Pod vs Pod xt : Comparison Between Them

Pod vs Pod xt

Hello guitarists, do you have the desire to take your guitar-playing experience to the next level? If the answer is yes, pod modelers can be your best tools. Pods are digitally designed amplifiers/modeling techniques, such as cabinet and effects models for your guitars.

They can be used as a recording device or as a preamp, adding strengths and effects to your sounds. In this article, we will discuss two models of pods, including pod 2.0 and pod xt produced by Line 6. Therefore, the debate of pod vs pod xt will be covered soon.

What are Pods?

What are Pods?

As I have already said, that pod is an excellent guitar amplifier modeler that can help you create, record, and strengthen your guitar audio in a new way. You can use it as a preamp to put stronger signals to an amplifier or directly use it as an amplifier.

Besides, pods can be used as a directed recorder. There are several variants and models of pods, including stage models, computer models, and mobile models.

Why is Pod 2.0 Famous?

Why is Pod 2.0 Famous?

Pod 2.0 is an excellent vintage modeler amp introduced in 1999 by line 6 that gained much popularity among audio artists and engineers. This most famous pod has many good features, including 32 amp models, numerous effects, an operating range of 16 bit to 44 Khz, etc. Let’s discuss them in detail in the following.

1. 32 Amp Models and Effects

This pod is equipped with 32 amp models and diverse effects, which can be used to create your desired sounds and tones full of creativity. You may think the machine is an old pocket pod, but you will get some tremendously good classic tones from this, which is beyond your imagination.

2. Firmware Updates

From 1999 to the present, this classic machine has been empowered with firmware updates to solve many older problems. Now the kit has become a simple but enormously helpful pod. One example of the updates is the floorboard compatibility update in 2006.

3. Astounding Presets

From this old buddy, you will get a bunch of unique presets for creating some exciting audio effects. Pod 2.0 deliver some distortions that will blow your mind because they are rhythmic and full of powerful highs and lows. In short, the performance of 2.0 is excellent.

4. Simple knobs and fine Amp Cabinets

At first glance, the knobs may seem ordinary but are simply exceptional in their actual task. They are very effective in simulating sound effects and creating astounding tones.

Besides, this old school has 16 awesome amp cabinets that can deliver 16 combinations of effects. So, 32 amp models, 16 amp cabinets, and 16 effect combinations offer you the freedom to create your desired tones and sounds.

5. Programmable and Versatile

This pod is programmable and versatile because of its various controlling features and knobs that allow you to create different effects. You can directly record audio with the help of recording software on your computer and a sound card.

Also, you can use it for live audio to a PA system. In that case, you need a pedal or foot control to use this for live applications such as connecting it to a pa system.

6. Great for

Pod 2.0 is one of the most popular kits among Classic artists because of its noise-free excellent sound and multiple uses. It will be a great suit for your electric guitar, bass guitar, floorboards, or for your voice. It performs excellently in creating metallic blues and any other tones.

7. Ports and Jacks

The 2.0 is a grade tuner for creating cool stuff of audio technology that has a headphone jack. If you love to listen to your creation by headphones, you will love this jack.

It also has midi in and midi out but doesn’t have a midi through the port. Furthermore, you have a pedal port by which you can connect pedals and foot controls.

 Why is Pod XT famous?

Pod XT

Pod XT is comparatively a new version than pod 2.0 with developed hardware and updated software. Pod xt has excellent features, including an LCD and 24-bit internal routing. Let’s discuss some features of this next-generation pod in the following.

1. Great effects

In xt, more frequency and stereo contexts enable you to create significant and sophisticated effects. Similarly,  it has many EQ presets that are good enough. As a whole, it is a suitable device for delay and reverb as well as chorus modeling.

2. Directly Record your Audio

It is a perfect device for direct audio recording but to do that; you need to connect it was a computer and recording software installed on your computer.

