JBL Pulse 6 Release Date and Latest News

JBL Pulse 6 Release Date

This series started to gain popularity with the 3rd generation JBL Pulse 3, and after the release of JBL plus 5 it sold like a hotcake as it brought huge improvement over various segments. In this article, we find out the estimated JBL Pulse 6 release date and its expected features of it. However, to maintain its popularity and keep pace with current technology, JBL is now thinking about bringing the next generation JBL Pulse 6.

JBL Pulse 6 Release Date and Latest News

JBL Pulse 6 Release Date and Latest News

JBL Pulse series speakers are extremely popular because of their unique RGB lighting technology with a 360-degree speaker array setup. Enjoy JBL’s signature sound from every direction with its ingenious sound technology. The JBL Pulse is a portable speaker series, but they are powerful too. This lava-lamp-style speaker series is ideal for small home parties and outdoor usages.

However, as there is no official announcement yet about JBL Pulse 6 release and expected features, we need to consider the previous model’s release dates and their features to get an estimated release date and features. So let’s have a quick look at the below chart first.

Model Release Date Driver Power Batery Capacity IP Rating
JBL Pulse 1 November 2013 12 watts 4000 mAh N/A
JBL Pulse 2 September 2015 16 watts 6000 mAh N/A
JBL Pulse 3 January 2017 20 watts 6000 mAh IPX7
JBL Pulse 4 September 2019 20 watts 7260 mAh IPX7
JBL Pulse 5 January 2022 40 watts 7500 mAh IP67

From the above chart, we can see every JBL Pulse speaker was released two years after the previous one, though the JBL Pulse 5 took three years to release, which might be for the corona pandemic issue. On the other hand, the second generation JBL Pulse speakers follow a pattern of release months where JBL Pulse 2 is released in September, the next one is in January, then again in September, and the last one is also in January.

So if we consider the time gap and monthly pattern, we can say the estimated release of JBL Pulse 6 will be on September 2024. However, the release year can be first of 2024, too, as the JBL 5 already broke the time gap, and the series is in highly demanded in the current market. To check the expected features, check out the below section.

We Expect to Have These Features in the New Pulse 6

We Expect to Have These Features in the New Pulse 6

From the above chart, we can see JBL Pulse series speakers gradually get updates on total driver power, battery capacity, IP rating, and many other sections. So by considering the previous specification & features updates and current technology, we can get the expected features of the upcoming JBL Pulse 6. The expected features are given below.

  1. As we can see, most of the JBL Pulse speakers come with higher total RMS power except JBL Plus 4. The huge driver update came with JBL Pulse 5, which is double the previous one. As music professionals significantly like the 40 watts of total driver power of JBL Pulse 5, the total RMS of the next generation, JBL Pulse, can remain the same. If The Puls-6 gets the update, then the total RMS of it should be 50 watts.
  2. One thing that indeed gets an update in every previous JBL Pulse speaker except JBL Pulse 3 is the battery capacity. But in the latest JBL Pulse 5, the update of battery capacity is minor. So by considering this, we can expect a massive update on the battery section, this time with the upcoming Pulse speaker. The estimated battery capacity of JBL Pulse 7 is around 9000 or 10000 mah.
  3. JBL Pulse 4 and 5 come with a USB Type-C port over the Micro USB port from the previous one. But anyone of these doesn’t have a fast charging facility, and it takes almost 4 to 4 hours to charge fully, which is unacceptable in this generation. So this time, we expect a fast charging facility with a USB type-C port.
  4. JBL Pulse 5 comes with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity, the superior Bluetooth technology till now. So it is pretty sure that the JBL Pulse 6 will come into the market with the same Bluetooth version. And if there is an update of Bluetooth technology comes, we can get that latest version of Bluetooth on the upcoming JBL Pulse 6.
  5. Though JBL Pulse 5 has better specifications and features in every sector, including IP rating still, it is not the top-class as the superior IP rating than IP67 is available at present. So we can expect the JBL Pulse 6 will come with the most top water and dust protection, IP68 or IP69K IP rating.

JBL Pulse 6 Estimate Price

JBL Pulse 6 Estimate Price

The JBL Pulse 1,2 and 3 speakers came with a $200 price tag. And JBL 4 and 5 came with a $250 price tag when they launched. Price always increases over time, and as the latest technology comes with more pricing, we need to pay more for better and least speaker models. So we can assume that the price of JBL Pulse 6 will be between $250 to $300.

Which is the Latest JBL Pulse?

Till now, JBL Pulse 5 is the latest speaker from the JBL Pulse series. It came with a huge improvement in its specifications and features. The driver power of this one is double the previous one. We can call it a little monster according to the sound output of this device. The JBL Pulse 5 has a better IP rating, which makes outdoor usage more convenient.

Is JBL Pulse Louder than Charge?

The latest JBL Charge 5 speaker also has 40 watts of total RMS. So technically, Pulse and Charge both have the same loudness, and you will get the same type of loudness and sound quality in real-life usages.

Is a JBL Pulse Waterproof?

If you have the older JBL Pulse 1 and 2, you need to worry about water damage to your speaker as they don’t have water and dust seals or IP ratings. However, from JBL Pulse 3 to 5, all have IP-rated water and dust protection. Especially the latest JBL Pulse 5 comes with an IP67 IP rating which can be submersible up to 1 meter for around 30 minutes without any damage.

How Many Watts is JBL Pulse?

The total watts of driver power depends on the specific model of the JBL Pulse series. The first generation JBL Pulse speaker has 12 watts of total power, whereas the second one has 16 watts of total RMS. JBL Pulse 3 and 5 both have 20 watts of total driver power. The superior total watts count we will find in the JBL Pulse 5 comes with 40 watts of total driver power.

Final Words

At the end of the discussion, we hope you get an estimated JBL Pulse 6 release date and its expected specifications & features. If you want all the latest technology and features with the JBL Pulse series speaker, you need to wait for the upcoming speaker of this series.

And if you don’t wait so long, you can still go for the JBL Pulse 5, as it has excellent specifications and features. For further inquiries about the previous model, you can search for them on Google. And for better understanding, you can watch video reviews and comparison videos from YouTube.