Pioneer sx-828 vs Marantz : Which is better?

Pioneer sx-828 vs Marantz

The old American time of listening to radio programs and the excitement of the Larry King Show have gone. But can we get back those thrilling times once again? Yes, we can get the feelings back through the time machines, the pioneer sx828, and Marantz stereo radio receivers.

They were introduced in the middle of the 1970s and gained continued popularity with their outstanding features. This short article will try to focus on pioneer sx-828 vs marantz.

Pioneer SX-828

Pioneer SX-828

Pioneer was the household name for its best radio receivers during the last century, and the Pioneer sx828 was one of them. It came as a budget-friendly radio receiver with some exciting features, including efficient tuning, mind-blowing sound quality, attractive design, and multiple controls. Let’s discuss a few elements of it.

Eye Soothing Design

Pioneer 828 series comes with an elegant wooden box, solid faceplates, and a superb tuning dial. The device has a large gold backlight display for easy tuning. Also, the solid-state circuit is designed with modern technology that works fine.

Tuning & Controlling

Pioneer SX-828 Tuning & Controlling

The sensitive tuning will allow you effectively choose your desired FM radio stations. Its tuning dial is linear scaling, quite different from machines with only tuning knobs, which can receive more stations than any other radio receiver.

You will get an active tone control to control the audio balance. Besides, it has six toggle switches that allow you to control certain functions.

Tape Circuits and Powerful Sounds

Moreover, the sx828 has a dual tape circuit allowing you to duplicate tapes. Also, you can attach two turntables simultaneously with this set. Besides, at most, three speakers and two headphones can be connected to this radio system.

Moreover, SX-828 is powered with 270 watts supply that is efficient enough to give strong signals to mid and higher midrange speakers. You will get influential and richest sounds for your small to medium-sized rooms


Marantz stereo radio receivers

Marantz is continuously making the users amazed with their modern additions including 2230, 2270, 2245, etc. Their golden faceplates, elegant controlling interface and overall catchy design with special tuning knob must impress you.

Its horizontal knob with effective tuning adds extra value to this series.

Dolby Atmos & Alexa

Some latest models of Marantz, like 2245, 2270, and 2230 have good sound technology. For example, you will get Dolby atmos in Marantz SR5015, which will change the experience of audio consumption.

Besides, it comes with another latest voice command technology. Amazon Alexa allows you to control the device more smartly and efficiently.

Wireless Communication

The SR5015 is an Ultra HD FM reciver with multiple wireless connectivities such as Bluetooth and wifi. You can connect Bluetooth headphones and control the machine with your voice commands.

Pioneer sx-828 vs Marantz Receivers

Both the pioneer and Marantz were most popular among the users during the half of the last century. Though they have some excellent features, they are not the same in all aspects. We will discuss some distinctions among them.


Pioneer sx828 model has 50 watts power capable of supporting two medium to higher medium speakers. However, you will get different power wattages in various models of Marantz.

Sound Quality

As far as sound is concerned, the users have mixed opinions. Some say Marantz is a winner here, while others say pioneer is the winner. We have found that some good models of Marantz produce softer, crisp, and warm sounds that will never make you feel bored.

They also provide more accurate and lush sounds with deep bass. On the other hand, you will get apparent vocals in pioneer sx828.

In addition, here is an interesting fact regarding their sound quality; it is found that pioneer models with high power produce comparatively good sounds, and low-powered Marantz can offer better quality sound than high-powered ones.

Tune Section

Regarding tuning efficacy, pioneer is a bit ahead of some Marantz models because the sx828 receiver can get you more stations than the Marantz. Yet, sometimes it has been found that low-powered Marantz is more effective in producing decent sound than the high-powered ones.

They can face you with smooth, super noise-free sounds. Besides, some users complain about the sound quality of some midrange Marantz receivers because their tonal balance is not good producing more bright sounds. Their treble adjusting doesn’t work perfectly.

Capacitive vs Direct Coupling

Some Marantz models have capacitively coupled output, such as 2230, 2270, etc., while pioneer sx828 has direct coupled output. Capacitive coupled can obviously generate good sound, but the sound pioneer sx seems mellower than some of the Marantz models.

Although the difference is not much, you can feel it while listening carefully. Astonishingly, a 1970s device can produce better and more modern sounds than some of the latest models.

Final Words

To conclude, it can be said that pioneer and Marantz both have strengths and weaknesses. And users have miscellaneous views on them. However, we put the pioneer sx 828 stereo receiver a bit ahead of the Marantz competitors because of their unique tuning capability and sound quality.