EVE Audio SC305 vs SC307 : Difference and Comparison

EVE Audio SC305 vs SC307

Studio sound monitor plays a vital part in sound producing and recording. It would help if you had a good quality sound monitor to provide you with an accurate audio monitoring service. The battle of EVE audio SC305 vs SC307 goes neck to neck as both the sound monitors are best in their ways.

Buyers often get perplexed while making their call between these two monitors. So, here we are to save you from trouble. In this article, we will cover all the features of these monitors and later provide you with a direct comparison so you can pick the one that fits your need the most.

EVE Audio SC305

EVE Audio SC305

The EVE audio SC305 is one of the most popular three-way monitor systems introduced by the EVE Audio brand. This sound system has many uniquely derived features to match the setup of your studio and ensure quality sound production with zero to minimal turbulence.

Central Tweeter Position

Soundbox setup is very crucial when it comes to ensuring quality sound. If your soundbox is not located on a perfectly flat surface, there are chances of high noise production. To save you from this hassle, the EVE audio SC305 has a tweeter positioning precisely in the center to ensure it is always situated equally between the two woofers.

Dual Woofer Feature

EVE Audio SC305 Dual Woofer Feature

The EVE audio SC305 includes two proprietary 5-inch SilverCone woofers from EVE’s production to distribute the physical work, thus creating lesser mechanical noise. The initial woofer works as the bass woofer and delivers sound only up to 350Hz. The other woofer covers up to 3000Hz as the bass middle-range driver.

Smooth Sound Transmission

As the EVE audio SC305 consists of 2 woofers, and they work simultaneously and have their works separated, it helps them to ensure a smoother transmission rate. Significantly, as the physical movement is reduced in each woofer, they create lesser contraction with the surface, thus resulting in noise-free sound production.

Three functioning Amplifier

One of the most excellent features of the EVE SC305 is that it contains three amplifiers to separate the load from each other. These powerful amplifiers provide accurate sound, maintain the dynamic, and ensure lower noise reproduction. Besides, these amplifiers also aim to deliver robust and thunderous bass music.

EVE Audio SC307

EVE Audio SC307

The EVE audio SC307 is the updated installment of the sound monitor series of EVE. As the SC307 is the updated model, it has better features with modified usage for both professional studio setup and in-home personal studio. Some of the eye-catching features are elaborately discussed below.

Professional Music Production

With the EVE audio SC307, EVErything is designed to work at a larger scale. This audio monitor aims to serve you as the primary monitor for your professional studio setup. EVE audio SC307 contains two woofers, three amplifiers, and 1 AMT RS2 tweeter with a larger frontal plate to ensure a 3-way dynamic sound production.

Three Dedicated Amplifiers

Another bold technical move made by EVE audio SC307 is that it consists of 3 different powerful amplifiers for each woofer and tweeter. Such alignment ensures each of the components gets enough power back up, and at the same time, there is no pressure on any single amplifier, so the whole process is turbulence-free and smoother.

Two woofers for less physical work

Like the previous EVE model, the EVE SC307 works with 6.5-inch SilverCone dual woofers. One woofer works as the bass woofer that covers up to 300Hz frequency; another woofer covers the fuller range as the bass midrange driver and covers up to 3000Hz frequency. Both woofers have separate amplifiers for power and produce less noise.

In-built Symmetrical Setup

The advanced SC307 audio monitor does not only work to give you the best sound production experience; it also works to save you from many ancient hassles. With the EVE audio SC307, you can forget the trouble of manually placing the monitor correctly. The DSP section is assigned to guide you for proper placement.

EVE Audio SC305 vs SC307: What are the Key Differences?

Though both the EVE audio SC305 and SC307 are similar in so many ways, some key differences make each of them unique in their way. In this article section, we will walk you through the differences.

Outlook and Budget

The EVE SC305 prices are a bit cheaper than SC307 as it is a backdated model. Besides, the difference in the outlook is very prominent between them. The SC305 weighs 8.5kg, whereas the SC307 weighs 12.4kg.

Besides, the dimension of SC305 is 16.7×7.1×9.8″/425x180x250mm, and the dimension of SC307 is 19.7×8.5×12.2″/500x215x310mm.

Frequency and SPL

As we know the SC305 uses woofers of 5 inches whereas SC307 uses woofers of 6.5 inches. This difference has a direct impact on the frequency production range. The EVE305 can produce 50Hz to 21kHz frequency, and the frequency rate of SC307 is 40Hz to 21kHz.

Besides, the maximum sound pressure of SC305 is 108dB, and the SC307 is 114dB. Also, the SC307 tweeter uses a bigger front plate than the SC305.

Power Consumption

Both the SC305 and SC307 use three amplifiers for their drivers. Each amplifier is assigned to a dedicated driver. The standby power is 1W in both the monitors but the maximum power consumption rate is different.

The maximum power consumption rate of SC305 is 110W, whereas the maximum power consumption rate of SC307 is 120W.

Crossover Frequency

Like the frequency range, the crossover frequency range is also variable between SC305 and SC307. The low pass crossover frequency; and the high pass crossover frequency of SC305 are 350Hz and 3kHz, whereas the low pass crossover frequency and the high pass crossover frequency of SC307 are 300Hz and 2.8kHz.

Final Words

The SC305 and SC307 are aimed at two different sets of buyers. If you are tight on budget and looking for a sound audio monitor to use at a minimal range in your house setup, then you can go for SC305, eyes closed.

But if you are a professional searching for an exquisite audio monitor for your studio setup, you must opt for SC307 for better features and quality. Both work fine on their own, and it depends on the buyer’s criteria for which audio monitor will suit his needs better.