Mogami 2549 vs 2534 : Which is The Better Cable?

Mogami 2549 vs 2534

We need high-quality audio and video cables for a recording studio, live performances, setting up a home theater, movie theatre, and so on. Most importantly, professional bands use high-quality cables to make their audio production noise-free and accurate.

Mogami cables are best for musical instruments like guitars, pedals, and keyboards. Mogami has several cable models, such as Mogami 2549, Mogami 2534, 2549, 2314, 2319, 2524, 2330 etc.

Each model has a special quality and is made for a certain purpose. This article will discuss Mogami 2549 vs 2534 with their built quality and usage.

Mogami w2549 Professional Studio Microphone Cable

Mogami w2549 Professional Studio Microphone Cable

Getting high-quality audio from a microphone depends on the quality of the microphone, the recording environment, and the cable you are using for your microphone.

So, it would be best if you chose a high-grade cable for your microphone, and the Mogami w2549 is one of the best cable ideals for mics. Let’s find out some features of it.

Top notched Built Quality

Mogami has been producing high-quality cables for a long time, and they are admired by many users worldwide. Their best engineers use high-quality raw materials to make these cables sustainable and capable of transferring noise-free, low latency signals to your devices.

Balanced Cable

Mogami w2549 is a balanced cable means that inside a plastic case, there are three cables, including one ground wire and two signal cables. The role of these two signal cable are; that they pass distinct audio signals protected by the ground wire.

Ground wire ensures that no external power sources influence the audio signals carried by the signals wires. Thus, Mogami w2549 provides noise-free audio signal transmission.

22AWG Conductors

22AWG conductors are used in Mogabi w2549, which is considered the most delicate cable. Also, this cable has a very low capacitance which means; audio signals will never be decreased while transmitting through it.

In addition, it has high coverage served shield and the capacity to neglect the electromagnetic fields nearby.

Best for Longer Transmission of High Frequency

Best for Longer Transmission of High Frequency

Sometimes you need to enhance the frequency and transmit the signal to a distance; in that case the Mogami w2549 is our suggestion. This cable has high technology to tackle intense frequency with zero noise and does not decrease the frequency while carrying the signals to a longer distance.

Mogami W2534 Quad microphone Cable

Mogami W2534 Quad microphone Cable

Mogami 2534 cable is another popular model with extraordinary electric features such as a shield to external influences, XLPE conductor, a copper shield, and high-frequency transmission with low noise. Let’s discuss some features of this model in the following.

A solution to Wiring and Grounding Problem

Suppose you have a grounding and wiring problem in your home or studio. In that case, Mogami w2534 is a perfect solution to this problem because it is neglex quad cable capable of keeping your audio signals safe from external influences.

Besides, these cables are suitable for protection from radio frequency interference surrounding your recording room.

Double Conductor

Mogami 2534 is a double conductor squad cable that can ensure zero noise while carrying the signals. Moreover, the highly protective shield used in this cable stop external influence from Electromagnetic fields. Furthermore, radio frequency cannot influence the signals carried with these cables for its protective shield.

Frequency Enhancement

One of its unique features is the frequency enhancement of up to 20dB with a very low noise similar to that of twisted pair cables. The XLPE conductor insulation ensures that it will not shrink when soldering. Also, its bare copper shield is better than any other standard shields like foil paper and plastic paper.

Strong and Flexible Conductor

The Mogami w2534 is sustainable and strong with its high quality in a flexible conductor. Besides, its shield is very effective in noise cancellation. Furthermore, ten color variations will help you use them as a color code.

Mogami 2534 vs 2549  Key Differences

Mogami 2534 vs 2549 Key Differences

Both models are popular among users for their exclusive electrical features and sustainability. However, if we put them in the context of Mogami w2549 vs 2534 there are some critical differences between them. We will discuss them in the following for your convenience.

Real-life Performance of w2549

We put both of them in real-life Performance, and here’s what we get; first of all, it seems that we got a little warmer sound connecting the guitars with mogami2549. Secondly, we get superior low-frequency responses while using w2549.

Overall, w2549 offers a more relaxing sound to me. Also, in audio listening performance, w2549 beats the w2534.

Real-life Performance of w2534

Now let’s have a look at what we get when we use w2534; the first thing that comes to my mind is a brighter tone. Secondly, the high-frequency extension is better in w2534 than 2549.

Besides, we get a kind of edgy beat that makes the sound sharper than 2549. Moreover, we use both cables in console mixers, and w2549 performs better.


Capacitance is essential when choosing cables because higher capacitance cables decrease the audio signals. For a larger space, you need a longer transmission; you must select w2549 because it has low capacitance than the w2534.

A solution to RFI and EM and Grounding

If you wish to solve the grounding problem in your studio for having any electromagnetic field or radio frequency interference, our suggestion would be the mogami w2534 because it is more effective than w2549 in eliminating those problems. If you do not have the above issues, the w2549 is the best choice.

Frequency Enhancement

Frequency in enhancement capability is another difference between these two cables. The w 2534 has a frequency-increasing ability up to 20 dB. Whereas the w2549 has no such capacity. However, if you do not require to increase the frequency level, then w2549 is a perfect choice.

Size of the Conductor

The conductor size of w2534 is 0.226mm², whereas the conductor size of w2549 is 0.339mm². Therefore, the resistance rate is lower in w2549, making it suitable for transmitting the signals to a longer distance than w2534.Again, the w2549 wins here.

Color variations

People want more colors when they buy cables to use them as color codes. You will get five different colors of w2549; in contrast, w2534 has ten color variations. So if you want to create a color code, you will get more freedom in w2534.

Final Words

In conclusion, let me remind you that; if you are searching for an article focusing on mogami 2534 vs 2549, this is the best result for you.

We have put these two models side by side and found some critical distinctions in their color variations, resistance, capacitance, conductor size, noise cancellation Technology, and frequency enhancement capability. Overall it can be said that the Mogami w2549 is better in some ways.