How to Bring Back Chrome Window

How to Bring Back Chrome Window

Sometimes we close Chrome in the middle of work accidentally, and sometimes, we need to force close Chrome because of the hanging issue of our computer. But did you know you can easily bring back the closed window or tab on Chrome? Don’t worry; we are here to help you with how to bring back Chrome window.

How to Bring Back Chrome Window Step by Step

You can easily restore all closed windows in Chrome with five different processes; you can apply any of them, whatever makes your job easy. They are-

1. Use the shortcut to reopen a closed window

Use the shortcut to reopen a closed window

Using shortcuts for recently closed tabs is the best and easiest way to reopen them. If you want to undo the closed window Chrome that you accidentally closed, you can do it by pressing a few buttons together. The shortcut buttons are different for mac and windows pc.

For a mac PC, you need to press the “⌘+Shift+T” buttons together to get Chrome to reopen the closed window. On the other hand, to do it n a windows pc, you need to press “Control+Shift+T “together to get back your recently closed tabs.

Reopen closed window Chrome via search or from history

Reopen closed window Chrome via search or from history

If you are wondering how to get a closed window back that is older than a day or more; you need to follow this step. If your Chrome browser can not be able to restore the tab with a shortcut, you can also follow the setup to get them back.

To reopen older Chrome windows via search or from history, you need to click the 3-dot menu from the upper right corner to get the Chrome menu; now click on history Chrome will show your browsing history, and you can get your closed windows by simply click on them.

Recover the entire session in Chrome from other devices

If you want to know how to reopen a closed window on Chrome with an entire session or window, this is the step you need to follow. First of all, you need to login into Chrome sync with your Gmail id in both on your PC and other devices.

To get tabs from your previously synced devices, you need to click # Tabs at the bottom of the list of the tab from other devices. Though Chrome sync doesn’t always work in that case, you won’t get any tabs at the bottom from other devices.

Restore windows after the restart by enabling setting

You need to follow some simple steps to enable the setting for restoring windows after windows. First, go to the Chrome menu by clicking on 3-dot from the upper right corner of Chrome; now click setting, and scroll down to get the startup section from the bottom of the page. Now enable the setting “Continue where you left off,” and you are done.

Whenever you restart and close the Chrome browser, all your previously closed windows will open automatically. This setting is best for official works so that whenever you restart your PC in your office, the Chrome will appear with all your last browsing sessions.

Reopen Chrome windows after a crash

Tabs or windows are the present versions of a desk full of paper from an older age. If the windows are lost because of the crash, it may waste lots of time to get them back. So if you wonder how to reopen the last closed window after a crash, don’t worry it is simple to get them back, thanks to Chrome history support.

Chrome has a built-in crash recovery option, so all the browsed tabs or windows will remain on the history page, and you can easily reopen them by following any simple stem from the above.

Final Words

So, after all of the above discretion, I hope you already know now how to reopen Chrome windows. If you are still messed up, you may learn the process by following the instructions from the above step by step practically.