How To Make A Projector Screen With a Sheet

How To Make A Projector Screen With a Sheet

If you bought a projector, you have to buy a projector screen. The light from the projector needs to reflect on a screen before forming an image.

But buying a projector screen can be expensive for you while you can easily make one on your own. You can make the projector screen by using sheets, and this cheaper alternative works perfectly and will save your money too.

So you may wonder how to make a projector screen with a sheet. Don’t worry; we are here to help you. From the below discussion, you will know how to make a DIY projector screen on your own.

Benefits of Making Projector Screen at Home

Benefits of Making Projector Screen at Home

At the present time, everyone loves to watch movie viewing on a large monitor. But expensive tickets and extra costs make it harder.

On the other hand, watching movies on mobile or laptop does not give that feeling, so how can you achieve that on a budget?

Suppose you have a white wall or outdoor projector screen. Use can use projector shade to see the movies like theater.

But make sure your wall has a smooth surface; otherwise, it won’t give you better picture quality. Thus, for comfortable viewing, you can use a black screen as projector screen material.

Element for Making the Projector Screen with a Sheet

Though projector screens can be made with different objects but sheets and walls are most commonly used. Making a projector screen with a sheet is a good option.

Though it has some limitations, it can still perform well. Especially it will give you the portability you can carry it anywhere you want. To make the projector screen, you need to manage some elements they are given below

1. Sheets


Generally, everyone has sheets in their house, so you also should have one. Search for it if you didn’t find one then buy one they are not expensive. To make the projector screen, you need to manage two sheets; one is plain white, and another is plain black.

The white one will be the main screen for the projector. The black screen will be behind the white one as a support for the white screen as some of the light from the projector can directly pass through the white sheet.

You can easily understand this if there is a wall behind the white screen. The images will not be as bright as they should be.

However, a black sheet behind the white sheet will deliver brighter images as the light cannot escape through the sheets. You can collect a plain white and black bedsheet or any other piece of smooth sheet.

2. Clips & Hooks

The most important part of making a projector screen with a sheet is hanging it properly to ensure it will not fold, wrinkle, or move. So to avoid these, you need to attach some clips and hooks for the solid attachment.

Managing the clips and hook is not a hard job to do; most probably, you already have them in your house. If not, go to a stationery shop near you and buy as much as you need.

3. Two Long Stand & PVC Pipes

To hang the sheet properly, you need to make two vertical stands for it. You can also make one stand if you want, depending on the way you want to fix the sheet. The stands will hold the pipes in the position you want.

The ideal size of the pipe is about 12 feet; you can take smaller or longer according to on your need.

These elements you will need for making the projector screen are very easy to collect. Most of them, you will find in your house, and some of the others you will get from the stores.

With these simple elements, you will get your desired projector screen. But how to make it with these elements. Let’s check it out.

The Process of How To Make A Projector Screen With a Sheet

The Process of How To Make A Projector Screen With a Sheet

If you have already collected all the elements from the above, now it is time to make it practically. Making it on your own won’t be that hard as it looks likes.

By following the simple instructions step by step, you can easily make it. The instructions are given below.

  • The first thing you need to do is select your sheet’s size for making the projector screen. The ideal and average size you can go for is 5×6 feet. Depending on your screen size requirement, you can reduce or increase the size of the sheet.
  • Now take the white and black sheets for cutting. Cut 2 or 3 inches’ lager than your required size as when you fold the sides for sewing, you will get the actual required size of yours.
  • And start sewing the white and black sheets together by folding the sides after sewing clips and hooks on each corner and side of the sheet.
  • Now Iron the whole screen made with sheets before hanging on the wall or stand; otherwise folds, and wrinkles will create a bad impression on your watching experience.
  • Then take the PVC pipes and attach them with the top and bottom side of the sheets by sewing the sides. It will keep the sheet flat. On the other hand, it will help the sheet to stay fold-less and wrinkle-free.
  • Now hang the screen on the wall or stand with the help of the PVC pipes and makes sure the sheet is tightly hooked from the sides and ensure smoothness.
  • At last, place the projector by maintaining proper distance and enjoy your contents with the bigger screen that you just made.

The steps may look complicated while reading, but I can assure you that it will be the easiest job for you when you will do it practically.

Just keep patience, read the step one by one and start making your own projector screen. I am pretty sure eventually you will come out with a good projector screen by using sheets.

Final Words

However, making the projector screen is a very simple process, but choosing the main elements as a screen is the difficult part of it. In the meantime, using sheets can be the best option for making the projector screen.

From the above discussion, I hope you already get the idea about how to make a projector screen with a sheet.

So get ready to make your own projector screen with a useless bed sheet, or you can buy one; they are much cheaper than buying a projector screen. Now enjoy the larger screen content watching experience with your family and friends.