JBL Partybox 500 Release Date and Latest News

JBL Partybox 500 Release Date

The JBL Partybox series get extremely popular for its huge driver power and easy portability. However, to fulfill the consumers’ demand, JBL is recently planning to bring their mid-range Partybox series speaker soon with all the latest technology and features. So in this article, we will talk about the upcoming JBL Partybox 500 release date and its expected features.

JBL Partybox 500 Release Date and Latest News

JBL Partybox 500 Release Date and Latest News

If you want a more prominent speaker to power up your whole house when doing a party, the only option you can go for is the JBL Partybox speaker. The biggest speaker of this series is the JBL Partybox 1000, which has 1100 watts of total RMS, which is more than enough to cover a big house.

Till now, JBL has a total of 7 speakers in this series, and soon the JBL Partybox 500 will be added to this series. However, there is no official announcement of JBL Partybox 500. But by considering the previous models’ release date and time gap, we can get an estimated release date for this upcoming speaker. Let’s have a look at the below chart first.

Model Release Date Total RMS Battery Capacity IP Rating
Partybox 100 18th July 2019 160 watts 2600mAh N/A
Partybox 1000 November 2019 1100 watts AC Powered N/A
Partybox On-The-Go 25th October 2020 100 watts 3000 mAh IPX4
Partybox 310 25th October 2020 240 watts 10,000 mAh IPX4
Partybox 110 2nd September 2021 160 watts unspecified IPX4
Partybox 710 14th November 2021 800 watts AC Powered IPX4
Partybox Encore Essential 15th March 2022 100 watts 4800 mAh IPX4

If we carefully notice the chart’s release date section, we will notice that two Partybox speaker models were released yearly except in 2022. As 2022 is almost ending, and till now, we did not get any announcement of the JBL Parybox 500 release. We can expect the JBL Partybox 500 will be released in the second half of 2023.

As there is no pattern on the release date and month, we can not say the specific date and month for the upcoming Partybox speaker. However, check out the section below to know the expected specifications and features of the JBL Partybox 500.

We Expect to Have These Features in the New Partybox 500

We Expect to Have These Features in the New Partybox 500

By considering the previous generation Partybox speaker, we can get an estimated idea about the specification and features of the next Partybox 500 speaker, which is given below.

  1. As we can see, most of the JBL Partybox speaker’s name doesn’t match the speaker’s total driver power; instead, the power is slightly more than the model number. So, according to this pattern, the JBL Partybox 500 should come with 540 to 600 watts of total RMS.
  2. The JBL Partybox 1000 and 710 have no internal battery setup; they need to connect to an AC outlet to power up the speaker. But most consumers did not like it much. As other low-powered Partybox speaker models have a built-in battery setup, we can expect the JBL Partybox will also come with the internal setup. Though battery voltage and capacity are different, almost all the latest Partybox speakers can last up to 12 hours which will remain the same with the JBL Partybox 500.
  3. Like the previous generation of Partybox speakers, the JBL Partybox 500 will come with two 3.5 mm ports where one is used for inserting a microphone and works as AUX input. You will also get a USB-A port to attach any flash drive to play music. You will also get the latest Bluetooth technology with the JBL Partybox 500 to play wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device.
  4. Though the first two JBL Partybox speakers did not have any water and dust protection, the other Partybox speakers have IPX4 water splash and dust protection. As the IPX4 has a bit older IP rating, we can expect to have at least IP67 water and dust protection this time with the upcoming JBL Partybox 500. As the Partybox series speakers are made for doing the party in indoor or suitable outdoor conditions, it is still acceptable if the JBL Partybox 500 also includes IPX4 protection.

JBL Partybox 500 Estimate Price

JBL Partybox 500 Estimate Price

The price of a speaker depends on its specifications and features, so it is hard to tell how much an upcoming speaker will be as it comes with the latest technologies which might not have been used before.

However, if we compare the last two speakers of the JBL Partybox series, the JBL Partybox 710 was launched with a $799.95 price tag, and the JBL Partybox Encore Essential was launched with a $279.95 price tag. The huge price difference is for their driver power, where one has 800 watts of total RMS, and another one has 100 watts of total RMS.

