Projector vs Tv For Gaming – Head To Head Comparison

Projector vs Tv For Gaming

If you do gaming regularly, you may be looking for the best equipment for to notch performance. And display or monitor is one of the most important aspects that you cannot avoid.

However, projectors come with a bigger screen option, and with the improving technology, TVs also offer bigger screen sizes nowadays.

And projectors also come with a dedicated gaming mood with a higher resolution and refresh rate. So the question arises which is best among projector vs TV for gaming.

You may be confused about choosing between projector and TV as they both offer higher resolutions and refresh rates with dedicated gaming mood.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you. There are some aspects you have to consider before choosing one. They are given below.

Projector vs Tv For Gaming Which One is Better

Projector vs Tv For Gaming Which One is Better

1. Which one Boot Up Faster

In terms of boot-up, TV is the clear winner as the projectors need much time for warming up the projection bulb. So serious gamers may not accept the delay as they need everything faster.

But on the TV, the boot-up time is only a few seconds; most of the TV took 2 seconds to boot up, whereas most of the projectors took more than 10 seconds to but up,

and they still look shallow until the bulb gets proper heat. So if you can consider the boot-up delay, you can go for a projector; otherwise, you should go for a TV.

2. Adjustable Screen Size

Screen size can be the reason that everyone will pick the projectors as they are providing a massive screen size option if you have proper space in your room.

Though TVs also come with bigger screens nowadays but they are much expensive. On the other hand, on the projector, you can adjust the screen size according to your needs by placing upward or backward from the projection screen or wall.

But if you buy a TV, it will come with a fixed screen size that means you cannot adjust the screen according to your needs. So in terms of screen size projector is the big winner.

3. Portability Facility

In terms of portability, the projector has no competitors. If you buy a bigger screen TV, it will come with a bigger body and massive weight, which can be a big hassle for you in terms of moving it.

On the other hand, the TV needs a wall stand to mount on the wall which should be fixed on the wall and moving the TV also need to change the stand position which will be the greatest problem for you.

While the projector will give you superior portability, move it as you need without any difficulty.

4. Brightness, Sharpness, and Color production

Brightness, Sharpness, and Color production

If you compare the brightness, sharpness, and color production of a projector vs. TV, the TV will be the clear winner as they come with integrated LEDs to light up and produce colors on the screen.

On the other hand, a projector has a projection bulb to produce brightness, sharpness, and color, so they are not as good as TV can make.

Moreover, you need a darker place for using the projector. The darker the room is, the greatest output you will get from the projector.

In a completely dark room, a good projector can manage to deliver a good amount of brightness, sharpness, and color production. But if your room is consuming direct sunlight, you obviously should go for a TV if possible, choose an OLED one.

5. Resolution & Refresh Rate

In terms of resolution and refresh rate, TV is the clear winner. For gaming, the screen size is not all you have to consider about. You must check the resolution and refresh rate before buying one.

The latest projectors also come with a higher 4k resolution and 120hz refresh rate, but they are much more expensive than a TV. Considering resolution and refresh rate, the TV will be the value for money for sure.

So only if you have a faxable budget range and don’t have any budget issues, you can go for the higher featured projectors; otherwise, our recommendation will be the TV.

6. Sound Quality

Most gamers use high-end headphones or sound systems, but if you are concerned about the built-in sound system, we will suggest you go for a TV.

Most of the TV nowadays comes with a dual stereo speaker system, and their integrated amplifier circuit can produce a good, loud, and decent sound.

But projectors are still backward in this section mainly they are not designed to use built-in sound, but for operating the menus and functions, it has a built-in speaker and which is obviously not for gaming.

So if you are still going for a projector, our suggestion will be to use good headphones for audio output. You can also use HI-FI audio systems or any wireless speaker system with latency-free audio processing.

Which One is Value for Money

Which One is Value for Money

The projector is the obvious choice of value for money in terms of regular use. But for gaming, you have to think twice; projectors with top-notch gaming options come with a higher price tag,

whereas a basic gaming TV is much cheaper than that. But if you are not a pro gamer and thinking about a bigger screen, you can choose the projector.

Our suggestion will be to check the details and specifications of the product carefully whatever you choose among projector and TV. Your wise decision will ensure your buying product as a value for money, so think properly before buying.

Final Words

After all of the discussion, I hope you can easily decide which will be more appropriate for you among projector vs TV for gaming.

If you don’t have any budget issues, obviously you can go for the projector with a higher specification, and if you are planning to buy a budget projector,

then you have to compromise with some aspects that I discussed above. Otherwise, with the mid budget range, you can buy a TV for gaming, and that will be a wise choice.

With the above-discussed matter, I am sure you will know which things are more important to you and eventually you will find the perfect choice for you.