How To Connect Sony Bluetooth Speaker with Another Device

How To Connect Sony Bluetooth Speaker

Are you facing any problems while connecting your Bluetooth speaker with your device? Well, you can consider my help here, and you won’t have any problems regarding this in the future.

Bluetooth speaker is top-rated among the young generation because they are lightweight, easy to mobile, and cable-free. It has become a common way of listening to music outdoor or at a pool party.

In this article, I will be guiding you on how to connect Sony Bluetooth speaker with a device. Just sit, relax and follow my guidance correctly to complete the job in no time.

How To Connect Sony Bluetooth Speaker with Another Device

How To Connect Sony Bluetooth Speaker with Another Device

In general, setting up the connection between your device and the Sony Bluetooth speaker is pretty straightforward.

But every device comes with a different operating system, which means a different user interface. All you need to do is follow the steps.

Android or iOS Device

Android or iOS Device

To begin with, all you need to do is turn on the power of the Sony Bluetooth speaker. So push and hold the speaker’s power button for 3-4 seconds, and you will hear a beep sound.

It indicates that your speaker is now ready to pair and waiting for a device. The pair operation sound may differ for some models and have a voice message. For instance, it could be like a voice saying ‘Bluetooth pairing’ enabled.

Since Bluetooth setting options for android and ios are pretty similar, you can easily find the Bluetooth icon on your phone. Press and hold that icon, and you will be on the Bluetooth window of the phone.

Now scroll down to the bottom and look for the model name of your sony Bluetooth speaker. Tap on the model and give it a moment to verify, and finally, you will be able to play all your favorite music on the sony Bluetooth speaker.

Laptop or Desktop Computer

Laptop or Desktop Computer

However, things operate in a different way for laptop or desktop computers. Tap and hold the Bluetooth speaker power button for 3-4 seconds until you hear the pair mode open sound.

Now open your laptop or desktop computer, click on the start menu and click on the settings icon. You need to select the ‘Devices’ option, which will take you to the ‘Bluetooth & other devices’ window.

If you see the ‘Bluetooth’ option at the top, your device is eligible to connect Bluetooth devices. If you don’t see the option, your device is not compatible. It is pretty usual for desktop computers.

To overcome this, you have to install an external Bluetooth adapter. After that, click on the Bluetooth icon, select add a Bluetooth device, and look for the sony Bluetooth speakers model name on the computer window.

Now select the model name and wait for a moment. You will be hearing a confirmation sound from the speaker, and a new notification will show up on the bottom right of the computer screen,

showing the message ‘Setting up a new device.’ Don’t click anything and wait a while for the following message ‘Device is ready.’ And this is how you connect your Sony Bluetooth speaker with a computer.

Smart TV

Smart TV

In addition, you can even connect your sony Bluetooth speaker with your smart television. For this, go to the TV’s settings bar, select ‘Remote and Accessories’, and then select ‘Bluetooth settings.’

Make sure that the Bluetooth is turned ‘ON’ there. And the overall process is the same as above. Select the exact Bluetooth speaker model to complete the pairing task, and your television’s speaker will be turned ‘OFF,’ and your sony Bluetooth speaker will be used as a primary speaker for the smart TV.

Advantages of Bluetooth Speaker

Advantages of Bluetooth Speaker

You may ask why you need a Bluetooth speaker and the benefits. Let me help you here with this.


Whenever you talk about Bluetooth speakers, you can not ignore the primary key: mobility. Bluetooth speakers are incredibly light in weight whenever it comes to portability.

You can carry the speaker with you anywhere and anytime, listening to your favorite songs with your friends and family.

Pure Wireless

With a regular speaker, you have to connect many wires, and sometimes it is a bit of a hassle. But, with a Bluetooth speaker, you can go wholly wire-free, and all the connections will be set up through a wireless system.


If you plan to go for a vacation, a Bluetooth wireless speaker can be a great companion for you. Because modern-day speakers come with massive battery backup,

you can listen for at most 48 hours of music with a single charge. It means you don’t even need to think about charging your speaker on the way.

Sound Quality

Suppose you have a family get-together or a meeting at the office. A Bluetooth speaker can be put easily in the middle of the place.

Therefore, everyone can enjoy an excellent sound quality without any disturbance because you will not be getting a proper listening experience if there are any obstacles between you and the speaker.

How to Remove Dirt from a Bluetooth Speaker

How to Remove Dirt from a Bluetooth Speaker

It is pretty usual that your Bluetooth speaker may get dirty after a while, and you may need to clean that from time to time. By and large, the preparation is the same in cleaning dust or giving it a complete wash.

All you need to have is two pieces of clean microfiber cloth and a can of compressed air. To begin with, you have to blow down the cabinet first. Now, take a microfiber cloth, soak it in the slightly warmed water, and squeeze it well.

Don’t make wet the other one. Now gently wipe your speaker with the damp cloth but skip the Twitter. Finally, wipe it again with the dry one. That’s it, and you are done with the cleaning task.

Final Words

To conclude, Bluetooth speaker is straightforward to operate, and it is pretty easy to connect the speaker with a device. But you need to make sure that you are following the guide step by step.

So, this article was all about the techniques on how to connect sony Bluetooth speaker with different devices. Here, I have shown you the steps to pair, and then I tried to tell you about the advantages of a Bluetooth speaker.

In addition, I did guide you on how you can clean your sony Bluetooth speaker in case your speaker catches any dirt.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration to reach here. I believe you are now succeeded with your task.