How to Clean Tv and Computer Screens – Ultimate Guideline

How to Clean Tv and Computer Screens

If your TV or Computer screen is full of dust, your watching experience will be the worst for sure. The screen should be cleaned repeatedly after a while.

But you may be wonder how to clean TV and computer screens. Don’t worry; we are going to discuss how to clean the screens properly without damaging them.

TV and computer screens are too sensitive, so you have to keep patience while cleaning them and ensure that you are doing as gently as possible to avoid scratches or any other damages.

Yet, Cleaning the screens is not a hard job to do, with proper elements; you can do it easily.

Elements You Need for Cleaning TV and Computer Screens

1. Dry Microfiber Cloth or Hand Towel

Microfiber Towel

Using any clothes with a sharp texture like paper towels or abrasive pads can cause a permanent scratch on your TV and computer screen. Microfiber towels can be the best option for you.

They are made with polyamide and polyester. As the name suggests, tiny little fibers together ensure the best dust cleaning.

In case you can not manage to find a microfiber towel, you can also use a soft pure cotton cloth but make sure it is clean and dry properly.

2. Distilled or Purified Water

Distilled Water

TV and computer screens are too sensitive to use any liquid for cleaning, especially cleaner liquids like windows cleaner, glass cleaner, alcohol, wax ammonia, and even normal water can damage the screens.

But sometimes a dry cleaning of the screens is not enough, so you need to use liquid for a perfect cleaning, so in this situation, you can use only distilled water for a perfect cleaning.

Procedure of How to Clean Tv and Computer Screens

Procedure of How to Clean Tv and Computer Screens

If you are going to clean your TV and computer screens, you have to make sure you are doing it in the right way.

But your bit carelessness can be the reason for the permanent scratches and damage on your TV and computer screens. To avoid the damages and do it properly, I am going to describe the process step by step.

1. Unplug the TV or Monitor first

Unplugging them should be your first attempt before starting the cleaning process. First of all, you have to turn off the TV or monitor. Now, please wait a while, then unplug them from the power source.

There are two benefits of this one in of them is an off-screen the dust will be more visible on the black screen, and another one is reducing the risk of damage from the liquid cleaning.

2. Start with Cleaning the Bezel and Other Areas

First of all, you should clean the bezel area and eventually full body for cleaning the screens. Otherwise, the dust from the bezel is and other parts can easily fall on your screen again.

So make sure you clean the bezel area and whole body parts first.

3. Dry-wiping the screens

However, after cleaning the bezel and other body areas, it is now time to clean the screens. First of all, take a dry microfiber cloth and gently blow the dust first.

Now, start wiping the dust from the left to right or right to left and for final cleaning, wipe upward and downward. Make sure you are pushing it as gently as possible. A little bit of pressure can create scratches on your TV and computer screens.

4. Wet-wiping the screens

Before you start wet wiping, make sure you dry wiped the screens properly; otherwise, the cleaning liquids will be mixed with the dust on your screen and make a dust paste which will be more difficult to clean for you.

On the other hand, do not use any chemicals for wet wiping the screens. The TV and computer screens are made with sensitive components and with the chemical they can be easily damaged so if you really need a wet-wiping use distilled water for the cleaning.

5. Don’t Spray Leqiude Directly on the Screen

While you are doing a wet cleaning, make sure you do not spray the distilled water directly on the screen. If a drop of it can go into the electrical circuit, it can permanently damage your TV and computer screen.

So for wet wiping, pour the liquid on the cleaning towel and start cleaning with the wetted microfiber towel.

6. Alcohol Pads

If you do not like to go through the long cleaning process, you can use alcohol pads. They are specially designed for cleaning screens like smartphone screens, tab screens, tv screens, computer monitor screens and more.

It is a pad with slight alcohol on it, giving you a superior wet cleaning experience. So if you want to save some time and make the cleaning process easier for you, collect at least five alcohol pads for each screen and start cleaning.

7. Drying the Screens

Due to wet wiping, your screen should be wet, and you just need to dry the screen properly. For that, use another microfiber towel as they are excellent in terms of socking the liquids.

After finishing the dry clean-up, wait some time to dry the screens completely. Before plugging in the TV and computer monitor again, ensure no liquid is left on the screens.

After following the steps correctly, you will be able to clean your TV and computer screens without damaging them. Just remember do not push harder while cleaning and keep patience and do it gently.

Final Words

However, with all of the discussion above I hope you already get the answer of how to clean TV and computer screens.

But if you are still afraid of doing it, we suggest starting it practically; eventually, you will know how much pressure the screen can tolerate and avoid scratches or damages.

Though cleaning the TV and computer screen is not a hard job to do, you have to be conscious while cleaning them. It’s all about consciousness and patience, nothing else.

Moreover, make sure you are using proper elements for cleaning and do not avoid any instructions from the above in case you want to damage your screen.