JBL GO 4 Release Date and Latest News

JBL GO 4 Release Date

JBL Go 3 gained huge popularity as a pocket-friendly portable speaker when it launched, and now JBL is planning to bring their new product of this series, JBL Go 4. JBL Go series is known for its compact and solidly built design with premium sound quality. In this article, we will talk about the JBL Go 4 release date and its expected features of it.

JBL Go 4 Release Date and Latest News

JBL Go 4 Release Date and Latest News

JBL Go series speakers produce compact and single-driver unit speakers. If you want a perfect small speaker to carry everywhere you go without compromising the sound quality, then the JBL Go series is the one you should prefer.

JBL Go series wireless speakers are perfect for home and outdoor usage as they come with IP-rating dust and water protection; you can use them in any outdoor condition. Though the JBL Go series produces compact speakers, you can still experience ear-filling sound in a single room with these speakers.

The latest JBL Go 3 also comes with a carrying loop which brings an extra portability option for hooking up with your backpack or other similar things.

However, though there is no official announcement of JBL Go 4 yet, according to the previous models’ release and features, we can calculate the estimated release date and features of it that we will have from JBL Go 4. Let’s have a quick look at the below chart first.

Model Release Date Driver Power Battery Capacity IP Rating
JBL Go 27 Apr 2015 3 watts 420mAh IPX7
JBL Go 2 30 June 2019 3 Watt 730 mAh IPX7
JBL Go 3 4th March 2021 4.2 watts 750 mAh IP67

From the above chart, we can see the release time gap between JBL Go 1 and 2 is four years and two months. And the time gap between JBL Go 2 and 3 is one year and eight months. So there is no relevant time gap in this model’s release date.

But since the last one was released after 1.8 years, we can expect the same time gap for JBL Go 4 release. On the other hand, most of the new JBL products come at the beginning of the new year.

So, according to this factor and calculating the time gap, we can say that the JBL Go 4 release date is close. Between march 2023 to July 2023, we can expect the JBL Go 4 release. The expected features of the JBL Go 4 are given below.

We Expect to Have These Features in the New JBL Go 4

We Expect to Have These Features in the New JBL Go 4

Let’s talk about what we are getting from the upcoming JBL Go 4 by comparing previous models’ improvement sectors.

  1. Though JBL Go 1 and 2 both have the same drive power, JBL Go 2 is a bit louder than Go 1. And the driver power and loudness both have increased in the GO 3. So we can expect at least 5 watts of driver output on the JBL Go 4.
  2. JBL Go 2 was launched with huge battery improvement over Go 1, and Go 3 battery capacity was almost similar to the Go 2. So we can expect a bigger battery too from the previous one. 800mAh to 1000mAh battery capacity will be perfect for the upcoming JBL Go 4.
  3. JBL Go 3 came with fast charging support with a USB Type-C port over the USB Type-B port on the Go-2. It is definite that JBL Go 4 will also come with a USB Type-C port and we will have better fast charging support.
  4. JBL Go 3 also improved the Bluetooth connectivity with Bluetooth 5.0 over Bluetooth 4.2 of the Go 2. The JBL Go 4 should come with Bluetooth 5.2 or 5.3 version depending on the current technological advancement.
  5. Though JBL Go 1 and Go 2 have 3.5mm AUX input, we notice it has been removed from the JBL Go 3. As the newer Bluetooth connectivity is almost latency-free and most of the devices come with built-in Bluetooth support, we can assume that the Go 4 will also come without the AUX port.
  6. Another improvement we can see in the IP section of the previous models. As the JBL Go 3 has IP67 water and dust protection, we can expect IP68 or IP69K on the upcoming JBL Go 4.

These are the improvement sector we can expect from the JBL Go 4. So if you are planning to buy a JBL Go speaker, it will be wise to wait until the JBL Go 4 launched as it will come with lots of upgrades.

JBL Go 4 Estimate Price

JBL Go 4 Estimate Price

To calculate the estimated price of JBL Go 4, we need to find out the prices of previous models when they were launched. The JBL Go 1 and JBL Go 2 were launched at around $22 to $24, but the JBL Go 3 was launched at around $30.

The vast price difference is justified as it came with a huge improvement over the previous model, and it was Corona pandemic period. On the other hand, the value of money does not remain the same over time.

So we can estimate around the $30 to $35 price tag for the upcoming JBL Go 4. But we noticed that every JBL Go series speaker drops their price after some time, so if you have any kind of budget issue, you can buy the JBL Go four a few days later when it is launched.

Can I Shower with My JBL Go?

Can I Shower with My JBL Go

All the JBL Go speakers have IP-rated water and dust resistance protection, so you can use them in your washroom while taking a shower. But don’t place the speaker underneath the direct shower as the water force may create any damaging issues.

Otherwise, anywhere in your washroom with a splash of water won’t create any damage risk to your JBL Go speaker. JBL Go 3 has a superior IP rating till now than the previous models, so the risk of damage is less with the JBL Go 3. And the upcoming JBL Go 4 will release with a superior IP rating, significantly reducing the damage risk.

Can I Use JBL Go for Calls?

JBL Go 1 and Go 2 both has built-in microphone setups by which you can Go for a call directly with your speaker where you hear the audio on the speaker, and the opposite person on the call will hear your voice from your speaker’s microphone. But the built-in microphone feature is removed from the JBL Go 3.

So you cannot Go for calls on the Go 3. As this kind of speaker is more focused on playing songs, we can estimate that the upcoming JBL Go-4 will also come without a built-in mic setup.

Final Words

From the above discussion, I hope you know everything about the upcoming JBL Go 4, including the possible release date, specifications, and features. If you want to know more about the previous models of this JBL Go series, you can search for them on Google.

You can also check the YouTube Video reviews to check their sound quality and features in detail. However, the discussion above totally depends on the previous JBL Go series speakers. There is no official announcement of the JBL Go 4 release date and features yet.