Bozak E300 Speaker – Vintage Speaker

Bozak is one of the best audio electronics producers. The brand mesmerizes the consumers with its unique design and exceptional sound qualities. Although they were used in the 1950s to late 80s, recently, they have become popular.

They mean classic elegance for the people. Bozak E300 speakers are their top-class editions. Even people like have it at the present age.

Why Bozak Speakers So Popular Till Now?

Why Bozak Speakers So Popular Till Now?

The story of Bozak started in the early 1930s. An Electronics engineer named Rudy Bozak started his speaker company. With extraordinary qualities, he soon won the music lovers’ hearts. He used secret ways of making every part of the speaker.

It is believed that the cones for the speakers were made with lamb’s wools. In the mid, of 20th century, Bozak had become a pretty large speaker producer in America with a number of their speaker models. Some popular models were B300, B209, B209B, B209x, B199, B302A, B4000, etc.

However, in 1977 Rudy Bozak had to sell his company. Soon after, many expert engineers left the company. Rudy could not maintain the quality from a minor role in the organization. So, the quality fell, and the popularity of the Bozak disappeared soon.

Features of Bozak E300 Speaker

Features of Bozak E300 Speaker

Bozak E300 series was the backbone of the company at that time. Several unique features have made it one of the desired products of the century. With some new upgrades, it has recently been brought to a new attraction point. Let’s check those features.

1. Compact Build Quality

People might wonder how a 1900s-made speaker can be made so extraordinarily. Can it be comparable to modern built speakers? The answer is, yes, you may wonder, but Bozak truly made it so beautifully.

However, these speakers have been upgraded with modern devices such as wooden cabinets, oak laminates, and others. Beautiful glossy remaking makes it look ever more attractive. It has three layers of coating of lacquer, which is marine grade.

2. Modern Upgrade Added

It is kind of the old wine in a new bottle! Bozak E300 is up-graded with a B209 midrange of 8 ohms, and an N10102A X-over is added to the device. Now, together this combination can create an outstanding sound.

This mid-range B209A woofer won’t disappoint the audience. Many confuse E300 and E302A, but they are not the same. E300 has not the B209 midrange driver.

3. The Best Classic Crossover

The crossover used in Bozak E300 was one of their finest one at that time. The classic crossover used in this model can transfer solid and clear signals to the loudspeakers. Even it can beat some modern crossovers in terms of decent sound production capability.

However, an extra pair of tweeters can be added to have a balanced sound. Many users expressed their views that they have a maximum optimal sound after adding an extra pair of tweeters.

4. Pair of Classic Speakers

Pair of Classic Speakers

The Bozak E300 offers two stereo speakers. The HiFi speakers can be used to watch movies, music, and tv shows. The speakers weigh 90 pounds separately. Although they seem heavier, they are not so heavy compared to the sound they produce.

Both of the speakers are the same in body size. The height of each is 31 inches, the width is 24 inches, and the depth is 16.5 inches. The size seems moderate for most users, and it’s suite anywhere in the home.

5. The 12″ Classic Woofer

These speakers come with a 12″ classic woofer, which the company impeccably makes. People wonder how these old-fashioned woofers can give such fantastic sound competing with the modernly made woofers. In reality, these woofers can satisfy any modern listener.

Final words

Finally, E300 speakers are undoubtedly the best vintage speakers. They became popular in their time, and the classic quality has made them popular again in modern times. People want them to preserve them and have a taste of elegance in their household.

The great crossover, 12″ woofers, and vintage speakers can still suffice the desire of a modern music lover. That is why E300 Bozak speakers are unique.