone, you can select a mic setting that will help you avoid feedback problems.

Also, you can choose a headset mic conveniently without having any noise. On the other hand, in Bose f1, there are no such option variations.

Frequency Controlling Crossover

Both loudspeakers have a nearly similar frequency range, but in QSC, you can control the frequencies of the individual drivers, which means different drivers get the distinct frequency.

This control enables you to get the balanced sound together by the speakers. Whatsoever, in bose, there is a low crossover which means it requires no manual frequency controlling; it can control the frequency automatically.

Time Alignment and Manual EQ

Furthermore, in the QSC, there is a time alignment feature; that enables you to synchronize different sources of sound and make them balance to get clear and crystal sound. Besides, there are manual EQ setting options along with the EQ presets. In contrast, you can set EQ presets by the buttons provided in the back.


Weight is an vital factor when choosing a sound system because sometimes they need to be taken from place to place for various purposes such as event management, concert, live shows, etc.

The Qsc K12.2 is a robust system of 39 lb, which is relatively heavier compared to its audio performance. In comparison, the Weight of the F1 system as a whole is 101.5 lbs, with an F1 model 812 of 44.5 lbs and a subwoofer weighing 57 lbs.

Final Words

Putting this article in the context of bose f1 model 812 vs qsc k12 2, we can say that the bose f1 and the QSC k12.2 are not similar for many reasons, such as their power, on-display control, usage, and other specifications. Bose is the best for smaller rooms with its exceptional, natural audio quality. In contrast, the QSC k12.2 is best for medium spaces like DJs, concerts, nightclubs, etc., with their comparative more robust sounds and high basses.