How To Check Router Logs Xfinity

How To Check Router Logs Xfinity

Are you facing internet speed problems in your router despite having a high-speed internet package from your service provider? If the answer is yes, some devices probably steal your bandwidth and cause a bandwidth shortage.

Besides, you might need to access the router logs if you face any other router or Gateway-related problems. But, if you don’t know how to do that, here is our article that will show you how to check router logs xfinity. However, you may still find your router logs if you use a different brand than xfinity. So bear with us.

What are Router Logs?

What are Router Logs

Router logs are a bunch of information, including IP addresses, browsing history, devices, sources, timestamps, etc. In short, a set of traffic passing through your Wi-Fi network is the router log that helps the user trace the devices connected to the router and how much bandwidth there consuming.

Why Do You Need Router Logs?

We need to see router logs for many reasons, such as to solve a problem, to see allow or deny list, to get an idea of the network traffic, and to see the rules for a specific device. Sometimes, we have connection issues and want to know why the connection is rejected. To understand the particular reason, we need to check the router logs.

Also, if a specific connected device faces a connection issue, we may need to check the allow or deny list and IP-based rules list in the router admin panel to solve that problem.

How To Check Router Logs Xfinity of a Wifi Router

How To Check Router Logs Xfinity of a Wifi Router

Xfinity has some fine routers that users widely use and admire because of their strong security, high-speed internet connection, proper administrative settings, and sustainability.

Logs are very effective sections of their setting that help us find the users’ history and reasons behind the slow connection. In the following, we have given two methods of finding routers logs which are pretty straightforward.

Procedures of Method 1

Step 1: Know your Routers IP

The first thing you need to know is the IP address of the router’s admin panel, which you will need to type in the address bar of any Browser. The IP address for Xfinity router’s admin panel is

How To Check Router Logs Xfinity of a Wifi Router

Step 2: Open a Browser

Then, you need to open a web browser from your personal computer or smartphone. You can select any of the popular web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape web browser, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc.

after opening a browser, go to the address bar and type the IP address of Xfinity router, which is . Then click enter, and you will get a new window like the following.

How To Check Router Logs Xfinity

Step 3: Put Username and Password

In the new window, you will get two boxes named username and password, where you will put the default username and password of Xfinity router, which are username: admin and password: password. Make sure that you do not keep the caps lock on your keyboard. If you don’t understand, have a look at the following screenshot.

Xfinity admin

However, if you have changed the username and password ever before, put the changed username and password in those boxes. Then click the login button, and you will get the homepage of the router’s admin panel.

Step 4: Go to Troubleshooting

On the left of the home page, you will get a list of settings, and the fifth one is “troubleshooting.” You need to click on the troubleshooting where you will get the router logs. Have a look at the following screenshot, which might help you.

Go to Troubleshooting

Procedures of Second Method

Here we have presented the second method, which is app-based and straightforward.

Step 1: Download Xfinity App

If you are an Apple user, click on the second link written below. From there, you can download the iOS version of Xfinity app, and if you are an Android user, you can download the app from Google Play Store by clicking on the first link.

If you cannot download the app, we recommend you go to the Xfinity website, where you will get the app links.


Step 1: Sign To Xfinity App

After downloading the app, sign in to your Xfinity account. If you don’t have the ID and password, you can create an account by clicking the link below named “create one.” In case you forgot the previous ID and password, you can click on the forgot password option and reset it.

Step 3: Log in to your Router

Now, you must log in to your router or Gateway from the app. You can do it in two different ways. At the back of your router, there is a QR code; scan this QR code with Xfinity app.

You will automatically log on to your router homepage. Also, you can put the 12-digit CM code manually to log in to your router. You will find the CM code at the back of your router for your Getaway.

Step 4: Got to Logs

Once you log in to your router homepage, you will get some settings such as Gateway, connected device, Parental Control, advanced, and troubleshooting. Now click on troubleshooting, and you will get the logs below it.

Few Extra Tips For You

  • Always change the default username and password of your router’s admin panel so unauthorized users cannot log in to your router’s home page.
  • Use a strong password for your Wi-Fi network and remember it.
  • Check the connected devices to your router and how much bandwidth they consume. If any device is using unusual traffic, put it in the rules list, which you will find in the advanced control section.
  • Use the Parental Control section if you have children using your Wi-Fi.

 Final words

In our article, we have explained two methods of accessing your router logs in Xfinity. In the first method, we have shown how you can go to router logs using a web browser, and in the second method, we have demonstrated how you can access logs by any iOS device or an Android device.

Both ways are straightforward. However, we recommend you follow the first method that requires no application downloading and Canning.