How to Clean a Samsung Flat Screen TV

How to Clean a Samsung Flat Screen TV

Watching television with a dusty screen is can be the worst experience for you. The TV screen needs to be cleaned occasionally to ensure a better viewing experience.

If you have a Samsung TV, especially the flat one, you may wonder how to clean a Samsung flat screen TV. Don’t worry; we are here to help you.

Cleaning a flat-screen TV is not a hard job, but you need to be more careful while cleaning unless you want some permanent scratch on your TV screen.

There are some elements you need to clean it in the proper way, and they are given below.

Elements of Cleaning Samsung Flat Screen TV

1. Microfiber Towel

Microfiber Towel

Many people used to use paper towels and abrasive pads to clean the TV, but they are a little bit sharp for your QLED screen.

Only microfiber can be used as it is made with polyamide and polyester, ensuring the best dust cleaning. But if you cannot manage a microfiber towel for cleaning the screen, go for a 100% cotton, clean, soft, and dry cloth.

2. Distilled Water

Distilled Water

QLED panels are much more sensitive; they can easily damage if you plan to use glass cleaner or window cleaner, detergent powder, alcohol, cleaning fluids, acetone, wax ammonia, benzene, or any other liquid chemicals.

Even normal water is also harmful to your flat TV screen. To avoid the damage, you can use distilled water if you need to wipe the dust with liquid help.

How to Clean a Samsung Flat Screen TV in the Proper Way

How to Clean a Samsung Flat Screen TV in the Proper Way

Before cleaning a Samsung flat TV screen, you need to know how to do it in the proper way. Your unconsciousness or carelessness can be the cause of permanent damage to your screen.

But don’t be afraid we are here to help you to do that perfectly. I am going to describe it step by step

  1. First of all, turn off the TV if it is turned on.
  2. Wait some time for the cooling fan to cool it down.
  3. Now unplug your Samsung TV from the power source.
  4. Then start cleaning the bezel and other areas of the TV first.
  5. After cleaning all of the body of the TV now, it is time for the screen
  6. Take a microfiber cloth or towel and start cleaning the screen gently.
  7. Make sure you are doing it as gently as possible to avoid permanent damage.
  8. After a dry wipe off the dust, you can use distilled water for a perfect cleaning.
  9. Do not spray the distilled water directly on your Samsung TV screen for cleaning.
  10. Pour the distilled water on the microfiber towel and start applying it on the screen.
  11. After Cleaning the screen completely from the dust, make sure you make the screen dry.
  12. You can use another microfiber towel for drying as they are good for socking the liquids.

After following these steps, your Samsung TV is completely dust-free for the best viewing experience. It is important to follow the steps provided here to avoid damaging your flat-screen TV.

Safety Precautions for Avoiding Damages

Cleaning a TV screen is not a big deal, but your carelessness can cause the damage, so make sure you avoid all the issues that can cause the damage.

  1. First of all, check the panel is completely cooled down or not before cleaning the screen.
  2. While the screen is warm, it can be a disaster for the screen to clean.
  3. Now check twice the power plug is unplugged if any sort of liquid, even distilled water, can go on any electrical components and if it can consume power, it may cause you a short circuit, and that can burn your TV circuit too, and your screen also can be damaged permanently.
  4. Clean the screen’s surface area as if you avoid it; the dust from the surface area can easily put it on your screen again.
  5. While cleaning the screen, don’t wipe the screen harder, as pushing the dust can create scratches on your screen.
  6. If you are planning to use any kind of liquid to clean the screen, I suggest avoiding it as all types of cleaning liquids have chemicals to clean the dust, which can be harmful to the QLED screen panel.
  7. You can use distilled water only if you need it; otherwise, avoid it.
  8. But still, if you plan to use it, make sure you are not spraying it directly on the screen;
  9. You have to spray the water on the microfiber towel and start cleaning the screen.
  10. And make sure you are doing it after a dry wipe off the dust; otherwise, the liquid water will make a dust paste from the dust, which will be much harder to remove.
  11. Do not use any paper towels or abrasive pads, or any cloth with a sharp texture as it can easily create scratches.
  12. In terms of cleaning the screen of the Samsung TV, you should only prefer a microfiber towel. If you cannot manage one, you can use a pure cotton cloth and make sure it is properly clean and dry.
  13. After drying the screen, leave the TV for at least half an hour before plugging the power cable into the electricity.

That is how you can easily avoid the damages and have a clear viewing experience from your Samsung flat TV.

Final Words

I hope you will get your answer about how to clean a Samsung flat screen TV with all the discussion from the above.

Cleaning the flat-screen TV is not a complicated procedure just keep patient while doing it and follow the steps from the above; that is how you will be able to clean your flat screen easily.

Make sure you maintain the safety precautions carefully and do the cleaning process as genteelly as possible. Remember doing the cleaning process quickly can be a disaster for you as the TV screens are too sensitive.

So, start the cleaning process now and ensure the crystal clear picture quality from your QLED screen panel.