However, we expect around 540 to 600 watts of total RMS on the upcoming Partybox speaker. So we can expect $550 to $600 pricing for the JBL Partybox 500. On the other hand, the value of money increases over time, and the market value has ups and down. The estimated price of the JBL Partybox speaker can be slightly more or less.

Which is the latest JBL Partybox?

Until now, JBLPartybox Encore Essential is the latest speaker of the Partybox series, which was launched on 15th March 2022 with 100 watts of total RMS. The speaker has all equipped with all the latest technology, including Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.

The speaker has a 70 Hz (Min) – 20 kHz (Max) frequency response with a 4-ohm Impedance woofer setup. The speaker has a built-in dynamic light show which creates an extra party vibe when you use it at night. The splashproof design with IPX4 protection is more convenient for outdoor parties.

Is the JBL Party Box Loud? Is Partybox Louder than Boombox?

Is the JBL Party Box Loud Is Partybox Louder than Boombox

The JBL Partybox series has a total of 7 models with different RMS power where all have loud and clear sound profiles as they are specially made for doing parties. Let’s compare the biggest JBL Partybox 1000 with the JBL Boombox series, then in terms of loudness.

The JBL Partybox 1000 will win without any competition as the latest, and the bigger JBL Boombox 3 only has 180 watts of total RMS, which is even lower than the JBL Partybox 310 and 710.

However, the JBL Partybox 100 & 110 has 160 watts of total RMS, and the JBL Partybox On-The-Go & JBL Partybox Encore Essential only has 100 watts of total RMS. So if you bring the competition of JBL Boombox 3 with these 4 the Boombox will win in terms of loudness, but if you compare the previous two JBL Boombox models, the Partybox speaker will remain the winner.

Can I DJ with JBL Partybox?

The JBL Partybox series can be an ideal choice for a DJ party as it can separate all the audio frequencies very well; you will get a proper DJ experience from these speakers. However, for DJ, we recommend buying this series’s latest speakers as they are equipped with the latest technology and a powerful processor to fully synchronize with your DJ player.

Does the JBL Partybox have Good Bass?

All of the JBL Partybox speakers come with bass-rich woofers that can deliver bass-boosted sound output. It does not matter where you are playing the speaker; you can also notice every single bass punch in outdoor use, and in indoor conditions, you will get a booming sound experience.

However, the JBL Partybox speakers don’t have any extra subwoofer; instead, they use their woofers to produce lower frequencies as well as bass, so you need to choose a more powerful full speaker to get more bass. So as the Partybox 1000 is the most powerful full speaker of this series, technically, you should get the best bass output from this speaker.

Can You Use JBL Partybox as an Amp?

As all of the Partybox speakers have a 3.5 mm input port for attaching mic and instrument, you can use these speakers as an amp and even sing karaoke. But if you want to use the JBL Partybox speaker to power up any other passive speakers, then we are sorry to say you can not do this, as there is no audio-out option to plug passive speakers into the Partybox series speakers.

Can I Connect my JBL Partybox to my TV?

Yes, you can connect your Partybox speaker to your TV. If you have a smart TV with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, you can simply connect the speaker by pairing it with the TV.

And if you are using a basic TV that doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, you can simply connect the Partybox speaker by using a 3.5mm AUX cable. And if you want wireless connectivity on your basic TV, you can buy a Bluetooth transmitter to have a wire-free connection between your Partybox speaker and the basic TV.

Is the JBL Partybox Waterproof?

The first two models of this speaker series have no water protection or IP rating, so they can be easily damaged by the water while used outdoors. And other Partybox speaker models come with IPX4 water splash protection but are not entirely waterproof, so you can not submerge your Partybox speaker in the water.

Final Words

In the above discussion, we tried to discuss all the related things you need to know about the JBL party box speaker, including the upcoming JBL Partybox 500 speaker expected release date and features. If you want to buy a JBL Partybox, check out how much power the chosen speaker has as you are buying it for doing party.

To check out the loudness and other information in detail, you can check video reviews on YouTube. For better understanding, we recommend having a practical trial before buying any Partybox speaker.