How To Install Wifi With No Ethernet Plug

How To Install Wifi With No Ethernet Plug

You are in the right place if you want to know how to install WiFi with no Ethernet plug. There are various ways to use a WI-FI internet connection, even without any Ethernet plug.

In this article, I am going to describe some of the most popular and common ways to use WI-FI when you have no Ethernet port in house.

How To Install Wifi With No Ethernet Plug – Step by Step

1. By Pocket Router

Pocket Router

This is the most convenient process to use WI-FI in your house without any Ethernet plug. Most wall routers can create an internet connection through WI-FI by using an Ethernet connection.

But the pocket router is mainly used for outdoor usage, and it includes a sim tray where you can put an Ethernet enable sim, and it will serve the Ethernet via a WI-FI hotspot. Most pocket routers allow ten users at a time, which means you can almost connect all the devices in your home.

2. Using 5g WI-FI Modem

To get a high-speed WI-FI connection, you can use a 5g WI-FI modem to get high-speed WI-FI service; this is the way I personally prefer as I am using this as my house doesn’t have an Ethernet port.

First of all, insert any 5g data enable sim into the modem; now plug the modem into a pc to configure for the first time. After successfully configuring the modem, you can use the WI-FI by simply plugging the modem into any USB power source.

3. With 5G Router

With 5G Router

Many renowned router manufacturing companies include sim insertion function into their wall router by which you can get WI-FI based internet connection with internet data to enable sim.

If you are planning to use Ethernet without an Ethernet plug for a long time, then it can be the perfect solution for you. For long-time use, try to get the highest data pack possible and make sure you have the 5g enable sim to get the proper stable connection.

4. Using Mobile

Using Mobile

If you have a smartphone, you can make it a source of Wi-Fi connection. All you need to do is enable the internet connection and make sure your sim has internet access. Now go to setting and find Wi-Fi hotspot setting, configure the hotspot setting, enable the hotspot, and you are good to go.

If you have a 5g enabled smartphone, try to get a 5g sim to get a high-speed connection. But one thing you should remember is that this is not a permanent solution. It is only for emergency situations.

For long-time use, it will be better to follow other alternative options; otherwise, you may damage your smartphone battery.

5. Using Laptop

How To Install Wifi With No Ethernet Plug

Some business series laptop has a sim tray to insert a sim directly into the laptop to access the internet, where you can use any third-party application to create a hotspot from your laptop.

Though most of the laptop’s network access for the sim network is not that strong, you can still manage to access the internet and WI-FI when you badly need it in an emergency situation. That is how you can get a WI-FI connection without the Ethernet plug.

6. With Desktop PC

If you are using any old desktop PC and now want to access the internet and WI-FI service, don’t worry; there is a process you can follow. To use WI-FI with your PC, all you need is one modem and one USB Wi-Fi adapter.

First, use the modem to get an internet connection on your PC, then plug the USB WI-FI adapter and use third-party applications to create a hotspot, and you are good to go.

Final Words

I hope you already know how to get WiFi with no Ethernet plug from the above discussion. If you are still confused, I recommend you re-read the article and try to find out which process will be the appropriate solution for you and follow the step of it, and that is how you will get WI-FI internet access without any Ethernet plug.