Likewise, it would help if you had a sound cut that might be already on your computer. However, you can use an external sound card for this purpose.

3. LCD

Different settings and amp effects are shown in the LCD, which makes the operation of the pod easier. However, the LCD is similar to that of a scientific calculator display, which is not that good but serves the purpose.

Pod XT vs Pod 2.0 Comparison

Pod, pod xt, and pod 2.0 are all produced by Line 6, a reputed music and audio instruments producer. The pod is a pocket version, and the pod xt is the newer version.

We do not need to focus on pod versus pod xt separately because pod 2.0 zero is the upgrade of the previous pocked pod. So, instead of comparing pod and pod XT, we will focus on the context of pod 2.0 vs pod xt. They have several distinctions which we will discuss in the following.

1. Number of Amp models

One of the significant differences between pod 2.0 and pod XT is in their amp models because pod 2.0 has 32 amp models, whereas the XT version has 36 amp models.

Nevertheless, some argue that the sounds of pod XT are not suitable as it sounds noisy and unpleasing. In contrast, the older version 2.0 renders great natural and authentic sound.

2. On Board Presets & Display

Both devices have onboard presets, and they perform great in creating different types of effects. But many experts opened that the presets are better in XT than the pod 2.0 because the presets in XT offer clean natural sound with high gain and low gain.

However, the presets are mostly classic rock-focused. For example, there is a boutique combo preset in XT that is commendable and better than 2.0. Another big and visible difference is in the display. As xt is a comparatively modern and updated version, it has an LCD. In contrast, pod 2.0 has no display.

3. Better Tuner

You will get a wide range of tuner experience because the XT has extreme left and proper boundaries. The pod 2.0 can produce detailed and robust high ends that will help you create solid rocks.

Although the high-ends are not good enough in XT, it can make good quality high and low ends. In addition, XT has a down-tune seven-string that works excellent for audio tuning.

4. Additional Effects

The inbuilt effects are more in the pod XD version, and there are more additional effects. You can buy different effects and metal packs for your XT version, giving you more freedom in the audio simulation.

Also, in XT, you will get a flex stone-3 amplifier that is admired by many users. But, in real-life performance, many users claimed that the overall sound quality in pod 2.0 is better than that of XT.

5. Best for FX return

Another good side of pod XT is that it gives the best fx returns. Also, the speaker push-pull and tube interaction are incredible in this device. However, they are not the same as a power amp but are good for touring and gigging.

Yet, you will get good effects returns and average push and pull from pod 2.0, which is quite good but slightly less than the xt. Similarly, it is the best pod for jamming.

6. User-friendliness

Unlike some modern pods, the 2.0 has a straightforward operation with few knobs and controlling features. Within a few days, you will better understand how you manage the machine for your desired tone and music. It has only one knob to control amp models and another job for controlling the effects.

Moreover, it has a tab button which can be used to get secondary functions of the knobs. In contrast, managing in pod xt is quite difficult because it has more options. For example, the tweaking and effects controlling are a bit complicated for the users in pod XT

7. Ports and connectivity

One bonus point for XT is USB connectivity, allowing users to download updates easily. Conversely, you need a midi cable to download and install updates in the 2.0. The updating is easier in XT, and the audio recording on a computer is more straightforward.

8. Marshall tones and Rectification

If you give importance to the Marshall tones, then pod XT is the best choice for you because this is a good tool for Marshal tones. Although in 2.0, you will not get the best muscle tones, they are good enough.

Also, the distortion tones are impeccably outstanding in 2.0. Furthermore, a few users have claimed that in pod XT, the Rectification is not good as that of 2.0.

Final Words

Pod xt vs pod 2.0, is a never-ending debate that we have finally covered today with some exciting findings. Although there are many similarities between these two pods, we cannot overlook the differences.

So, the fundamental differences between them are in the control, sound quality, effects, presets, and the number of options. Our final verdict is that pod 2.0 is simple and more effective than pod xt.