How To Setup Blue Yeti Microphone on windows 10

How To Setup Blue Yeti Microphone on windows 10

A microphone is an essential gadget used in almost every sector in our technologically advanced lifestyle, including podcasting, communication, music sector, online gaming, sound/ speech recording, and much more. If you use your windows 10 PC for one of these purposes, you must buy a USB microphone for your desktop or laptop.

If you have already researched the best microphone for PC, you may hear of Blue Yeti microphones. In this article, we will talk about the Blue Yeti, the quality and advantages of the mic, and how to setup Blue Yeti microphone on windows 10 by yourself.

Blue Yeti Microphone

Blue Yeti Microphone

Most people who are connected with the recording and music industry already know about the microphone. If you also know about the microphone, you can skip this section and directly go to the “setup” section of this article.

But if you don’t know about it, let me tell you this is one of the best popular starter mics available in the market today. The microphone is great for various types of use. Blue Yeti has four pickup patterns, which can be useful features for beginners.

Moreover, the microphone has a feature by which you can reduce the background noise and make it less sensitive so that the sound pickup gets better with the microphone. The microphone also has a headphone port for connecting your headphone while recording, podcasting, and other such purposes.

On the other hand, you will also get an additional sturdy metal stand which is very convenient if you consider the price range. So overall, we can say, without any doubt, it can be a great value-for-money deal for you if you consider the sound quality and features it’s offering.

How To Setup Blue Yeti Microphone on windows 10: Step by Step

How To Setup Blue Yeti Microphone on windows 10 Step by Step

If you have already bought a Blue Yeti USB microphone, you may already encounter the setting up process. Setup the Blue Yeti microphone on your windows 10 PC is not so hard; with some simple steps, you can easily set up the microphone on your PC.

We can divide the setup process into two parts one is driver installation, and the other one is setting adjustment. All you need to do is keep patience, read carefully and follow the steps below.

1. Blue Yeti Driver Installation

For using any additional gear or device with your computer, you must install the proper driver to establish communication between the specific gear or device and your PC’s operating system. So to make sure the best result is from the Blue Yeti microphone, you just need to install the driver first. Installing the proper driver is important to do the microphone work properly. Follow the below instruction to do it sucessfully.

  1. Go to the Blue website to download the specific driver software for your microphone. The webpage will appear with a download option for the Blue Yeti driver and user manual.
  2. Now click on the driver download option from the webpage.
  3. Then open the file location or download folder when the download task is completed.
  4. Now extract the BLUE_YetiPro_DriverSetup and double-click on the driver software installer.exe to install it.
  5. Read the software agreement and click on accept if it appears.
  6. After successfully installing the driver, you need to restart your computer to make the driver work.

So, the driver installation part is done; now read and follow the steps from the “setting adjustment” section to get the full ability of your microphone.

2. Setting Adjustment for the Blue Yeti

Setting Adjustment for the Blue Yeti

Installing the proper driver and adjusting the setting is equally important to get the best result from your microphone. You need to select the microphone as a primary audio device on your windows ten operating system from the “sound setting” option to make the microphone work properly.

On the other hand, most streaming Software like OBS Studio, XSplit Broadcaster, Wirecast, Lightstream, Restream, Streamlabs, vMix, and Ecamm Live use their own sound setting while streaming audio.

So when you use a Blue Yeti microphone, selecting it as a primary input and output device is important as these kinds of audio streaming applications require knowing what the computer’s primary audio device is and which input and output streams are which.

So to set the proper setting adjustment, first plug the Blue Yeti microphone via USB on your windows ten pc and then follow these simple steps from below.

  1. First of all, find and right-click on the speaker icon, which will be located in the right corner of the windows 10 toolbar, and click on the sound from there.
  2. Click on the playback tab there and then right-click on “Speakers BLUE Yeti,” now click “Set as Default Playback Device” and select “Set as Default Communication Device” from there.
  3. Now, right-click on “Speakers BLUE Yeti” to open the advance tab from the properties and uncheck the “Allow Application” box within the Exclusive Mode section now click on apply and finally press the ok from there.
  4. Besides this, you must open the advanced windows tab for sample rate changing while updating your application’s sound settings.

Now you are all set; your Blue Yeti microphone is completely ready now to rock.

MacOS Adjustment Settings in Case You Need Them.

Adjusting the setting on a macOS-based PC is much easier and pretty similar to the windows OS. First of all, you need to click on the Apple icon from the menu bar and then select system preference from there.

Now click on sound and choose Blue Yeti under the input and output tabs. Like windows OS, you need to set the sample rate from the “Format dropdown box” while updating your application’s sound settings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Does Blue Yeti work with Windows 10?

Blue Yeti microphones also come with their own driver, so any pc with at least windows 7 or above should support the Blue Yeti. So if we talk about windows 10 specifically, there is doubt about it that it will surely work fine. However, don’t forget to install the proper driver and adjust the settings to make your Blue Yeti work accurately.

We already mention the complete driver installation guide and setting adjustment guide in the above section of this article; by following the instruction step by step, you can avoid any kind of issue that makes your Blue Yeti unusable on your windows 10 PC.

2. Do Blue Yeti mics need drivers?

Almost all external devices or gears require additional driver support to work properly on the PC. Some of the devices or gears may come with an auto plug-and-play option where the windows system of your PC installs the proper driver automatically, like an external mouse, keyboard, Pendrive, and other similar devices.

But most of the devices or gears that bring huge differences in the input or output of your PC require additional driver support. So you also need to install an additional Blue Yeti driver on your windows 10 pc to run your   Blue Yeti mics perfectly. The driver installation process will be found in the above section of this article.

3. What is Blue Yeti setup for Windows 10?

To make your microphone work properly, setting up or setting adjustments is equally important as the driver installation. You will get a full instruction guide on the “Setting Adjustment” section from above. If the process looks hard to you, do the process one by one without skipping anything.

If you still face any issues, you can also search for a video guide for the setting adjustment or setup process on YouTube. If the process is still hard for you, then find someone who is an expert on this to avoid messing up the settings.

4. Why is my Yeti mic not being detected?

If your device manager is not showing the Blue Yeti, that means your Yeti mic is not being detected. To fix the issue, first of all, check whether your mic is it turns on or not. Then check your cable connection and USB point, and pull and replug it if necessary.

Most of the time, in the hardware issue, the cable near the connecting point breaks down and stops working; in that case, you need to fix or replace the cable with the experts. If your microphone has no hardware issue, it may be the driver or setting behind the problem; in this case, reinstall the driver and adjust the setting again.

Final Words

If you are looking for this, that means you already have a Blue Yeti microphone or are interested in buying one. If you already have one and want to use it, follow the instructions above. And if you are planning to buy the Blue Yeti microphone, then you can save the article on your bookmark previously to avoid issues after buying.

You will find the specific driver and user manual on Blue Yeti’s official website, where you can also download them. You will also get driver installation support from many third-party driver setup applications and other websites that are not recommended as they come with lots of malware or viruses, which may be a privacy concern for you.

Lastly, we must say you will get the best utilization from this value-for-money product if you can set it up properly on your windows ten desktop or laptop.