How To Make Projector At Home – Ultimate Guideline

How To Make Projector At Home

Projector mechanism may look complicated, but it actually follows a simple mechanism to work. There are several ways to make it; you can make it professionally or for the experiment purpose at home.

However, if you want to make it for experiment purposes, I will ensure you it will be an exciting journey that will help you learn about light and optics.

So, you may wonder how to make projector at home? Don’ t worry, we are here to help you. You just need to arrange proper elements and follow the proper steps to make it, and I am going to describe them here.

Elements for Making the Projector

Making the projector at home can be easier with a smartphone which will complete half of your job done for making a projector.

Besides it, you need to manage some other proper elements to make it. Let’s discuss about the elements.

1. Smartphone


It is the primary element for making the projector. You need to choose a smartphone with at least a 6-inch display and make sure the screen can be bright enough.

You can choose any Smartphone with IPS or AMOLED screen type. Most smartphones come with an IPS screen panel; you can have a decent picture quality from the projector by using the smartphone with the IPS display.

But if you want superior picture quality, make sure you select the phone with an AMOLED screen as they are very bright and can produce vivid colors.

2. Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass

Choose an average powered magnifying glass. You can have it from stationery shops in your area. You can also manage it from the glass stores too, and if you go to the glass store, you can have your magnifying glass with your desired power and size.

3. Shoe-box

Now manage another essential element which is the shoe-box. You should probably have some empty shoe boxes at your home; pick one from there. If you didn’t find any, choose any rectangular card box.

Make sure the box is hard enough and won’t be damaged while cutting it with pressure. If possible, choose a box with black inside.

4. Pencil

Pick at least 2B pencils for marking. You also can pick any pen or marker if you don’t have one.

5. Thick Black Matte Paper

Collect some thick black matte papers to wrap the inside of the box if you did not manage the box with the back inside. Alternatively, you can paint the inside with a brush and black paint.

Do whatever is easier for you; all of these have almost the same impacts. So don’t be hesitate and just pick one.

6. Tapes or Paper-gum


Manage some regular or double-sided tape alternatively; you can pick paper-gum too. Choose whatever is easier for you.

7. Exacto knife, Anti-Cutter or Blade

Now, if you have an Exacto knife or anti-cutter, then it’s ok. Otherwise, you have to buy them. But if you want to save some money, you can use blades for cutting.

Our suggestion will be to pick an Exacto knife or Anti-cutter for maintaining safety.

8. Glue gun with glue sticks

Glue gun with glue sticks

Choose a medium-sized glue gun with glue sticks. If it is impossible to manage a glue gun, you can choose a lighter to melt the glue sticks.

9. Phone-Holder

Choose any type of phone holder, whatever is preferable for you but make sure the holder won’t interfere with your phone’s physical buttons.

The Procedure of How To Make Projector At Home

I hope you have already managed all of the elements that I mentioned above. Collecting all the proper elements means you are just a few steps behind from your own-made projector. Now it is the time to make it practically. To complete it, follow the procedure step by step from the below.

  1. First of all, take the box, and if it has black inside, jump on step number four.
  2. Start wrapping inside the box with matte papers and tapes or paper-gum
  3. If you cannot manage the wrapping paper, paint the inside with black color
  4. Now, take the magnifying glass, put it above the box head, and hold it there.
  5. Pick the pencil and start marking the circumference of the glass on the box.
  6. Move the glass aside and start cutting the marked area with the Exacto knife.
  7. After cutting the hole, place the magnifying glass and start sealing with the glue gun.
  8. Place the phone stand inside the box by facing the glass and maintaining proper distance.
  9. Don’t fix the stand; make it flexible for shifting upward and backward to adjust the focus.
  10. Now place the whole thing on a table by facing a white empty wall or projector screen.
  11. Make the brightness full of your phone and disable eye protection and auto-dimming.
  12. Play any video content on your phone with any player that has a rotation lock option.
  13. Now lock the rotation and flip the phone and place it on the stand inside the box.
  14. Adjust the focus on the wall by moving the phone upward or backward with the stand.
  15. Ok, all are done now; down the lid and enjoy your own homemade projector’s content.

Follow the steps eventually; it may look hard while you are reading it, but in terms of the practical process, you will find these significantly easier to do still; if you find any difficulty, reread the steps from the beginning.

Final Words

After all of the discussion from the above, I hope you already get the idea about how to make projector at home. But if you are still confused, keep patience and start doing it practically. All of your confusion will be clear in terms of practical work.

Making the projector at home on your own can be a fun project for you, and your creativity will go to the next level. By following the simple procedure step by step, you will get your own homemade projector.

So if you are interested in making one, start making the projector without any delay and enjoy a larger screen content watching experience.