Fender Mustang GTX50 vs 100 – Difference Between a Fender gtx50 and a gtx100

Fender Mustang GTX50 vs GTX100

In the mid-1900s, fender musical instrument company started gaining fame in the field of music instrument industry with their electric guitars. Gradually, they expand their production fields.

Soon in the 1990s, fender becomes popular for their music amplifiers. Fender Mustang is their amplifier series bringing two commended models. The first one is the fender mustang gtx50 and the fender mustang gtx100. We will cover the article based on fender mustang gtx50 vs 100 contexts.

Why Fender Mustang GTX amplifiers?

There are many reasons why people love mustang amplifiers, Specially the GTX series. First, Fender Mustang has various sound effects that allow users to adjust according to their wishes and people love these products for their options.

Secondly, Fender amplifiers are versatile, modern, and lightweight. Unlike the older amplifiers based on tubes, fender amplifiers are lightweight and easy to carry.

Besides, the Fender amplifiers such as GTX 50 and GTX100 are powerful enough to serve you in the concert. You can connect it through the XLR outputs with a PA system.

Last but not least, the higher Fender amplifiers are sufficient to produce both of them. By fenders, you can easily produce different popular tones such as 1970s British or classic marshal.

Fender Mustang GTX Series

Fender Mustang GTX Series

The GTX series has two models: fender mustang gtx50 and gtx100, and fender mustang gtx is a fairly new addition to their amplifiers. Both of them have gained much attention from the launching.

There is a 12-inch speaker capable of producing powerful sounds in both amplifiers. Wattage power, 12 inches speakers, and ultramodern cabinet design have made these speakers the ultimate powerful ones till today.

Both amplifiers bring XLR output ports and an fx loop system. One may get wifi connection facility with them. Apart from these, the GTX series offers more than 200 presets.

Another significant addition gtx series has that each has only one 12″ speaker. Thus they are lightweight despite their powerful sound production.

Fender Mustang GTX50

Fender Mustang GTX50

Fender Mustang gtx is a globally recognized model with extraordinary performance and configuration. Fairly updated transistors in the amplifier, latest designs in the cabinet, 12 inches speakers, 50 watts power supply have made this version one of the desired amplifiers. Lets try to explain them in details in the following.

In gtx50, multiple functions control systems and effects allow the users to manipulate the sounds effectively. It offers versatile modifications and built-in sound variations, which was absent in most previous models. In short, this gtx50 has provided the artists with more freedom and creativity.

If you are looking for a more natural and 3D-oriented sound, the mustang gtx50 is the perfect solution. Unlike older amps, it provides sounds seemingly created near you. When lower signals are put into the amp, they seem to regenerate with vigor and revive. If you truly want to see your performance in the next level, have a try to gtx50.

Fender Mustang GTX100

Fender Mustang GTX100

If mustang gtx is in any sense a weaker amp, then gtx100 is the desired solution for your thirst. Gtx100 is the most versatile, powerful, and modern amplifier of Fender Mustang.

Because it is powered by a 100 watts supply and the amplifier has a single channel and One 12 inches speaker. It has reverbs option and comes up with several effects.

Furthermore, there are 40 amplifier models, and three EQ presets. There are two Excel outputs and two USB ports. The amplifier comes up with the latest version of the fender app.

Gtx100 comes with a compact design which makes it like a Bluetooth sound box rather than an older-looking amplifier. as the amplifier comes up with 100 watt supply, it is Louder Than any older amplifiers of Fender.

Fender Mustang GTX50 vs 100 ( gtx50 vs gtx100)

There is not much difference between the two as they were made and launched simultaneously. However, the main distinction is in the power section.

Let’s discuss the critical differences in the following in detail. Our primary purpose is to present this section as fender gtx50 vs gtx100.

1. Watt

The Fast and the main difference between them is in the wattage. Fender Mustang gtx50 has a 50-watt power supply, and gtx100 has a 100 watts supply. The choice is yours based on your purpose. If you want a more powerful amp for outdoor performance, you should go for the GTX100.

2. Foot Switches

One of the key differences between GTX 50 and hundred is the Foot switches. Please remember that in GTX 50, there is no foot Switch. On the other hand, GTX 100 comes with a seven-button Footswitch.

These footswitches facilitate the controlling of tunes, sound effects, and amplifier presets. You must buy an extra foot switch for the gtx50 if you want to use them.

3. Cabinet Size

The next difference is in the cabinet size. GTX100 has a bigger cabinet size than gtx50 and provides a louder sound than gtx50. Moreover, gtx 100 has the latest modeling cabinet that offers louder and enriched sound in both amplifiers.

4. Stock Presets

some people complain about stock presets in Mustang Gtx100. However, in reality, it will allow you to use your creativity. As gtx100 has no stock presets, you will use the imagination that offers you a chance to get something different, something unique.

5. Effects and Tones

Both amplifiers provide plenty of effects and sounds. However, you will get more than 100 effects and tone variations from mustang gtx100. Although there are not as many effects as gtx100 in gtx50, it also offers many effects. Moreover, there is the freedom to adjust tone effects in both amplifiers.

Final Words

Mustang GTX is the killer Series by Fender. Once you listen to them, you can see the difference between the GTX series and all the other older models.

The amplifiers’ most outstanding features are single 12 inches, powerful speakers, numerous variations of sound and tone effects, and the latest versions of the fender app.

However, the main difference is in their watt. The fender mustang gtx50 has 50 watt supply, and gtx100 has 100 watts supply. One can go for GTX 50 for indoor usage, and one can go for GTX100 for outdoor concerts. We hope you have the overview of gtx50 vs gtx100 in our article.