Carr Super Bee vs Mercury V – Comparison

Carr Super Bee vs Mercury V

Let’s play your electric guitar to the fullest. Carr super bee and mercury v can be the perfect amp to amplify your guitar sound. Although they are backdated, they are still better than many modern amps from some point of view.

Amp became popular early when classic music artists used them to enhance the sound in concerts and studios. In the 21st century, they have become more popular among rock singers. If we put this article in the context of Carr super bee vs Mercury v, there are some differences.

Carr Super Bee vs Mercury V

Carr Super Bee vs Mercury V

Carr Super bee can give you classic touch in modern music. It has many essential features. That doesn’t mean anyway mercury v is not worth of money. It also has all the necessary features.

The Carr Super Bee and Mercury v are two vintage amps for various reasons. They can effectively produce classic British and American tones. They were the top choice of both American and British music artists.

The Carr Super Bee and Mercury V offer BF-inspired and edge cleans. Also, they are capable of offering some light OD tone. Actually, in the case of real performance one will get very little difference between these two. However, we will find out some key differences between these two amps.

Moreover, in both amps, there are compelling EQ controlling features. In the world of rock music, this EQ control can give the artist more freedom over the music. Still, the tonal variety can not be precisely the same in all the amps. There is always a subtle difference.

Now let’s try to find out some differences between these two amps.


Carr Super Bee

The first difference one can see between them is the output watts. The carr super bee offers 10 watts output while mercury v leaves 16-watt output. Although carr super bee has modern macho outputs, it is slightly less powerful than mercury.

The company claims that mercury v has a high-grade power supply component. Conversely, Carr super bee comes with multiple variations. The wattage varies from minimum zero to maximum 10 watts.


In Carr super bee, there are 2 6BM8 power tubes, two 12AX7s tubes, and one 12AT7 power tube. Moreover, an EZ81 rectifier enhances the audio output.

In contrast, two 6V6GT power tubes in mercury V can ideally use the16 watts. Also, there are three boost switches to increase the signals further.

Sting Switch

Mercury v has 3 boost switches that can work genuinely. Similarly, carr super bee has three sting switches. But they can create fullerton time travel.

Three sting rotary switches are 64( deluxe reverb), 68 ( the super reverb, which is medium gain), and 72 ( black styles circuit modded). Together, they work to produce an intense audio boost.

Switchable Attenuator

Carr Super bee and mercury v have the switchable attenuator. Still, there is a subtle difference. Carr Super bee has a 16/2 attenuator that is considered enormously valuable. The mercury v has 16/3 attenuator, which is also tremendously helpful.

Sound controlling versatility

Mercury V

In amps, the essential feature is sound control. Without effective sound control, one won’t get desired tonal varieties. The carr amps can be switched to treble, bass, or mid-band for sound variety. Though the mercury v has a similar audio band system, Its efficacy is slightly better.

Power Variations

The Mercury v and carr super bee have multiple power functions for producing different audio signal boosts. These power functions can boost every type of signal, including bass oriented and treble oriented. However, the carr super bee has more variations than mercury v.

Weight and Cable

There is no significant difference between the two carr amplifiers considering the weight. However, the compact and smooth design of the carr super bee makes the player feel it is more lightweight than the mercury V.

One plus point for mercury v is the transparent cable. The cable adds extra decency to the amp. Similarly, carr super bee has also transparent cable

Volume Control and Tone Stack

Mercury has two volume controlling buttons supporting minimum and maximum voice controls. Whereas carr super bee plain volume controlling feature. But in reality, there is no noticeable difference between them in terms of controlling volume and sound nature.

Mercury V has 3 bands controlling switch: bass, mid and treble. In contrast, carr super bee has 4 bands: treble, bass, mid, and reverb. Still, tone can be efficiently controlled by both of the amps.


On the one hand, carr super bee has only one channel, and the mercury v has 2 distinctive channels. One high and one low voicing channels are there to enhance and modify the gain. They can also reproduce the classic British, American, and modern tones.

Recording Output

There is a distinctive PA or Recording output in mercury V amp. One can easily connect it to a PA system or to the recording device. Enough data is not found for carr super V whether it has PA and recording output.

Final Words

Carr Super Bee, and the Mercury v are the two classic super carr amplifiers. They have several similarities and few differences. The key differences are in their signal outputs, tube, audio control, tone stack, and switchable attenuator.

However, both are great in terms of actual performance. They can easily compete with some of the modern amps.