Daking Fet ii vs 1176 Universal Audio 1176LN

Daking Fet ii vs 1176 Universal Audio 1176LN

FET (field-effect transistors) is usually used to control the current following from the microphone capsule to the mic signal or mixing input sounds.

Though FET compressors are a bit costly, they are less noisy than the other compressor units. Likewise, the FET compressor is fast and bright sounding as it emulates the valve/tube audio using transistor circuits.

Daking FET II and 1176 are the most popular FET compressor in the market. Let’s find out which one is best between Daking FET II vs 1176.

Daking FET II Compressor

Daking FET II Compressor

Daking FET II compressor is an impressive studio performer. The FET II comes with a superior control unit, giving you the control you need over your mixes and tracks.

The Daking FET compressor ensures the best-balanced inputs, outputs, and low-noise operation along with discrete transistor circuitry and a class A ranger amplifier circuit.

The FET II uses a Field Effect Transistor as the gain change element. Along with the device, you will get a classic performance characteristics formation with seven constant release time settings, including 1, 1.5, 5, A&D, Neve 33609 Auto, •, Compex Auto, Fairchild 670 #5, and Fairchild 670 #6.

The FET II consists of premium and quality components from circuits to transformers to the amplifier and modern techniques implemented to ensure consistent and reliable performance.

On the other hand, the stainless steel construction ensures the durability and long-lasting uses of the FET. You will get -10 to +10 in the device’s 2dB steps adjustable threshold.

The device’s ratios are 1.5:1, 2:1, 3:1, 5:1, 10:1, and 20:1, and the device also includes 250 microseconds to 63 milliseconds of attack with 0 to 11dB in 1db steps of make-up gain. The device also has three function VU meter, including input, output, and gain reduction.

Moreover, the FET has an XLR +4dbm transformer balanced, and 1/4″ TRS -10dB transformer balanced very convincing input option.

Universal Audio 1176LN Compressor

Universal Audio 1176LN Compressor

UA 1176 compressor is an instant classic amplifier that has a super fast release time and attack. A wide range of sonic pliability ranges from subtle compression to ostentatious distortion.

Along with a custom overwound transformer, you will get a premium class A level audio output experience with this compressor. Make your home in pro studios with a sweetly musical result with the universal audio 1176 compressor.

The component selection of this compressor ensures the brilliant output result where it will amaze you with every signal you pass through it. Along with all transistor circuitry, the device is a true peak limiter which ensures superior performance.

So you must include 1176 in your rack to get the instant attitude, vibe, and character you are seeking. The FET includes the framed push button option for selecting the compression ratios of 4:1 and 8:1.

Along with 12:1 and 20:1 dynamic limiting control, you can press all four in simultaneously. Besides the custom Class A output transformers, the legendary FET limiter/compressor has 20 microseconds supper low and ultra-fast attack time which is ideal for forming on bass, guitars, vocals, drums, and lots more.

You will get superior track recording ability with vintage-spec solid-state circuitry. You will also get color and impart vibe and character to signals without utilizing compression.

On the other hand, the FET is very reliable and faithful in manufacturing, design, and performance, ensuring the device’s quality and long-lasting usage.

1176LN vs 1176SE

1176LN vs 1176SE

1176 LN and SE both are pretty similar; even most listeners won’t hear any difference if you play a mixed song with the FET. But still, they have some specialties which are not the same, like for mixing sound SE version is better, especially for bass and some drums sound.

On the other hand, with the LN version, you can easily copy the presets, producing less noise than the SE version while working with drums, guitar, and vocals.

Daking FET II vs 1176 (UA 1176LN)

Daking FET II vs 1176 (UA 1176LN)

Though both FETs are the best in their class and work fine while mixing the instrumental and vocal sounds. But still, some differences make each of them perfect for different purposes.

If you listen to several Daking FET II audio samples, you will agree that features-wise, it is best. For instrumental sound mixing and recording, both FETs work well.

But Daking FET II attack time starts at 250 Microseconds, whereas the 1176LN  has 66 Microseconds attack time, making the 1176LN better in terms of vocal recording.

So, lastly, according to our research, if your main concern is vocal sound just go for 1176, and if you love to have enriched features, Daking FET II will be the best for you.

Final Words

So from the above discussion, I hope you have already made up your mind about which one you will buy. To reduce the confusion, check the details and specifications of the products and find out which suits you most.

If you are still confusing, we recommend you find both devices’ owners and check them practically though I don’t think you find any significant difference if you simply listen to the outputs of these devices. You can also check video reviews of both devices on YouTube for extra support.