Boss VE-500 vs TC Helicon Voice Live Play : Comparison

Boss VE-500 vs TC Helicon Voice Live Play

In the world of advanced technology, there is a massive improvement in every sector, even in the voice tuning section also.

In the competitive market, voice tuners have lots of types and variations, and you may get confused about choosing one for you; that is why we are here with the two best voice tuners for you. Let’s compare Boss VE-500 vs TC Helicon Voice Live Play and find out which one is best.

Boss VE-500

Boss VE-500

Boss brings this VE-500 with a Multi-FX Vocal Processor unit, which can create many effects, including pitch correction, reverb, harmony, filtering, vocoder, modulation, delay, distortion, and many more.

This tuner also includes 50 factory presets and up to 99 user preset options so that you can sweeten your voice in every way possible. Along with VE-500, you can dazzle your audience with on-the-spot overpassing as it has 60 seconds for mono loop and 30 seconds for stereo loop, as a dedicated looper setting.

This boss-grade pedal voice tuner has a 1 x 1/4″ input for the instrument and a 1 x XLR input for the mic as analog inputs. The intelligent VE-500 can detect your chord voice and generates real-time w and 3-part harmonies. As the tracking is top-notch in this device, so the voicing sound output will be musical and sweet.

To maintain the settings and tuner of the device, it includes a MIDI input for use laptop and keyboard controller.

TC Helicon Voice Live Play

TC Helicon Voice Live Play

TC Helicon Voice Live Play comes with one of the best processing units, which include Studio-grade vocals from a pedal. The device has a brilliant pitch correction ability with lots of effects, including humanized doubling, natural play harmonies, chorus, delay, hard tune, and reverb.

Along with the device, you will get 2x looping time with the built-in lopper, which may require a free firmware update. The lopper setting also includes VLoop with redo and undo options.

On the other hand, the Voice Live Play also has up to 200 factories great sounding presets, which will definitely sweeten your voice to the audience. And to find out your desired presets quickly by using the preset genre.

The vocal tuner has an exciting feature: a practice mode for improving your accuracy. As analog inputs, it has 1 x 1/8″ TRS (aux in) and 1 x XLR (mic). Moreover, it also has 1 x 1/8″ TRS (headphones) and 2 x XLR as an analog output.

The device needs a 12V DC power supply to power up the device, and the power supply also comes free with the device.

Boss VE-500 vs TC Helicon Voice Live Play

Boss VE-500 vs TC Helicon Voice Live Play

With the above discussion, I hope you already understand that the Boss VE-500 is a basic level device that you can use as a basic learner and as a primary device for practicing independently.

But if you want a voice tuner for professional usages like for live concerts or studio recordings, you should go for TC Helicon Voice Live Play. TC Helicon also brings Voice Live Play 2 with more high specifications. So before choosing one of these two, you need to think about your use of purpose.

Boss VE 500 will be the clear winner if you want an entry-level voice tuner. It is essential to learn anything with basic things; otherwise, the high specification and lots of control will make your learning process complex and slower.

Once you are done with the basic device now, you can go for one like TC Helicon Voice Live Play. So if you are already encountered some basic level voice tuners and now want to update your device, Voice Live Play is the one you should go for.

Final Words

in musical words, voice tuning technology brings a revolutionary change for sure. Artists can now tune their voices according to the visual surrounding by using lots of presets. Along with the looper setting, musicians can make their voices more appealing to the audience.

But this is not easy to decide which one you should buy. So as I mentioned earlier, for a basic purpose, go for Boss VE-500, and for a professional sense, go for the Helicon.