JBL Clip 5 Release Date and Latest News

JBL Clip 5 Release Date

JBL Clip is compact speaker series of JBL. The first version of the JBL Clip sold like a bullet, and soon JBL realized they needed to continue the new production of this series to keep updated with the present time technology and features JBL is planning to bring the new JBL Clip 5 soon. In this article, we try to calculate the estimated JBL Clip 5 release date and its expected features.

JBL Clip 5: Release Date and Latest News

JBL Clip 5 Release Date and Latest News

JBL Clip series are well-demanded because of their extreme portability and excellent audio delivery, which is ideal for listening to music anywhere you go. Though there is no official announcement of JBL Clip 5 yet, according to the previous model’s release time and the time gap between them, we can calculate the expected release time. So, first of all, check out the below chart.

Model Release Date Driver Power Battery Capacity IP Rating
JBL Clip 1 unidentified 3.2 watts 600 mAh N/A
JBL Clip 2 January 2016 3 watts 730 mAh IPX7
JBL Clip 3 January 2018 3.3 watts 1000 mAh IPX7
JBL Clip 4 December 2020 5 watts 1050 mAh IP67

The following chart shows that the JBL Clip 3 was released after two years after its previous model. But Clip 4 took almost three years dealy which is for Corona pandemic. However, more than two years have been running the Clip 4 was released. So, according to the previous time gap, we can say we will have the JBL Clip 4 at any time in the next year, 2023.

If we follow the last time gap, it will take almost the whole of 2023, and in December, we may get our desired Clip 5. However, the expected specification and features of JBL Clip 4 are given below.

We Expect to Have These Features in the New JBL Clip 5

We Expect to Have These Features in the New JBL Clip 5

Since JBL Clip series models are released after 2 or 3 years, they bring huge updates with the newly launched model. So we can expect all the latest technology and features from the upcoming JBL Clip 5, including the improvement of the driver unit, battery capacity, and IP rating section. Let’s check out the most possible updated aspects of JBL Clip 5 below.

  1. The total RMS of the Clip 5 driver will slightly increase. We can expect 5.5 to 6 watts of driver power this time. If the driver power remains the same as the previous JBL Clip 4, the driver updated driver will still produce more loud and clear sound with great bass.
  2. As the previous JBL Clip 4 did not bring any noticeable battery update, we can expect 1100 to 1500 mah battery capacity this time. The battery section update also depends on the size and design of the speaker. If the size of the speaker gets bigger than the previous one, the battery capacity will surely increase.
  3. As with the JBL Clip 4, the Clip 5 also will come with a USB Type C port for charging, but this time we may get the fast charging facility. The JBL Clip 4 took almost 3 hours to fully charge, which is pretty annoying for some people, so we can expect fast charging this time.
  4. The JBL Clip 3 has Bluetooth 4.1, which has been updated to Bluetooth 5.1 in the JBL Clip 4. So in Clip 5, we can expect Bluetooth 5.2 or 5.3 though Bluetooth 5.1 is still a very good performing wireless technology.
  5. Another improvement section of the JBL Clip 5 is its IP rating section. JBL Clip 4 comes with IP67 water and dust resistance. So we can expect IP68 or IP69K IP rating on the JBL Clip 5.

JBL Clip 5 Estimate Price

JBL Clip 5 Estimate Price

As money loses its value, everything gets expensive day by day. So justifying older Clip speaker models’ prices is not relevant anymore. Every JBL Clip speaker price increases slightly to keep pace with the present marketplace.

The last two JBL Clip models were sold with a $45 to $50 price tag when they were newly launched. So we can expect the JBL Clip 5 to be released with a $50 to $55 price tag. But the price will decrease after some time, so if you have a budget issue, wait and buy some days later.

Which is the Latest JBL Clip?

Which is the Latest JBL Clip

Till now, JBL Clip 4 is the least one. JBL Clip 4 brings huge updates in various sections, including driver power, Bluetooth version, USB input, and IP rating. Now the Clip 5 comes with Bluetooth 5.1, 5 watts of driver power, USB Type C input, and IP67 water and dust resistance.

Can I use JBL clip in the shower?

If you are using the first-generation JBL Clip, you cannot shower with it as it has no IP rating. But from the JBL Clip 2 to Clip 4, all of these come with IP-rated water and dust seals, so you can use any one of them while taking a shower without any issue.

Especially the latest JBL Clip 4 has IP67, which is a superior IP rating to the previous two models, so if you are using this, you don’t need to worry about damaging it while taking a shower.

Can I Use My JBL Clip while Charging?

Yes, you can use your JBL Clip speaker while charging, but it is not recommended as it may ruin your battery health as it needs to supply power when it is low at capacity and taking charge.

So in case of an emergency, you can still use your JBL Clip, but you should avoid it as soon as possible. Using it while charging may no create any battery damage for several times usages, but for long-lasting usages, it will definitely ruin your speaker’s battery.

How Long does JBL Clip Battery Last?

How long the speaker’s battery will last depends on the speaker’s battery capacity. Till now, the JBL Clip 4 has the biggest battery capacity by which you can get up to 10 hours of playback time, as they claim. In real-life usage, you may get slightly lower battery life, but if you use it while 50% to 70% volume, it will last longer, which is more than enough for a portable speaker.

Does JBL Clip have a Microphone?

JBL Clip 1,2, and 3 have a built-in microphone setup for directly taking the call from your Clip speaker. On the other hand, JBL Clip 4 has a mic only for voice assistants where; you can not use the mic for taking calls.

Though the mic does not matter so much for such speakers as most of these speakers’ call quality is not that good for outdoor use.

Is the JBL Clip waterproof?

If you are still using the JBL Clip 1, then we are sorry to say that your speaker is not water and dust-proof, and though the build is solid, the usual water splash may not damage your speaker. However, from the JBL Clip 2 to the latest one, they all have IP-rated water and dust protection. So if you have one of these or are planning to buy one, then you don’t have to worry about water damage.

Final Words

In this article, we tried to cover all the essential and related things about the JBL Clip series, including the upcoming JBL Clip 5 expected release time, specifications, and features. If you still don’t want to wait for the upcoming product, you can buy the JBL Clip 4, as it is much better than the previous models.

For further inquiry, you can search for it on Google. For better understanding, you can watch video reviews and comparison videos on Youtube.