Oxbox vs Kemper : Difference and Comparison

Oxbox vs Kemper

For guitarists living at home and abroad, the need for a good sound recorder system is essential. The battle between oxbox vs kemper is always a topic of discussion by musicians on and off the internet.

As the music industry is advancing with time and technology, many are seeking an excellent alternative to oxbox and thus taking an interest in kemper. Our article will walk you through every pros and con of ox and kemper so that you can differentiate between them and pick what will complement your needs.

What Does an OX Box Do?

What Does an OX Box Do?

Oxbox is a complete guitar sound recording system that covers all the spots, from lower beats to sharp strings. Universal Audio has introduced the musicians to their love of life in the form of the ox.

The ua oxbox is the first sound system that emulates the speaker drive accurately along with break up and cone cry. Such features make ox the finest speaker attenuator and guitar amplifier recording tool.

The ua aux box offers a range of options to make your recording perfect. You can play your youtube amplifier in its tonal sweet spot at the same time and record it too. Also, you can do these anywhere and at any volume range without losing the dynamics.

The universal audio ox includes a microphone and guitar cabinet combination that can be accessed through the RIG knob, which means now you can get rid of mikes. The ox includes a close microphone, an ambient room microphone, and four continuous studio effects.

Furthermore, the ua ox amp consists of a frontal panel headphone jack for practice in silence. Besides, the TRS line outputs can be controlled from the front panel, so you can control studio monitors, DAW, and live mixing console inputs along with connecting quality effects on and off simultaneously.

What Does a Kemper Do?

What Does a Kemper Do?

The Kemper Profiler is a digital guitar amplifier and an all-in-one sound effect processor. Besides, the kemper is the world’s first-ever digital amplifier that uses profiling technology.

The kemper is the digitalized version of the old-school ox, designed to overcome the limitations of tube amplifiers.

The profiler comes with a range of pre-installed amplifiers and Rigs created by professional musicians and engineers for you to explore them. You can access them through free Rig Manager Software. Also, these Rigs allow you to access a vast number of world-class amplifiers for free.

The concept of kemper is to make music available for everyone. The kemper profiler keeps updating its library collection so users can access the rarest and finest sounds and effects. Also, kemper allows musicians to swap between projects, do overdubs if needed, and take alternative takes.

Lastly, you can use the kemper both at home and studio. Also, you can use it for live performances and even concerts without any issue; you need to spend time carefully in the studio to create your profile and be ready to play anywhere.

Besides, the speaker quality is so massive that it can be heard from a range away.

OXbox vs Kemper: Advantage and Disadvantage

Oxbox vs Kemper

There goes a debate on oxbox or kemper, which one is the best to use. Technically, the ox is the ancestor of guitar sound recording, and for years musicians have loved and adored the excellent service it has provided them with.

On the other hand, kemper is designed to make recordings easier and more affluent with the help of technology.

If you are a stubborn old school who likes to fix his tunes manually, then the oxbox must be the love of your life.

But, if you are someone who works a lot and, let it say, who is a professional and wants to do projects simultaneously making the most of your time, then you should take the refuge of modern technology and get yourself a kemper.

On the technicality, a regular ox takes a lot of time to adjust the Rigs and amplifiers, and adjusting the knobs can be stressful.

But with kemper, everything is controlled through the monitor and becomes less time-consuming with the auto-tuning and fine-tuning feature. Besides, with kemper, you can switch between projects without fear of losing progress.

The ox is a perfect match for someone who likes the organic beats, as everything happening here is manual. Besides, the ox is cheaper in comparison to the price of a kemper.

Lastly, the kemper’s amplifier feature is more potent than the ox, so if your work is not limited inside the house, you need to have a kemper so people from a good distance can also hear you.

Final Words

Music is something that comes from someone’s taste. So, it depends on how the musician wants to record his guitar sound. If someone is comfortable with oxbox, it might be hard for him to switch to kemper.

In the same way, someone who is fond of technology will always pick kemper. Many musicians use both ox and kemper as their mood and need. So, before making your purchase make sure in which form you will get the comfort first.